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  1. buccaqueen

    Brackney Inn fire

    Wimpy must be turning over in his grave . It was a fun place to go & listen to bands & hang with friends but haven't been in 10 years
  2. buccaqueen

    Tiny black flies?

  3. buccaqueen

    Tiny black flies?

    Most likely they are cluster flies. http://www.getridoffliesguide.com/cluster-flies-information-images-get-rid-of-cluster-flies/
  4. Check in the mail yet??????
  5. buccaqueen

    Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Yes that was Sleepless .....enjoyed most of his stories back in the day when this board was fun. RIP Sleepless
  6. buccaqueen

    Town of Union Parks.

    Wonder if all the rain we have been getting has anything to do with the grass not being mowed to perfection?
  7. buccaqueen

    Best video i have seen in a long time

  8. buccaqueen

    Best video i have seen in a long time

    here's my funny one https://www.facebook.com/imalexanderking/videos/2238270463065628/
  9. buccaqueen

    LIVE cam from Animal Adventure Park on birth of giraffe

    OOPS!!!! My BAD....PLEASE all accept my apology!!!!!! I did not notice it.......maybe delete this one ???
  10. https://youtu.be/igieYhVenj0 ..should be happening very soon if anyone is interested...(hope the link works)
  11. buccaqueen

    Loud Explosion???

  12. buccaqueen

    Loud Explosion???

    I tend to agree with you about the flash mob......too many reports from different states at same time. I've read where people saw a cloud of smoke in Tioga.....why haven't they showed us picture of the hole yet? Surprised no one was injured or killed ...who knows maybe body parts will show up still.
  13. buccaqueen

    Loud Explosion???

    http://www.wbng.com/story/34173524/the-latest-police-find-blast-site-in-tioga-explosion-investigation......they found the site of the blast....now to find who did it
  14. buccaqueen

    Loud Explosion???

    What is everyone's thoughts on what the loud "BOOM" that was heard & felt in our area Saturday evening? We heard it but did not feel it but friends out towards Owego said their house shook. People are saying they heard/felt it in Ga. Fla. Ohio at same time.
  15. buccaqueen

    Scum bag hit and run driver

    I listened to the call over the scanner .....bless the 2 calls that came in about her in the road & for the one guy to stay behind till police came. (Police did go interview the other caller at their home) My heart broke for her & the officer on duty. Short time after getting to hospital sounded like they declared her dead ("victim has checked out" came over the scanner.) The person who did this either by hitting her with their car or throwing her out after something happened to her before will be found & god have mercy on their heartless soul.