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    That didn't take long!

    Favorite comment from the "twitter sphere" - I've been on hold with Spectrum longer than he was commmunications director! Lol
  2. Not to be dense, but what is MSM? I'm thinking MSNBC but not following the MSM acronym. Thanks in advance for enlightening me!
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    Presidential Election 2016

    Polls are about statistics. While not all polls are well constructed, those that are take the concerns you list into account. They're not perfect, but the good ones get it pretty close. One of the best and most respected is run by Nate Silver - they are scary accurate. They run a blog called fivethirtyeight,com Here's what their website has to say on the topic of "skewed polls" http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-polls-arent-skewed-trump-really-is-losing-badly/?ex_cid=538fb
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    I wonder if it is a bot for the search engine "Bing"? I wonder if they are identified differently than just guests when they crawl through and index sites. 100% pure speculation....
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    Robots replacing humans

    It's not just assembly type jobs that will be eliminated. This is from an article in "the Guardian".about artificial intelligence replacing careers typically inhabited by persons with college degrees. Diagnostics and medical imaging is also advancing rapidly.... Narrative Science is one of a number of companies that have married huge advances in pattern recognition software with the revolution in natural language generation to create algorithms that resemble a writer (minus the soul-searching and the procrastination and the deadline anxiety). They are at the stage where the machine can, given the statistics of a baseball game, do this, for example. “Tuesday was a great day for W Roberts, as the junior pitcher threw a perfect game to carry Virginia to a 2-0 victory over George Washington at Davenport Field. “Twenty-seven Colonials came to the plate and the Virginia pitcher vanquished them all, pitching a perfect game. He struck out 10 batters while recording his momentous feat. “Tom Gately came up short on the rubber for the Colonials, recording a loss. He went three innings, walked two, struck out one and allowed two runs. The Cavaliers went up for good in the fourth, scoring two runs on a fielder’s choice and a balk.” Or, without any “journalistic” intervention, this (by one of Narrative Science’s competitors, Automated Insights) for the newswire AP: “Apple Inc (AAPL) on Tuesday reported fiscal first-quarter net income of $18.02bn. “The Cupertino, California-based company said it had profit of $3.06 per share. “The results surpassed Wall Street expectations. The maker of iPhones, iPads and other products posted revenue of $74.6bn in the period, also exceeding Street forecasts. Analysts expected $67.38bn…”
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    retirement...ain't doing it HERE!

    Tax treatment of social security and pension income by state https://www.cchgroup.com/news-and-insights/wbot2015/state-retirement-taxes.
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    Driveway sealing

    What he said
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    Rich David on date last night. Not with Ericka.

    No disrespect intended, but perhaps it's because the photo that cannot be confirmed as being on a date is under a caption that says "Rich David on. Date last night. Not with Erica." To me, there's plenty of real stuff to go after. This isn't it.
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    Matthews ads. Enough already.

    Many years ago I stopped by Matthews. I test drove a car, telling them I was in no position to buy a car at that time and definitely would not be making a purchase in the near future. I made the mistake of giving them my contact info. For the next three weeks I received a barrage of calls from the salesman; each time I told them I wasn't interested. This culminated in the sales manager calling me saying he needed a decision from me asap so he knew whether to take the salesman off my account. I've not been back in 20 years and have no intention of returning.
  10. It also covers employees of agencies that receive federal funding e.g.programs funded by Medicaid or federal grants.
  11. Used to be "I think therefore I am" Now it's I think I'm it, therefore I am it"...
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    Driving through downtown on a weekend night after midnight is like an episode of the walking dead - groups of 25+ students migrating downtown. It's actually great to see activity downtown at night. People may complain that the student economy doesn't add value to the area but these folks are spending money downtown - and the places they are going are locally owned. Embracing and building on this is part of the ticket to recovery IMHO. And Thai Time is indeed awesome (and jammed when I was there)!
  13. For what it's worth, the name change may reflect a recognition that whatever development they may be involved in is unlikely to be industrial in nature. Simply realizing that IBM and E-J aren't coming back would be a step in the right direction. There have been discussions on this board about other directions that could take advantage of strengths of the area. But then again, maybe I'm giving them too much credit...
  14. I almost fell off my chair when I read this on the press site. The ethics commission should be out of their minds about this. This is the person who was allegedly asleep at the switch while this has been purportedly going on for years. What possible motive might she have in ensuring that testimony is sanitized!?!? I have no idea what really went on, but one of the first things I was taught is to not have employees discuss the case with ANYONE until the investigation is done.
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    2015 Tri-Morph #2 - who is these guys?

    Pierce Brosnan?
  16. Jacksonx3

    2015 Tri-Morph #2 - who is these guys?

    Dennis Leary?
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    Agreed with Newmark.
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    The knockout game.

    sorry.... http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/montgomery.asp
  19. Interesting "heat maps" of local crime. Not surprising but gives a good visual. http://www.binghamton-ny.gov/police-crime-maps
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    WBNG News Announcers

    In the not so distant past, it was common to carry "a letter of introduction" from a respected member of society to present to strangers. This letter would basically "vouch" that the stranger was an acceptable member of society and not a ne'er do well or scoundrel. With time, manners and social conventions became the letter of introduction. They showed that the person had at least taken the time and effort to learn to follow these conventions. In the effort to be free and nonjudgmental, many of these conventions and manners have fallen by the wayside. As a result, we have one less "cue" to make our assessment. It was not a perfect cue but was an additional piece of information. Casual Friday, for example, was embraced on the logical argument that employees would feel more comfortable and thus be more productive. Eventually the topic was researched and it was found, to paraphrase, that when you have people dress like they are in their living room, they behave like they are in their living room. While it is difficult to put the genie back in the bottle, there are few new casual workplace programs being implemented. Sometimes what sounds logical and reasonable is just plain wrong. Sorry, but appearances are important.
  21. There have been several good articles recently about how the US is falling behind competitively because the internet infrastructure hasn't been upgraded. Cable is simply not state of the art. Businesses requiring true high speed connections just can't compete internationally if cable is the only option. Remember all the talk about building the "information superhighway"? You don't hear it much anymore, despite the fact that fees for developing infrastructure continue to be collected with each bill. One intriguing suggestion that I heard was a "municipal fiber" approach, where the infrastructure would be laid by government with providers renting access. The intent would be to entice several players into the game without them having to bear the full cost of the infrastructure. Hopefully, there will be some vision somewhere, as milking the status quo for profit isn't a viable long term strategy.
  22. Jacksonx3

    Binghamton Region Loses 1,700 Jobs Over Last Year...

    Wow Bingoloid - gotta admit to being impressed by that one! Lol! Nice mathematical gymnastics! Now just wait for a local leader to cite it without the tongue in cheek!
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    Driveway Repair

    Wow! Sorry to hear that. I'll definitely include your story if the subject comes up in conversation. Don't want to steer someone in the wrong direction.
  24. Jacksonx3

    Driveway Repair

    Albert Fiori paving just did ours and has done well by me. Returned calls, came by for estimate, did work as described, respecting property. No complaints here!