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  1. Jacksonx3

    Ivermectin for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19

    Seems to be some dispute from the drug maker. You’d think they’d want to sell more... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-merck-antiparasite-idUSKBN2A42L1
  2. Jacksonx3

    Vaccine tourists

    The statewide Point of Delivery sites are open to all, vaccine is provided by Feds, administration by NYS. The reference to specific counties in the article tells people in those counties that they CAN participate, not that others cannot - although it may have been carefully worded to discourage “interlopers”. “Syracuse People” are both US and NYS residents and taxpayers. If anything it shows that Binghamton’s allocation was too much compared to more populated areas. “I got mine” is a bad look - and I’m glad you reconsidered the NYC description.
  3. Jacksonx3

    First death at Lourdes Hospital in the last few hours.

    Remember when the aids epidemic first hit? I’m old enough to. People thought they were safe because they knew their partner didn’t look sick and their personal behavior was hetero. The education campaign for safe sex centered around getting people to visualize that they were sleeping with their partner’s entire sexual history. Between that and Magic Johnson getting sick people finally started changing their behavior. With COVID-19 you are interacting with the BREATHING and TOUCHING history of everyone you are in contact with. And everyone will know someone affected. Listen to the experts. Not pundits, politicians or social media influencers. Medical staff are not the front lines of this. Medical staff treat the fallen. We are the front line. The virus doesn’t spread. We spread it.
  4. Jacksonx3

    Stimulus Checks

    I believe it starts at $1200 per individual, starts to fade at 75,000 income and gone at 99,000 based on 2018 tax return. Limits and check are both doubled for married filing jointly. Regardless of politics, I have heard many people who are secure financially speak of donating at least a portion of it to a food bank or a local restaurant that is feeding people e.g. Owego Kitchen who is giving out free meals no questions asked. The idea of a windfall from this mess sits poorly with some folks, when people who were just living their lives and playing by the rules are screwed.
  5. Jacksonx3

    I want a refund from Spectrum

    I use AT&T now for streaming. It is ok, but not great and I think they are getting out of the business. I’d consider Spectrum if they weren’t so insistent in their advertising mailings. It’s a tie between them, Sirius, and the hearing aid guy for most persistent.
  6. Jacksonx3

    No Corona Test kits at area hospitals.

    This graph says exactly what my words tried to!
  7. Jacksonx3

    No Corona Test kits at area hospitals.

    There is a ton of good information about this at Coronavirus.gov. Watching today’s press conference reinforced what I have been reading I.e. the intent of containment is to blunt the spike in cases. Based on epidemiological studies, left unchecked the virus will occur in way more people at the same time than we have hospital capacity to serve. While young, health people may have minimal symptoms, many people will become very ill requiring hospitalization. We simply don’t have the capacity to serve them all at the same time. By taking steps to slow the spread the modeling shows that we are able to spread the illness out over a longer period staying below the available hospital capacity. This is a time when we need to think of the impact of individual behavior on the nation’s healthcare system, not just on the individual. The concept that “my symptoms are mild so it doesn’t matter” is just flat out wrong and can be deadly. If the ICU beds are filled with corona virus patients they aren’t available for the other things they are regularly used for. One last thought. Today’s press conference was rather blunt - we are at the beginning of this and it will get much worse before it gets better. It was comforting (and refreshing) to hear a straight, factual analysis instead of happy talk or conspiracy theories.
  8. Jacksonx3

    Whistleblower’s Identity Revealed

    Ok, maybe I was too cryptic. I’ll go slow. The whistleblower alerted that there was an issue (like a fire alarm does when there is a fire). But now, there is a ton of first hand testimony from people directly Involved in the months of setup work with Ukraine, as well as the memo regarding the actual call (I.e. the fire department has responded). At this point, the role of the whistleblower (fire alarm) is done. It’s no longer about the alert system. It did its job. A person charged with arson would be laughed out of the room if they said “I’m not guilty of arson because there shouldn’t have been a fire alarm”. The results of the inquiry aren’t in yet - I’ll wait for the evidence to be fully presented before I make a judgement as to impeachment. But I definitely want whistleblowers to have a safe, sanctioned process to provide the alert - because bad stuff happens when people have access to power. We need people to be able to act when they see wrongdoing rather than just watching or, worse yet, leaking to the press or social media. Then we need those complaints to be reviewed and addressed if valid. Government is big, almost unimaginably so. We need systems. And we are WAY beyond discussion about the whistleblower.
  9. Jacksonx3

    Whistleblower’s Identity Revealed

    This is like an arsonist blaming the fire alarm.
  10. Jacksonx3

    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    That was great - I’d never seen that clip. I kind of lost touch with Springsteen once he got real popular. Lots of energy live! Speaking of the power of music, PBS just did a great episode of “The American Experience” on Woodstock. It didn’t change the world, but it did give it a little nudge. It’s posted on the Pbs website/app. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in music of the era (or just the era!)
  11. Jacksonx3

    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    I had forgotten about that one. Did you recognize the girl dancing at the end as Courtney Cox from friends?
  12. Jacksonx3

    Body shop

    Need some minor body work done. Would like to stay away from dealer owned shops. Anyone got someone they think highly of? Thanks in advance.
  13. Jacksonx3

    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    Two great tunes here also. Poncho and Lefty was written by Townes van Zandt - great singer songwriter who met an early demise.
  14. Jacksonx3

    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    Whoa, great remake of an old Flying Burrito Brothers tune. I had never heard of her - I’ll definitely check out other stuff by her. Thanks for this one.
  15. Jacksonx3

    The Pour House restaurant on Watson Blvd

    Stopped for Lunch Tuesday- it was very good. Should be a great new addition to the area’s restaurant scene.