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  1. OTR


    Yet another reason to end the tax subsidies given to businesses.
  2. OTR

    Local Roofer

    FBM Construction got a lot of great word-of-mouth reviews from my co-workers. I had them estimate my roof about 10 years ago and I thought the price was quite fair. I would have gone with them if my former boss didn't agree to come down from Syracuse and do it. Don't know if they're still in business or not.
  3. Garo et. al., just a heads up: when I signed in today it gave me a "BANNED" page. Since I haven't been particularly naughty, I figured this was an error. Clearing cookies did not fix the issue, but restarting the browser did. So, either there is some kind of issue causing people to randomly show as banned, or you attempted to ban me and it's not working. Either way, something is up :) If it starts getting unusually quiet around here, this may relate.
  4. That suggests to me that there may be more going on here than meets the eye - that this may be a financial ploy (legal or not) as opposed to an indication of fiscal stress. As in, not "they can't pay the taxes" - perhaps more like "they know if they don't pay the taxes, they can go into mediation and pay less, and get their assessment dropped for future taxation purposes." Or more nefarious, like "they know that block will be torn down and that the city will buy them out before foreclosure occurs." I could go on all day with ideas, just pointing out that the information you provided may have changed this story dramatically.
  5. Now that's and endorsement (for the other guy) that I can get behind!
  6. The part where you discard logic and rationality. The part where you deign a lawyer unfit for office because he represented shady people. You know, that thing that lawyers do. If you were looking at it rationally, you wouldn't consider the identities of a lawyer's former customers to have any bearing on whether or not he is fit for some other position. His performance for those customers, sure - but not the customers themselves. What you are doing is reacting with emotion. His former customers really offend you, or tick you off, or whatever, and you have associated those feelings with Battisti, and you are using that association as justification for why he should not be elected. That isn't a logical, rational approach. It's an irrational, emotional approach. There's nothing wrong with having such an approach, but let's not pretend it's anything other than emotion.
  7. OTR

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    The most recent local historical imagery available on Google Earth is from 10/2017, but from the original screenshot, I can see this was taken from their 3D model of the area, which was in summer of 2015 or 2016 (I forget which).
  8. Heh... no, I am not assuming that you liked, disliked, or even knew Zikuski. I was pointing out the irrationality of your position by trying to highlight the emotional element of it. As I said earlier, there have been plenty of reasons posted on this forum that may be very good reasons to not elect this guy. But the fact that he did his job correctly isn't one of them. I totally understand what you guys are saying, and why you feel the way you do. But it is nonetheless irrational and illogical. You're grasping at anything that might objectively justify your position, and it's not working. Look at your post here: "It's not that he did a good job as a lawyer, it's that it looks like he was trying to drum up business!" Ummmmm... seems like maybe you didn't think that one through either. I'm guessing you still shop at <grocery store X> despite the fact that they advertise their business and make sales designed to draw you in to the store... a.k.a. drumming up business. (That said, this whole thing doesn't sound like drumming up business. It sounds like Battisti knew someone who knew the scumbag, and a favor was called in - "can you get down to the jail and give my son some legal advice" kind of thing. Save me the post of feigned offense at this, it's an equally irrational approach). You guys have lots of solid points against Battisti. This thread ain't one of them. In fact, it is really harming the credibility of the other points that have been made. Makes folks here look like a bunch of petty people with an axe to grind instead of involved citizens with reasonable concerns. You want Battisti elected? Keep this thread at the top of the page.
  9. There may be plenty of reasons to not elect the guy, but "I'm not fond of some of his former customers" isn't a particularly strong one.
  10. A lawyer gave spot-on legal advice to a person charged (or about to be charged) with a crime. That deserves praise, not criticism. Every person has a right to legal counsel. It is one of the most important stones in the foundation of our country. And it's a lawyer's job to do it. I get that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, but it's part of the job, and a very important one at that.
  11. I dunno. As I read her post, I can't help but notice the complete lack of details in her accusations. The way it reads now, it sounds like Akshar tried to hit on her once he thought their professional relationship had concluded. To which I would say, "so what?" This is the same woman who was coming here and saying similar things ~2 years ago, right? Deliberately vague wording then, too, as I recall. It's really coming off as attention seeking at this point. If you want attention, you go to social media. If you want action, take it. All I've seen is a lot of social media...
  12. OTR

    Matthews One Price

    Dealerships are weird places. A while back, I went to Botnick Chevy while considering a new truck. Was developing a rapport with the salesman when he had to go ask his manager something. Said "manager" was a kid, likely a family member of the owner or something - he clearly had no place being the boss. Anyway, this kid fumbles around making a non-response to my question, then shakes my hand and starts hustling me out the door. The salesman looked at him like "DUDE WTF ARE YOU DOING? I'M TRYING TO WORK HERE!" - but I wasn't going to try to stick around where I wasn't wanted. Spoke with the salesman a few weeks later (after buying elsewhere), he was still pissed. I felt bad so I wrote in a letter stating what had happened, and suggesting they have the salesman and manager swap jobs.
  13. OTR

    BCVoice welcomes STORMY DANIELS to Binghamton!

    You know, it's funny, she does absolutely nothing for me, but I still kinda want to go...
  14. OTR

    Horrible accident in Binghamton

    Agreeing with your sentiment, Bingoloid, but you've jumped the shark when you start trying to apply discussion of morals to jaywalking. ----------------- Separately, look into the history of jaywalking and how laws against it came about. You might be surprised, or disgusted, at what you find.
  15. OTR

    What's the scoop on Mick Dwyer?

    Mick Dwyer grew a beard once. It made Chuck Norris look baby-faced.