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  1. M_Sable


    I like bacon sammiches...bacon between two pieces of bacon. Ever tried a good crisp piece of bacon as a stir-stick for a Bloody Mary? YUM!
  2. Bad idea. If anything, boost funding for law enforcement professionals. We don't need a bunch of untrained nutballs with guns carrying out vigilante actions. You say ""regulated civil patrol/militia". It takes months to train a soldier properly, let alone Billy-Bob the part-time militia guy.
  3. I don't trust anyone's polling data anymore. It's all about who you ask the questions of and how they are phrased.
  4. I've noticed the same thing from numerous media outlets, Yankee. An attention-grabbing volitile headline followed by a write-up that is much less so. Your initial reaction is understandable.
  5. M_Sable

    Minneapolis Burning- The George Floyd saga

    Never heard if that one, but the Allies did carry out a lot of deception operations to trick the Germans into thinking that it was Calais, including fake plans that the Germans could "find".
  6. M_Sable


    Don't take the job, in my opinion. If you quit because of that, no. If fired or laid off, probably.
  7. They were all hand-inscribed by nefarious Imps living in tunnels and sewers below all of our cities, towns and villages. They would pass them up through heat and AC vents to those most susceptible to becoming Satanists. It's true....I read it on the internet right after Al Gore invented it
  8. Yah know how to starve some public welfare leeches to death? Hide their Food Stamps under their work boots.
  9. That could be funnier than heck TVs still there, Metamucil cleaned out....
  10. M_Sable

    Whereabouts of 19April1775?

    Nice thought Wolf checking up on him. I hadn't really noticed his absence until you pointed it out. I hope all is well with him.
  11. M_Sable

    Rec Park "renovations" ? More like wasted money

    Perfect! Thanks for the laugh.
  12. M_Sable

    Rec Park "renovations" ? More like wasted money

    Yup....everyone wants to jump to premature conclusions. I think that it was the work of Martian invaders...
  13. You might enjoy this link, Yankee: http://www.iceagefarmer.com/
  14. M_Sable


    Could be, Yankee. I don't care for radicals on either side of the spectrum.