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  1. Ole Blue Eyes

    Shooting in Apalachin

    They are saying it was a home invasion. One person is still at large. Scary shit!
  2. Ole Blue Eyes

    Shooting in Apalachin

    When is that
  3. Ole Blue Eyes

    Matthews One Price

    Matthews screwed me over many years ago on my Grand Cherokee. Sold me a car that had been hit and it was on the showroom floor with 100 miles on it. Never figured it out until I had an accident with it. Vowed NEVER to go back to those crooks. Thank God for Car Fax!
  4. Ole Blue Eyes

    What's the scoop on Mick Dwyer?

    Why did he disappear from his post as weatherman?
  5. Ole Blue Eyes


    LEGALIZE IT. It has such great medicinal values. Hell, it is better than booze. The stigma from the past needs to stay in the past.
  6. Ole Blue Eyes

    Kathy Griffin

    She crossed the line. She needs to be held accountable. Period.
  7. Ole Blue Eyes

    Favorite words (from the Bible)

    You people disgust me.
  8. Ole Blue Eyes

    Well Done Stray Cat, Did Not Think It Possible.

    I haven't been on BC Voice in a very long time. I have to say that the crap that is posted is just that...crap. I guess I haven't missed much. Someone needs to put a muzzle on certain posters.
  9. Ole Blue Eyes


    In the immortal words of Bob Marley... "Legalize It!"
  10. I looked up that Daisy Dawson on Facebook and there is an interesting picture of her with Ron Benjamin dated Sept of '14. Hmmm?
  11. Ole Blue Eyes

    Another VW dealer?

    I will never, ever get another car from Matthews. They screwed me over when I purchased a Grand Cherokee from them years back. Shady dealership.
  12. Ole Blue Eyes

    That pothole was soooooo big....

    The pothole was so big that it even outsized my ex husband's deleted.
  13. Ole Blue Eyes

    Help Furniture

    I just moved to the area and I needed recommendations for furniture stores. Thanks!
  14. I heard he is a piece of s*** evil human being. And recently he got caught wth his hand in someone else's cookie jar. Nough said.
  15. Ole Blue Eyes

    Traditions at the Glen

    There is much more to it Davy. The bullshit that they have pulled with my poor daughter is UNACCEPTABLE and I adviced her to file fraudelent (sp?) charges against them.