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  1. Bill

    Respect the ride.

    I have been noticing signs that ask automobile drivers to respect the ride of motorcyclists. How about if these same riders respect the peace and quiet of our road ways.
  2. Bill

    Welcome Back.

    Is Bob's show any different than Rush or Sean? Aren't they all expressing what they believe to be the correct opinions?
  3. Bill

    Endwell 1960's Questions

    I remember the car dealership and Whipples, but for the life of me i cannot picture Hooper Rd. crossing the railroad tracks. Any pictures?
  4. The bid process is a fine tool for controlling who is awarded the projects, unfortunately in some cases politicians have found a way to corrupt that process also.
  5. It is hard to believe there is a voice of reason in politics at any level. Elected officials should be working for all taxpayers not just for them selves. Thank you Dani Cronce.
  6. Bill

    Town of Union Parks.

    I understand that rain should not be an issue,but it is a very convenient excuse this year.
  7. Bill

    Town of Union Parks.

    The rain this year has had a lot to do with the care of the parks. The town leaders can use that as an excuse for lack of manpower, lack of funds, lack of leadership or just lack of caring.
  8. Bill

    The Press and Sun Bulletin

    It has gone so far down hill that as of tomorrow I have canceled my subscription.
  9. Bill

    Town of Union

    I apologize for my ignorance on the matter. I have been away from it long enough to forget that a new agreement was put in place after I left.
  10. Bill

    Town of Union

    Not sure where you are getting your employee contribution figures from.
  11. Bill

    Town of Union

    What you don't want is to have enough people quit the Town of Union because they can't live on what they pay, and you need to pay private contractors to pick your garbage, and maintain your roads, parks, sewers.
  12. Bill

    Town of Union

    I will go along with you on the special election comment but, as far wages and insurance goes that is a different story. The employees would accept a 2-2.5% increase if they were already earning what other municipal and state workers were earning for the same jobs. As far as the health insurance goes I know for a fact that when I retired from the TOU in December of 2012 I was paying well over $1,000 a year for my health insurance. the $34,000 health plan is only for employees with the family plan I believe employees who are single are covered for about half the family plan. As far as Perfetti or for that matter any of the board members being placed in her position... well just be careful what you wish for. Most of them have been there as long as Rose and were totally surprised at at the recent revelations.
  13. Bill

    Town of Union

    At last night's board meeting' the Town of Union board asked Rose to resign and of course she refused to. Rose should resign for the good of the town thus easing the tension that exists at the board meetings and work sessions, allowing the business of running the town to move on without distraction. I also feel that rather than appointing a current board member to take her seat, there should be a special election to replace Rose since her four-year term is just getting started. If she really cares about the town the way she claims she does, then it is time for her to move on...guilty or not.
  14. Bill

    Town of Union

    Does anyone know what is going on in the Town of Union? I just read the agenda for tonight's board meeting and see that the town has hired an outside law firm to investigate Supervisor Rose Sotak. For what? Also, why are department heads required to have a third party present when they meet with the supervisor?
  15. Let's not worry about any of the political scumbags, they always seem to land on their feet.