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  1. QueenB

    2 students tested positive in Broome County

    One has now been confirmed.
  2. Reliable source reporting that 2 students tested positive for the virus in Broome County. Unofficial at the moment, but we are looking into getting more information asap on this. Please stay tuned.
  3. Two adults that traveled to China being tested for Coronavirus in Broome County after showing signs of respiratory symptoms. Just last night my Dad said to me to be careful because he could see the possibility of it happening here. Definitely nerve-racking with a new baby.
  4. QueenB

    Sleepless in Hillcrest

    Rest in peace Sleepless ❤️
  5. QueenB

    Leroy Street

    We have recieved information that this was NOT drug or gang related, but that there was a male going after his wife and children. We unfortunately also heard that none of the victims may make it. Prayers to the family involved and any that had to witness this awful incident.
  6. Prayers to the Zikuski family for clarity during this difficult time.
  7. QueenB

    It looks like Mulligan got the heave-ho.

    You're welcome. Merry Christmas.
  8. QueenB


    Mulligan has been issued a 10 day suspension. After that it will be a trial basis with limited posting ability.
  9. QueenB

    If I were an Administrator of BCVoice

    Mulligan has been issued a 10 day suspension. After that it will be a trial basis with limited posting ability.
  10. The only time I was ever yelled at by a boss IN FRONT of customers I walked out in the middle of a busy dinner shift. No one wants to work for a disrespectful manager or supervisor. Kim O for head of DPW!
  11. QueenB

    Obamacare - Epic Failure

    You tell them to find a job and get to work.
  12. Completely understood and totally agree plowing is much more difficult in the city than highway. Plowing with Dad my whole life, I think I could have done a better job myself than the pictures I'm seeing of some city streets. I was more in awe of the coordination and pre planning here with the county and city trucks on the on and off ramps waiting to join in the with other trucks already located on route 8. When we have snow storms here there are state wide parking bans, days before the storm hits. If your car is left on the street, it's towed. No exceptions. If that was a policy the city would adopt, there's no reason it couldnt be tandem on the streets wide enough. They have brought in heavy machinery to remove the snow from street corners, intersections, and bigger city streets downtown. Mind you, we have Malloy as a Gov. Definitely NO IMPROVEMENT from Cuomo but at least he has his shit together when it comes to snow removal. Especially for a state that closes everything with 2 or more inches. They had a plan in order, and executed it perfectly.
  13. Hard to see the 3 trucks, one in front of the Jeep, one to the left, and one to the right with the yellow lights on.
  14. Let me just interject... Here in CT we got BURRIED with snow, absolutely slammed. My husband and I had to go somewhere shortly after the snow stopped and NOTHING was plowed yet. (Thank the Lord for my awd beast of a truck, which drove through areas of 3 feet with ease) we got on the highway expecting the conditions to be the same. I have never seen DOT coordination in NY like I witnessed in CT that day. As we got on the highway there were two plow trucks directly in front of us tandam in each lane. When the highway opened up to 3 lanes there was another plow truck waiting on the on ramp. All 3 plow trucks directly side by side at the same speed cleared out over 3 feet of snow with absolute ease. I was so impressed I called up the local County DOT as I was driving behind them to commend them on their hard work. The man on the phone was in absolute shock that they were recieving praise versus criticism. I told him I was from upstate NY where it REALLY snows and I had never witnessed such a smooth sailing operation. (It did take about double the time to get to our destination but I had zero complaints) I think I have a picture somewhere of it. I'll have to look. Edited to say that not all 3 trucks were County trucks. 2 were County, one was a city truck. So the county and city collaborated and timed so perfectly that a plow from each area could be waiting on an on ramp to join the other two, and got off at the following exit.