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  1. Back in Black

    Gov. Cuomo on marijuana tour

    One could say the exact same thing about the hypocritical stance against legalizing marijuana, yet alcohol is just fine. A bullshit con job ever since the movie Reefer Madness came out.
  2. Back in Black

    Channel 12

    Maybe Cloe likes anal.
  3. Back in Black

    RUSH (Limbaugh not the band) IS Sick.

    Wait. What? You’re a woman?
  4. Back in Black

    Impeachment 2019

    So apparently I could call someone a “Jew bastard who should be castrated and put in an oven”..... But saying “Nappy headed hoes” would get me fired.
  5. Back in Black

    Who laughed when I said crack vs heroin was racist?

    Right on brutha... Gimme some skin.
  6. Back in Black

    Conflict Of Interest

    I recall seeing a TV program awhile ago covering a group of monkeys. It identified the alpha female, her male offspring, the second female in the hierarchy, and so on. It was explaining in real time as certain actions were occurring, and what it all meant within the group. At one point, the young male offspring did something that the second female didn’t like, so she reprimanded him. But apparently that wasn’t acceptable. The alpha female caught sight of what happened and the shit hit the fan. In essence, the young male offspring was in a higher position amongst the entire group, simply because his mother was the alpha female. It was very interesting because it showed how the entire group got along. Or didn’t get along. And how they each learn their role and place amongst the group, based on numerous factors. Some of which were in their control, others that were not. My point being, human society is not that different. There is a societal hierarchy based on many things. Money. Positions of power. Intelligence. Who you know. Who you’re related to. Upbringing. Etc. etc. And it isn’t always fair or just.
  7. Back in Black

    New Assessments in Broome?

    Gotta git me sum a dat Ed-ja-ma-kay-shun.....
  8. Ah yes. The World According to 19April1775.... Jesus Christ Almighty Write a book. Run for office. Something......
  9. Ok. Time for some deets.....
  10. Back in Black

    Keith Urban Concert

    I didn’t. But I heard Keith Urban did indeed put on a good show. It’s always nice when a musician/group gives their audience a great performance. So even though I’m not a huge country fan, kudos to Keith Urban and all those who made a great show come together.
  11. You want fries with that??
  12. Back in Black

    BUnnies still around?

    No shit. Most of us, myself included, are still wondering what the hell BUnnies is referring to. If we could just get an answer to that.....
  13. Back in Black

    Severe constipation following jet ski mishap

    That’s one hell of an enema!! But if your post is actually true, your “friend” should probably either take something for constipation or see a doctor. There could be something seriously wrong. Don’t you think?? Reminds me of something I saw on the show “1,000 ways to die”, where a young guy jumped off a high cliff into water. The force from the water went up his ass, ruptured his colon and he bled to death internally.
  14. Back in Black

    Fat shaming at Forever 21

    Dumb enough to be listening to Infowars and the disgusting POS who runs that show......
  15. Back in Black

    Batter Up

    Yeah. That’s pretty radical. But hell,..... Why not!!!!