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  1. Mr. Met

    “No, Sir. My real name is Nathaniel Sexton”

    Thank you for this 26!! For someone who is still immature and middle aged I can not watch this enough. Our boy at 70's Sports Tweeted this earlier in the week too lol
  2. Mr. Met

    This Just In: Pete Charnetsky for Family court

    Any relation to Danny?
  3. Mr. Met

    Remembering Fritz

    525-13 Good thing he got that early field goal in D.C, otherwise he would have gotten blown out in '84. I remember "Fritzbusters" pins being popular that election, riding on the summer blockbuster Ghostbusters wave.
  4. Mr. Met

    Binghamton Devils leaving town

    Great post! Utica's Arena is also much older than ours and went through a beautiful renovation. Not the half assed one like here that basically swapped out seats. The Comets are killing it up there too. I will say this, the Devils have been a trash affiliate no matter where they go so I can't fully lie the blame on Binghamton this time...from their first go around in Utica to Lowell to Albany and now Binghamton. If it were not for John Hughes (and yes some taxpayer $$) and new Mets owner Steve Cohen, it's very likely we would not have the AA Mets affiliate here too. A radical change in the minor leagues eliminated several teams but the 25 plus year relationship here, proximity to Citi Field and AAA Syracuse made it a no brainer to keep Binghamton as the AA affiliate.
  5. Mr. Met

    Strawberry Fest Axed Again - STUPID DECISION

    Masks are for sheep and lemmings.
  6. Mr. Met

    Coming 2 America - Warning! Spoilers!

    We need these 3 to fly into the White House and forcibly remove the 2 dunces occupying it now !
  7. Mr. Met

    Coming 2 America - Warning! Spoilers!

    And very good list!
  8. Mr. Met

    Coming 2 America - Warning! Spoilers!

    Superman 2
  9. Mr. Met

    Coming 2 America - Warning! Spoilers!

    Han Solo didn't die in this one?
  10. Mr. Met

    WBNG’s Chloe Vincente leaving for Birmingham, AL

    He’s wrong on a lot actually. More so than not he embellishes. He’s now trying to take credit for forcing her out of BNG to Birmingham. Yeah ok John, I’m sure it has nothing to do with her going to a bigger market in her career like 90% of people do at local affiliates when they start their broadcast careers.
  11. Mr. Met

    Family Court Race

    Ben works at the CVS on Riverside Dr. He’ effin rude as an employee.
  12. Mr. Met

    Binghamton mayor 2021

    Kraham is the best the Republicans can do? LO 'effin L!!
  13. Mr. Met

    Bob Joseph has Covid 19

    Did anyone listen to Bob today!? He had an absolute meltdown on air to open the show and for most of the rest of it sounded like a a petulant child about yesterday’s happenings in DC. I had no idea he was a theater major as well as a radio host. All his buddies called in today too, anyone that disagreed with him he acted like his usual bitch self.
  14. Mr. Met

    Could WBNG news be any worse?

    He’s f’n awful. Acts like he’s a local celebrity now because he’s an anchor at some shitty CBS affiliate in Binghamton, NY. He really does suck.
  15. Mr. Met

    Goddammit: I really didn’t need this