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  1. Maybe the family-friendly Spiedie Fest shouldn't be inviting people like Billy Currington (who?) to perform. I'm not entirely convinced it was "vocal issues" that prompted the cancellation. Unless that's the name of a new kind of booze... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2314983/Billy-Currington-jumped-speed-boat-chased-tour-boat-captain-threatened-finish-off.html http://www.cmt.com/news/1566803/billy-currington-discusses-his-abuse-as-a-child/
  2. Common Sense

    Vestal walk way along 434

    I still wonder what the people living in all those houses along Vestal Ave. think about having this in their "backyard" without the buffer of all those trees they took out for this.
  3. Common Sense

    Our local joke of "news" media

    Right you are, sir. And what is the compulsion local, regional and national media have to insert these non-objective opinions into the headlines and stories? Using the word "unproven" is just stupid and is the opposite of objectivity. It's what has earned media in general single-digit approval ratings from the public.
  4. Common Sense

    Our local joke of "news" media

    Right there on the front page. Calls Ivermectin "unproven." Why even bother, WBNG? Just turn off the lights. https://wbng.com/2021/10/16/lawsuits-demand-unproven-ivermectin-for-covid-patients-2/
  5. Common Sense

    Court St. CVS to close

  6. Common Sense

    SHAME on Ascension. SHAME on UHS

    Well, Bing, I appreciate all the time and effort you took in your post. Very informative. It's nice to learn new things - or at least read differing perspectives because you don't know what you don't know. I'm not exactly sure what your purpose was in crafting a mini-novel on a small-town chat board, though. Perhaps you think you'll change my mind about believing a government OF, FOR, and BY the people has no right to force me to get an injection I don't want or need for a virus that I've already had and survived just fine, and that globally kills less than 1% of the people who get it. I don't care how long and articulate your posts are, I'm not budging on that. I still cling to the pleasant fantasy that I live in a free country with God-given rights. I don't "pin all my hopes" on imaginary legal theories. I do pin my hopes on careful research, keen instincts to separate fact from fiction, and perhaps the work of good and decent, and patriotic attorneys and Constitutional experts who are willing to do battle to - among other things - keep employers from completely losing their minds and sense of decency. All of the people they employ went through an application and interview process and got the job. And they've probably kept the jobs for years, with raises and good reviews. Now, all of a sudden because some Munchkin named Tony decides it's time to begin the global depopulation program, all those valued employees are cattle? Demand they all get a vaccine that's proven not to work and appears to be killing people? I will never ever qualify as a legal or constitutional expert, but there are people in the world who ARE, and we should listen to their sage advice, should they choose to begin sharing it. That's the thing about our world today. I think the vast majority of us know deep down that COVID has never been a real pandemic. It was used as political dynamite to get rid of Donald Trump and install someone willing to be the face of America's destruction. I think we also all know that Joe Biden didn't really win the election, but we're all going about our lives as though he did. This can't keep up. We can't keep living this way. We seem to be under attack on all sides, even by "our" government. It's getting harder and harder just to find a hint of something to be optimistic or hopeful about. Maybe that's why some people DO talk about what they perceive to Constitutional rights and legal positions that aren't necessarily accurate. They're trying to find some way out of this mess without a second revolution or civil war.
  7. Common Sense

    SHAME on Ascension. SHAME on UHS

    I just noticed I'd never responded to this. I didn't say a judge had granted a TRO against the entire NYS mandate. Re-read what I wrote. I believe compelling an American citizen to subject themselves to an unapproved - other than by EUA - genetic therapy mislabeled as a "vaccine" violates the Constitution. America's Frontline Doctors and many others seem to agree. https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/2/?s=unconstitutional mandate Yes, I'm aware of the 2019 legislative decision on religious exemptions. I'm also aware that the vast majority of states in the union still allow for them. So there seems to be a little bit of a disconnect going on. Removing the exemptions for religious people IS a violation of their civil rights, but the erasing of rights is happening so frequently now that nobody seems to notice or care. No government should be able to force an adult to get any kind of medical procedure as a condition of continued employment, period. And two years ago, most people would have said the same thing. Now all of a sudden, the brainwashing has worked so well that a lot of people actually think we SHOULD give up rights "for the greater good." It's even made Democrats stop using the "my body, my choice" slogan to kill unborn babies. I'm not going to speculate on the question you asked about funeral and burial regulations at Islamberg or what Rastafarians can do. I don't know enough about either of these to offer an informed opinion and don't really care enough to research it. Constitutional attorneys should be raking in the bucks right now but I don't see an awful lot of them being very public in guiding the people's thoughts about these unusual circumstances in which we find ourselves. Those criteria for demonstrating valid religious beliefs have already been spelled out and agreed upon. Certainly, any medical concoction that involved testing with tissues and cells from aborted fetuses would be off limits to anyone who truly believes in what their faith teaches them. I've always believed that some vaccinations SHOULD be required for children to attend schools, but my thinking has changed on that. It sure seems to me that the more I learn about the history of school vaccination requirements, the more it seems it was more about making money than keeping kids healthy and safe. Hope I passed your quiz.
  8. Common Sense


    Hochul, the tiny and very ugly witch, is just following "the plan." Destroying health care is part of the plan. They WANT a lot of skilled nurses and doctors to get mad enough to walk out. So they can be replaced with "their" people. https://www.bitchute.com/video/6ynQkmEaCgUM/
  9. None of this is by accident. It is all by design. They are trying to destroy health care, law enforcement, the ability to travel and get supplies. And we all know why. https://www.bitchute.com/video/6ynQkmEaCgUM/
  10. Common Sense


    The traffic is definitely a drawback. I don't know who the geniuses were that planned that multi-dimensional psychedelic collision of on and off ramps, twists and turns and stoplights, but I hope they're not doing any more planning.
  11. Common Sense


    Kathy Hochul is an evil lying Biden Democrat with no medical background. She invokes a God she doesn't believe in. https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/uk-funeral-director-blows-whistle-on-vaccine-deaths-im-dealing-with-murder-victims/
  12. Common Sense


    Yep, it was Friday. And best of all, the buttermilk chicken was boneless. I got to eat every morsel. It might very well have been the most tender and delicious chicken I've ever eaten. And I've eaten a good size flock over my lifetime. And we haven't even talked about the prices. A huge sub that took me two days to eat, two pieces of amazing buttermilk chicken and a soda..about 15 bucks. We must have a law passed that forbids this place from ever closing.
  13. Common Sense

    SHAME on Ascension. SHAME on UHS

    There's a great question making the rounds today: if the "vaccinated" can still get, and spread this "deadly" virus, why aren't THEY being tested as a condition of continued employment? The vaccines obviously don't work, and are just a profit-making scam for Big Pharma, so why is there a distinction between people who've gotten them and people who choose not to? Both groups are just as capable of getting and spreading the virus. So both should be treated the same by employers. So, Ascension and UHS, and many other public employers: what's it gonna be? Are you going to force vaccinated employees to also be tested weekly as a condition of continued employment, or is that asking for too much fairness?
  14. Common Sense


    Well after eavesdropping on this conversation I decided to get lunch at Red and White, Chenango Bridge. That was one seriously good turkey sub. I'm a guy with a big appetite, but I could only finish half the sub. The other half was lunch the next day. Oh, and I also got a couple of pieces of their buttermilk chicken. I would seriously knock over a toddler and an old man on crutches to get more of that. What a gem of a place that is.
  15. Common Sense

    SHAME on Ascension. SHAME on UHS

    This is part of the reason our lives are so miserable right now. This "news" organization's reporting on this is disgraceful, dishonest and dangerous. They make the miracle "vaccine" seem like the only solution to all our problems, and Kathy "King Andrew in a Dress" Hochul seem like a rare combination of medical expert, political goddess and caring compassionate public servant. The reality is, the vaccines are killing people, don't work against COVID, arent' necessary for anyone because COVID barely kills anyone who gets it, and Hochul, who calls herself a "Biden Democrat", meaning she admires a man willing to steal the presidency, is actually a soulless repulsive shrew who has no business making any decisions that impact people's livelihoods, since she backed into the job and will not keep it when the election rolls around. I miss the days when we had actual honest reporters. https://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/coronavirus/2021/09/24/medical-worker-vaccine-mandate/5830251001/