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    Get over democrat versus republican, liberal versus conservative. Let us Americans understand liberty versus tyranny and nothing else.

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  1. 19April1775

    Police thwart 3-4 mass shooting threats

    I hear you but the problem is they already cuffed him and slapped a FRIGGIN' FELONY ON HIM, AT 15 YEARS OLD! Makes my blood boil. This NOT the direction we want to go. We are NOT communist China. SPEAKING OF CHINA. BEST VIDEO ON BCVOICE RIGHT NOW IS TRUMP VS CHINA!
  2. 19April1775

    National and International News Thread

    Dude. You have traits of an Attorney. Easy pickings.
  3. 19April1775

    Akshar and Crouch hypocrisy on license plate fees

    It is Akshar for crying out loud. Oh wait. I see what you did. Asskar is better.
  4. 19April1775

    Like that, it’s gone...

    She never was worth it anyway. Who are you kidding?
  5. 19April1775

    Police thwart 3-4 mass shooting threats

    I did watch it yes. And if those cops truly thought he was a homicidal maniac they wouldn't have stood there and chatted so casually all those minutes. A huge telltale sign for me. Charging this kid with a felony is not justified. I'd bet a million bucks on it.
  6. 19April1775

    Police thwart 3-4 mass shooting threats

    I just think that a suicide threat or a homicide threat out of a 15 year in today's hyper electronic world is a mental health issue not a felony issue!! If it turns out the kid is a sociopath hell bent on killing people then so be it, charge him. BUT HOW DO WE KNOW??? without a proper mental health evaluation?? The kid is a stupid kid...only 15 freaking years old. You know the globalist left lunatics have really done a number on our society. They have normalized the killing and abuse of our children and no one see it. Kill kids using abortion. If they weren't aborted kill them with vaccines containing mercury and aluminum{THANK YOU HITLER CUOMO} If they survive that, lock them up so they can't reproduce. The CUOMO family is directly implicated in closing down mental health facilities in New York State and those bimbos say Trump is nuts. F*ck them ,stand up for kids.
  7. 19April1775

    National and International News Thread

    The new bill -- the Veterans Choice Improvement Act -- addressed a major complaint of veterans service organizations by directing the VA to cover co-pays and deductibles directly for private care rather than reimbursing veterans for paying up front. TRUMP GOT IT DONE, EVERYONE ELSE JUST TALKED ABOUT IT. What else you got rookie?
  8. 19April1775

    National and International News Thread

    Rookies are so annoying to deal with.
  9. 19April1775

    National and International News Thread

    How about Veterans choice clown? For decades there were "bipartisan calls" to get it done but as usual it was worthless talk. TRUMP GOT IT DONE. You really are a useful idiot for worthless politicians. As long they talk about doing something you clap and go vote for them. 4 years later they talk about doing the same thing. You clap and go vote for them again. Trump gets results and you cry. What mental state are you in to be like that?
  10. 19April1775

    National and International News Thread

    We have been waging illegal wars for so long I am in the camp that any kid we forced to take part in them and get their arms and legs blown off for lies should never pay for anything ever again.
  11. 19April1775

    National and International News Thread

    You do know that you are hypnotized into thinking that "bipartisan calls" means politicians are doing something, right? TRUMP DOESN'T CALL FOR ANYTHING, HE GETS SH+T DONE, PERIOD.
  12. 19April1775

    National and International News Thread

    Trump cancelled student loan debt for 25,000 of our most severely disabled veterans today. GFY "progressives". You bitches are all talk and no action. Trump got it done though. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/08/21/donald-trump-cancels-federal-student-debt-for-wounded-warriors/
  13. 19April1775

    Police thwart 3-4 mass shooting threats

    This is total BULLSHIT. There needs to be some kind of due process for a punk kid saying stupid shit before you charge him with a felony. None of us older people said stupid shit like that when we were kids but we didn't have hyperactive video games and this thing called the internet. Those cops are probably good guys but you can tell by how they speak they are stupid people being used as pawns for the greater system of thought and speech control. How about mandating this kid getting screened by a psychologist before we charge him with a fucking felony???? Am I the only who can see this? WTF people.
  14. 19April1775

    National and International News Thread

    Next time you hear Bob Joseph and his leftist cuck following cry about Trump regarding China policy show them this. Trump is 100% right. They have been ripping us off for decades and it needs to be dealt with. To hell with the snowflakes that are too stupid to understand that.
  15. That was one hell of a hard hitting letter to the editor. Akshar, Flanagan, Datta, all those punks, are what is known nationally as RINO's. Republicans In Name Only. In other words they are basically Democrats. They spend their days trying to perfect the money laundering scheme that converts your tax dollars and campaign contributions into their personal use fund. Why it is taking so many people at the local level so long to see this is a huge mystery to me. The biggest reason Trump was elected is because on a national level Republican voters are trying to clean house and they knew Trump was a wrecking ball to make it happen. Locally people are stupid as f*ck. This is why very few NY R's will say Trump's name. They are cowards and in on the scam to rip us off. Datta and Akshar for sure are raping you all the way to the bank. F*ck those traitors.