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  1. Mr. Met

    Emily JabLon arrested over Terroristic threat

    She changed her Facebook name to Betsey Johnson
  2. Mr. Met

    Why Otsiningo Park?

    Bob Joseph and his cloth mask where there today doing some investigating journalism.
  3. Mr. Met

    Herr Hochul and her best buds!

    Only assh*le missing is Cumos's former local lapdog Kevin McCabe. Also this was walking distance from local crackpot loser Leo Cotnoir's house. Wonder if he went and fawned over her?
  4. Mr. Met

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    This will all go down just like the Rec Park Playground Fire......eventually it will be radio silence and business as usual.
  5. Mr. Met

    How long are we going to let this witch do this?

    I think you are correct! It's basically on the Endwell/Endicott line and most likely technically Endwell so great call. Bob is a clown and sits when he pees.
  6. Mr. Met

    How long are we going to let this witch do this?

    Anyone know what business this is? I’d like to boycott it. I can’t tell. Don’t think it’s The Galley….Broadway Diner? Any help? Bob seems extra giddy this week about the mask mandate retuning.
  7. Mr. Met

    Rich David win would bring back Rich Bucci?

    Interesting and thanks.
  8. Mr. Met

    City Hall YouTube video

    I hope at amateur night? Yikes.
  9. Mr. Met

    City Hall YouTube video

    One thing that stuck out with the video besides how blatantly incompetent City Hall and their employees are is how effin outdated that place is! It was like a time warp to the mid 80s, surprised not to see people playing ‘Oregon Trail’ on monochrome monitors.
  10. Mr. Met

    City Hall YouTube video

    Why not?
  11. Mr. Met

    City Hall YouTube video

    Might be a good time to take a refresher course on the U.S. Constitution and it’s pretty obvious you didn’t watch the entire clip if that’s your take on this video.
  12. Mr. Met

    City Hall YouTube video

  13. Mr. Met

    City Hall YouTube video

    This has been making the rounds….great but lengthy watch. What a bunch of bumpkins we look like at City Hall
  14. Mr. Met

    The Greater Binghamton Airport

    Adam Weitsmans drugs? I kid I kid, I actually had no idea a Piper was there. Just trying to be facetious haha