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    Old car wash in Vestal

    Maybe going down the drain?
  2. Average family income is low, but the cost of housing is ridiculously low compared to a whole lot of the country. Plus you can get all kinds of food stamps and welfare programs....
  3. M_Sable

    WBNG Airing Live Feed of ballot count for D.A Race

    Once again, we have on display the unfortunate fact that a whole lot of voters don't bother to really look carefully at the candidates before they pull a lever. Harder is another case in point. I'd rather have someone pay attention and vote differently than I do, if they at least devote a few brain cells to deciding who they feel is the better choice.
  4. M_Sable

    BUnnies still around?

    I was wondering what that term referred to....
  5. M_Sable

    Restaurant Talk

    Liked El Cholo back in the day.
  6. M_Sable

    When in Rome...

    I drive in Germany a lot. They are very strict about "zippering". If 2 lanes merge into 1, it's take turns one car merging and 1 continuing. Keep moving. It's nice.
  7. M_Sable

    Direct Tv

    We just ditched DirectTV as soon as the contract expired, and got DISHNetwork. Way better. GUI much better, smooth streaming vs. poor user interface and constant streaming pauses.
  8. M_Sable

    Broome CountySheriff Candidates

    Said it before, say it again. Time for a professional police commissioner (Commissioner Gordon?) Restrict the Sheriff to the duties assigned by law.
  9. M_Sable

    Raising the next generation of "dindu nuffins"

    The United States abolished the "slave trade" in 1800 (which did not free current slaves). We were one of the last countries in the western world to abolish "slavery". I don't agree with reparations, but let's keep the facts straight at least.
  10. M_Sable

    Broome CountySheriff Candidates

    It's a symptom of capitalism gone too far. It's the best system thus far, but needs limits. Countries in western Europe have a more fair life-work balance.
  11. M_Sable

    Predictions on the DA Race?

    By my calculations: Korchack 53.6755% Battisti 46.3245% Margin of error is 100%, as I never thought that President Trump would win.
  12. M_Sable

    Broome CountySheriff Candidates

    I'd suggest Detective John Taylor from the Vestal PD, if he's still in the area. Or Carl Fenescey.
  13. M_Sable

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    It is not a County Clerk's job to interpret the law, or to to selectively enforce it. You are a "clerk". Period. person who works in an office performing such tasks as keeping records, attending to correspondence, or filing. A person who keeps the records and performs the regular business of a court, legislative body, or municipal district. Do the assigned job..... if it hurts your feelings to do so? Resign in protest. A County Clerk has NO right or assigned power to "do their own thing".
  14. M_Sable

    Raising the next generation of "dindu nuffins"

    Yeah...you should see the white trash here in the Blue Ridge Mountains that are the same. It ain't race...it's how you were brought up and act. Stop with the bullshit. I don't agree with reparations, but refuse to frame the discussion in terms of the color of your skin. That is ignorant.
  15. M_Sable

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    They're likely already driving....unlicenced and uninsured.
  16. M_Sable

    Paul Battisti's law school loses ABA approval

    Having worked with Korchak, he's very about business. Cordial, polite, straight-forward, no fake glad-handing. A bit reserved even. None of those are bad traits.
  17. M_Sable


    Speaking of bargains, we were chatting with a young Air Force guy in the smoking hut last week. He was regaling us with his latest Amazon bargain: "They had zero-gravity chairs for $34.99, but I got a two pack for $74.99"! Dead silence in the hut....
  18. M_Sable

    19 year old JC trustee Benjamin Reynolds hits the sauce

    No....even worse, I demand the "comfy chair", Biggles! 😡
  19. M_Sable

    The Absolute State of the Press & Sun-Bulletin

    Throw a copy of the Binghamton Press in the air, and you can read it before it hits the ground.
  20. Dig even deeper. Harder was investigated internally in the early 80's for things missing from the evidence locker. Swept under the rug.
  21. M_Sable

    Helium Shortage

    How could anyone ignore someone with a frog avatar?
  22. M_Sable

    Memorial Day 2019

    Some people are not deemed able to have a vaccine due to other health issues. 1,000 plus cases now for an "eradicated" viral disease, where the vaccine is not a big deal. Nothing "forced". You choose. Abide by the community's best interests or march to your own drummer, away from others that don't need your boogies. How do you like it when someone comes to work snorting, coughing, and sneezing all over everyone else, and next thing you know everyone in the office is sick? Stay the flock home! There is nothing to be gained from beating a dead horse from both ends. You have your deserved opinion, and I have mine.
  23. M_Sable

    Whats going on in Kirkwood?

    The Chicken Flocker strikes again!