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  2. JB 2

    Back To His Roots. barack hussein guy.

    Watched and listened to obama and realize why he is stumping for Biden. Barack is as confused as Biden. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=obama+muslim+faith+correction&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3dobama%2bmuslim%2bfaith%2bcorrection%26%26FORM%3dVDVVXX&view=detail&mid=CAC64164105125EFF357CAC64164105125EFF357&rvsmid=D221F7D9245D18013339D221F7D9245D18013339&FORM=VDQVAP
  3. JB 2

    CDC Study (masks)

    Quarantine day 8. After my roommate went to bed i locked all sharp objects in my room. As it looks now after she goes to bed tonight i will remove all easily gotten to hard heavy objects from view. A mask when necessary is one thing, but i will not walk around the house with a hardhat on. On the bright side, she has shown no symptoms since day 4. 101
  4. Today
  5. I saw the line at the mall. Glad to see people motivated enough to wait in the rain like that. Definitely no voter apathy in that group. Myself, I will be voting in person on November 3rd.
  6. PeteMoss

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    First there are 6 things which you have overlooked. 1) Hunter isn't running for president but the "Big Guy" is. Joe is involved. Remember the video of him at the first debate when Trump told him that they had all the evidence. Joe looked like he 5h1t his pants. Joe is going down in flames, just like Hillary. 2) The drive data can't be used in court but the information on it can be used to investigate and find other incriminating information. This is done all the time. While not exactly the same, DNA data from decades ago is used to track down rapists and murderers. Connections are made, people are eliminated and one or possibly more people are zeroed in on. They still have to obtain a coffee cup, soda straw or cigarette butt to confirm the DNA match. 3) The FBI did nothing while having the data for 10 months. 15 FBI agents go to investigate a garage door rope but they can't investigate the laptop? 4) Did you see the videos of Humter on a CHINESE website. He and his father are compromised. Who else has the pictures and videos? 5) Gulliani is Trump's go to guy. Of course he is going to be 6) Doing his niece? Classy. Joe knew about this too. What a horrible man Joe is to sacrifice his granddaughter. There is no level to which Joe can't and won't sink. You play in a large Computer Forensics sandbox. There are other people in the sandbox. I also know CF terms and Unix (Linux) terms and a heck of a lot more. I have been involved in cases also.
  7. M_Sable

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Hunter is not running for President, any more than Billy Carter was. Why does Guiliani's name always pop up when something shady is going on? "Keeping a copy of the data on the drive" is not at all the same as having a forensic image verifiable by it's hash. It can be in E01 or DD format, but it is the only means by which it could even be considered to be of evidentiary value. That, and a documented and signed Chain of Custody form used by law enforcement. Making a logical copy does not count at all. Now you're playing in my sandbox, Mr. Pete
  8. PeteMoss

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Now the Chinese have the videos. They are putting them out there for all to see. Go to TGP
  9. PeteMoss

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Joe Biden must be so proud of his son! What a gem he is. TGP has the links.
  10. PeteMoss

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    He is an important person. Hunter's foot job video:
  11. Nyrfan

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Amazing how Rudy is always in the middle of this stuff. He must have super powers
  12. PeteMoss

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Not that one, we are talking about the one that the FBI had for almost a year. The one that Hunter signed a document authorizing its repairing. The one that Hunter's lawyer asked to be returned. The one that the visually impaired repair guy gave to the FBI but was smart enough to keep a copy of the data on the drive. The one that has pictures of Hunter stoned out of his mind. The one with emails that show how stupid Hunter is to document the stuff he was doing. That one. Hunter is as dumb as his father.
  13. No argument there and quite honestly I agree with you most of the time on your posts
  14. M_Sable

    CNN legal analyst Toobin suspended

    Toobin should get a grip on himself....oh....never mind.
  15. M_Sable

    Eastern Broome windmill project rejected

    Holy Don Quixote!! Watch out Pancho, the damned thing's on fire!
  16. M_Sable

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Are we talking about the laptop that mysteriously appeared two weeks before the election and the content was given over to a complete rag (the NY Post)? The same one that would require a sound forensic investigation to establish its authenticity? The one that contains the same crap that Ukrainian Russia-associated operatives have been trying to peddle for $$$ to Mr. Guiliani for a couple of years now? The one that was given to a blind guy and Trump supporter in Delaware to "repair" when Hunter Biden lived in LA? The one that doesn't matter as Hunter Biden is not running for President? It's all strains credibility to the max.
  17. There are something like 111 polling locations in Broome County. Squashing those people who want to vote into 4 locations will cause excessive waiting times.
  18. At least we can agree on the Rangers!!!!
  19. PeteMoss

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    No, what he has taken is "loans". You don't have to report a loan on your income tax.
  20. M_Sable


    Probably trying to get out of the cesspool that northern NJ is?
  21. Yesterday
  22. not sure if it is a good sign for Republicans or not but to me it sure points out that there are a lot of people who have already made up their minds. Just another example of how polarized we are these days. Also when i went to the Endicott Library around 4:30 today the poll workers said that earlier in the day there was a 2 hour wait.
  23. Did you see any license plates from other states?
  24. ginger


    Tons of Jersey drivers up and down 81 wreaking havoc with their speeding and reckless passing/weaving in and out of traffic. Why are there so many of them today? Are they here for the early voting? Somebody ought to check the parking lots. I'm surprised nobody is dead yet.
  25. ginger

    Biden is a pedophile, laptop from hell.

    Listening to Bernard Kerik a while ago...he says the Delaware State Police handed over the lap to the FBI. He said it contains upward of 500 photos and thousands of emails...etal social media. Like myself, Mssrs Kerik and Giuliani think they can make RICO statutes out of the evidence. Joe Biden states he's never taken money from a foreign country. Ukraine and China aren't "foreign" to him.
  26. Common Sense

    BCVoice Poll: Akshar, Quiter or Write-in?

    Even though he's Republican, and I intend to vote straight GOP, I'm leaving this one blank, too. I could never in good conscience vote for someone I see as corrupt and immoral.
  27. Common Sense

    BCVoice Poll: Garnar or Bernhardsen

    I'll be leaving that line blank. I don't know a thing about Bernhardsen and I think Garnar is a joke.
  28. “Thousands line up to vote for Thomas Daniel Quiter for NYS Senate.”
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