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  1. BTK


    where is it?
  2. BTK

    Buffet Star

    You mean those were noodles?
  3. BTK

    Buffet Star

    That was me that gave her the boot while you had her on the floor! It was also me the cracked you with her oxygen tank, you didn't really think you were going to get that last sesame chicken did you?
  4. BTK

    Barbara J. Fiala

    I think you should run for County Executive! I will vote for you, you know more than anyone about how the County should be run! @
  5. BTK

    Isn't there a way.....?

    Both my wife and I work and our children are very well behaved. Your theroy doesn't work here. There is no single formula that works for every family, children need to be dealt with individually.
  6. BTK

    Isn't there a way.....?

    I respectfully disagree. I had a ton of respect for my father because he instilled fear into me. I was a wild kid at 4, 14 and 24 and if it wasn't for him and his belt, I wouldn't have that respect.
  7. BTK

    Isn't there a way.....?

    You are part of the problem not the solution.
  8. BTK

    Isn't there a way.....?

    You need to see a doctor!
  9. BTK

    Barbara J. Fiala

    Son, if you believe that Barb Fiala has put this County into bankruptsy, you need to see your doctor!
  10. BTK

    Isn't there a way.....?

    Is it possible that the mark on the child's face is from something else, maybe she fell and the marks on her back were from the belt? Just a thought. Seems that jail is a bit harsh for hitting your kid with a belt. Granted I am blessed with children that behave very well but this woman may not be so lucky! @
  11. That suspect car is a 2 door and a corsica is a 4 door. Get your glasses checked! @
  12. BTK

    Barbara J. Fiala

    Barb is doing an awesome job! (compared to the rest of our local leaders)
  13. BTK

    Quality Local Plumber

    Mr. Rooter - very reliable!
  14. BTK

    Isn't there a way.....?

    When I was a kid this was considered acceptable.