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  1. IsThis4Real?

    Little League

    Hey there coach if you set up that blog page for the team can you let me know where to access it? Thanks! Mrs G.
  2. IsThis4Real?

    Conficker Computer Worm

    I ran the software last night, did the full scan, takes a long time but it found one medium threat and a bunch of registry errors. Seemed to work just fine.
  3. IsThis4Real?

    Little League

    OK, I will let him know. Any time the catcher is up to some pregame practive let me know and we will get them together. Sent him to the BU Pitching camp and he is itching to give his new skills a try! Can't wait to see the team in action again, it is always entertaining!
  4. IsThis4Real?

    Under Armour baseball camp

    What about the baseball camp at BU? Crack of the Bat, any one been to that one? What did you think of it?
  5. IsThis4Real?


    Grandma's No No Cake ... devil's food with homemade chocolate sour cream frosting brushed with apricot brandy (hence the No No part)
  6. IsThis4Real?

    What's Banned for Christmas?

    Chriskwanzaramakkah .. I love it! Thanks for the giggle! I should have known better than to get into this debate for sure! Religion is a private matter ... but when the schools spout diversity ... well then ... shouldn't they at least acknowledge Christianity too?? Sigh ... maybe next year! Thansk again!
  7. IsThis4Real?


    I live on the west side myself, I own my home. There are 2 rental properties next to me. Once the students were no longer allowed to rent the houses the landlords moved some DSS families in. Now, keep in mind that when I was a child my family was a recipient of assistance. My father was a disabled vet (101st airborne) and my mom was a teacher’s aide, we got partial assistance. We kept ourselves, our home, yard and street clean. We respected our neighbors and enjoyed the community we lived in. My dad taught us RESPECT and mom made sure we understood the value of education and personal pride. So I know that not all DSS families are the same however these neighbors were dreadful. I had to clean up dirty diapers, used condoms (that apparently don’t work, hence the diapers) and food waste out of my yard on a weekly basis. We ended up having to call DSS and Code and the police more times than I would like to remember. Thankfully they have moved out ... sadly who knows what we will get next. The homes used to be rented to college kids and I can say that we next to never had trouble. Once or twice we had to remind them during the week to keep the noise down but that should they want to get a little noisy Friday or Saturday night then have at it. We were young once too. I would take a house of college kids over what we had any day of the year. @
  8. IsThis4Real?

    Famous Quotes

    I used to be Snow White... but I drifted (Mae West) @
  9. IsThis4Real?

    What's Banned for Christmas?

    My children are well informed at home. The "blank stare" comes from the fact that they don't talk about CHRISTmas at school. Just "Happy Holidays", which by they way I would be ok with IF the schools were not also teaching them about other religious celebrations. Christians should not dominate, I agree with that statement, as to dominate would go against my basic understanding of a tolerant God. While I count myself as a Christian I am not so egotistical that I believe that only my way is the right way. Surely the God that created me realized that with so many people, and with the gift of free will, that He would be honored (and sadly dishonored) in many different ways. THAT IS MY POINT. Either give whatever religions you are teaching about equal time or leave them out completely. I prefer equal time as I think that it is important to learn about the people around you. You cannot make an intelligent assessment of a person, or a religion, if you are so self indulgent that you don't take the time to listen, to learn and to accept that someone else may believe differently, but still passionately, than you do. Thank (my) God that I am not raising cookie cutter children. I want them to think, see and live outside the box. So, in keeping with my belief, which may not be yours, and that's acceptable to me, Merry Christmas. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving too! @
  10. IsThis4Real?

    What's Banned for Christmas?

    Every year my children come home from public school with the Dreidel game. The four letters on the top are Shin, Hey, Gimel, and Nun -- they stand for the phrase, "Nes gadol hayah sham" which translates as, "A great miracle happened there." The game is played to commemorate the miraculous victory of a faithful few over the might of the Greek Empire. Each player starts by putting something into the kitty; some of the more popular item are raisins, nuts, or chocolate coins (Hanukkah gelt). The players then take turns spinning the dreidel. A player's fate is decided when the dreidel stops. It is fun and I sit and play it with them. While I do not have a problem with my children learning about various beliefs I do have a problem with the fact that they never seem to come home with Christian stories. What about Joshua and the destruction of Jericho? Is that not a similar miracle? Is there a reason that they cannot make an Advent Calendar to bring home? I certainly wouldn't expect a creche, that would open a can of worms for sure! My point is, that if you are going to teach a story about a faiths history then other faiths should receive fair play. I think last year they brought something home about Kwanzaa, a beautiful celebration in it's own right. However, when I ask about Christian Christmas I just get blank stares ... Who took the Christ out of Christmas anyway?
  11. IsThis4Real?

    City Code Violations

    I second that! My “Nasty Neighbors” would go weeks without putting out their trash (and it wasn’t outside in garbage cans, it was inside with them, disgusting), there was debris everywhere. B4 you say they were taking it someplace, hell no, when they did put it out there would be 10 – 12 LARGE city bags! In my estimate, 3 – 13 gal bags to one large city bag would be 30 – 36 bags of trash IN THE HOUSE! I would spend a half hour or more every garbage night just cleaning up what had blown onto my property from what trash had over flowed out of the house onto their back porch. Code called back asking for permission to go on my property (which I gladly gave) and within 2 weeks they were moving out! I had been trying to go the "nice neighbor" way by communicating with the landlord but after several MONTHS of no action I got tired of cleaning up after her tenants I advised her that I would cease to call her and would call code instead ... guess she didn’t appreciate that .... IMO the only way your neighborhood can fall into irreparable disarray is if YOU allow it. Pick up the phone, take the photos, and if necessary be willing to take the next step … hound Code and they will get sick of hearing from you. Remember that if you “harass” them then they will definitely pass on the pain with the landlord! However the upside to my nasty neighbor is that they were so dreadful that they actually drove another nasty family out too! Christmas came early!
  12. IsThis4Real?

    Halloween Costumes

    My oldest son decided to be a vampire and not to be out done his little brother was a vampire slayer! It was actually pretty funny!
  13. IsThis4Real?


    Taurus.. bull headed but lovable!
  14. IsThis4Real?

    Social Services/CPS

    Christmas has come early! Not one but TWO nasty families are now gone! Takes homeowners to stand up to these absentee landlords and let them know we are not going to tolerate this crap. So, I guess I would bet on me. This is my neighborhood and I will do what I have to in order to keep it as safe as I can. I don't care if a family is on social services, things happen. I do care if you take care of your kids, your home and your neighborhood. Just because a person is on "welfare" does not mean they can't be a good neighbor. Welfare or working, if you move into my neighborhood I expect to respect your surroundings. It's that simple. @
  15. IsThis4Real?

    Pee Wee Football

    Call the City parks department at 772-7017. They should be able to put you on the list.