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  1. The first 30 minutes were blacked out on YouTubeTV. It was not until 7:00 when it came well over halfway through. I was able to get it with my HDTV but for some reason the 6:30-7:00 slot was blacked out.
  2. Mr. Met

    Paul Battisti's law school loses ABA approval

    Bravo!! Said it better than I did. Bingloid.....Must be he is too busy making his Sunday pasta sauce that he tweets every weekend to care about appearance.
  3. Mr. Met

    Paul Battisti's law school loses ABA approval

    Things I learned from the debate: Fox 40 still is a second rate TV station. Tons of snowy screen effect and bad broadcast. Bob Joseph has a shiny head and looked uncomfortable Borelli looks like a bigger tool on TV than he does from writing his articles. 5:00 shadow and totally looked disinterested.
  4. Mr. Met

    The announcer clearly says Broome County.

    Goldie Goldthorpe of the Dusters and Syracuse Blazers was the inspiration for Ogie Ogilthorpe.
  5. Mr. Met

    The announcer clearly says Broome County.

    Correct. Based on the old NAHL league! Great flick and absolute perfect representation of the times and how that league really was back then.
  6. Mr. Met

    Remembering George Akel

    Dave Cannastra of AL George would thieve the weekly flyer for the upcoming week at Price Chopper on Wednesday’s and then give that I got to Ferris I believe. George was not involved with that at all except for last name. I’m sure he was not pleased either. I’m not sure whatever became of that lawsuit filed by the Golub Corporation against AL George however George was a tough but fair boss IMO.
  7. Mr. Met

    Yvonne De Carlo How dumb can this City Be Read This

    Bob Joseph acts like that it's comparable to Godfather II.
  8. Mr. Met

    Scandal at East Middle School

    No. I am hoping for the same.
  9. Mr. Met

    Welcome Back.

    Well said. I love how he claims to be "fair and balanced". He is the furthest from it.
  10. Mr. Met

    BOYCOTT "SAVE AROUND" coupon books

    I saw that earlier this week. 25 Tompkins St. Multi-family unit on the corner of Webster. Listed owner:: Zhuoyuan Zhang 33 Central DrPort Washington NY 11050
  11. I see that pig Renee Zulko Tripp Lamando is also a big Batisti pom pom waver and supporter. Tells you all you need to know as to what kind of people back this imbecile.
  12. Mr. Met


    Thanks for asking because I have no idea either haha! Maybe some modern day Dynamate thing?
  13. Mr. Met

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    Disagree. This place is not as bad as some of the crushingly negative locals say it is on social media.
  14. Mr. Met

    Welcome Back.

    Want to earn $50,000 a week from home? Let me show you how.