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  1. 2pelo Honey

    Who is running for school board?

    Never know...could be son?
  2. 2pelo Honey

    $500 for a ticket to the Dick's Open

    Brace for an event unlike any previous PGA Tour-sanctioned tournament staged in Broome County when Dick’s Sporting Goods Open week commences June 28. Most notably shared by tournament director John Karedes on Thursday at En-Joie Golf Course: The Friday night concert tradition will be upheld with three-time CMA Vocal Group of the Year Old Dominion performing July 2 off the 18th green. There will be no single-day tickets for the July 2-3-4 tournament proper, only three-day, all-inclusive tickets at a cost of $500 each. “It’s for the three days and it’s all-inclusive of parking, food, beverage, premium open bar. You don’t have to reach into your pocket the whole time you’re here unless you want to buy a hat or a shirt,” Karedes said. “It’s the concert, it’s everything from soup to nuts.” Those digital tickets will be transferable, as in, for those so inclined, you attend Friday and pass along to another to attend Saturday, and so on for Sunday. https://www.pressconnects.com/story/sports/2021/04/15/dicks-sporting-goods-open-pga-tour-champions-endicott-old-dominion/7233251002/?fbclid=IwAR0i0NpTYC_-CqPbbxNXKxskANOg7JgEZAR5SI-3xk5tJoLxjfsYHXnHSlk
  3. 2pelo Honey

    Who is running for school board?

    No, it's this one: (from FB) From all I've heard, a good guy. We need this, too, considering how the PLOT members are trying to take over everything. Michael Pratt for Binghamton City School District School Board 2021 Welcome to my page. My name is Michael Pratt and I am running for a seat on the Binghamton City School District Board of Education. I have called Binghamton my home, all of my life. My wife Adriana and our 4 children currently live on the southside of Binghamton. We have 3 children in 3 different school within the District. I feel that gives me an unique perspective to add to our already outstanding School Board. I believe it's important that our Board has some form of parent representation at all times. It ensures the parents within the district, that they have a voice on the Board. I want to work side by side with other members to create an environment that all of our children can learn in. Our students, your children, should always feel safe and welcomed when entering one of our schools. I want to see our Teachers and Staff excited about being a part of the Patriots community. I want to prove to our stakeholders that the Board is being fiscally responsible at all times. Its important to have a certain level of transparency and be able to show Taxpayers and Parents that we care about how every dollar is spent from each Budget. I am a proud member of the MacArthur PTA, and have created amazing events like; Career Day, National Recycling Awareness Day, Truck Day, Fire Safety Day and School Dances. I am also a Member of the District Saftey Committee and was a part of the Pandemic Reopening Committee in 2020. I am proud member of the Binghamton Moose Lodge #1013 and a Teamster that has worked for the City of Binghamton Public Works Department for the last 17 years. I currently coach a local Travel Softball Team within our community. My wife and I are proud Alumni of BHS and have kept our family here because of everything the District has to offer our family. My goal is to show our community that they can trust the Board to make the right decisions for our Students, Teachers, Staff, Administrators, Parents and Stakeholders. I want not only our Academics to continue to strive, but also our Music, Arts, and Sports Programs. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve our community as a Board Member and hope that you will consider helping me with this mission.
  4. 2pelo Honey

    Remembering Prince Phillip

    I know he was 99, but I doubt all the shit she stirred up did him any good. R.I.P.
  5. Weird...I heard something about Oat Milk, but not oatmeal, and can't find anything in searches.
  6. But many people don't believe the above...they think the world loves Dem view, and we should grovel as we did during the Obama admin.
  7. 2pelo Honey

    DA Korchak can't act surprised or claim ignorance

    Yeah, he climbed right into that Mirella BS.
  8. 2pelo Honey

    April the Giraffe has passed

    Aw...so sad.
  9. 2pelo Honey

    When are we getting our stimulus checks

    I have...think it was Monday or Tuesday?
  10. 2pelo Honey


    It’s been awhile, but I know they were working on testing for DUI, vs presence of THC, which only shows just that. This was back when they 1st legalized out West.
  11. 2pelo Honey

    NY Legalizes Marijuana

    Wonder how long it’ll be before all the tax funds from this are headed towards reparations?
  12. 2pelo Honey

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    Yeah...didja see who her atty is? Was wondering if Allred would be getting involved.
  13. 2pelo Honey

    Speechless (John Solak swarmed and accosted)

    Wow! He’s great!
  14. 2pelo Honey

    Chrissy Teigen Done