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  1. Mr. Met

    Oakdale Mall

    I did not ask why malls are decaying. I know that they and why they are. Also it is not an issue relegated to our area. I asked what to do for JC moving forward and why it was so heavily depended on as a source of tax. I also what are some ideas about what can be done for the current property moving forward once the mall is officially closed.
  2. Saw him at Wegmans yesterday boasting about how slow it was for once. Just another local hack writer who thinks the Press and Sun is the NY Times.
  3. Mr. Met

    Oakdale Mall

    A lot has happened since the site went down and has remerged...... What's everyones take on the state of the mall? Obviously it's on it's way being gone. I do not think it lasts beyond 2021 personally. What are some solutions? How did JC manage to depend on that much in property taxes from it? We are talking a 8-10% hit once it's gone. I think the only solution is to dissolve or annex into the City of Binghamton as I do not see what benefits comes with the Town of Union. The contiguous border with Binghamton is an obvious plus on that side. Anyone else have a take? Opinion?
  4. Mr. Met

    Brackney Inn fire

    Currently owned by JC Firefighters and owner of "Charley's" on Harry L Dr, Greg MacBlane.
  5. Wonder why she drew whiskers when she could have used her natural facial hair she sports.
  6. Mr. Met

    Website About Upstate NY

    It's definitely one of my most frequented sites. I think it is a sister site of syracuse.com if I am not mistaken. It's always linked on there and that is how I found it. Thanks for sharing for others!
  7. Mr. Met

    RIP Tom Petty, I'm not kidding, CBS reports

    I saw on FB that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performed at the old TC Jets stadium where the hotel is now sometime in the early 80's I am assuming?. I find that incredibly fascinating on so many levels. I am shocked I never heard that before. Did any of you go to that?
  8. Mr. Met

    RIP Tom Petty, I'm not kidding, CBS reports

    Took absolutely NO shit from the music industry. Legend. Ugh this one hurts.
  9. Mr. Met

    trump goes after the NFL?

    Last week about 180 NFL players did not stand for the anthem, this week approximately 11.
  10. Mr. Met

    trump goes after the NFL?

    Looks like the regional ratings last Sunday got a spike but the national games the ratings were down. Part Trump and part there were finally some really good games on for once. Very curious to see what they look like this weekend. Aaron Rodgers tried getting all the fans at Lambeau on Thursday to "lock arms" in unity during the anthem and that plan failed miserably as I watched them pan the crowd and outside a few in the front row, no one did that at all.
  11. Mr. Met

    Why Are We On BCVOICE?

    Same here. Used to love the local content and news on here but it's few and far between these days.
  12. Mr. Met

    Trump is right, yet again.

    I'm very interested to see the ratings from this past weekend. The NFL finally had a good week for games but I'm interested to see the fall out from what happened with Trump. Did he give them a spike or did people turn away? Again, they finally had some riveting games after 2 miserable weeks of duds.
  13. Mr. Met

    McCartney concert at The Dome

    Not only that, not one break, not even for water and the Dome was ROASTING that night. What a freeking amazing show. Just outstanding. One of the best I have ever seen.
  14. Mr. Met

    JC mayors race - primary next week

    Deemie 255 Balles 237 Meany 172 83 Absentee ballots left to count and 13 affidavit ballots were cast. My biggest take from those numbers is what a pathetic turnout.