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    Get over democrat versus republican, liberal versus conservative. Let us Americans understand liberty versus tyranny and nothing else.

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  1. 19April1775

    Great Korchak ad calls out Battisti campaign of lies

    Well, don't forget Tuesday 6/25 to speak your mind about Battisti. Akshar, Datta and that senile Sheriff need to be put in their place. KORCHAK all the way.
  2. 19April1775

    Akshar's opioid attack mailer backfires

    I have to say it. Fred Akshar looks to be going the way of Claudia Tenney. Somewhat well meaning Republicans but for some reason{often brought on by themselves}they just have a bad energy about them. They just don't fit the job at this time and place in history. I hope dumbass Datta has a plan for the 52nd Senate seat that doesn't include Fred Akshar.
  3. 19April1775

    369 in Port Crane?

    Are you guys sure? I thought a motorcycle driver got hit in front of the place on Friday?? Not Saturday. Edit: I see WBNG on the bicycle fatal. Can't find anything on the motorcycle accident the day before. https://wbng.com/news/local-news/2019/06/23/multiple-agencies-investigating-incident-on-state-rt-369/
  4. 19April1775

    Great Korchak ad calls out Battisti campaign of lies

    I have to say, the signage in the areas I regularly travel seems to be pretty even. There are certain areas of zombie republicans who apparently stutter or feel the need to put 3 Battisti signs within 3 feet of each other but overall it looks like Korchak has a ton of support that is telling Blow Job Datt? to go eff himself on his choice.
  5. 19April1775

    NYS Drivers License to Illegals

    At a time when so called "progressives" are claiming the combustion engine will destroy the planet in a decade they want to add millions of more drivers of said internal combustion engine. More proof it is all a lie and they just want another reason to steal our money and launder it to their friends and family. They have no intention of "saving" the planet. Their intent is to get rich by converting public money to private money. That is the long con we are allowing as long as we are letting democrats and fake republicans hold office.
  6. So what you are saying is everything in Broome County is rigged and the dumbest fucking thing in the world you can do is take the time to vote?
  7. 19April1775

    Helium Shortage

    I hear you. It is why I try not to see it as R vs D anymore. It really is Globalism vs Nationalism. Clinton's are globalists. The Bush family is globalist. Obama is a globalist. Most of the intelligence community power structure is globalist. Think John Brennan the open communist. The European Union is globalist. This is why they are fighting the British population trying to exit <Brexit>. So it was bipartisan only in the sense of who is willing to sell out America for globalism vs those who were not. Kind of scary we have so many globalists in our government. BTW. Globalism was the brainchild of Adolph Hitler. This is what Trump slammed the brakes on but he is the Nazi, right? George Orwell shit for sure.
  8. 19April1775

    Memorial Day 2019

    If your kid is vaccinated and mine is not, why are you afraid to have your kid exposed to my kid? You don't trust the vaccine?
  9. 19April1775

    Helium Shortage

    If it didn't involve injecting liquid chemicals into any area, even remotely near water tables, I would be all for it. That is the part I can't sign off on.
  10. 19April1775

    Helium Shortage

    More proof that the entire reason the Clinton's were elevated to the national stage was to further the plan to sell America out and let its people be savaged. Thank God Trump beat that bitch. And FU Obama. He had the table set for her to finish us off.
  11. 19April1775

    Helium Shortage

    Bingo. Pun intended.