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    Get over democrat versus republican, liberal versus conservative. Let us Americans understand liberty versus tyranny and nothing else.

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  1. 19April1775

    Tired of Always Being Threatened

    Just move to the country.
  2. Plenty of times over the years I have quipped that I'm not "religious" but this video is fun to watch. Prophecy of Two Presidents https://rumble.com/vdjemf-prophecy-of-the-two-presidents-kim-clement-trey-smith.html?mref=2oodx&mc=8wf7a
  3. Never forget I told you from the beginning you were an idiot if you buy into this psyop. Look how far they advanced from "15 days to flatten the curve". Grow a set of balls for once people and stand up for yourself and your family. Are you going to board the decontamination train when they announce it??
  4. Tip of the iceberg. So many other states are fleshing it out too.
  5. 19April1775

    Speechless (John Solak swarmed and accosted)

    Every single one of you who supported the COVID HOAX is responsible for this behavior against John. I told you from the beginning. You fucked up and it is time to get your karma right.
  6. 19April1775


    You already knew there is a play for this. Saw it in Endicott several years ago.
  7. 19April1775


  8. 19April1775

    Amazon Last Mile to Corporate Park

    No construction necessary. It is a 170,000 plus square foot warehouse owned by Team World. 136 Carlin Road.
  9. 19April1775

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    The sex accusations are all about covering up his murders.
  10. 19April1775

    HEY FBI SCUMBAGS, you plant a bomb at CPAC?

    Hey FBI scumbags. The truth is out and you look like criminals yourselves. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
  11. 19April1775


    How are you going to get past the voting machine fraud though?
  12. 19April1775

    The media has finally turned on Cuomo

    From the earliest days of this hoax people on BCVOICE were commenting that hydroxychloroquine works while our "media" covered it up because it would do damage to the whole effing plandemic. COVID is a population control hoax. Some fell for it, most of us didn't.