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  1. Mr. Met

    Keith Urban Concert

    Bon Jovi should take lessons from Keith Urban on how to perform at Enjoie. A complete 180 from that shit show a few years ago. Great crowd, sound and performance all around.
  2. Does this move by Korchak split the vote and give the election to the Dem? Anyone follow Nick Libous on Twitter? He really really DISLIKES Bijoy lol! Which is ironic because didn't Bijoy used to make his old man's coffee every morning ?
  3. How do I know you are not full of shit? Because you described him to a "T", and that is EXACTLY what he would respond with! Spot on Thanks for the update!
  4. Mr. Met

    Younger Kids Don't know how to Work

    Good stuff but it appears staged? No? But funny regardless.
  5. Mr. Met

    Infant corpse in freezer for 50 years!

    He might be the GOAT of twitter accounts. Everything he does is pure comedy gold. Cashman never gets the ace he needs. I think they are toast this year come October, especially with Astros getting Greinke. Time will tell.
  6. Mr. Met

    Infant corpse in freezer for 50 years!

    Easily one of the best posters on BCV! Are you familiar with @Super70sSports on Twitter? If not get on it. Right up you alley and you could probalby do material for him lol
  7. Mr. Met

    Chenango Forks Superintendent

    I see your post from Saturday morning on John Solak got deleted 🤔
  8. Mr. Met

    Direct Tv

    That's what I have and am very pleased.
  9. Mr. Met

    Direct Tv

  10. Mr. Met

    Oliver Blaise cannot be trusted in DA vote count

    YEah, makes you wonder for sure.
  11. Yet you took the time to comment on the topic. So yeah, you do care.
  12. Mr. Met

    Oliver Blaise cannot be trusted in DA vote count

    Generally speaking don't absentee ballots follow the same path as the general election? I'm thinking it will take a Hail Mary for Korchak to win unfortunately.
  13. Mr. Met

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    Game. Set. Match. Looks like Batisti won. Pathetic job Broome Co.
  14. Mr. Met

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    He acts like he just won a Pulitzer for his transgender piece that was published in the USA Today. Guy is a complete and utter dolt.