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  1. WELL, I don't know anything about Battisti other than what I read on here, but I did work with Mike Korchak a few years back, and he was an upstanding and serious guy....no showboating.
  2. M_Sable

    Local Roofer

    Are we talking about roofers or hookers?
  3. M_Sable

    Easy Goulash

    That sounds good too! Down here we can't get Italian sausage anywhere near as good as up in Bingo
  4. M_Sable

    RIP Pete Zalaffi

    I see that good 'ole Pete from the PMP Deli passed away a few days ago. He was a really nice guy with an infectious smile, a good butcher, and always had a great beer selection, even back in the 80's when PMP was by the Oakdale Mall. We'd make special trips to just get his aged Delmonico's string-wrapped in bacon.
  5. M_Sable


    Tax subsidies do nothing more than shift part of the cost of doing business to the taxpayers, and rarely bring enough back into the community to make up for it. I don't see why taxpayers should bear that burden to support a profit-making private enterprise. Same goes for eminent domain to build a mall, for example.
  6. M_Sable

    The New BCVOICE

    Both parties suck. They have a monopoly. I'm voting Libertarian. Now I just have to figure out how to rig it so my dogs and pickup truck can vote 🥴 I am also not arguing national politics on here any more...which I'm sure that y'all appreciate
  7. M_Sable

    The New BCVOICE

    Well, if it does erode to that point, I won't waste my time. Getting too old for that $h1t. Reading the national and world-wide news gives me heartburn, no matter what side of the fence you're on. This should be a local and NY state board, and I hope that the Admins will enforce that.
  8. M_Sable

    Easy Goulash

    Huh! https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/19347/slumgullion/
  9. M_Sable

    Easy Goulash

    That sounds darned good!!!
  10. M_Sable

    Easy Goulash

    Tried this tonight...not bad at all: Boil up 12 oz elbow macaroni...set aside Saute a couple of onions, a few peppers of your choice, and a lb. or more of ground beef in a good olive oil. Add a couple of cans of 🎲 tomatoes Add some water and or white wine as needed to keep it moist. (You can do red wine... haven't tried it, but can overpower the other flavors... your choice). Add sharp paprika (smoked), pepper, and salt to taste. Some smoked Chipotle if you like it more spicy. When sauteed, stir in pasta. Add a little olive oil and stir so pasta doesn't clump up. More water/wine if needed to get the consistency you like Eat it now, or let sit in the fridge for a day....stir a couple of times. It's usually better after getting happy for a day. 😊 I can't give measurements on spices, as we just wing it. 30 minutes or so if you start choppinjg veg as water is starting. Could be more if you're having a beer. Could be after Cheetos if you're having a doobie 😋
  11. M_Sable

    The New BCVOICE

    The website shut down for a while, then I took a break from reading the "news"= "noise". In the downtime, I reflected. There is quite enough opportunity to get all angry and spout off political points that we have very little control over. Nobody is going to change anyone's mind on those matters, on a national Pubs vs Dems level. To me, they are all A-holes, feathering their nests I am very, very pleased that "Local Topics" are just that. Thank you to all that I have debated vigorously in the past...no hard feelings whatsoever. Please keep this a Broome County area and NY State board. We moved, but it's wonderful to stay in touch. No need for more drama and stress. It has been great being back! Monica
  12. M_Sable

    Local Roofer

    I have a great roofer! He's a Boxer. All he does is go "roof, roof, roof" Want to hire him? Cheap ...one box of dog treats Well, he thinks he's a cat..., but "meow" sounds like a deep "meroof" He's very good, but cannot do ladders and is afraid of heights, but cheap! He's also cross-eyed, so the shingles come out sort of crooked on your ground floor roof. He's a great worker though! 😆
  13. M_Sable

    Possible Technical Issue

    It's acting a bit funky, OTR. Tried to respond and it was taking me to other pages. Be well, it will work out. That or you're banned for life 😕 I hear that the wireless in Hell is not good, being in the center of the earth. Maybe we can share a connection? The darned fluffy Angels get all of the good stuff 😠
  14. M_Sable

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    Broome County is not "history". It's where we grew up and where many loved ones still live. It's alive, with all of it's charms and warts. It surely does need some work, as does all of NY State. Glad we moved south, but we have an undying love for BC.
  15. Because I will die with honor, having served my community and country, and having loved a wonderful woman and raised a couple of kind and responsible kids. I frankly don't care much what the Republicans and Democrats throw at each other. It's mostly bullshit, depending on where you look for noise...err...news... We live by the rules that make sense, but live way outside the box. Fuck 'em. Term limits and vote them all out. It has become a money game. People don't realize it yet, but our democracy is in peril, from both sides. Trump and Sanders should have a wresting match in a bath of boiling oil, and see who wins. We the people would. Radicals or imbeciles in power never work out well. Seriously.