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  1. Apparently a simple Yes or No leads me to believe something else.... ..yawn..stretch..
  2. Mirella - simple Yes or No answer. Did you have an affair with Fred Akshar?
  3. then why didn't you go to the news about it instead of Facebook and BCvoice? Sounds like there was something more between you and Fred... And I'm sorry you lost a child in such a horrible way - but I didn't say a thing about that or refer to it - you just keep throwing that out there. The topic here was the "name calling" of her to you... Now it's all "victim rights" instead of the name calling. Your not a victim of a crime when it's only someone calling you a name. It's not a crime. It's childish trash talk that she shouldn't have ever said.
  4. Bernie supporters need mental help. He's such an idiot. I'd rather for the racist and sexist Trump without will actually get the economy back to where it needs to be.
  5. Protect herself from what? Burnt coffee and Starbucks? And I don't condone what Newcomb said - pretty trashy. But it sounds like she was referring to something Mirella did to make her upset. And what could that be to make her upset? Hmmmmm
  6. That recording doesn't prove anything, he just mentions incidents that took place. This entire thing is still very one sided. Interesting how my post from yesterday conveniently got deleted, because it didn't support the original post. Super one sided guys. And why would she feel the need to record Akshar? As a hobby? Future blackmail?
  7. McBob

    Fred Akshar cover up of brother's shooting?

    Pasquale's from Broad Ave? Sausage for everyone!
  8. What's the worst part of this, is that Mirella is an "administrator" on here. So everything is very one sided. Even though she was in the wrong as well. But apparently being a good acquaintance of hers years ago doesn't matter. If all the recordings are true - They're both screwed though.... Criminal activity, hiding stuff, steroids...
  9. McBob

    Worse Pot Holes

    Alright - "unleash the monkeys"... where are they forming? I had one on Main Street in Binghamton that I know damaged my car.
  10. Don't mind me ... I'll be sitting here eating my popcorn and reading comments.....
  11. Actually work "is" great! I'm at work now, and I'm getting paid to play in BCVOICE and read all this!
  12. McBob

    Anyplace With Free Air For Tires?

    Lowes has a $20 tire pump machine that will plug into your car or house... it's decent.
  13. McBob

    Voting Difficulties

    I truly think that a majority of Democrats are complete morons and have no clue how the world runs. Having a split line at our voting area proved that. These idiots couldn't figure out how to put the card in the machine - simple directions. Gender neutral bathrooms? How about a bathroom for people that have a penis and another for people that have vaginas? Bernie wants to tax the crap out of everyone (especially the middle class) and give more to people who don't life a finger in society.
  14. McBob

    Cruz and kasich joining together

    Good try guys... it won't work.. DONALD TRUMP!!