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  1. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Word Disassociation

    I'll go first: midgets
  2. "To Serve Man".......................it's a cookbook!!!
  3. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    A Fun Question. Wanna Play?

    3! One to hold the light bulb and two to turn the ladder.
  4. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Jakes in Hillcrest

    I heard Jake had some "bitch" on the side! I guess it makes sense, seeing how "Jake" is the owner's german shepherd. For whatever reason this guy closed, I agree that the place seems to have "the kiss of death" for business....been that way since the late '70's....I believe it was a Dairy Queen back then.
  5. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Those were the days my friend...

    Gas was 32.9 when Kennedy was in office in 1961 and he was a Dem too! What's your point? You don't work for FoxNews.... or do you? You haven't segued to Obamacare sucks yet... that's usually next.
  6. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Those were the days my friend...

    Buy a used Corvair....that's what I did!
  7. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Forks votes down merger: 2000 no - 355 yes

    Their basketball team always sucks!
  8. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Where were you???

    I was in the 3rd grade at Abraham Lincoln School on Vestal Ave. when the principal, Marjorie Bush, got on the PA system and told us of the shooting, and sent us home. I remember everyone crying (myself included) as we walked home that day. The following week, ALL 3 channels pre-empted regular programming as we watched everything (in B&W of course), from the initial reports at Parkland, Ruby shooting Oswald on live TV, through to the somber funeral procession with the boot turned backward in the horse's stirrup and JFK Jr, saluting. The rest is a blur other than not liking Walter Cronkite's voice right up until he retired and "What's the frequency Kenneth?" replaced him. Where were you???
  9. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Old Ames Building on Upper Front Street

    I've always been under the understanding that the owner of the paperback book store IS the owner of the whole plaza. Unless things have changed (that was years ago) , she retired down south somewhere.
  10. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Garo For Grand Visier Of Binghamton!!!

    I've got no complaints or issues with Garo.....I generally like him. I was just pointing out that I had to take a leak and he didn't have a bathroom! However, I'm pretty sure one of those cars parked out in front of his "corporate suite" ( as you call it) was there back in 1977 when I lived on Colfax Avenue and used to walk by on my way to work at GAF. I could double-check with the other guys on my shift, but they've all died of old age, except for Hojsik...he died last year from a heart attack.
  11. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Garo For Grand Visier Of Binghamton!!!

    I doubt it. Last I knew, his place on Clinton Street didn't have a bathroom. I had to go across the street ( I think it was DLord's place) to take a leak!
  12. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    So, now honest posts are deleted?

    What our parents taught us still holds truetoday. Never discuss religion or politics. I never have, UNLESS the political candidate reminds me of Miss Piggy or the discussion is about Muslims from Detroit, or Paramus, New Jersey!
  13. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Happy Birthday Reddi

    You're only 29???? You must have had a bad summer or two in there someplace. I've got two pair of socks older than you! Enjoy your big day, little man....the next one kinda sucks!!!
  14. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Happy Birthday Reddi

    You're welcome Reddi. You haven't missed much while you were gone.....actually, you haven't missed ANYTHING! The place is deader than Kelsey's left nu...er...bolt holder!
  15. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Al Jazeera

    I really like his song "Girls Know How" from "Night Shift".
  16. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    online colleges

    I was looking into it with The University of Phoenix. Spent about 5 hours on the phone with a counselor for 3 days, "tailoring" a Batchelors's program in literature for me. Unfortunately, the tuition cost per year was close to 5 figures. I thanked her for her time and told her to put me at the bottom of her "follow-up list"....way to expensive. It took me 6 years at BCC to earn an Associate's part time, I can do the same on the Vestal Parkway much cheaper!
  17. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Improved quality of postings on BCV.

    My lawnmower won't start!
  18. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Road Runner Internet problems?

    I switched to Chrome a few weeks ago....same problems. We were having a lot of outages in Hillcrest a month ago. The TW rep told me the problems are not in their signals, but in their boxes.
  19. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Road Runner Internet problems?

    Having the same problem with FB. Additionally, re: Time Warner, having a long delay loading with cable trying to change channels, etc.... Two sets....same problem.
  20. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Penny's Pet Pouree

    Let's not forget her sense of humor. I always got a chuckle out of her answering machine............."This is Penny. I can't come to the phone right now, I'm in the tub with a client......"
  21. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Penny's Pet Pouree

    Seriously?!?! I've been taking my pets to her for years. Are we talking about the same girl? She's not on Front St. anymore, she's on the first left past 12A (1st house on the left). If so....way too young (and beautiful....great smile).
  22. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    The Meat Guys in old Toyota pickups

  23. I must confess, with the weak TV lineup offered by the major networks (with the exceptions of NCIS and Rules of Engagement, I've found my viewing time focused totally on the various pawn shops, storage units, and "picker" reality shows that are offered. They are very entertaining, enjoyable, and surprisingly...historically educational. I noticed recently on a show called "Storage Wars" that one of the main characters, "Dave" (the "Yup guy" if you watch)has been missing. I suspected that he had been fired due to viewer response to his being extremely arrogant and obnoxious. I finally "Googled" it and I was right....he had indeed been sacked! I also found out, that he in turn, has filed a lawsuit for unjustified termination. His lawsuit goes on to explain that the show is entirely scripted, as far as which contestant finds what, how much it's worth, and in several instances, the items they find are often brought from home by cast and crew members to be used!!! I was broken hearted (to a point, anyway). I wonder how far this spreads!?!? Now, I "weigh" the validity" of every item brought into Rick and Chumley at the Vegas pawn shop, or perhaps the $7500 Harley, Mike and Frank found in a barn in Sandusky, Ohio was really there....etc. It certainly puts a "damper" on viewing these shows and I hope the networks look into it soon!
  24. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    The $64,000 Question scandal revisited (Storage Wars)

    I've been watching this new show on The History Channel called "God, Guns, and Automobiles"! Kinda scary.... a bunch of gun totin', red necks down south who run an automobile dealership. I noticed they never have any black friends or custom...ers and I'll bet they all use the same dry cleaner for their robes and hoods! Pretty sure none of them have any Bob Marley records either! http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/a7fde48976/kill-the-white-people-from-nino
  25. Sleepless in Hillcrest

    The difference between cats and dogs

    Have both..... oldtimers. As long as the cat's food is fresh and his litterbox is clean, he doesn't get close enough to me to check for a heart beat. The dog, on the other hand, can't distinguish between me going away for the weekend, or running the garbage out to the cans. Either way, when I get to the door, he goes crazy with excitement, jumping and kissing and running back and forth through the house throwing his stuffed toys!