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  1. Celtic Witch

    Wheres the health department

    Raw food such as perogies can be handled with bare hands before cooking. Gloves, tongs and/or spoons must be used on cooked foods when serving or packaging. Foods must also be kept at a minimum temperature of 140 degrees or higher.
  2. Celtic Witch

    The area's fake heroin organizations: "Truth Pharm" and "Dope Without Dope"

    If you had really done your research, you would know that Joe Gonzales founder of I'm Dope Without Dope is a good guy doing a great service for his community. He is a hard working guy who just wants to educate people about the dangers of heroin use. He IS NOT A DRUG DEALER.
  3. Celtic Witch

    Question regarding property foreclosure sale

    You can look them up daily on the pressconnects site.
  4. Celtic Witch

    Question regarding property foreclosure sale

    All tax liens and judgments which predate the Tax Foreclosure are extinguished by the Foreclosue. Again, I have never heard of anyone being pursued for taxes on a home after foreclosure. Deficiency on a mortgage, yes but not taxes.
  5. Celtic Witch

    Question regarding property foreclosure sale

    If it is the county, there is a minimum that has to be paid. The county has to get that amount to cover what is owed. I never saw a collection action or judgment against a former homeowner in the 9 1/2 years that I worked in Bankruptcy. A lot if times, the mortgage company will step in and pay what is owed to protect their interest.
  6. Celtic Witch

    Watch Out for the Kittens!

    Neem oil will work, just make sure that it doesn't contain tea tree oil-very harmful to cats when ingested and since they lick themselves, can cause issues. I would try the Dawn soap again,leave it on for about five minutes to smother the fleas. Don't forget to wash any bedding and treat any sleeping areas to prevent reinfestation.
  7. Celtic Witch

    Safety at Gas pumps

    It is possible to ignite a pool of gasoline using only a cigarette. PARTLY PLAUSIBLE A cigarette has the potential to light a pool of gasoline but just doesn’t have enough sustained heat. Gas ignites between 500 °F and 540 °F, the cigarette at its hottest was between 450 °F and 500 °F but only when it was actually being smoked. An ignition is very improbable. http://mythbustersresults.com/special7
  8. Celtic Witch

    Matt Ryan vs. Victor Furman - Round 1

    Finally hit the local news media: http://www.wbng.com/news/local/Former-Binghamton-mayor-faces-charges-after-a-fight-over-politics-273040771.html
  9. Celtic Witch

    Matt Ryan vs. Victor Furman - Round 1

    I can personally say that this is a true report. I have a friend who witnessed the whole thing. She told me about it last night and was just amazed a how violent Ryan was. I just laughed. No specific details, just confirming the rumor.
  10. Celtic Witch

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I had/have it. Had surgery last October to remove bone spurs and release the tendon. I highly recommend Dr. Sweet in Chenango Bridge.
  11. Celtic Witch

    Jiffy Lube torn down

    Rumor from the Lowes employees: Panera Bread.
  12. Celtic Witch

    BCVoice Apologizes for Recently DELETED Content

    Just busy. We bought our first house up in Greene and it has been a lot of work. It needed a new roof on the garage, new electrical work throughout the house, a full paint job and some major landscaping. The former owner was 90 years old and could not do the maintenance herself. The plus side is that we got the house for a great price. I also finished my last semester at BCC and now have my Associates degree; it has been a long two years due to the fact that I also work full time.
  13. Celtic Witch

    BCVoice Apologizes for Recently DELETED Content

    I think you have me confused with another former moderator. I am a little more lenient
  14. Celtic Witch

    BCVoice Apologizes for Recently DELETED Content

    Not necessarily. I have not been deleting much because the other mods seem to have it under control. But if there is something that I believe needs to be removed, such as profanity, then I will. For the most part, if the members act like adults and do not get totally out of control, I let it be.