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    Get over democrat versus republican, liberal versus conservative. Let us Americans understand liberty versus tyranny and nothing else.

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  1. 19April1775

    Impeachment 2019

    If I said I'd love to chime in I'd be lying. Sooo sick and tired of this leftist freak show also. Bring on election day so we can erase them from modern history.
  2. 19April1775

    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    Hahahahahahaha! Ginger you are the best. Great comeback for the spy joke/comment I made. I'll put you on notice now. I knew you were going to post this video after I watched it. You have game for sure
  3. 19April1775

    NYS Court of Appeals

    When I see something like this I always remember I NEVER voted to have my property taxed. Do you ever get the feeling a whole lot of the system was put in place without us having a say? Communism.
  4. 19April1775

    BCVoice is in the bag for Anthony Brindisi?

    Hey Anthony, you see how stupid you were to vote for this sham impeachment? It is January 9th 2020 and your overlord Pelosi still hasn't advanced the process to take out that clear and present danger you call Donald J. Trump. You and the Democrat party are f**king clowns. BOOT BRINDISI 2020
  5. 19April1775

    Death to America

    I don't think a guy like Trump gets nervous to be honest with you. From the very beginning I remember lefties making fun of him for how he breathes during canned speeches. He just does it that way. Seems to do it mostly when he is on teleprompter speeches.
  6. 19April1775

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    So that makes two of us who have broken here code. She would not make a very good spy .
  7. 19April1775

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    I can't bring myself to watch it. I look forward to Ginger's expert analysis.
  8. 19April1775

    Death to America

    I agree for the reason that Trump's actions communicated he has no issues with targeting meaningful leadership for assassination. Trump affirmed his rhetoric that he is not a ground war President and will kill them instead. They got the message loud and clear. Well, at least I hope those dumbasses did.
  9. 19April1775

    Death to America

    The plane crash doesn't push my research buttons too much but what I've seen so far is this is the basic argument going on out there: 1. The reports that Iran shot the plane down is only Saudi government propaganda. 2. If Iran didn't want to be blamed for something they didn't do, why would they refuse to give up the black box?
  10. 19April1775

    Death to America

    Here is one.
  11. 19April1775

    Death to America

    Trump just finished his address. No escalation needed. His opening statement was clear though. Iran will not be allowed nukes as long as he is President. Waiting for the uploaded video so I can post it for people who couldn't watch.
  12. 19April1775

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    No I missed that one.
  13. 19April1775

    Tehran & Washington DC versus America.

    JB, you seeing this? Yes April but you need to log out so I can answer. Oh, ok. Hang on.