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  1. Common Sense

    How often do you read Press & Sun Bulletin or pressconnects

    Online only. Haven't bought an actual copy in years. Mostly check the headlines on the main page and click on ones that might be of interest as long as they're not the ones marked "for subscribers only". If I'm on the pressconnects site for more than two minutes, that's unusual. I scroll through the obits to see if anyone I knew died. I stopped being a fan or subscriber years ago when they started skewing all their coverage to people with darker tans than me.
  2. So it's the source of the information, not the information itself, that's your issue? What is your opinion on the allegations of fraud themselves? For example, what do you think Ruby Freeman, her daughter, Ralph Jones and a couple of other people were doing in the widely-reportedy State Farm Arena video, where they're seen pulling suitcases full of ballots from underneath a table after clearing the room due to a "water main break" that turned out to be a leaky urinal? Do you have an opinion on that? How about your thoughts on Eric Coomer - the head of security systems for Dominion Voting, who's reported to be a member of Antifa, who told his comrades on a conference call that he'd "made f-ing sure that Trump wouldn't be elected?" Any thoughts on that? What is your opinion on why thousands of people would be willing to sign their names to legal affidavits, under penalty of perjury, describing the anomalies, irregularities and atypical activities related to the counting of ballots? What is your opinion of the testimony of a number of cyber experts who have gone on record as saying there were clear irregularities observed in real time and in post-election analysis? It's easy to dismiss evidence if you're not willing to actually consider it objectively or if you're not actually interested in truth. You should be. Even if you're a Democrat, you should still want elections to be fair and honest. The Democrat position seems to be that there is NO evidence of fraud, or not enough to change the outcome. Tens of millions of your fellow citizens disagree. What is the harm in having a bi-partisan, honest, fair and transparent look at all the evidence that's been compiled? If after such a probe, it's found that Biden and Harris really DID get millions more votes than Trump (and Obama and Hillary), then so be it. And consider this: most reliable sources say there are 214 million registered voters in the United States. USA Today says it's 234 million and argues "not all ELIGIBLE voters are REGISTERED voters". But going with most sources, let's use 214 million. 66.7% of registered voters cast ballots in 2020. That's 142.7 million voters. If Donald Trump got just north of 74 million votes, which virtually all sources stipulate, then that leaves a little over 68 million votes for Biden, assuming no third party ballots were cast. Does that add up to you? Focus on the facts, not the source of the facts. We ALL have access to the same sources for information.
  3. Common Sense

    Helping the Consciously Blind to See

    Not that those who are consciously blind will ever choose to see and will likely skip any opportunity to seek truth, but here goes: For the former reporter's reporter turned local talk show provocateur, the former mayor with a lot of time on his hands to call in and state provable lies with the certitude of a carnival barker, for Vinny, the one-trick pony whose every breathless drama queen monologue centers around his psychotic hatred for a man he knows only through the faces on CNN: https://creativedestructionmedia.com/analysis/2021/01/26/how-djt-lost-the-white-house-introduction-why-i-was-involved-before-november-3-what-i-learned-because-i-was-1-1/
  4. Common Sense

    Impeachment 2021

    I don't know how much all this "good government" costs us taxpayers, but I'll bet it's a bundle. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't think we're getting our money's worth. We use our votes to hire these people to represent us in Washington. As soon as they get there, the power dynamic shifts and they begin to think of us as a big ol' skin-colored ATM, and not their actual bosses. It wasn't enough to put every single one of us through a phony pandemic for a year, with lives and livelihoods crushed and to literally steal our sacred votes, now to add insult to insult they want to theatrically continue to punish Trump after he's already surrendered. They are psychotic, childish, vindictive, unAmerican, rotten to the core and are using OUR money to do it all.
  5. All of a sudden, these states with dictator wannabes who've held all of us hostage against our will for fear the China Flu would kill us all, want to open everything up and let school sports resume. I guess now that the COVID scare has served its purpose and helped Biden steal the election, it's not a threat any more.
  6. Common Sense

    Joe Biden is mentally ill

    The truth is, he wasn't elected. Everyone knows it, including him. He was installed. We have to uninstall him and Harris, but we also have to go after the people who did the installing. They have a lot of names, but it seems nobody in a position to do anything with those names IS.
  7. Common Sense

    Do Biden & Harris Have To Complete the Crime First?

    You really have to wonder what kind of people Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are, that they would actually be willing to step into jobs they know were stolen. The whole world knows that the election was completely fraudulent, that they didn't actually win, and yet they are prepared to take office, knowing that more than half of the nation's population view them as criminal frauds. I defy even the hardcore Democrats who haunt BC Voice to reconcile how these two criminals are going to "govern" when the evidence is clear they did not win the election. Donald Trump is no saint, but at the very least nobody has ever logically accused him of stealing the 2016 election. How can even one person of any political stripe accept the country being governed by an illegitimately installed pair of criminals?
  8. Common Sense

    Impeachment 2021

    You can continue to trust the liars in the media and the anti-Trump deep state or you can trust your common sense. https://populist.press/fbi-reverses-what-it-told-america-about-siege/
  9. Common Sense

    Impeachment 2021

    It's a fraudulent, meaningless "impeachment." Both of them were. When one particular side in the argument has control of the biggest megaphone, you're only going to hear how the House has impeached Donald Trump for the second time, and it's going to sound very important and make Trump sound like a criminal, when in fact on both occasions, the "crimes" were invented out of thin air by anti-Trump Democrats and RINOs simply to continue their relentless attack on Trump and his supporters and attach the word "impeachment" to him. It was a goal of the Dems and their dutiful stenographers in the media right from the start, to impeach. There's as much honesty involved in impeaching Trump as there was in giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize.
  10. Common Sense

    McLaughlin Poll: Public Opposes Trump Impeachment

    Quite literally, the old hag who runs our government has forced a fantasy "impeachment" on Trump out of personal hatred. For the second time in his term, the Democrats, hoping to prevent Donald Trump from uncovering years of criminal activity between our so called "representatives" and enemy countries, have invented out of thin air "crimes" the president is supposedly guilty of. Knowing they would have enough votes because they've rigged the system to always have a majority in the House, they move to impeach based on a perfectly legitimate phone call in the first place, and an absolutely verifiable LIE in this case. The whole world knows Mr. Trump did not incite anyone to attack the Capitol. I watched the speech beginning to end. I've seen irrefutable evidence that it was the Democrats working with their Antifa foot soldiers to plan and implement this aggressive theatrical "riot" in the midst of a peaceful Trump rally. The people seen in those videos (and sharing them themselves all over the internet) are Antifa and BLM, Soros-hired and compensated, to amend the popular narrative. If the staged "riot" had not happened, the media would have been forced to report on the hundreds of thousands of peaceful citizens lawfully and rightfully gathering in the nation's capital to support their president and show their so-called representatives how they feel about a stolen election. Instead, ALL the reporting from the January 6 peaceful protest is focused on the staged "riot." Which the Democrats are wholly responsible for. Mr. Trump deserves zero blame for what happened that day, but Nancy Pelosi and her frightened minions are able to sell any made up controversy and crime they care to because of their drooling lapdog stenographers in the media. Pelosi's psychotic hatred of Trump is no doubt caused by her knowing that if Trump were to release all the information he has about her ties to China, she'd be finished. She thinks it's more important for the history books to show the word "Impeachment" next to Donald Trump's name because the books would not accurately describe how the Democrats exploited their "control" over the House to put on a dramatic show over a freaking phone call just to get us all focused on "impeachment" and not their crimes. The Democrats control the nation's narrative. If they decide we're all going to focus on Impeachment and a staged "riot" instead of Biden cheating, then that's what's going to happen.
  11. Respect your opinion, sir. But one of the reasons I stopped listening was the boring local guests and their insipid meaningless conversations. Politicians should be on an as-needed basis, not regularly scheduled. And constantly droning on and on about the "killer COVID" and never having doctors or nurses on to talk about the thing truthfully without all the hype and hyperbole. His obsession with Trump seemed to take over the show and it was clear he would allow morons like the former mayor Ryan and some guy named Vinny to make uninterrupted speeches about how terrible Donald Trump is, not taking a moment to challenge any of their comments, while anyone advocating for Trump was immediately interrupted and challenged before they'd even had a chance to make their point. Frankly, it's a local talk show and not a very good one, so it's not worth being a regular listener. Same boring callers, same lame schtick from the host.
  12. Common Sense

    Yup — Definitely NO PROOF Of Voter Fraud!

    I know it's fashionable to squawk "there's no evidence of election fraud", I thought I'd try a list just off the top of my head, with no notes: While state legislatures are given sole Constitutional responsibility for the hows, whens and wheres of elections, in several states, the same attorney that brought us the glorious Steele peeing prostitutes dossier managed to get clerks, secretaries of states and governors to change the election rules. Constitutionally invalid, ignored by courts. Using the COVID scamdemic to scare enough easily-fooled sheep into viewing in-person voting as deadly, they flooded the country with millions upon millions of mail-in ballots, universally agreed to be THE MOST corruptible form of voting. That's saying something, given what we believe they did with the Dominion Voting Machines. States purchased, for many millions of dollars, Dominion Voting Machines, despite a sea of red flags about their vulnerability to fraud and error rates. Many states refused to purchase these machines because of their abysmal record. At the State Farm Arena, after shooing poll observers (as if they could get close enough to see anything anyway...) and media off the counting floor, using a "water main leak" as an excuse - later determined to be nothing but a leaky toilet nowhere near the ballot counting area - a handful of vote counters were caught on surveillance cameras pulling suitcases from under tables, taking ballots out of those suitcases and scanning them several times each into the voting machines. We still have not heard from any of the people seen in the video about what they were doing. One of the ladies, Ruby Freeman, was supposed to do an interview but canceled at the last minute saying she needed to get a lawyer. Haven't heard a peep out of her since. Sworn affidavits from average schmucks like you and me who were working the polls, observing, driving trucks, etc. have been filed in the courts, outlining incidents of irregular election activities of many varieties. Yes, affidavits don't amount to evidence, but they represent someone pledging information under penalty of perjury. I can't imagine too many people would be willing to face prison or fines for making up a lie and then putting their name on it. At a number of polling locations, people were forbidden from entering or expelled if they challenged Biden votes. Standing in glassed foyers, crowds of people watched stunned as people inside the vote-counting spaces taped cardboard and other materials up on the windows to block everyone's view. What possible justification could there be for that? People watching on television as thousands of votes are switched in real time from Trump to Biden. The "official" vote totals for all candidates does not square with the reported "record" number of Biden votes added to the official vote totals for Trump. Not even close. Off by millions. The vote counts STOPPED. Simultaneously. In the states that ended up being contested. And when they resumed, by magic, a sizeable Trump lead in each of the states had flipped to a slim margin for Biden. Biden, we are told, received millions more votes than both Obama and Hillary, something many find difficult to believe, especially given the fact that Biden never really campaigned, and when he did, spent most of his short speeches yelling about how bad Trump is, and not offering his own ideas. Biden said - out loud - he'd put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history. He also told a crowd: I don't need you to get me elected, I need you after I get elected. Data analysts galore have repeatedly called into question the algorithm of the voting machines and have said they were connected to the internet, which they should not have been. The head of system security for Dominion, Eric Coomer, is affiliated with Antifa, and is on an Antifa conference call promising that Trump would not be re-elected, because he'd made sure of it. ...I'm sure there's lots more if I wanted to spend more time...
  13. Credibility is a shaky concept these days. I just heard Bob Joseph tell a caller that he loves Donald Trump and wishes him well. Whatever shred of credibility he may have still had dissolved with that obvious lie. He's enabled his callers to relentlessly attack this president, piling on with the rest of the Trump haters who couldn't accept his victory and plans to put America first. When the host of the only local talk show is a liar, that's not good.
  14. Exactly. I wanted so very badly to believe that I'd found a guy who had behind the scenes access to the maneuvers to save our Republic. Someone on a message board mentioned his name and I went looking for him. He comes across as very knowledgeable and connected and I started getting pretty hyped up about the future of the U.S. Then, like you, I started doing a little digging on this guy and found the same nutjob info you did. Pretty disappointing. It's a really shitty time for people who are looking for truth. There's almost nowhere to find it.
  15. Common Sense

    Does Trump lie ???? LOL

    They're actually not even HIS opinions. He pulled every one of them from internet fact-checking sites, all of which lean left. Every single one. And he's cherry-picked the parts that he thinks reveal Trump falsehoods. Just as I expected he would do. I could actually take the time to refute each claim, but why bother for someone as locked into Trump hatred as this guy?