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    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    NY was not the 25th state to collect. In fact the bulk don't start collecting until July 1st. Here's what Ebay says about it. https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/taxes-import-charges?id=4121#section4 If you scroll down you won't have to go to #25 to find NY. It's in the top ten.
  2. relic

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    They receive many more benefits than they would ever get on welfare. For starters their kids are "Americans" They don't want welfare, every damn one of them is getting paid to send their kids to school and those kids have 100% health coverage through Social Security. 100% including dental. Here's an example, a guatemalan guy I worked with had three kids. He was making $40 per hour in construction, half being paid cash. So he declared what he got tagged for via 1099. His wife cleans houses, she is not the boss, but there is a crew of 4 wives. Each make $20 cash. The wife declares nothing. Here you have a family bringing in close to $120,000, $60,000 ducked under the table, the kids have full bennies. On paper family of 5 probably declaring 25-30k. The kids qualify for everything. Ok so that's the kids...how do the parents cope with health care. It's easy, there is a thing called "open door". There used to be one or two locations in Westchester/Putnam......now they are in almost every town. They just finished building a new place in Tarrytown...and it's all for the "health care" of Mexicans. All kinds of liberal, good samaritan doctors are donating or discounting their time. And they are doing it based on their flawed reality that mexicans are poor and needy. In NYS, the whole vegetable picking argument is hogwash...it is immaterial, it is way, way, way, insignificant to the absolutely huge presence in construction, but they will absorb any jobs offered in any labor field. They work 7 days a week downstate. Grown mexican men hold teenager jobs like stocking shelves...as a second or third job. That makes it tough for your kid to find a job..or anybody's kid....any normal AMERICAN fucking kid. One of the things I love about coming upstate to my house in Broome is seeing kids doing jobs that were meant for kids to do....like a rite of passage, something normal. Let me tell you after 30 years of watching this up close, I am amazed that people hold to these "poor, poor, mexican stereotypes. That's how they prefer it, they will gladly play the poor dumb mexican.....they make money doing it. Mexicans aren't coming to Broome anytime soon...they aren't interested, not enough being offered, no money, no jobs. If you do ever see them in any kind of numbers it will be because other places are too full and they need to branch out. If you are an average NY'er...a real one...you (me too) are paying for this crap. And I'm just scratching the surface... The license thing is just another slap in the face while diminishing the quality of your ID.
  3. relic

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    It's only like 10 states now, but will move to 27 by years end. Ebay is doing the accounting and paying each state while billing the customer. I just bought something for $8 and when I paid the seller got the $8 and then Ebay billed me 67 cents and then Ebay pays NY. Regardless of the other states actions, ebay's prices just went up 8% for NY'ers.
  4. relic

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    The business model on the website is to drive away anybody after 5 articles. Jeez...that's just brilliant marketing. I mean let's get rid of someone frequenting the site so they can go elsewhere to read the same for free and without harassment. Not to mention, that they are under the impression that there might be anything worth reading after you made it through your 5 articles. Or that you don't know how to clear cookies... just brilliant!
  5. relic

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    The way it works now the "mexicans", get their licenses in other states, such as maryland. They have some family, no matter how obscure, here in NY legally. That family member or friend will provide the registration and insurance, the immigrant reimburses all those costs. Some of these "friends" are covering 6 to 8 additional cars each, for immigrants. The second method has an employer, providing car/insurance to it's workers...so they get to work on time. It's cheaper for the employer to provide a crappy car than to pick them up and drop them off. Third method is the immigrants driving a car that was once legit but now has no insurance...very common. For the NYS government, this is how they plan to make money, make no mistake, NY wants all those fees that are currently going out of state for these immigrants. Did anyone notice, that you now have to pay NY sales tax on an Ebay purchase? If you are buying some antique teapot from some granny in Indiana, how exactly is New York State entitled to a cut on that?
  6. relic

    CCA program for electricity

    I opted out. Two reasons. 1) I didn't like being auto enrolled in crap without it even being discussed prior. 2) Right now the price is cheaper than what's being offered and could even go lower, but the community deal is a lock for 2 years at a higher rate 14 days left to OPT OUT
  7. Just got a notice from Town of Dickinson that I have been enrolled (unless I opt out) in a CCA program, Community Choice Aggregation. Basically, towns banding together to buy electricity cheaper. Sounds good but..... Thoughts?
  8. That is interesting indeed. That looks like a transaction you see when somebody dies and leaves it to their kids. It's a ZERO dollar transaction on a house that's appraised right about $100k. It's shows not being an arms length transaction...are they family?? Speaking of family, does JOE have a brother named JOHN? The reason I ask is the the clerks page also shows that a JOHN Z, took a mortgage on 3/10/2016 for $83,264 from First Niagara for an undisclosed address property in Binghamton. The very next day, 3/11/2016, JOE and LISA got the deed to Kendall ave prop. Is it just an unrelated coincidence? I wonder who entered the $38k sales price on zillow....the link provided does not show that transaction as far as I could see.
  9. relic

    Rumble Ponies

    name was submitted by one lady, not sure who ultimately decided....freaking awful 4 of the choices had to do with the carousels. This from May.. http://deadspin.com/only-you-can-help-saddle-this-minor-league-baseball-tea-1777459075 What a crappy name for a baseball team.
  10. Just how fat is Mrs Tanner that she's knocking back a $200 lunch? On a more serious note, Can't the owner file charges against the code officer. If not criminal, hire a lawyer and sue him civilly. If this is true and the new DA Cromwell isn't interested start talking to the NYS Attorney General.
  11. relic


    Or hungry code officers and their fat wife....
  12. relic

    An apology to BC Voice from SNSD

    Not about your facination?? Bullllllsheet! Clever humor and fun music??? Really.. Hey it's ok with me that you come across a little child molesty with your asia girl bs. Is that you putting your best foot forward? I think so, particularly when you defend your fetish using ridiculous terms like clever humor and fun music. You're a perv, but that's ok with me, it's your problem. (get some help)
  13. relic

    Bad Check! In Broome Co?

    The DA??? lol Anyway, there is a process This from rochester PD's page Bad Check Procedures How to deal with a bad check. When the bank notifies you that a check is bad: An attempt should be made to contact the drawer of the check, by telephone or mail, advising them that their check check was returned by the bank and you are requesting them to correct the situation. If no payment is received, protest the check at the bank. (The protest should occur within 30 days.) On the same day the check is protested, send a letter to the drawer by registered mail, return receipt requested, notifying the person that his/her check was returned from the bank and payment is demanded within 10 days. Wait 10 days for payment (If the registered or certified mail is returned undeliverable or no payment is received, proceed to the next step). Make a formal complaint to the police. Turn over the check, Certification of Protest, a copy of the letter sent by registered or certified mail and the Return Receipt card from the Post Office. The individual accepting the check must sign a supporting deposition verifying the identity of the defendant at the time the check was passed, or that they have direct personal knowledge as to the identity of the person passing the check. The Police Officer will send all paperwork to the East Rochester Court. The Court will issue a criminal summons to the check writer demanding that the writer appear in court to make good on the check. The Court then settles the amount and sends it to the person owed, or the Court may issue a Warrant of Arrest. Bad check charges must be filed within 90 days of the utterance of the check. http://eastrochester.org/departments/police/bad_check/
  14. relic

    The IRS won't let me..

    Not all those internet tax sites give the same refund. The more user friendly the site is, the less you seem to be entitled to refund wise, imo. Try this one for fed https://www.freefilefillableforms.com/ Just download the NYS fillable forms you need from NYS.