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  1. M_Sable

    $25 mm budget hole?

    Gotta agree with a whole lotta that, Thelma. The county should not be running entertainment venues. The airport is nothing but a $$$ sinkhole. We' had private trash pickup for 10 years and it was fine. Now I just make a run to the county transfer station once a week. No big deal, costs me about $2.25 a week. The big budget killer at the jail is uncontrolled overtime so people can make a bundle and boost their retirement final three year average.
  2. M_Sable

    Corona Virus

    I'm still drinking bleach...
  3. M_Sable

    Just Checking in

    Welcome back, everyone!
  4. M_Sable


    Funny thing. I've witnessed two car accidents in Germany. In both cases the drivers got out, shook hands and introduced themselves, and put on flourescent road vests, set up reflective triangles and road flares (mandatory in every vehicle), and waited for the Polizei. $h1t happens...no point in raging out.
  5. M_Sable


    Actually, it does. People abide by the speed limits. Of course, there are other aspects to it. A driver's license costs over $1,000 USD, drivers ed (Fahrenschule) is 6 months, and their traffic controls and road system are supurb. Come to a merge? They "zipper" and traffic flows. Tractor trailers stay in the right lane at 80 KPH, center lane 120 for cars, left lane outside of cities, wide open for cars. They don't drive "me, me, me" like most Americans do.
  6. BGM, Elmira, and Scranton should have merged years ago. I fly a lot, and drive a couple of hours to IAD. No big deal. It's an unsustainable drain of tacpayer dollars.
  7. M_Sable


    I love the way the Germans do it. Speed cameras at all of the critical locations. Pay up....no questions asked. They don't waste Polizei resources on running radar.
  8. M_Sable

    Three Gorges Dam - Ready to burst?

    Welcome back Stray.
  9. M_Sable

    QUIT IT!

    And no, I never thought that JB and Ginger are the same Just absent mindedly responded with the wrong name.
  10. M_Sable

    QUIT IT!

    I don't mind people's right to protest. I do mind it when they inconvenience everyone else to do so.
  11. M_Sable

    Break out the City Chicken!

    Could have been Billy Koban, but he wasn't all that old. Good cook though!
  12. M_Sable

    I'm posting my opinion which not mean a damn

    You don't gamble on your kids lives. If they take a year off, who cares? Most young people aren't mature enough by age 18 anyway. European countries typicall y have kids take a year off between high school and college to go travelling, or serve a couple of years in the military. On the other hand, our dentist is having a slew of what she calls "COVID cavities" ...kids sitting home at all hours playing video games and slupping soda pop.
  13. M_Sable

    Corona Virus

    That would be awesome!