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  1. Mr. Met

    Binghamton mayor 2021

    Kraham is the best the Republicans can do? LO 'effin L!!
  2. Mr. Met

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    Did anyone listen to Bob today!? He had an absolute meltdown on air to open the show and for most of the rest of it sounded like a a petulant child about yesterday’s happenings in DC. I had no idea he was a theater major as well as a radio host. All his buddies called in today too, anyone that disagreed with him he acted like his usual bitch self.
  3. Mr. Met

    Could WBNG news be any worse?

    He’s f’n awful. Acts like he’s a local celebrity now because he’s an anchor at some shitty CBS affiliate in Binghamton, NY. He really does suck.
  4. Mr. Met

    Goddammit: I really didn’t need this

  5. Biden didn’t trip while playing with his dog, he tripped over a box of Trump ballots.
  6. Mr. Met

    Solak censored by Twitter?

    I'm sure she lurks on here. She claims she dated actor Jay Thomas for a few years. lol
  7. Mr. Met

    Solak censored by Twitter?

    Whack job Emily Jablon (@JablonIsFederal) just tweeted this.... Yo @Twitter you deactivated the wrong account. @binghamtondaily would of cooperated had he known the tweet from august was such a big deal. Doing this in Nov to suspend some1 for election 🗳 is nothing but a nazi terrorists tactic used to silence opposing political media. Pls fix I’d embed the tweet but she has her settings where guy can’t copy and share the actual tweet. She’s one god damn nut case!
  8. Mr. Met

    Don't be as dumb as Bob Joseph at WNBF

    And has a face for radio. Hideous
  9. Mr. Met

    Don't be as dumb as Bob Joseph at WNBF

    He’s also not even good at his job. He actually sucks at it. Very much so. Tony may have been polarizing and not the most professional, but at least he was good at his job.
  10. Mr. Met

    Sharkey’s Bar and Grill Closing

    🎯 I too never got the fascination. Gimme Downs Ave Tavern (Beanso’s) as a better hangout in the Ward.
  11. Mr. Met

    Any Recommendations For Muffler Service In Area?

    Macs Muffler or Cole Muffler
  12. Mr. Met

    MAGA March DC

    karma is a bitch!
  13. Bob Joseph must be weeping. I can't believe he actually this our local rag is a legit newspaper with good journalism. Our paper is an absolute embarrassment and joke if a newspaper. Clowns like Platsky and Borelli lol
  14. Mr. Met

    What a piece of shit this place has become.

    27 going into “Flavor Country” for the win!
  15. Mr. Met

    What a piece of shit this place has become.

    It also sucks to cripple an economy which is just as devastating to people.