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  1. Eh, I doubt it - not if you're talking a print newspaper. It's a dead medium.
  2. OTR

    Memorial Day 2019

    1) How many of those 1000 cases are anti-vaxxers (as in, did it to themselves)? 2) We're back at the peanut allergy issue. As you point out, some people cannot vaccinate. Which seems right: that a very small number of people with unique and rare health issues manage their health issues appropriately, or forcing the entire population to do something to accommodate that very small number of people?
  3. Bingo. Broome County: Dozens scammed by phishing email, exposing personal information
  4. OTR

    Memorial Day 2019

    Traffic laws and campfires are poor comparisons to being allowed out in public. I think we've actually drawn a fair and Constitutional line around this already: places with compulsory public attendance (ex: schools) require vaccinations to participate. Those without vaccinations must seek other arrangements. Private property owners (ex: businesses or universities) may make similar rules. While I agree that almost everyone should get vaccinated, I am very much against requiring vaccinations by law - a.k.a. forced compliance under threat of physical force. The government has a very poor track record in this field already. This is not a power we want to give them.
  5. Frankly, I'm not sure local governments can afford to properly secure their networks. Think about it - big money companies spend millions upon millions per year, yet they still deal with intrusions on a regular basis. Even if your system is properly locked down, you can't forget about the the human element, always the weakest link in the security chain. All it takes is one person logging in from a compromised public kiosk or wifi for a hacker to get in. Or one person to fall for social engineering.
  6. OTR

    Memorial Day 2019

    Hmmmm. While I think the anti-vax position is foolish from a medical perspective, from a rights perspective, I have to take issue with what you stated above, unless you have some qualifications to add. For example, what do you mean by "keep them home?" That the kids should be imprisoned in their homes indefinitely? That in order to be in public, one must inject themselves with certain concoctions that the government has deemed necessary? Is that really a precedent you want to get behind? I hate to argue slippery slope, but the government should simply not have that level of power over its citizenry, because all governments are horribly flawed. 30 years ago, they'd have tried to inject the gay away if they thought they had a chemical to do it... need I mention MKULTRA or the forced sterilizations of the past? Or are you referring to, say, just places that others are required to be (such as school)? If so, does that really change my above questions? Unvaccinated people are a threat to two groups (besides themselves): those who cannot inoculate due to medical reasons, and those for whom the inoculation was ineffective. Of note, both of these groups present the same threat to the public as anti-vaxxers. What gives two of these groups the right to participate in society, but not the third? Your response will surely be "choice," but don't involuntarily unvaccinated people have a choice as to whether or not to be in public with the unwashed masses? Should people with compromised immune systems prevent other, healthier people from participating in society, or should those with compromised immune systems choose to participate less based on their own physical limitations? What makes the choice of one group more valid than the choice of another? Basically, the above couple of paragraphs come down to this: should the small handful of people who have extreme peanut allergies keep themselves out of areas they are likely to encounter peanut-related things, or should the rest of the world stop consuming all nut products? While not a perfect analogy, it's worth noting that the stance you've taken here is that nuts must go. aside: that last line was totally not an intentional pun, but I'm keeping it!
  7. OTR

    Brats and Brews tomorrow 5:00 pm

    I'm going to have to ponder on the "mentality of a pea." I'm sure there's a Far Side comic in there somewhere.
  8. OTR

    Respect the ride.

    Heh. Up next: legislation to require large bulky train horns on bikes...
  9. Truly, the best way to bring people to your side of the table in a discussion is to move straight to ad hominem. Personally, I find it rewarding when a person with terrible punctuation, capitalization, and grammar feels it necessary to point out my lack of intelligence. Regardless of how stupid or ignorant I may be, I rest comfortably knowing that I still present several steps above my accuser.
  10. This is the liberal wet dream definition of rape. As is typical, they take a reasonable stance (having sex with a person so drunk they can't stand up or stay conscious = rape) and stretch it beyond any point of reasonableness (if someone is under the influence, they cannot give consent). If anyone honestly believes that ridiculous definition, then they have a responsibility. I would like to report a rape that will occur in the very near future. I'm planning on drinking some this weekend and I just know my wife is gonna rape me when I get home. Someone please report this to the police so they can save me or something. This hot woman will be taking advantage of me. Funny, no one seems to be rushing to dial 911...
  11. OTR

    Respect the ride.

    Their minimum stopping distance is much less than those of us in cars/trucks... a little extra following distance can go a long way. But if they pull any of that mirror-smashing crap, flatten 'em.
  12. Nope. I want more 1775. If Mirella doesn't want attention resulting from her social media posts, she can stop posting anytime. If she wants to live in a bubble, then she should update her privacy settings and friends list accordingly. Until that point, what she says will be met with both support and criticism.
  13. A dude that goes by "Kate" is not a convincing beard.
  14. When someone makes a public accusation, it does indeed become the public's business. Mirella is asking us for something, she's asking us to remove Fred from office based on her accusations. She comes off as a kook and she's produced nothing but more cries of victimhood. Pointing this out isn't distasteful. Levying serious accusations against someone for a consensual encounter sure as hell is, though.
  15. OTR

    Shooting in Apalachin

    2nd suspect captured.