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  1. M_Sable

    Akshar to resign from senate & run for sheriff

    Thank you Gordon. I guess the point is, aside from the economics of it, that we have not seen a truly qualified Sheriff for as long as I can remember. We had "Toys For Tots" Tony Ruffo, who was interesting, but a buffoon.....Geno DeAngelo. who was relegated to the Training Academy (you and I both know what that meant back in the day), and Harder, who is not well-informed, is hugely egotistical, and stubborn as a mule. This job requires more then that. It's a big operation, and requires a professional with vetted credentials, as opposed to who is better at shaking hands and kissing babies for votes.
  2. M_Sable

    Oakdale Mall

    Well, beats me, Mr. Met. It's hard to fix a soup sandwich. Turn it into an incubator to encourage new business? Hard to do with NYS taxes and regulations being what they are. It won't come back as retail space. The US has more than double the retail space per customer than any country in Europe......we simply over did it. The villages have relied on tax revenue from dying sources for along time. IBM, the Oakdale Mall....it's time for consolidation and cost savings. Areas of the country that are moving up do not have a bunch of tiny villages with redundant services.
  3. M_Sable

    Is there anybody out there?

    It looks and feels great, Independent. A nice improvement. Thank you for all that you do to support free discourse and discussion. Salute!
  4. M_Sable

    Is there anybody out there?

    And you, Former. I do admire your thoughtful commentary, regardless of whether we agree or not, Sir!
  5. M_Sable

    Is there anybody out there?

    Parmalee and Stray all at once? YAY! I had stopped even checking in as I thought it was dead. Very nice, and good to see you all.
  6. M_Sable

    Broome's biggest fraud: John "Sonny" Manculich

    That crap has been going on since I worked there in the late 70's....Benny DiLorenzo. You could not break that monopoly. It was a scam then, and apparently still is..... Edit: Very poor timing on my part. I read the Pressconnects OBITS today and saw Mr, DiLorenzo there. My apologies.....no disrespect intended to one who just passed.. I still stand by my point, however, that the whole towing thing with the Sheriff's Department is a scam. Been there, seen it first hand.
  7. M_Sable

    Oakdale Mall

    Well, Mr. Met, just an opinion. We don't care to drive to a mall, find parking, and walk around trying to find what you came there for, and deal with screaming kids and wise-ass teenagers hanging around. We prefer to get on-line and order what we need, and it shows up, cheaper and less time spent that can be used to garden, clean, or just hang out on the deck. The global economy has changed, and if workers are getting screwed, look to the corporations that employ them and use them daily, while getting tax cuts and paying CEOs astronomical salaries and benefits. It's plain as day. I believe in capitalism, but also in a balanced equation between those that work bottom to top. It's a sad state of affairs.
  8. M_Sable

    Oakdale Mall

    I'm with you, TWC! Used to go up there and buy tokens to play Asteroids and Death Race 2000 for hours with friends. Those were the days, but they are long gone now.
  9. M_Sable

    Akshar to resign from senate & run for sheriff

    Harder retiring would be a great thing....he was past his expiration date before he ran the first time. Ashkar? Really? This whole "elected" Sheriff thing should have gone out of style when the west was won. Time for a Sheriff to do a Sheriff's required duties, and hire a police professional to run a county police agency. Get rid of highly redundant and expensive village police forces. Do we really need a couple of police chiefs 4 miles from each other? Nope.....it will happen eventually...the rest of the parts of the country that are progressive made these changes years or decades ago.
  10. M_Sable

    Welcome Back to BCVoice!

    Huh. That's cool....I had thought that it was shut down for good. The new look is quite nice. Thank you, Sir!
  11. Beats me what's up with that. Local topic... should be left alone.
  12. M_Sable

    Daily Post Limit

    Sorry, SE, but I disagree. It's allegedly a forum for free discussion, and while I disagree with the opinions of many on here, I defend their right to have their say. That's an American value, in my estimation. People process thing differently. I modify my posts all of the time over a few minutes, to try and get it out right. '75 just adds on to reinforce and/or clarify, if I'm not mistaken. It's all good. Only Bingoloid seems to be able to get his $h1t in one bag consistently.
  13. M_Sable


    I'm quite capable of forming my own opinions, '75. Don't need any MSM input
  14. M_Sable

    Terrorist group ANTIFA is in Binghamton

    Interesting thing there about General Kelly's opinion on Robert E. Lee, getting castigated for calling him a "gentleman". He was, and it was a different place in time. They ignore or fail to research things...in later life General Lee (rtd) opined in his diaries that his soldiers fought valiantly, but that he wished that it had been for a better cause. Revisionist history doesn't change a thing...it masks the truth, warts and all.