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    Chris Cuomo Suspended Indefinitely...

    Couldn’t have happened to a smugger bastard.
  2. 2pelo Honey

    The Silo Restaurant, Greene, NY, burns to the ground

    I feel bad for Gary…such a great guy.
  3. 2pelo Honey

    City Hall YouTube video

    This is interesting: https://nypost.com/2021/07/24/first-amendment-auditors-aim-to-cancel-cops-via-youtube/ They pick fights with cops — for cash. Armed with camera phones and prickly attitudes, a new generation of agitators is making big bucks by getting in the face of officers in public places — then posting their clashes for YouTube clicks, followers and dough. They call themselves “First Amendment auditors” — but police say they’re just a pain. And money is their motive. Long Island provoker Sean-Paul Reyes, 30, said he raked in $8,000 in his first month as an “auditor,” a gig he picked up after the pandemic cost him his warehouse manager job. “I’m not politically affiliated,” the Brookhaven man told The Post.
  4. 2pelo Honey

    City Hall YouTube video

    Whatever, but why? Because you can? Nobody will convince me that these gadflies do this for any other reason than to see what kind of rise/reaction they can get out of people. Especially this one, calling them ‘public servants’ like they oughta bring him coffee. I don’t think anyone does well with being taped, and I don’t know these people on the vid…point is, NOBODY looks calm, cool, and collected when being goaded by some Douchebag with a camera. I also thought that most municipal bldgs had security tightened post-911. Who’s to say anyone ‘exercising their constitutional right’ isn’t doing research on a future attack?
  5. 2pelo Honey

    City Hall YouTube video

    And I’m disagreeing.
  6. 2pelo Honey

    City Hall YouTube video

    Have no idea.
  7. 2pelo Honey

    City Hall YouTube video

    Ok, so feeling slightly chastised, I started again. Won’t let that happen again. This time I made it until just under 12 min, and couldn’t stand the aggravation any longer. And they know they’re being annoying, which is why they do it. That ‘videographer’ is a total douchebag, and I still think someone wandering around ‘filming’ is a safety issue.
  8. 2pelo Honey

    City Hall YouTube video

    They can request FOIL’s online…or whatever. They don’t need to to be wandering around offices. Not talking hiding anything, but I don’t like the safety issue potential.
  9. 2pelo Honey

    City Hall YouTube video

    I watched less than 2 min…who are the douchebags filming this? These days, people shouldn’t just be able to wander into offices, filming or not.
  10. 2pelo Honey

    Press & Sun-Bulletin cutting 4 more print editions

    Yeah...they're calling it the expanded holiday edition.
  11. 2pelo Honey

    Suspected Waukesha Killer has a long record.

    And I think he went after her again.
  12. 2pelo Honey

    Suspected Waukesha Killer has a long record.

    OMG, look at this comparison! I guess they're referring to the ones who were terrified they'd get yanked out of their vehicles when protestors blocked the streets! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/the-waukesha-effect-a-surge-in-weaponized-vehicles-plowing-into-crowds-wreaks-havoc-on-national-safety/ar-AAR1Tt6?li=BBnb7Kz "Weaponizing of vehicles is a practice sometimes used by terrorists abroad. But the wanton attacks have also surged in the United States . The uptick began after the police murder of George Floyd prompted Black Lives Matter demonstrations, which in turn prompted angry or fearful motorists to run over protesters."
  13. 2pelo Honey


    Well, it’s nice to know a few got caught and are being prosecuted.
  14. 2pelo Honey


    Sorry, I thought my sarcasm was obvious. I’m still pissed they were allowed to run wild with seemingly NO consequences.
  15. 2pelo Honey


    Because he was defending against BLM terrorists, and had no right to, seeing they were all so peaceful. Riiiiiiiiiiight. I’m amazed at the ridiculously stupid white local comments on FB.
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    I'm thinking of trying it as well, since our insurance starting screwing around w/ our chiropractors.
  17. 2pelo Honey

    CVS - Don't waste your time going to CVS for a booster

    CVS was making people scheduled their flu shots a few weeks ago. I did my 1st and 2nd vax through them, and the o/l experience was a pita.
  18. 2pelo Honey

    Local COVID cases spike, packed hospitals & INCOMPETENT doctors

    Understaffed, I’m thinking. I heard Walgreen’s on the SS was closed for several days at the beginning of the month, and CVS cut hours on Riverside.
  19. Honestly, I'm wondering about individual lawsuits.
  20. You just know #2 will somehow turn into a disaster.
  21. 2pelo Honey

    Brindisi lost again!

  22. 2pelo Honey

    Binghamton Mayor

  23. 2pelo Honey

    Family Court Race

    LOL, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who wondered about the sheriff's race. It's next year.