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  1. a taxpayer

    ME Football Controversy

    thank you for the laugh today.... the sad part is what you wrote is so true... so many dads live through their kids sports
  2. a taxpayer

    Kraham/Burns Chamber debate… a clear winner

    Burns and Graham are both on Binghamton Now. Burns again brought up President Trump.... Kraham sounds so much better then Burns who really has no idea what he is doing.
  3. I heard it was terrible. But why does Binghamton PD refuse to release the name of the victim?? The family has already been notified, What is BPD hiding? who are they protecting???
  4. a taxpayer

    Fred Akshar announces his candidacy for Broome County Sheriff

    sooooooo... you think the sheriff would arrest MORE people just to get cases thrown Jackson Bergman's way??? delusional... or your common sense is blinded by hatred. Just like F. Lee Bailey stated the county sheriff has nothing to to with the workings of the courts. Nothing.
  5. a taxpayer

    Nick Libous is Considering Running For His Dad's Former Senate Seat

    Nick is a scumbag. Last year when he ran for NYS Assembly, he listed his address as Oquaga Lake Rd in Deposit (his mom's house on the lake) that Nick DOES NOT live at. He lives on Robinson St near Grace Baptist Church. In fact he parks his nice big SUV in the church parking lot, check google street view. I spoke with several people who live down in Deposit and Nick did not live there. He used the Oquaga Lake Road address because if he said Robison St, he could not run in that district, so he then LIED about where he lived. The City of Binghamton is Donna Lupardo's district, another do nuthin... In the June 23, 2020 Primary to the 122nd District, just in Broome County, Nick Libous lost to Joe Angelino 1385 to 4154...... Thats right, Binghamton native Nick, the hometown boy was destroyed by Joe, a Chenango Co/Norwich native, a basic unknown to Broome County residents. Two third more people voted for Joe then Nick, who was attempting to ride his daddy's coat tails. I was told his mommy wss pushing him to run. Hey Nick, want some advice? Run for school board or something small, let people see what you can do, then if you don't get destroyed there, run for bigger office.
  6. a taxpayer

    Fred Akshar announces his candidacy for Broome County Sheriff

    W.H.A.T....?? How does the sheriff of the county sheriff's office have ANYTHING to do with cases being "thrown" to Battisti??? Comments like that prove stupidity
  7. so in 2019 the county tells him to leave everything in place and do not add any more. He proceeds to add 150 feet of fence. Now he is complaining he is being picked on. And he goes to the media to garner some sympathy... look how much buffer he cut down.... If I was a neighbor I would be pissed too...
  8. a taxpayer

    Defund the police movement

    absolutely don't hold your breath. She will state "you all messed up, she was jus gonna hug me"
  9. a taxpayer

    Something happened in our town

    Absolutely. So they teach children to hate all cops. Can they spell hypocrite? They are doing a lesson on anti-racism and then lump all cops together saying they hate all black men. A pure, outright LIE. They just taught racism....
  10. a taxpayer

    Something happened in our town

    this is beyond disgusting... at the 5:58 mark she says "...all cops hate black men.." this is being taught to our children
  11. https://www.searchiqs.com/nybro/ImageViewerMP.aspx?CustomView=Search Results&SelectedDoc=C|100835404&SelectedRowIndex=298
  12. why not hook it up to a credit card. Then when you use it just look at the E-Z Pass statement and your credit card. VERY SIMPLE. But you are saying you would rather have them send you a bill then you have to send them back a check??
  13. a taxpayer

    Mick Dwyer is alive & well (and still funny as heck )

    I did tell him some of us (can't speak for everybody) missed him on FOX40 and wll never be the same. He appreciated that...
  14. I know a few people were asking so I thought I would post this. We ran into Mick Dwyer last night. When I first approached him I asked if he knew an acquaintance and he immediately replied "Do I owe them money, do I owe you any money" and he said it with a straight face. Once I assured him no money was owed he laughed, I laughed, we all laughed. I never asked why he left but he said he was doing fine, a couple health things but nothing serious. He had a good conversation with my partner about some family members that Mick was friends with. So he is doing well, looks a LOT younger then he is, still funny as shyt and overall a good guy. p.s. if you do not remember Mick Dwyer he was the old weather guy from FOX40 News. He started as a camera man and somehow started doing the weather. He had no clue about actual weather forecasting but would do a decent presentation and inject it with a bunch of humor. Always entertaining but I am sure some people will post negative comments....
  15. a taxpayer

    Fred Akshar spraying girls with hose

    does Senator Akshar have allegations against him?? I have not read or heard of ANY in the local media.. Do you have inside info?? or are you just spreading bullshyt