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  1. Mr. Met

    Corona Virus

    Fat ass, diabetic 90 year old (almost 91 year old) Bobby Bowden got it and survived. They announced it last week he beat it.
  2. Mr. Met

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    She’s always ran awful campaigns. I want to like her and for her to win but she makes it super difficult.
  3. Mr. Met

    Joe Morgan RIP

    Not HOF'ers but Jim Wynn (Toy Cannon), Don Larsen and Tony Fernandez all passed this year as well and were exceptional ballplayers in their prime.
  4. Mr. Met

    This is why COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon

    Well if it was posted on BCV, it has to be true and absolutely happened, right? I mean there are never any unfounded rumors spread on here at all.
  5. Mr. Met

    Donald and Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19

    lol. Yeah that’s the ticket. The masks. Good grief you sheep are something else.
  6. Mr. Met

    Donald and Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19

    Bob Joseph has become unhinged on twitter about all this. What an absolute pussy he is.
  7. Nahhh. It has to be true. It’s on BCV. Everything is absolutely factual on here lol
  8. Mr. Met

    Broome County covid map

    Why not?
  9. Some dude who is married to another dude and keeps running unsuccessfully for JC Trustee.
  10. He bats from the other side of the fence. Chris Waters has a crush on him apparently.
  11. CF to have an emergency BOE meeting tomorrow night to discuss their cuts.