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  1. nmcjwc

    Hit & Run Post---------Removed For Now

    Garo, my question to you is this: If what you posted turns out to be true, don't you think the police were keeping it out of the news for a reason? Why do you feel the need to post inflammatory information? Who would that help? Now all that you have managed to do it upset the victims family. I thought you were better than this. No disrespect intended, but come on......
  2. nmcjwc

    The Nut closed for good!

    That's sad. That is where I had my prom dinner. A beautiful place, for sure.
  3. nmcjwc

    126 Chapin Street Shooting New Years Morning

    You log out and respond to YOURSELF under "guest." "Under siege" is one of your favorite sayings. Come on, do better than that!
  4. nmcjwc

    Drugs are Everywhere

    Wow, you are naive.
  5. nmcjwc

    Nirchis Westover

    ummm....hello? BROZETTI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. nmcjwc

    Wierdest Food Combinations Ever

    dude, what are you, pregnant?
  7. nmcjwc

    Are you kidding me with this?

    OMG, that's the actual text of the article? It DOES sound like a second grader wrote it. Wow..
  8. nmcjwc

    Where did society go wrong?

  9. nmcjwc

    Where did society go wrong?

    Well said. Thank you. @
  10. nmcjwc


    I feel so sorry for you, Hunter. You don't know that being "on the rag" is not a phenomenon limited only to lesbians. Might I suggest a human anatomy book?
  11. nmcjwc


    I say you tip for services rendered, and its none of your business what they own.
  12. nmcjwc

    Dear Hunter

    I'm just curious about how Hunter will act now. He was the one telling us that we should respect the office of the President, will he do that now? Or will he still disrespect PRESIDENT ELECT OBAMA?
  13. nmcjwc

    Dear Hunter

    Will you be leaving the country now?
  14. nmcjwc

    Female radio personalities

    Kathy White is hardly new. You must be new to Binghamton if you think she's new. She is free to say/think what she wants. She is free to "regurgitate". Isn't everything we say basically a regurgitation of what we are told/taught/hear? Don't listen to her show if you don't like it. I submit that women like YOU are the true embarassement.
  15. nmcjwc

    Class of 99

    I loved the fat/bald/surprisingly gay factor at my ten year. I, for one, have put on some weight, and was nervous going. But I ended up having an absolute blast, and it rekindled many friendships. Your 20's are so busy, its nice to see the people who were such a big part of your childhood. I say go and have a great time.