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    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    Few things here I hadn't heard of: PUBLISHED 8:03 AM ET Jun. 21, 2019 PUBLISHED June 21, 2019 @8:03 AM The state Legislature wrapped up its 2019 legislative session in the early hours of Thursday morning, concluding one of the more consequential years for Albany in recent history. The year saw a flurry of activity that began in January as Democrats gained control of the state Senate, with pledges to not squander power like the party did a decade ago during its short, unhappy stint in the majority. Empowered by comfortable majorities in both chambers, the Legislature approved bill after bill that Democrats had long pushed for, only to be stymied each year: Measures meant to make it easier to vote in New York, a strengthening of abortion rights and gun control, environmental measures, allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses and state tuition assistance, a ban on plastic bags, protections for transfer individuals, a law that makes it easier for abuse victims to file lawsuits, sexual harassment law changes, a congestion pricing toll plan for New York City, an increase in the smoking age and new labor rights for farm workers. They didn’t get everything: A bill to legalize marijuana fell short of support and a gestational surrogacy measure promoted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not get a vote in the state Assembly. Ultimately they settled for a bill decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana possession and expunging records of marijuana-related offenses. And the session still ending like it often does: Bleary eyed lawmakers putting the finishing touches on bills after a marathon night of voting, an omnibus “big ugly” bill introduced after dark. Cuomo also got a last-minute approval for his budget director, Robert Mujica, to sit on the board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Still, Democrats wielded power this year in ways they had not been able to before in Albany. Taken together, the accomplishments represent changes to the lives of everyday New Yorkers. https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/binghamton/politics/2019/06/21/end-of-session--a-year-of-progressive-goals-come-to-pass
  2. 2pelo Honey

    Whats going on in Kirkwood?

    Wow, this took a turn I wasn't expecting! Where do these people come from? There's also comments on FB about him killing someone else's dog, and attacking someone w/ an ax. KIRKWOOD, N.Y. - UPDATE 6:15 P.M. State Police have arrested the suspect who fled the scene after they say he crashed a stolen vehicle on I-81 in Kirkwood. After a 7 hour man hunt, troopers located the man in a wooded area off Duell Road around 6 pm on Tuesday. Witnesses say the man was not wearing any clothes when troopers arrested him. It was a familiar face on Fox 40 that made the 911 call that led to the suspect's capture: Broome County Historian Roger Luther, who also does our 100 Years Ago Today segment. Roger and his wife Kathy were home when the suspect came upon their Springer Road house. "I was sitting there watching the news trying to see if there was anything on the news and I see this head walked by and he was covered with mud. His head was covered with mud. His face covered with mud," says Kathy, "And he was just here under the window so I said Roger dial 911 he’s here, he’s at our house." As Roger called 911, the suspect headed for their chicken coop. "Roger looked up that window over the garage and by then he was on 911 and he said 'he’s here, he’s here the guy you’re looking for is here and he’s in our chicken run and he’s trying to catch a chicken and he’s totally naked'," Kathy said. According to the Luthers, the suspect took one of their chickens, which they fear is now either dead or critically injured. "We're missing a chicken and their's a trail of feathers," says Roger. "There's a trail of feathers through the neighbors yard under his deck," added Kathy. "So none of this makes sense. I mean why would he catch a chicken? Why would he not have any clothes on?" says Roger. Roger says he spoke with another resident in the area who also encountered the suspect and faced a similar situation. According to Roger, the resident fought the suspect after he was trying to kill his chickens. Roger told Fox 40 that the suspect harmed at least one other family pet in the area. The New York State Police were assisted by the Broome County Sheriff's Office, Binghamton Police Department, and Johnson City police in the search. State Police are encouraging residents to check their property and contact them at 607-775-1241 if anything appears disturbed. Police say additional information about the incident will be released Wednesday. http://www.wicz.com/story/40591827/breaking-state-police-search-for-suspect
  3. 2pelo Honey

    Incident at UE High School

    Saw this on FB/Greater Binghamton Today...thought it apropos to this situation. Public Service Announcement Hopefully you won't ever need this. It was provided via a friend who works in "Public Safety" If there's ever a lock down at your kids school.. ... 1) don't go to the school, you may become an additional target 2) don't call the school, this ties up lines of communication needed for emergency responders to gather info from inside 3) don't stand outside gawking, you will be in the way of responding personnel 4) God forbid it ever happens... educate your kids to LISTEN to their teacher/staff and NOT text everyone and their brother that there's a lockdown. That ties up cell networks for police computers and law enforcement responding. 5) it is NOT the responsibility of anyone to give you a play by play. The top priority is to keep the children and staff safe. The schools will make notifications when it is safe and feasible for them to do so.
  4. 2pelo Honey

    76 year old man attacked

    Where is that?
  5. 2pelo Honey

    Herman Wouk Passes Away

    RIP, can you believe 103? I loved Marjorie Morningstar.
  6. 2pelo Honey

    Anti Akshar Rally Friday in Binghamton

    Too true!
  7. 2pelo Honey

    76 year old man attacked

    Yes...found it: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-raise-age-law-now-effect
  8. 2pelo Honey

    76 year old man attacked

    Such a horrendous story! Didn't Cuomo just raise an age? They just don't get it.
  9. 2pelo Honey


    Save Around morphed out of Dine-a-Mate, Ray Stanton's big moneymaker from a few decades ago.
  10. Page 4 of that mortgage gives 9 McNamara Ave as the address, as does the deed transfer.
  11. 2pelo Honey

    Easy Goulash

    That and the tomato soup make it extra creamy. I have a tendency to cook TOO much pasta, so am often scrambling to extend the sauce.
  12. 2pelo Honey

    Easy Goulash

    I just made Goulash last week. I use, as my Mom did, Campbell's Tomato Soup plus diced tomatoes. Quite a bit of garlic, and some dill, then sour cream at the end.
  13. 2pelo Honey

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    My apologies, I thought you were referring to Preston, regarding the credit card. And I'd read the previous posts were talking about Butler.