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    MAJOR SCANDAL to ROCK BPD, Bring Down Chief Joe Zikuski

    Rich David is liable for all of this, he has enabled Zikuski. Garo has warned him many times here. If subpoenaed I'm sure Garo can recount many times he expressed the same concerns to Rich in person or over the phone.
  2. Oh come on! We all know Rich David "isn't mayor" when it snows! All you people trying to get your streets plowed so you can get to work, school and medical appointments need to stop extorting Rich David! After all, the conditions of the streets are all Ron Benjamin and Daisy Dawson's fault!
  3. Uhhh. Wouldn't the time for Rich David to contact the SPD have been before the kid was hired? Didn't he start yesterday?
  4. If Rich David would lie to Garo (a friend) about something like calling the SPD, it's likely he is lying to the media and city residents about the January 1st bar fight. The mayor has no credibility.
  5. Another day another lie from Rich David. Maybe Rich is suffering from temporary amnesia suffered from a beer bottle to the head.
  6. Rich David should be charged with harassment, along with his girlfriend for assault with a deadly weapon.
  7. Lets not forget, Rich David has been in the bar/party business for at least 10 years. Shouldn't he know the warning signs and know what to look for when breaking up fights, kicking people out etc. ? Instead, he appears to start the fights, then his girlfriend jumps in, then they threaten people on the Internet. This brings up the legitimate question: are people safe at Terra Cotta and Yannis, under the ownership of Rich David?
  8. We're talking about a woman who regularly attacks and threatens girls on the Internet. They are in danger by Erica's very detailed and direct threats.
  9. TA is right. How many bar fights didn't we hear about? There's probably been far more than anyone knows about. TA is also right about girls being in danger, have you seen any of the threats Erica has posted on the Internet?
  10. It's a safe bet the mayor and his frat brothers will be at Yanni's before and after the Knights of Columbus party.
  11. What the hell is wrong with these David supporters? Attacking Ron Benjamin, attacking the victim? None of this would have happened if David's girlfriend didn't assault a woman in a bar. And apparently she does this regularly. And apparently she was just arrested in April. David supporters are losing A LOT of credibility.
  12. Working in sales and being assaulted (by what most states consider a deadly weapon) makes her a public figure?
  13. Not anymore. Looks like DD deleted her Facebook, thanks to harassment from Mumbles. This girl is the victim. She's not a public figure. She doesn't deserve to be bullied on the Internet.
  14. I'm hearing Erica was just arrested not long ago in March or April 2014.
  15. This whole thing about Rich David “not calling as mayor” is assinine. You can’t pick and choose when you’re mayor. Who saw the story the other day about Rich David visiting third graders? http://www.wicz.com/news2005/viewarticle.asp?a=35883 So, was Rich speaking to the children AS MAYOR or as a FORMER THIRD GRADER? Now we need to ask that question every time he does something?