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  1. M_Sable

    Gov. Cuomo on marijuana tour

    Justify your position, Sir.
  2. M_Sable

    Airport. Why?

    There is no reason to fly into or out of Binghamton. It's a huge waste of taxpayer money.
  3. Lotta bad info out there...nonetheless …The majority of the NRA’s lobbying, education, training and publication activities operate to benefit a private interest: the firearms and ammunition industry. As a result, under the cases and rulings interpreting section 501(c)(4), the NRA does not primarily serve the community interest and should not qualify as a tax-exempt social welfare organization. Instead, the NRA should operate as a political lobbying organization to be accountable for its key interests: the firearms and ammunition industry. Just an opinion....no more. Thank you for correcting me on the 501(c)(3) point.
  4. M_Sable

    Gov. Cuomo on marijuana tour

    Then make alcohol illegal if that's your concern. I'd rather have a pothead in front of me going 20 mph in a 30 mph zone than a roaring drunk chasing up my tailpipe. As a Binghamton detective once told me, if they go to break up a loud booze party everyone wants to fight them...breaking up a pot party the big concern is if the cops have any extra Cheetos.
  5. No problem! While you're at it, do the same with the NRA, which has 501(c)(3) non-profit status (unless you're on the BOD and buying tens of thousands of $$$ worth of suits with donations....that's OK apparently). I'm quite sure that the NRA promotes the candidacy of quite a few politicians. I'm a gun owner and concealed carry permit holder, so don't go down that road. I just think fair is fair.
  6. M_Sable

    So, Russia Helping President Trump Again?

    Putin surely wants Trump or Sanders as President...he can beat both of them like a drum.
  7. M_Sable

    Polygamy legal in Utah?

    The way the IRS figures things it's 4 x 4 + 2/the square root of Pi, +365. That way nobody really knows how it works.
  8. The Bahamas aren't in Europe The point is not juvenile in the least, being that the Sheriff is not indispensable in matters that his department should be quite capable of handling. I have no problem with the Sheriff having an assigned vehicle, if he accounts for and compensates the taxpayers for personal use. In no case should he use it as a political prop.
  9. M_Sable

    Corona Virus

    The Carlin video is friggin hilarious...I miss that guy. Thanks '27.
  10. M_Sable

    Corona Virus

    Hear Hear!! Life is too short to drink bad beer!
  11. M_Sable

    Like a Boss

    Sorta like photo ops and "I love you" notes to Fatty Fatty Kim, no?
  12. Johnny did it, so I can too!!! Playground logic. Both parties suck.
  13. That's why the vote should be the popular vote nationwide. Forget all of this mumbo-jumbo caucusing with colored tags and flipping coins, gerrymandering and Electoral College BS. All that does is let the political establishment play their games. He or she who gets the most votes should win, period...if it's a national ballot, then it's the most votes nationwide....a state ballot, the most votes statewide, and county ballot....you get the idea. That and make it illegal to have out-of-state money flooding in to effect a state race. Big money and lack of term limits have eroded our democracy to the point that it only benefits two antiquated good ole boy parties and their wealthy donors. You can vote Republican, I can vote Libertarian....it doesn't matter any more. The status quo just LOVES having us all fight with each other as opposed to looking at what they are doing (or not doing, which is more the case).
  14. M_Sable

    Bloomberg Hillary 2020

    Gawd....I wish she would just go away.