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  1. Bill

    A minor question.

    In the grand scheme of things this is a very minor question. Does anyone know what has happened to the Don Giovanni Show? It was on 96.9fm and 680am on weekends. I haven't heard it since the first of the year.
  2. Bill

    Town of Union Councilwoman Accused of Fraud

    At least resign from office and pay back the money with interest.
  3. Bill

    Loud Music

    I believe it was 240 Castleman. It has been fairly quiet for the past week, so maybe it was a one time deal. The irratating part though is the complete disrespect for the neighbors and total disregard of the law and law enforcement.
  4. Bill

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    Bob seems to be off again this week, but it sounds like a day to day situation.
  5. Bill

    Loud Music

    Exactly, why should I have to hire a lawyer while the offender is allowed to get away with ignoring the ordinance and the police?
  6. Bill

    Loud Music

    Saturday night 8/29/2020 there was very loud music on Castleman Rd. in Vestal (a live band). Vestal PD were called by multiple residents and nothing was done to quiet things down. The party continued well into the early morning hours on Sunday. After the second visit from the police, the owner of the property was heard to say loudly, "Nobody is going to tell me what I can do at my house." Why are Vestal residents paying for a full time police department and nothing is accomplished? What should be my next step? I don't want to sell my house, all I want is my peaceful country setting back. I am not one who wants to defund the police. I just want to get the services I am paying for.
  7. I didn't know that the rule was lifted. Thanks.
  8. We recently played golf at a local course . When we payed our fees I asked if they were following the guide line for seperate carts and was told it would be an extra $10. My question. Is this allowed under the NYS guide lines or is this establishment just taking advantage of it's patrons?
  9. Bill

    Way to go WBNG

    Good move Wbng... letting Paul Muller walk away👌
  10. Bill

    What's Up In Vestal?

    Dead line is 7pm, if it happens after 7pm it takes 2days to get in the paper. At that time it is nolonger news.
  11. Bill


    Agree. As I said read the news and move on.
  12. Bill


    The guy is just too creepy. It seems like he is always trying to touch the girls. He is way to dramatic when reading the news, just read it and move on.
  13. Bill

    Spectrum TV Interuptions

    I am experiencing a loss picture and sound when ever a weather warning pops up. When the announcement has ended the picture and sound do not return unless there there is an action on my part. does any one else have this problem?
  14. Bill

    Town of Union workplace threats

    Wow, another scandal/investigation in the TOU involving the same department. What's happening to our town. Will this turn into another law suit that the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for?
  15. Bill

    New guy on WBNG News

    The new anchor on WBNG has been around for a few weeks now . In my opinion he hasn't improved the news broadcasts yet. Any others have an opinion?