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  1. wedgehead

    Happy Birthday Garo Kachadourian!

    Happy belated Garo.
  2. wedgehead

    Vestal walk way along 434

    It's going to be a walk way for now,. From a reliable source a group of investors plan for it to be a dragstrip and or Moto X track.
  3. Not just irresponsible students , Professors and teachers and administrators. Administrators , who turn a blind eye to the obvious.
  4. In another post , I read where 75 out of town cars came into Binghamton for the BLM protest. This was a beautiful peaceful protest with no violence or destruction. Broome County residents also participated to voice their displeasure about Racism and I believe it was all well received. Many walks of life were represented in the protest including Professors and Teachers. Since they were in close proximity to the out of town protestors did it come to mind they should self quarantine ? Before the next protest , I would hope the school administrators of Broome County will address this issue with the Professors and Teachers.
  5. wedgehead

    The Press and Sun Bulletin

    Is That Griffen guy still the editor ?
  6. wedgehead

    Do you remember this guy from Endicott?

    Was this the Navy Seal at the Skylark diner in Vestal ? True hero , 3 tours in Nam.
  7. wedgehead

    Unusual aircraft

    I think I saw this also. It had a high pitch sound. Probably Military. Interesting. I am looking forward to a Topic being posted that somehow won't be linked to Cal Harris.
  8. Didn't Debbie fire her Executive Secretary after she came back to work after suffering from a heart attack ? I may be wrong but if she did she has my vote.
  9. OK , I am a soft touch but I don't want to be a sucker either. Is there someone or some place I could have called that would have helped this family ? Mom , Dad and two kids. As soon as I gave Dad the money he handed to the Mom who immediately stashed it in her purse. What would you have done ?
  10. wedgehead

    Vic Fruman for Senate

    They bumped into each other at I believe Davey's bar. I think one of them had the other arrested. I am not sure.
  11. wedgehead

    Vic Fruman for Senate

    I caught a glimpse of Vic Furman on the Channel 12 news yesterday. I believe he said he is running or considering running for Senate. I worked with him years ago. He told me he is a Vietnam Veteran and I think as a war Veteran he would be beneficial to us veterans when we have to deal with the VA . Can anyone confirm this. Vic you out there ?
  12. wedgehead

    Massive crowds at Conklin Town Fair

    Wreckless is still the best local band. I wish they were headlining the Conklin fair. I hate to drive to stracuse.
  13. This is great news. She deserves all she can get after her years of hard work and dedication to her job. Thankfully the little guy won for a change.
  14. I thought more would have been made of this. The story I got was , she was fired after missing time due to a Heart attack. It sounded like grounds for unlawful Termination , even in Broome County. I guess the whole thing got swept under the carpet.