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  1. 2pelo Honey


    Save Around morphed out of Dine-a-Mate, Ray Stanton's big moneymaker from a few decades ago.
  2. Page 4 of that mortgage gives 9 McNamara Ave as the address, as does the deed transfer.
  3. 2pelo Honey

    Easy Goulash

    That and the tomato soup make it extra creamy. I have a tendency to cook TOO much pasta, so am often scrambling to extend the sauce.
  4. 2pelo Honey

    Easy Goulash

    I just made Goulash last week. I use, as my Mom did, Campbell's Tomato Soup plus diced tomatoes. Quite a bit of garlic, and some dill, then sour cream at the end.
  5. 2pelo Honey

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    My apologies, I thought you were referring to Preston, regarding the credit card. And I'd read the previous posts were talking about Butler.
  6. 2pelo Honey

    Mirella Masciarelli victimized by "predator" Fred Akshar

    I think you may have your Debbie's mixed up.
  7. IMO, like a breath of fresh air after Lea and Conrad. 😨
  8. 2pelo Honey

    Why Republicans need to vote for Mike Korchak

    I thought there was some insinuation that Cornwall might be running for another office. "it would be dishonest to run for another four-year term, which I do not intend to complete, or, to exploit the power of the District Attorney's Office to advance personal gains." https://wnbf.com/cornwell-wont-seek-another-term-as-broome-county-da/
  9. 2pelo Honey

    St Patricks Day Parade MVP

    I had Cryin' Chuck in mind before I saw the pic...lol.
  10. 2pelo Honey

    Rule breaker Battisti can't even park legally

    Parking in a hash marked spot in the handicapped area is a pretty shitty thing to do.
  11. 2pelo Honey

    Name of bar

    Only one I knew of was Scraper's, which was early 80's, I think...known for their wings. I saw this on FB, though, in response to someone asking a similar ?: Names of bar on Glenwood/Prospect: Capp’s Place? Burzack’s? Butch’s? Blondies? The Cabin? Gonz’s? Wash’s? (after Scrapers, Goodfellas, the Borderline)
  12. 2pelo Honey

    Scandal at East Middle School

    Wasn't East Middle a hot spot several years ago? This whole story about the girls smelled right from the get-go, as if school admin would DARE to do what they are accusing them of. And this is around the 4th "supposed racial issue" that PLOT has blown out of proportion as well.
  13. 2pelo Honey

    Fraudster Alexis Pleus calls sheriff's office racist

    I read her letter earlier, and thought "wowee...what a moronic twit!" It was almost as bad as the front page story about the current mayoral admin "demolishing too much w/out rebuilding"...waaah. Someone accused the PSB of being part of Tafreak's campaign management on FB yesterday, and I think they're right. They are so biased, it isn't even funny.
  14. 2pelo Honey

    Mihalko and Preston?

    I was hoping I'd see something about that mailer here. Just came from FB, where all the Libs are bitching about something the Broome Republicans posted --- that Dan Livingston had been arrested for larceny --- but none of them had answers about what they'd mailed out.