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  1. That is interesting indeed. That looks like a transaction you see when somebody dies and leaves it to their kids. It's a ZERO dollar transaction on a house that's appraised right about $100k. It's shows not being an arms length transaction...are they family?? Speaking of family, does JOE have a brother named JOHN? The reason I ask is the the clerks page also shows that a JOHN Z, took a mortgage on 3/10/2016 for $83,264 from First Niagara for an undisclosed address property in Binghamton. The very next day, 3/11/2016, JOE and LISA got the deed to Kendall ave prop. Is it just an unrelated coincidence? I wonder who entered the $38k sales price on zillow....the link provided does not show that transaction as far as I could see.
  2. relic

    Rumble Ponies

    name was submitted by one lady, not sure who ultimately decided....freaking awful 4 of the choices had to do with the carousels. This from May.. http://deadspin.com/only-you-can-help-saddle-this-minor-league-baseball-tea-1777459075 What a crappy name for a baseball team.
  3. Just how fat is Mrs Tanner that she's knocking back a $200 lunch? On a more serious note, Can't the owner file charges against the code officer. If not criminal, hire a lawyer and sue him civilly. If this is true and the new DA Cromwell isn't interested start talking to the NYS Attorney General.
  4. relic


    Or hungry code officers and their fat wife....
  5. relic

    An apology to BC Voice from SNSD

    Not about your facination?? Bullllllsheet! Clever humor and fun music??? Really.. Hey it's ok with me that you come across a little child molesty with your asia girl bs. Is that you putting your best foot forward? I think so, particularly when you defend your fetish using ridiculous terms like clever humor and fun music. You're a perv, but that's ok with me, it's your problem. (get some help)
  6. relic

    Bad Check! In Broome Co?

    The DA??? lol Anyway, there is a process This from rochester PD's page Bad Check Procedures How to deal with a bad check. When the bank notifies you that a check is bad: An attempt should be made to contact the drawer of the check, by telephone or mail, advising them that their check check was returned by the bank and you are requesting them to correct the situation. If no payment is received, protest the check at the bank. (The protest should occur within 30 days.) On the same day the check is protested, send a letter to the drawer by registered mail, return receipt requested, notifying the person that his/her check was returned from the bank and payment is demanded within 10 days. Wait 10 days for payment (If the registered or certified mail is returned undeliverable or no payment is received, proceed to the next step). Make a formal complaint to the police. Turn over the check, Certification of Protest, a copy of the letter sent by registered or certified mail and the Return Receipt card from the Post Office. The individual accepting the check must sign a supporting deposition verifying the identity of the defendant at the time the check was passed, or that they have direct personal knowledge as to the identity of the person passing the check. The Police Officer will send all paperwork to the East Rochester Court. The Court will issue a criminal summons to the check writer demanding that the writer appear in court to make good on the check. The Court then settles the amount and sends it to the person owed, or the Court may issue a Warrant of Arrest. Bad check charges must be filed within 90 days of the utterance of the check. http://eastrochester.org/departments/police/bad_check/
  7. relic

    The IRS won't let me..

    Not all those internet tax sites give the same refund. The more user friendly the site is, the less you seem to be entitled to refund wise, imo. Try this one for fed https://www.freefilefillableforms.com/ Just download the NYS fillable forms you need from NYS.
  8. relic

    Patti Schwartz scamming people July Fest

    Not sure how the Julyfest is organized, but it seems in most venues like this, vendors would not even be allowed a spot with out a NYS Certificate of Authority to collect sales tax. Ask her for that certificate or her number. Then report her, NYS Sales Tax has some vicious enforcement. Be happy, report the thief.
  9. relic

    BC open

        Turn the channel for crying out loud. Instead of complaining about the senior tour stopping off in Bingoland, you should be licking their balls.
  10. relic


    Ah...so you are saying Charlie Manson was right.... Helter Skelter.
  11. Not bad for the crook Paul Allen.....what just 7-8 years ago Charter filed for bankruptcy and flushed out all the common stockholders....this after Paul Allen's very public promise to back the company if it was in trouble. While the commons were wiped out, Allen never lost anything (charter was #4 cable co. then). Now, it's going to be the largest cable company in the world...and all this crap is legal/approved. Talk about good ole boys... Guaranteed, prices will go up, Charter is criminal to the core. Oh and yeah, I am holding a grudge for the 60k theses scumbags robbed from me. CROOKS!
  12. Basically Win 10 opens the doors to microsoft and all it's friends. Simply go to settings, then privacy, then open up every link and click the off button. Turn it all off, making sure you click on every device, then off. If you need Cortana, you can't turn off location. If you don't....turn it off. Turn off the "getting to know you" horse puckey. Turn off your advertising number, deny access to all. Takes about 10 minutes.
  13. relic

    Kill Whitey!

    The guy that hit the ref is white? Anyway, an arrest or two is in order after those players are banned from playing. Conspiracy, assault, probably more
  14. relic

    Hahnoy Jane thinks the Coz should go to jail

    True Jane is a major piece of crapola for her actions in vietnam, however the little piece of paper story as well as the beatings story never happened. That said, the fact that she was young, idealistic, life-stupid and gullible is not enough to excuse her actions. That lack of respect for our vets and country is plenty of reason to hate her. And I do...