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  1. Section4Mike

    Vestal walk way along 434

    Loooong before this insipid project was on the drawing board I envisioned the river side of that stretch to be cleared of trees and vegetation for a spectacular view of the river and farside riverbank/trees. Seen many such views in other cities. Of course many would object to such a teardown of trees and I respect that.
  2. The newspapers used to of course but now with staff cuts galore they can’t do it. if I were retired I’d offer to do the major sports for Varsity, though I’ve been asked to do it for all the sections upstate and have been asked to do the state rankings in football, but again I’d have to be retired. This is the page at my website that I am most proud of . I wish someone would do the same for hoops. https://www.section4football.com/stateplayoffs/byteam.html
  3. For V football you can find them at this link. https://www.section4football.com/2021/2021standings.html I update them the evening of gamedays. As for the other sports, I am unsure if section4hoops.com still operates. other sports, V & JV, I doubt anywhere.
  4. Section4Mike

    Famous people from Binghamton area

    They probably misheard “signpost up ahead” as “sidewalk up ahead.”
  5. Section4Mike

    Famous people from Binghamton area

    They forgot Rick Baker. One of the most accomplished of them all.
  6. Section4Mike

    Binghamton High Varsity Football Coach Job Posted

    Notre Dame (Elmira) just re-hired the guy who was their head coach from 1971 to 1974 and again in 1981. He’s 75 now if I recall correctly.
  7. Section4Mike

    8/21 BU is back

    I actually had two automated phone calls to my landline seconds apart “warning” me that BU students were arriving to campus today and that the area “should be avoided” including 201S. That was a first for me, phone calls to my land line on a traffic alert.
  8. Section4Mike

    Where are all the lids and caps??

    Can’t remember exactly when, but the USA Today had a feature article in the past year that due to the pandemic and people being home that people were making gardens in very high numbers and the same with canning.
  9. Thanks for straightening my ass out Bill. Christ, the one I mentioned read happened on the 16th early morning. Garo’s report was Saturday night. I gotta stop posting shortly after waking up…obviously my brain pills hadn’t kicked in yet.
  10. WNBF reports the police said 4 casings were found. Which is it, 4 or “25 to 30”?
  11. Section4Mike

    Garner needs to F*#@ off!

    And by the way Common Sense, Google Dr Ryan N Cole from that 5-month old https://www.bitchute.com/video/TsdTTHJteilw/ video. There’s a reason he’s an independent doctor. There’s a reason they call some doctors a quack.
  12. Section4Mike

    Garner needs to F*#@ off!

    >>And for the record, I can guaranTEE you I have researched the validity of this "pandemic" more TODAY than you've done in a year and a half, << Big assumption there dude. Almost ALL I did from last September thru February was researching, reading and watching news on this. Not CNN (which I dedpise), not Fox, not CBS nor NBC, but newscasts/newspapers from France, Spain, England, Japan, Germany, Greece and others. I was homebound from seven hospitalizations and two surgeries for nearly six months. Spent a ton of time on the COVID topic. It IS a pandemic. Ask people from THOSE countries. Governments world-wide don’t push a false pandemic. It’s real. I’m done with this. Assuming you are unvaccinated (hoping that is NOT the case), I wish you well if you get COVID, I do not wish it on anyone.
  13. Section4Mike

    Garner needs to F*#@ off!

    I’ll spell it out for you in one sentence. The fact that you called it a “phony pandemic” shows intelligent people that refuting anything you spiel is a complete waste of time.
  14. Section4Mike

    Garner needs to F*#@ off!

    It’s pretty much the same as your post. Insults and no submitted evidence. Thing is, there IS PLENTY of evidence this is so very scarily real.
  15. Section4Mike

    Garner needs to F*#@ off!

    LOL. It’s you that are full of crap. You are absolutely clueless and I’ll say dangerous to anyone who listens to your horseshit.