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  1. larrymoeandcurly

    CDC: use bandana if no masks available

    I understand the difference of the two tests Pete Moss. But if your negative for having it right now, or are negative to the antibody that means you don't haven't had it. Its still a negative. My questions also are they counting positive antibody towards the positive, or are they counting them differently or not all. This whole thing is a cluster fuck, some people are overly scared who shouldn't be while others who should be more cautious aren't. In the end the chance of death locally .02 % Business on the other hand aren't going to make it much longer, big ones yes, little ones no.
  2. larrymoeandcurly

    CDC: use bandana if no masks available

    A negative standard test and a negative antibody test are the same thing. This isn't really news. . I don't see the big deal other than it sells panic. Its someone who is negative, most tests in the numbers are pos/neg with the antibody testing a much smaller percentage overall in that number. Currently in Broome county, whats your chances, .002 after 10 weeks. People need to get a grip
  3. larrymoeandcurly

    NY Governor Cuomo and his daily COVID-19 Briefings

    There is enough for Cuomo and his HD to be sued civilly in court. I hope someone does. I sat there on my couch listening to him say it, I was like WTF this guys in charge. The man is clueless. His conferences are just reading numbers someone else prepares for him, then listen to his rhetoric. We're broke we need money, I want to change the school systems, BLAH BLAH BLAH. He will never run at the national level. No one outside of the tri state REALLY knows what he is. Lets not forget cut his teeth with the Clintons, HUD director, one of the idealist with the make housing affordable for those who cant afford it, that started the derivatives of cutting mortgages into pieces and selling them, that melted the economy later. On another note, why doesn't someone ask him why he has directed a two trooper rotation, every two weeks, has been going for security tooooooooo Puerto Rico Stopped with this shitshow know but was going on for over a year. What's his investment.
  4. larrymoeandcurly

    Flynn in hot water

    This aged well didn't it
  5. larrymoeandcurly

    Maines Paper and Candy What's going on???? Sold???

    While I understand that it never was one of the greatest places to work as the Maines Boys are a constant pain in the ass, doing business in NY is tough. I had heard couple years ago they were looking to get out. No drivers, work force is a nightmare. They didn't need the headache. As far as the tax breaks I don't like it either but its how its done. Kim Jun Cuomo controls all
  6. Break up any large gathering and levy fines to all. It's a $1000 NY State fine to not social distance. So maybe call the State Police? State could use the money now anyways Maybe you should just stay inside and hide until this is over.
  7. larrymoeandcurly

    Body shop

    Yeagers They are on Conklin RD Great guys
  8. larrymoeandcurly

    New Supervisor of Broome County Forum

    There is know way he is remotely close to qualified that job. This is what we are seeing in all areas in my trade. New people who have know clue then given a little power become the smartest guy in the room. Nick is a nice guy, but come on.
  9. larrymoeandcurly

    How A Paranoid One Sees LV Killings.

    Such tools that automatically run to the GOTTA BAN GUNS . Well how about mental health, how about right here in NY where most of these tools have a Gov that they love, as he shuts down all the facilities. What happens then?. What about Chicago? Its a fcking war zone, strictest gun laws in the country. You cant legislate evil. Its that simple. As far as 75's ideas, anymore nothing would surprise me, I also wondered how the hell did he get all that through the hotel? Its not conspiracy thinking, sometimes it called thinking ON YOUR OWN.
  10. larrymoeandcurly

    Claudia Tenney, District 22, agrees with Trump on DACA

    It will be both parties alike. What he is doing is well thought out. They are congressman and are supposed to be supporting our country and writing laws as such. This issue has been kicked down the road for way to long and the reason is votes. Now they will have to take a stand. Just because he rescinded its up to them to fix it, either for or against. That's what they are getting paid to do and its time they did their goddamn job.
  11. larrymoeandcurly


    Need a good Chiro. Health Source Great Bend 570-879-2979. The name on Tuesday unless you call today will ne Integrity Chiro. He is dropping the Health Source franchise. Great place Dr Stover and Dr Mullins
  12. larrymoeandcurly

    Bob Joseph Show

    He is a blow hard liberal closet queen, always gives the platform to OLD LYIN RYAN when ever he calls, and a couple others. If your conservative and make a good point, he just goes oh yeah, and moves on. He is like nails on the chalk board with his stupid spin on what is supposed to be humor. I would rather see Roger Neel. Joseph thinks he is all it and a can of wax. He is a little radio show in broke dick Broome County, surrounded by conservative shows. Just goes to show you how stupid he is. These shows make money, Rush, Hannity the rest of them. He puts on a liberal bag. Real brain surgeon
  13. larrymoeandcurly

    trump tells upstate New Yorkers to take a hike!

    There is nothing that he said that isn't true. Highest taxed, highest everything for running a business, and non of that is going to change. Even when Cuomo losses this coming election, nothing will change. The machine is to big, and requires to much cash to keep it going. Couple more years I'm out.
  14. larrymoeandcurly

    It's ending soon!

    Stop arguing and answering the twos posts and maybe they will fade in the sunset. There is no debating either of these two. They have a delusional opinion and hate Trump. So you give a valid point and they just turn it around, and deflect to something else. There is no "there , there" on Russia. Its over. The news cycle keeps pounding it but if there was something huge it would be out. The woman that Jr met with now shows ties to Obama and Clinton as well as pictures of her at anti Trump marches before the election. By the way anybody see the DOJ bust all the Medicaid and Medicare doctors and hospitals for a total of over 1.5 BILLION dollars? Goggle it. You wont see it on the national news.
  15. larrymoeandcurly

    Where are the local scandals ??????

    While the current ban doesn't include them countries, it does include the main areas of conflict that will bred these assholes. As far as the 9/11 relationship, anyone who thinks we should just have porous borders, let them all in, they all need are help, and feels that a travel ban is wrong, hasn't been directly affected by 9/11. Something is a start, and he is the second president since ( oh my dare I say it) Jimmy Carter to institute such a ban. The Supreme Court was 9-0 I believe.