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  1. BubbaGump


    Don't care if you missed me or not petty moss, isnt peatmoss some kind of rotting vegetation?
  2. BubbaGump

    Binghamton Mayor 2021 poll

    Joe Burns would be an OUTSTANDING Mayor! His heart is in restoring Binghamton back to its former glory and has relatives doing just that investing in its future.
  3. BubbaGump


    Thanks been awhile been keeping busy down here way too much to do.
  4. BubbaGump


    Wow havent been here in a couple years and the post are ancient? What happened to your beloved BCVOICE? Dosent Garo still own it?
  5. BubbaGump

    BPD Chief?

    I herd tings
  6. BubbaGump

    Broome Democrats Family Fun Day at Ross Park Zoo

    Thats because they werent handing out checks!
  7. BubbaGump

    ABC News was lit up like a Christmas tree today. Ouch.

    I came bcv back to this? Business as usual in doome county .
  8. BubbaGump

    Vote John Cordisco for City Council

    Did the Northside ever get their supermarket? Who won ?
  9. BubbaGump


    Chic Fil A is the best fast food you can buy I'm sure glad they have them here, it would be great if in the triple cities, there only one problem with that. Where you going to find workers that are courteous and respectful? They never work Sunday's and the restaurants are kept spotless.
  10. BubbaGump

    Where's the Best place to Park your Car and Make Out in Broome County?

    The corner of Jarvis and Cinton is choice location!
  11. BubbaGump

    What does this mean?

    I never repeated this story peet moss and no convincing required but maybe you need convincing Bingos going to rebound and the States going to lower your taxes. Humm filled my tank today $1.89 a gallon what you paying? $2.79 ?
  12. BubbaGump

    What does this mean?

    Been traveling, going to concerts,fine dining just living the good life. I even had a week in bingo and h ad a great time with friends and family. Still moving from there was the best thing I ever did! Living on a lake is the bomb.
  13. BubbaGump

    What does this mean?

    You are some kind of wacko! How do you ever find the time? Maybe you should write a book? There's plenty of fools that would buy It, after all you did miss a deer and a possum. Do you really ride the back roads looking for parked cars?
  14. BubbaGump

    Spectrum TV Interuptions

    Get rid of cable! Just get a fire stick and and antenna you'll have all the free TV you'll need. I boosted my wifi up to 300mbps for 40 bucks a month. No more cable for me and have more channels than cable.
  15. BubbaGump

    Old car wash in Vestal

    They swap towels regularly and have people washing and drying them all the time. A real sweet deal with 30 locations, they do a great job! MR CAR WASH is the name.