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  2. I'll also add, I've seen Emily's art work in downtown Binghamton and I think it looks tacky and low class.
  3. Yes, it looks like Emily's method of operation is doing (or not doing) art for a county, city, or village. Then demanding payment, whether or not the art was ever agreed upon or requested. Then she will reveal semi flirty text messages with pubic officials to extort payment. This isn't the way any honest artist or government entity should conduct business.
  4. That’s really a bad look. A prosecutor’s office should not be political. In terms of the Cornwell case, most of us questioned it from the very beginning. John Solak even ran a poll where the respondents believed Cornwell over Korchak 2-1. If this ends with a major lawsuit against Broome County, because of Korchak’s stupidity, the damages should be paid by Korchak. I don’t want my tax dollars to further pay for the mistakes of the idiot DA.
  5. What a pathetic and sad display tonight by Korchak and his staff. Korchak has spent three years bad mouthing the Broome Republican Committee, and all the Republican officials. But tonight, Korchak, his wife "Nasty Nadine", and several members of his staff marched in to the Republican fundraiser at Holiday Inn, and all paid their $100 to be there. Why would this group of non Republicans attend? And why would Korchak pay to support the committee he calls corrupt, and the officials he's been bad mouthing? All "Nasty Nadine" did was scowl at people all night. She looks like a scary Halloween mask. Mike... the Republican Party has a candidate for DA in 2023, and it's not you. And the Democrats are even looking at running a candidate other than you. The one thing Broome County mostly agrees on is no one wants you.
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  7. ginger

    Why is this a story?

    The South African doctor said the symptoms were the same in both vaxed and unvaxed patients therefore enhancement is not occurring. Why would it? The genome sequence doesn't match the vaccine sequence which is why the vax won't work for this strain. One of the doctors on my twitter said there are 32 mutations in the spike protein alone and 8 of those are at the receptor site. But get your booster... per Kathy Hochul...for the vaccine that doesn't work for Omicron. I've said, this virus, like every other virus will fizzle itself out in a 3 year period. I'm hopeful this variant is evidence of that. We're going on the 3rd year now.
  8. right, I’m breaking out the popcorn now
  9. Common Sense

    Why is this a story?

    https://www.wbng.com/2021/12/01/omicron-keeps-world-jittery-more-information-drips-out/ Seriously...why on EARTH would this newest "variant" of the Chinese Sniffles warrant this kind of coverage? The Wuhan Sniffles have been ruling our lives for two years now. Are there dead bodies piled up all over the place? People dropping dead next to you in the checkout line? Even the government admits the Wuhan Sniffles are very survivable. So every time the government makes up a new "variant" the media is going to help them sell the fear porn? When are we all going to decide we've had enough of this shit? Pull the plug on these local media jokes.
  10. Howard Marcuvitz

    Hanukkah Blessings

    Praised are You, Our God, Ruler of the universe, Who has given us life and sustained us and enabled us to reach this season.
  11. Crime is at a record high, drug use and overdoses are out of control, and this is the BS Korchak wastes the DA's office's time and resources on? Korchak has been a horrible DA and this is one of the many reasons he won't be reelected.
  12. Cannot wait to see this response!!! I'll probably need the "Enigma" decoder!!
  13. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Well it's starting to unravel on DA Mike Korchack and Co. LIES,LIES,LIES

    Wow, great info Garo. Thank you for the update, now it will be interesting to see if Korhack has the balls to do another public press conference about this
  14. This was all one big stunt. Korchak listened to his wife, Nadine, and Mark Loughran, in a sad attempt to take out two political rivals. Now this will never go to trial, but I would have loved to hear Korchak, Loughran and Jeffrey Wager be cross examined.
  15. Hi, Emily. Since you've brought this here, I'm going to ask you a question. It's very straightforward and I'd just like to understand what you're saying: I read over the allegations you made on Twitter, and it seemed to me that you were doing art, and then asking the city and the county to find funds to pay you afterwards. Did you ever have a contract with the city or the county to be paid specific amounts for your art?
  16. Bingoloid

    Chris Cuomo Suspended Indefinitely...

    I would simply not use my high-profile job to haunt my brother's accusers like a media-themed serial killer.
  17. We have a DA who's decisions are based on poll numbers and politics, rather than seeking justice.
  18. If Korchak truly believed a crime was committed, he would have called an independent law enforcement agency to conduct an investigation. He did not do that. It's not unheard of for a case to go directly to a Grand Jury without an arrest, but usually there has been a preliminary investigation by another law enforcement agency; usually the state police. This scam was 100% contrived by Korchak and his crooked investigators. Then Korchak (who would be a witness at trial) presented the case to a Grand Jury HIMSELF? This reeks of corruption and retaliation. How many other cases has Korchak personally presented to a Grand Jury since being elected? I'm told ZERO. I have a feeling, before this is all over, it will be Korchak, or someone in his office, who is criminally charged for this abuse of power.
  19. Well a very smart Judge see's it for what it is and Ruled that Mike Korchack can't Prosecute the case he brought aganist Jim Worchach and Past DA Steve Cornwell. Everyone knew it was a direct conflict of interest right from the begining. As if Korchack didn't realize this and he's suspose to be intelligent enough to know better as the DA. Looks bad for Korchack and the Judge's ruling was huge step in clearing both Steve and Jim.
  20. 2pelo Honey

    Chris Cuomo Suspended Indefinitely...

    Couldn’t have happened to a smugger bastard.
  21. Ok I need to reintroduce myself. I came in HOTTT. So hey. And thanks . When the mayor let’s go of the 2 things he has hold on in my life still, ill be off of bc voice forever again. So ask questions cause it’s over and it’s the end. It’s easy To understand only because they are all Incredibly stupid, brain damaged and predictable. Except Tarik. here’s my offering to bc voice to prove myself. Here’s why the da, mayor, hagner and Jason worked together anyway they could to spread massive hate and try to destroy my life. No one knows this yet. The FULL REASON besides the mayors crush, 🥁 🥁 🥁 Colleen Wagner’s women veterans sexual discrimination federally funded scam that = 12% of the federally funded budget for VETERANS SERVICES in BC that I stumbled upon when the zoo asked me how to get public art so we set up a successful woman vets program n BC vet services didn’t like that. Maybe if any of u supported women vets snd paid me $1 combined, I wouldn’t of spent 3 years stacking proof ON THE BIGGEST SCAM IVE SEEN IN BROOME COUNTY EVER simply of u refusing to pay me for this proven program. So I told Solak n the mayor 2 yrs ago all I knew, Solak googled clear path tax shit and boom. There went my life cuz I was under attack ever since. But it’s over now. I forgot about this till yesterday and I still need funding Jason. So..figure it out. So this is why hagner thinks she’s powerful and cool n she’s not. everyone wants in for mega bucks or else no one wohld like her cause she’s evil jealous and gross. for $20k to me a year, she coulda kept this up but nah, she wanna be a cunt to all women, not just me, especially our women vets. And Jason and the mayor thinks it’s fine. wanna see? so now u know why they went so insane and this all makes more sense now. Stay tuned and I’ll stay calm. I’m outta the county and in nys now and good thing guys. We gonna need it on this one. It’s NOW over when I end this post. 💥 #exposed #goodnight
  22. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Chris “Titty Sparkles” Grace rethinking his future

    here are some more photos of Chris and Mike https://www.facebook.com/400859377323929/posts/414171449326055/?d=n https://www.facebook.com/400859377323929/posts/565296634213535/?d=n
  23. 92CorruptCourtStreet

    Chris Cuomo Suspended Indefinitely...

    Let’s hope Don is next
  24. I’m calm now. That court date with the bs restraining order to silence me really freaked me out. Above is the text between the mayor and my mom which show he was involved. Here’s porno denying the mayors involvement. This was the day Cornwell told me that the da, the bpd, and nysp had closed my hate crime behind my back for the 2nd time when he was using the truck hate crime (I didn’t tell him or anyone the mayor did it, if I wanted their help) to get around the da and get my $20k owed and $51k in jobs on. SILLY US. also this dude didn’t even sign anything and tryin to evict me? And I got the harassment charge? Whose good idea was this ? The mayors ? The da second it? This ain’t harassment this is called whistle blowing cause what they do to elders, families, and local businesses is ruining our home, criminally. I’m sure the da will agree to leave anyone’s name out of this would be in the best interest of protecting criminals and not our elders in broome county when they’re in the hospital. Shame on them. https://spark.adobe.com/post/wWqYbuTBSOtIj/?w=6600153193964
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