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    Get over democrat versus republican, liberal versus conservative. Let us Americans understand liberty versus tyranny and nothing else.

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  1. 19April1775

    The Lincoln Project

    I thought for sure exposing pedophilia and human trafficking inside our own government was what Trump, while in office, was going to use to save America. Maybe it will be now. Interesting how this was revealed post 45. More to come I'm sure.
  2. 19April1775

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    Sunday February 28th at CPAC in Florida will be his first public speech since the election fraud. Should be interesting.
  3. 19April1775

    Interesting things about Dr. Fauci:

    I don't have to read them. Fauci is worse than a war criminal.
  4. 19April1775

    People are Freezing to Death in Texas

    China Joe said there would be a dark winter. All this pain and suffering is democrat and rino and china induced. Get ready for more. They are just getting started. How are those gas prices doing. You think that will make retail prices for every day products rise or fall? Don't forget to put 2 masks on when you are shoveling snow.
  5. A year later and you people are still buying this bullshit. Are you lazy?
  6. 19April1775

    RUSH LIMBAUGH is Dead.

    I heard it on the Alex Jones Show at Noon.
  7. 19April1775

    Broome County Landlords Unite Against Cuomo

    I don't recall any Broome County landlords being vilified on action news for supporting Trump or fighting for America First. That means they wanted the new world order and they can go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned. Let these low level leftist scumbags eat their own medicine. They deserve it.
  8. 19April1775

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

  9. Beware the fake definition of collectivism. When hundreds or thousands or millions or billions of people seek the truth, nothing can stop us.
  10. The whole world knows Joe Biden was not elected. The WHOLE world.
  11. 19April1775

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    Mission accomplished. You will never see government as nothing but criminal and corrupt for the rest of your lives. Unless WE fix it. Peace out Trump.
  12. 19April1775

    Alan Dershowitz : House Violated Constitution

    NOPE. No 2024 talk. It is now or never. If they are allowed to steal the 2020 election and install a Chinese communist puppet, it is over, for decades. The only thing that could prove me wrong is State Legislatures standing up for the rule of law to clean up elections. Then I think of fake, spineless, corrupt Republicans in Broome County. Forget them, would you trust Akshar to do the right thing? Datta? RINOS. SCUM. ANTIAMERICAN. They have to protect that political cash cow career, ya know.
  13. 19April1775

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    How many years ago did I first say it, on BCVOICE, that all political violence comes from the leftist ideologies. Nazi, Socialist, Fascist, Communist, Marxist. What most people don't understand is the left is always at war with itself. Each faction of leftwing totalitarianism thinks THEIR version of authority should be ruling the world. This is an important concept to understand when the so called press labels an antigovernment extremist as a right winger. The truth is, it is always one of the left wing nut jobs going after another leftwing nut job government because the government isn't their brand of left wing authoritarianism.
  14. 19April1775

    Concertina Wire Now Being Installed Around the Capitol

    You are having good thoughts Ginger.