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  1. He wasn't acquitted. He was found guilty. Do your homework.
  2. Guy Guestinger


    I haven't set foot in the Metrocenter in years.
  3. Guy Guestinger

    Binghamton School Board Meeting Tonight.........Be There 7:00pm

    Did anybody go to this? I'm curious to know who spoke loudest - community members, BU students, or teachers?
  4. From what I understand she did this to Vestal district employees too.
  5. Guy Guestinger

    "Cleavage Connerton" and Mark Whalen

    You gotta admit, this is a pretty funny thread name.
  6. Guy Guestinger

    6 long years

    Hey there.
  7. Guy Guestinger

    Happy Birthday Billy The Kid

    Happy Birthday!
  8. God doesn't like you. He told me.
  9. Separation of Church and State dumbass. Keep your religion out of politics or risk either getting taxed or your ass kicked.
  10. Guy Guestinger

    Dunn's death

    I trifle cruel, no? You are honestly happy that this man died? Beowulf, I haven't always agreed with your opinions, but I have respected them. However, saying that you are glad he is dead kind of lessens my opinion of you. I don't think you really meant that. My condolences for the loss you suffered because of a DWI, but to take joy in the death of someone else is really low.
  11. Guy Guestinger

    How's the Rapture Working Out for You?

    Still here....
  12. Guy Guestinger

    Pancho's Pit is Coming Back!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!
  13. Guy Guestinger

    Pancho's Pit is Coming Back!!!!!!

    I think there was one in the Great American, but there was also one where, I think, Foliage is now. It was in the 80s.
  14. Guy Guestinger

    Pancho's Pit is Coming Back!!!!!!

    What was the name of the video store?
  15. Guy Guestinger

    Pancho's Pit is Coming Back!!!!!!

    There was Panchos, The Big M, Great American, Crones, and a video store over the years. Those were the days.