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  1. Cool! They have fully trained combat trauma surgeons! Let's put more people on ships....it's worked great so far, as the USS Theodore Roosevelt scuttles off to Guam, and cruise ships circle around at sea.
  2. M_Sable

    Pride of Endicott: Jon Bones Jones

    Agreed 100%. People buy into the whole "celebrity" BS based on how good their agents and PR folks are, hiding the truth. What good is Kardashian?
  3. M_Sable

    Did you hear about the 80,000 deaths in America?

    Betcha suicide and rates of violence go way up when people get desperate.
  4. It's a valid and very interesting question, 27. Of course, we have NO idea what the next few months are going to bring in terms of the COVID-19 situation and the strength of the economy. If anyone says that they do, I wave the Bull$hit flag. If things are grim, I wouldn't put it past the current administration to use any means, even if constitutionally or ethically questionable, to hamper the election if the prognosis is not good (even though I have a much deeper skepticism of polling data than I did 4 years ago). I also wouldn't put it past the Democrats to try to push through very equally questionable liberal voting alternatives that could undermine the validity of the results, like voting on-line (Russia would LOVE that one), mail-in ballots that don't require verification of identity and eligibility, and so on. It could make "hanging chads" look like a prance through the proverbial rose garden by comparison, and would further divide and weaken our country. Foreign actors would engage in any means to exacerbate the divisions in our society, without a doubt. A smart bunch of dedicated lawmakers would come up with Plan B well in advance and get it made into law, but they can't seem to agree on which way is north. Have to think about this one some more...lot's to chew on there. Thanks for the challenge.
  5. M_Sable

    Joe Biden is mentally ill

    Could very well be a brokered convention. That would be interesting. I was thinking the same thing...Democrats that are uncomfortable with either Sanders or Biden might be looking for a better alternative.
  6. M_Sable

    Joe Biden is mentally ill

    Better than making $h1t up on a daily basis
  7. True JB....then you can rob the public without penalty. Ya know why snakes don't bite politicians? Professional courtesy.
  8. M_Sable

    Corona Virus

    The ultimate culling of the herd?
  9. Agreed, Ginger. Bills brought up for a vote in the US Congress or in our state equivalents should be about one goal, and one goal only. Enough with both sides trying to sneak in stuff that is not relevant to the primary goal. I don't know if it still goes on, but I always hated NY State legislators stuffing in "member items" or pet projects into proposals. "This is a bill to help farmers out, but we won't vote for it unless Senator Schmuckface also gets $500,000 to renovate a merry-go-round in Catewagica NY (population 345)". As far as I'm concerned, this stimulus should provide a safety net for laid off workers, the elderly or uninsured, small businesses, and money to enhance health care at the local level to deal with the crunch. Corporations like the airlines that have been making money hand over fist should get support, but with restrictions that forbid stock buy-backs and CEO bonuses, and should be repaid to us taxpayers in full out of future profits. Cruise lines that are flagged in foreign countries, pay little to no US taxes, and don't abide by US fair labor standards? They get squat. Sending out $1,200 checks will be too little and too late at the pace at which the Federal Government works, and may well go to many of those that don't need it and haven't earned it. We are faced with a conundrum, unlike earthquakes, floods, or tornadoes. Just when we need to have both government and the private sector working in full force, more and more are quarantined or out of a job. This one is different, and will take a whole lot of pulling together. I'm not seeing that in our broken two-party monopoly political system right now, as they all point fingers and try to figure out how soon the Senate can go on Easter Vacation. Just me winging it with my initial impressions. It's really complicated.
  10. Nah...it's like people that rob a 7-11 for $50. If you're going to risk it, knock off a bank or armored car or something. Why would I want a moose in my hair? It's bad enough already (isn't mousse French for moose?)
  11. Very nice cloisonne bowl? Leaving for work? What's your address? LOL...have a good day.
  12. Thanks Ginger...well set up. I'm just saying that the entire premise is faulty. Sometimes people don't plan ahead very well. Just because they don't always have enough food or fuel to get them through a couple of months doesn't mean we should deem grocery stores or gas stations to be "non-essential". Spring break or cruise ships? Non-essential.
  13. So, is it just me, or does this not make sense? We shouldn't over-react to the Corona Virus pandemic, but we should certainly be prepared if things go south and social upheaval results. Opinions evolve over time, and as I get older I put more trust in self-sufficiency than in "the system". We live in a very rural county, so while the Sheriff's Department here is pretty darned good for a small department, they might be precious minutes away in the event of a "problem". I certainly can imagine some of the meth-heads around here getting it in their heads to steal our $h1t because they checked their brains out some time ago. We're not gonna be a victim of that. Gun shops ARE essential. Thoughts?
  14. M_Sable

    Are Abortion Clinics being Shutdown as Nonessential?

    I'm not getting involved in the abortion debate, but do think that ALL elective surgery should be postponed for now. We don't need to take up bed space, medical staff resources, supplies, etc. when not needed, not to mention mixing more people into an already infectious environment.