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  1. Section4Mike

    Welcome to Broome County BLACK BEARS

    19, not 9. 😀
  2. Section4Mike

    Welcome to Broome County BLACK BEARS

    Can’t answer your question, but “a few years ago”? Hard to believe but they were formed nearly a quarter-century ago, 1997, and ended in 2002.
  3. Section4Mike

    How’s that COVID-19 “Vaccine” working out for you?

    Keep in mind… From the VAERS website. VAERS accepts reports from anyone. Patients, parents, caregivers and healthcare providers (HCP) are encouraged to report adverse events after vaccination to VAERS even if it is not clear that the vaccine caused the adverse event. In addition, HCP are required to report certain adverse events after vaccination.
  4. Section4Mike

    Welcome to Broome County BLACK BEARS

    Just my opinion, but ugh on the unis.
  5. Section4Mike

    NWHL to Binghamton? Poll

    >>Ok Mike, thanks for your take. The AHL is the best fit. But, assuming the AHL isgone..<<. When the Rangers left in 1997 people were saying the AHL was gone for good and I figured no way. Sure, the BC Icemen were formed that year in the UHL and stayed a few years, but then the Senators came for a decade and a half and then the Devils. I’ve been following the AHL turnover closely the last half-century and studied previous decades and you can see that while affiliations are often changing throughput the league one thing is consistent with the eastern cities. That is while some of the longtime traditional AHL towns might not have an AHL team a few years, the league DOES come back to that city. Binghamton IS an AHL city. Has been for like 80% of the last half-century. The AHL is not gone forever. That’s near a certainty as we ARE an AHL town. Besides, we ain’t been the Islanders affiliate yet.
  6. Section4Mike

    NWHL to Binghamton? Poll

    It’s not done here. Not even close. We’ll have another team here in the fall of 2022. No doubt in my mind.
  7. Section4Mike

    47-6 JC Dropped

    Funny you should ask. From my rather extensive spreadsheet... (once at the web image, you may have to click on it to view it larger) http://www.section4football.com/teams/jc.gif
  8. Section4Mike

    Section 4 Football

    Gotta pick all the games to claim a "better than.....Section 4 Mike". No piece-part or cherry pickin' :-) I HAVE dropped that from Tractor to a Plow Mule game The Bingo/Corning and SV/M-E games too.
  9. Section4Mike

    Section 4 Football

    Week 1, and often week 2 are bears to pick. I usually will settle for 1 more right than wrong in week 1. Lansing is playing Moravia, Ithaca playing Auburn. I figure you meant Auburn over Ithaca (and not Lansing over Moravia...that is unless you are a Lansing alum)
  10. Section4Mike


    Sorry to hear that. My two experiences there, well, no issues, but no yeah or nay in regards to the experiences. In December 2011 at work we called an ambulance when it appeared I was having a heart attack. When I was laying down in the ambulance they asked me "what hospital would you like to go to?". I said whatever they think was best. They responded basically that they were not allowed to do that (I figured that was policy for a responsive & coherent patient). So I called my cousin's husband, who at the time was a big wig at Lourdes. He said "Go to Wilson". So I went to Wilson. To me that makes it a no-brainer for a local cardiac emergency. Bottom line for me is survival. Later I asked him if I was in the same situation during one of my then frequent trips to Syracuse he said to go to St. Joseph's. Last June they carted me out from work again. This time no attack, but I got me more stents at Wilson.
  11. Section4Mike

    Newark Valley State Champs!!

    Yeah, it was nice to see. It wasn't that long ago, less than 10 years ago, on the now defunct syracuse.com forum for HS Football that one NV grad and fan in particular was very disgruntled at the overall Section 4 system and that NV would never be in a position to even win Section 4, much less a state title. Little did he know that NV would be a force to be reckoned with for (at least) a handful of seasons and win that state title. Like any community winning a state football title for the first time, the NV district must have had a blast this entire season.
  12. Section4Mike

    M-E Football

    As of now he's not on Cornell's 2017 baseball roster http://cornellbigred.com/roster.aspx?path=baseball
  13. Something to know and think about. Seems personal investigation would be prudent When to turn down that GoFundMe medical plea When a Texas mother died shortly after giving birth in 2014, it left her fiancé bereft, both emotionally and financially. Almost predictably, a GoFundMepage started making the rounds of social media, soliciting donations to help cover her medical and funeral costs. The young couple’s friends and family gave more than $4,500 in a few days — not to the grieving fiancé, as it turned out, but to a scammer who launched the page, took the money, and ran. The rest of the article at http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/columnist/stevenpetrow/2016/07/20/when-turn-down-gofundme-medical-plea/86879582
  14. Section4Mike

    Tribute to a Friend

    Bravo Jack! Well done! I only saw Joe as a TC Jet...my late father and I went to MANY home and away Jet games from the earliest years through the late 80s. Joe was certainly special, a 1st Team All-time Jet in my book. I never met him, but am certain every word of praise I've read about him as a man this week is to a T. Thanks for this special post. Rest peacefully Joe.
  15. Section4Mike


    Me? I haven't watched an NBA game since the 1978 playoffs. Baseball, not since 1988. I much prefer the college game in football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. Hardly even watch the NFL or NHL, 2 or 3 a month maybe.