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  1. 2pelo Honey

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    Also reading in the PSB today that not only are the admin offices of the BCUL moving, but also the computer labs and other programs. It took some doing to get those up and running in downtown, so to move it all to Endicott is a surprise. The powers that be at the BCUL in Binghamton wanted the comp labs to keep school kids from getting in trouble after school.
  2. 2pelo Honey

    Unprofessional- Ch. 12 Josh Rosenblatt

    I was surprised to hear they were moving as well. It's location seems to be where it should be. The Broome County Urban League is preparing to sell its Binghamton community center to a developer who owns dozens of other properties in the city. The organization moved its administrative offices out of the Carroll Street building in September. The operations are temporarily housed on Walnut Street on the West Side. The community center was built just over 40 years ago for a reported cost of $300,000. The property has been listed for sale with an asking price of $289,000. Real estate agent Robert Harkness said the site is under contract for possible sale to Isaac Anzaroot. Harkness indicated it could be some time before the deal closes. Anzaroot could not be reached for comment and his associate, Conan Cerretani, said he was not aware of plans to purchase the Carroll Street property. Urban League president Jennifer Lesko did not return a call for comment on the potential sale and the group's future plans. The Urban League administrative offices are expected to be relocated to the former Boys and Girls Club building in Endicott. During an interview on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program Tuesday, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar wouldn't discuss the previously-announced move. But he did say he expects information about it will be released this week. https://wnbf.com/developer-may-buy-urban-league-center-in-downtown-binghamton/
  3. 2pelo Honey

    Black Friday reminder

    I go out and get some groceries, but wouldn’t go near a retail store.
  4. 2pelo Honey

    Number Five

    I saw this story on WNBF before seeing his FB post: https://wnbf.com/developer-plans-number-5-restaurant-site/ McCoy didn't deny it, just said it hasn't closed yet. I have to think the developer is going to find out how much the City will let them do before they go ahead w/ the purchase. I can't imagine what that corner/intersection will be like if they put all that in there...it's bad enough now.
  5. 2pelo Honey

    This is outrageous!

    Yeah, I saw that blowup earlier...plus Akshar's response blasting them. There's no talking or debating w/ these people.
  6. 2pelo Honey

    This is outrageous!

    I seriously think it only happens the other way around...I don't think I've ever read about the above happening. And, yes, I heard that BS about Israel.
  7. 2pelo Honey

    This is outrageous!

    I’ll about guarantee that ghetto trash yelling “suck my d%&$” didn’t know or care if they were registered or not. Also, notice they/someone immediately brought up the gun pics and the fact that there was just a shooting that day...trying to fit that in...as if they were fearful. They were brazen as all hell.
  8. 2pelo Honey

    This is outrageous!

    Saw the video over the weekend, and just saw BU's press release. They're blaming it on the fact that the "conservative students" didn't properly register to set their tables up. 1:45 pm November 18, 2019 Local News, Top Stories VESTAL (WBNG) — Binghamton University Vice President Brian Rose has addressed protests that occurred Nov. 14 on campus in an official press release sent to students on Monday. The press release reads: On Thursday, Nov. 14, two groups tabling outside of the Union attracted counter-protesters. The tension between the groups tabling and protesters became volatile and University Police intervened to remove the tabling groups in the interest of the safety of all involved. Social media posts have misrepresented the course of events and encouraged political pressure upon the University based upon those misrepresentations. What actually transpired and how the University did and will respond is as follows: The College Republicans, an organization chartered by the Student Association (SA), was joined by another group known as Turning Point that, by its own choice, is not chartered by the SA or otherwise recognized by the University. Representatives of the two groups set up tables outside the Union in a reservable space without having followed procedures to properly secure use of the space. Representatives of the Union professional staff and of the SA notified the tabling students that they were tabling without reservation in a space that had to be reserved in advance and asked them to relocate. The groups refused twice to move. The groups’ display included provocative posters with gun imagery, this being the same day as the Saugus High School shooting. Self-evidently from the nature of their display and their refusal to comply with procedures for reserving the space in question, the groups intended to be provocative. Social media activity suggesting they were handing out hot chocolate and promoting an upcoming lecture fail to accurately represent the context. Students offended by the display and disapproving of the views of the two tabling organizations gathered around the tables in increasing number. University Police were alerted by several members of the University community and responded to monitor the escalating situation. Counter-protesters began pulling down the tables and sweeping the political literature and materials of the tabling groups into boxes in an attempt to close down the tabling activity. This increased the volatility of the situation and University Police stepped in between students from the tabling groups and protesting students to try to maintain safety. Eventually the police directed the tabling groups to abandon the area and escorted them away. Some protesters viewed the actions of police as protecting the tabling students based upon race and directed chants at police. The escalating situation was successfully defused without physical injury to anyone present. The University’s response was and will be guided by principles and values related to safety, equity, free expression and reason. As the College Republicans were advised prior to the incident escalating, they had violated applicable procedures related to reserving the space in question. The purpose of those procedures is to avoid conflicts among groups for use of the space and to allow the University to safely manage activity in this area. Had the group followed procedures, the University would have had the opportunity to plan for what was self-evidently a provocative presentation in a manner that may have facilitated expressive activity by both the tabling groups and those who wished to demonstrate against them. Any future action taken against the College Republicans will pertain to their violation of University and SA policies and procedures and not to the content of their message. The University will also work with the SA to ensure that there is clarity and understanding around policies and procedures related to the use of space by campus-affiliated groups and others, and will review how to best respond to those violating these policies and procedures. There were also protesters who acted in a manner that may have violated University rules. In the context of the incident and in keeping with the principles and values noted above, the University did not seek to identify or charge any protesters. To do so would have escalated an already volatile situation and run counter to the primary interest in safely de-escalating the situation. In other circumstances, the University has taken action against individuals infringing upon expressive activity without regard to viewpoint. Our response has and will continue to take into account the full context in each instance. We acknowledge the larger political context in our country that is polarizing our society. It is unfortunate that interests external to the campus have seized upon this incident and attempted to mischaracterize it to feed their own narrative and to attempt to influence our response. We will not be responding to those external voices or altering our approach as a result of external pressure. We will continue to work within our community to facilitate the expression of the many diverse viewpoints that are present on our campus, to encourage members of our community to respect one another through disagreement, to maintain a safe campus community and to exercise professional judgment fairly to achieve those ends. Brian T. Rose Vice President for Student Affairs The Binghamton University Students Association says it will continue to work with students’ rights to protest and assemble. https://wbng.com/news/top-stories/2019/11/18/binghamton-university-says-provocative-displays-by-political-student-organizations-led-to-campus-protest/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WBNG_12_News&fbclid=IwAR2_g236dUfjBVapUYIANuHIzuFhI_4T2QhAOfEHdiAeMX00D6PYdDPrp1I
  9. 2pelo Honey

    BCVoice users who supported Battisti

    I was told by a good source.
  10. 2pelo Honey

    BCVoice users who supported Battisti

    It frankly amazes me they still allow you on here, considering how many thousands of dollars you stole from city taxpayers, and never even attempted to repay, you fat, mustached POS.
  11. 2pelo Honey

    Whistleblower’s Identity Revealed

    Roast that kraut with bacon, onions, and apples!
  12. 2pelo Honey


    He outed himself years ago, and is comfortable with it, so this is not breaking news.
  13. 2pelo Honey

    BCVoice users who supported Battisti

    As if I care what you think.
  14. 2pelo Honey


    I agree. First time I heard him talk, I ran back from the kitchen to see who was talking so professionally! And, I've always liked Howard.
  15. 2pelo Honey

    Fred Akshar's Tattoo

    Coming from the same mouth that called Yoda demonic, I’d take it with a grain of salt.