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  1. Seems to me you guys aren't seeing the forest through the trees. The problem here isn't that someone played by the rules and purchased property in order to qualify for placement on tow lists. The problem is that so-called tow lists exist in the first place, and, given that, that there are property ownership requirements to be on them. Corruption is a ladder, and tow lists are the first few rungs. Don't believe me? Look at the first post in this thread. The OP is complaining about blatant corruption that has occurred as a result of allowing such policies.
  2. OTR

    Scandal at East Middle School

    Definitely some things that don't smell right here. The school's vehement denial that any strip searches occurred suggests that the accusations may be BS. ...but it's my understanding that the nurse in question is still out. Which makes one wonder, if nothing happened, why has the nurse been out for so long? ...and if the nurse is suspended/whatever relating to this incident, then why not the assistant superintendents?
  3. What's shocking about that? If he's not a flight risk and not a danger to society, shouldn't he be out of jail? Innocent until proven guilty, right?
  4. OTR

    Debra Harrington Butler

    Who the hell cares? It's not like you have to put up with her...
  5. OTR

    Oakdale Mall

    I think there's a lesson to be learned about taxes here. And that lesson is simple: tax fairly, tax consistently. Want to know how JC became dependent on the Mall's taxes? Because they give sweetheart tax deals to places like Walmart. I forget Walmart's exact deal, but they all follow the same pattern: significant tax breaks for 20+ years, at which point the business threatens to leave unless the sweetheart deals remain. Due to the nature of the business, the mall couldn't make the same threats. Kinda like the rest of us, who are footing the profits of Walmart by paying the taxes they aren't.
  6. OTR

    Over Reaction at SUNY

    You're knocking it out of the park in this thread, FS. One correction, though: campus police are police. They were given that status back in the late 90's (in NY, that is). Edit: now, time for some growth. Compare your stance on this swastika with your stance on people burning the flag. The hypocrisy is thick here, see? You've got some great ideas, you're just not consistent in their application.
  7. Maybe they decided to focus on stopping DWI instead of enabling RWS?
  8. OTR

    Spectrum planning to drop 23 channels

    This is just the same old rigamarole that we saw dozens of times with TWC. They get into a spat over finances, they cry foul and whine about it for a couple months, then they reach an agreement. ...not that I care either way. I only have cable because they offered me a screaming deal, and I only watch the pay channels like HBO (mostly Netflix nowadays). The second Speculum starts raising rates on me, I'll cut the cord again.
  9. OTR

    Harvey and trump 2 peas in a pod!

    If I'd had any idea Trump would piss off liberals this much, I'd have found a way to vote for him twice.
  10. OTR

    What's Up With Our Universities?

    Robots are tools. What you're saying is that you think we will stop advancing our tools... something we've been doing for the entire duration of our species. Seems rather unlikely to me.
  11. OTR

    How A Paranoid One Sees LV Killings.

    It's the hotel, not the casino. If he'd tried to bring 23 guns onto the casino floor, I'm sure they'd have noticed.
  12. OTR

    What's Up With Our Universities?

    Liberal smug has staged a successful invasion. It's a shame, really. Controversial speakers on campus were always a hoot.
  13. OTR

    Gun nuts will rush to protect the 2nd.!

    Which Constitutional amendment that protects our right to lawn darts? Also, you're using an example of government overreach... to justify government overreach?