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  1. I'm good, thank you! How are you?

  2. Happy Birthday Kermit! How are you?

  3. Kermit

    new fish place

    I went there the other night. If I based my experience on the food only, I would go back. The fish had good flavor, not to greasy, and it was a generous portion. The sides were so so, but the fish made up for it. However, I will not go back. Got there about 4pm. Waited 30 minutes for my meal. The place was very hot, making the wait uncomfortable. Had I not paid for the food up front, I would have walked out.
  4. Kermit

    Orthopedic Associates

    I had a wrist destroyed by a Syracuse hand surgeon. I've had the best experience, and best outcome with Ortho Assoc. here in Binghamton. Bigger isn't always better. @
  5. Kermit

    Port Dick Parking

    City of Binghamton is also 5pm. @
  6. Kermit

    Bed Times

    To bed between midnight and 12:30, up at 6.
  7. Dr.'s Galyon and Hodge are good as well.
  8. The government can't even run Medicare and Medicaid, yet you think it can handle bigger government health care programs? How naive can you get?
  9. I work in health care, I have seen it first hand.
  10. There is a reason Canadians come to the U.S. to have elective surgeries. There are 2+ year waiting lists for things like knee and hip replacements. If we go to Universal health care, that will become a reality for us too.
  11. Kermit

    Unlisted Telephone

    whitepages.com gives out way too much info. check there and see if you are listed. I don't even have a landline and if my full name and address appears on that site. It's an invasion of privacy, but I have yet to figure out how to get off those sites or even how one gets on there in the first place.
  12. Kermit

    Local Real Estate market

    I would never sell or buy with McKinney solely based on how obnoxious they are on here. @
  13. Kermit

    Michael Jackson

    And yet you start another thread on the topic......
  14. As good as Chili's is, Chili's food dominates the list of the top 20 unhealthiest foods in America :-(