********PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE********** Distrurbing. Wanting to be a District Attorney and not understanding the ramifications of a law enforcement official having sexual relations with a victim/victim family member? REALLY??????? Let me explain it to you, Mr. Candidate. At the very least, it is unprofessional. At worst, it can lose a trial for the PEOPLE of the State of New York if the people in the jury box don’t trust law enforcement officers that handled the case! If anyone ever found themselves in trouble, how would you feel if a law enforcement officer handling your case was having a sexual relationship with the victim or victim family member in your case? How can he not see this? How can anyone NOT see this? IT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!!!! Sex with a victim should be a contractual issue handled by a police union????? Oh man. This guy is so lost. Paul Battisti shows again why he is UNFIT to be District Attorney!

Posted by Jeff Wagner on Tuesday, May 14, 2019