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  1. Back in Black


    Yet this area was once known for innovation. Kinda sad.
  2. Back in Black

    Brats and Brews tomorrow 5:00 pm

    Thank god you live in that shithole that is you’re own life down there in Texas is it ?? You’re such a douchebag. Go fuck yourself.
  3. Back in Black

    Respect the ride.

    Yeah. We got it.
  4. Back in Black

    Remembering George Akel

    May his soul Rest In Peace.
  5. Back in Black

    Shooting in Apalachin

    So this guy was pretty much ambushed by people he thought he could trust. Don’t do hard drugs boys and girls.....
  6. Back in Black

    Incident at UE High School

    Another typical day at U-E high school???
  7. Back in Black

    Rich David for Congress

    Wait...... What??? You have a soul???
  8. Back in Black

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    Why don’t you ask her yourself hotshot?? Heres a thought. Try reading some rape victims stories about how much it fucked up their lives.Try reading about parents of murdered children. Then get back to us. You really are a complete a**-hole.
  9. Back in Black

    The Pour House restaurant on Watson Blvd

    Went there last night. Here’s my take: Had a very tasty beer. Melon something. They were already out of the first two choices we made for an appetizer, so we went with the deep fried cheese balls. They were tasty, but came with a marinara dipping sauce that tasted more like Ragu out of a jar. We waited for what seemed like a long time to get our meal. I had the steak salad. It was good. But I wouldn’t call it great. Was I expecting more? You bet. Anyhow, I’d be more inclined to try someplace I haven’t been to before, rather than make a return trip.
  10. Back in Black

    CCA program for electricity

    As long as you can change back at any point without charges, I say go for it. You can be our guinea pig.
  11. Back in Black

    Brats and Brews tomorrow 5:00 pm

    That looks like Marie Foster......
  12. Back in Black

    Why Battisti can't win

    What a sad world we live in...... : (
  13. Back in Black

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    Or,......maybe it’s all true, and Akshar is every bit the dirtbag she portrays him to be.
  14. Back in Black

    Battisti on new principled leadership

    This, in essence, happens everywhere. Not just in BC....