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  1. BubbaGump

    Oakdale Mall

    The best solution is to move from the state! There's no tax relief coming anytime soon!
  2. BubbaGump

    Welcome Back to BCVoice!

    Wish you called me and told. Had to find out from Johnnie!
  3. BubbaGump

    BinghamtonBill makes return to BCVoice

    Welcome back bill! I just found out the sites back up, I had to call Garos right hand man to find out. (Johnnie)
  4. BubbaGump

    House next to the old Boys Club

    Well you know how that works.....you need to be a little old lady or someone un notable before the bring down the goverment hammer. How many years has 3 seminary been sitting there with a fence around it?
  5. BubbaGump

    Thanksgiving Buffets?

    I lost my mom two yrs at the young age of 89, she allways had tons of food and her door was open to anyone. The characters that would come made our Thanksgiving . Now that I no longer live there I still have a big TDAY but it's Ditfferent, I still have friends and family but the Turkey is deep fried ! Last year we made four birds had about 30 people and plenty to eat and drink only a more western theme. I hope everyone can share the day with someone and give thanks for what we have.
  6. BubbaGump

    Daily Post Limit

    There's at least a half dozen posters here that do multiple post, true that they need to get a life or at least a friend they can talk to.
  7. BubbaGump

    Trumpsim takes a Hit on Election Day

    Too little to late, TRUMP WILL WIN again!
  8. BubbaGump

    Thanksgiving Buffets?

    There's nothing like a superbly HOME COOKED MEAL you can go out for food anytime Thanksgiving is for family and friends.
  9. BubbaGump

    House next to the old Boys Club

    That bldg use to belong to a guy named Lamonaco years ago , but I'm sure he's passed away by now. I thought the one that bought the Boys club purchased it.
  10. BubbaGump

    Mihalko and Preston?

    Broome is Doomed.. Didn't dirty Deb control millions of dollars allready? Where did that get ya?
  11. BubbaGump

    Mihalko and Preston?

    My prayers go out for all of you in Doome county that are stuck there.
  12. BubbaGump

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    Biz is that good?
  13. I know of cases that went before The state before, you may as well not waste your time or money. Same o same o the ones with the money and power prevail! What color do you want that car in?
  14. BubbaGump

    How to teach your kids socialism using Halloween.

    You guys know how to ruin food don't you? I just bought a 10 pound park butt for 9 bucks! Gonna make some killer hot Italian sawseege!
  15. BubbaGump

    Ulster County Democrat Fakes PTSD Over Traffic Stop.

    A Democrat and member of the workin families party and named Schwartz wit can't get any better than that. Hey she's perfect for City or County government . Broome or Binghamton should be contacting her with her extensive experience abroad she's perfect.