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  1. thomas

    $40,000,000 upgrade to Floyd Maines Arena

    It's great they demolished that ugly parking ramp. There are 2 other ramps downtown plus there's an empty lot next to NYSEG Stadium. What's your solution to your parking? The only thing that comes to mind is maybe tearing down some of that public housing for a parking lot. Don't know if that's a good idea or not though. I don't think parking should be paid for by Arena upgrade funds. Isn't that a city issue? The $40,000,000 should be for the Arena itself only, imo. I'm looking forward to the project rendering from the architect.
  2. This is fantastic. I hope that marquee is the first to be demolished and replaced.
  3. THU, JUL 4 AT 8 AM July 4th Breakfast in the woods Binghamton German Club · Binghamton, NY
  4. National Women's Hockey League. 24 games. 12 home games. I guess support would be 1k + per game.
  5. thomas

    BREAKING NEWS Turmoil in women's pro hockey

    PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S HOCKEY PLAYERS UNITE TO FORM PLAYERS ASSOCIATION NWHL fights back - star players Madison Packer and Kaleigh Fratkin resign for 2019-20
  6. thomas

    Brats and Brews tomorrow 5:00 pm

    Mike Korchak " Enjoyed a nice evening with friends and supporters at Brats and Brew" — with Kurt Eschbach atBinghamton German Club.
  7. thomas

    Brats and Brews tomorrow 5:00 pm

    Breakfast in the Woods "Monday May 27th - serving 8 am until sold out."
  8. At the Binghamton German Club. Loughlin Road. "Celebrate the opening of our Biergarten and join us for the annual Brats-n-Brews party hosted by Francie Cook. Enjoy Usinger Bratwurst imported directly from Milwaukee and your favorite stein of German Bier.Hot Bavarian pretzels will also be available.Dine outside or inside. Fun for all." No admission charge.
  9. Hilary Knight just tweeted this
  10. http://www.townofconklin.org/PageZoneSiteResources/TownOfConklin/Resources/file/Mn2019-04-23.pdf "Mr. Dumian acknowledged receipt of a letter of resignation from Code Officer and Dog Control Officer Nick Vascello, effective May 3, 2019. Mr. Vascello has accepted a position as Supervisor of the Broome County Forum and Assistant Supervisor of the Broome County Arena."
  11. thomas

    CWHL Folds

    press release http://www.thecwhl.com/the-canadian-womens-hockey-league-to-discontinue-operations
  12. thomas

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    Scanning further on the Google Maps image I see no lights on the SV Hi field. They were installed last summer. The Dicks Distribution Center is completed, save the north expansion. So the imagery could be summer 2017. If anyone can find a more recent image please post.
  13. thomas

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    Good point. Date is 2019 on the first photo. Although the trees with full leafage makes that in question.
  14. thomas

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    A closer view from another angle of the Google satellite image shows what appear to be tire tracks.
  15. I read River Run II Golf Links has closed. So I googled it and clicked on the map. Shocked to see most of the river blocked. Anyone have an explanation for this?