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  1. How profound! Duh, Ya think? Easy access to guns just makes it easier. It's reminds me of DWI. You can legally purchase alcohol, but can't drive drunk. At least the drivers are licensed and the cars are registered! Tons of crazies in this world, but we do not have to make it easy for them to harm us. This "president" needs to stop tweeting about stupid things and show leadership, although I don't thinks he's capable.
  2. kimber


    maybe trump will pardon him like he did Aprio?
  3. kimber

    Veterans Day Parade

    Maybe trump will call someone here? That is always a disaster!
  4. Claudia Tenny. She blindly supports trump, and is afraid to hold a town hall meeting.
  5. Watch Claudia try to take credit. I can't wait to see her loose next election.
  6. kimber

    Why The National Anthem at MOST ANY Sporting Event?

    Personally I prefer Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land". Maybe someone show play it for trump, he's either forgotten, or never knew about American values.
  7. kimber

    Trump is in charge make no mistake about it.

    How else would trump meet her?
  8. Sure as hell ain't trump!
  9. kimber

    Trump is in charge make no mistake about it.

    was that from a porno?
  10. kimber

    ZOMBIE WALK Downtown Binghamton

    they are "trumpies"!
  11. kimber

    Trump is in charge make no mistake about it.

    It could happen. The sooner the better for all of us.
  12. kimber

    Trump Raises Taxes

    trump doesn't care about anything. He just wants to undo anything Obama did. He acts like a jealous juvenile. How do you think history will judge both of them 20 yrs. or so from now? trump will be the worse, and Obama will be one of our best.
  13. kimber

    Harvey and trump 2 peas in a pod!

    Still trump was elected after the Billy Bush video was shown. Yet April still loves him along w/ all the other idiots that voted for him. Doesn't say much for them.
  14. kimber

    Trump is in charge make no mistake about it.

    Time to invoke the 25th amendment. How anyone could support this fool is beyond me. Even Bannon believes there's a 30% chance trump will serve out his term. You should read the all the news, not just cherry pick the bits you like.
  15. Harvey Weinstein and trump are just alike when it comes to respecting women, and trump the groper got elected anyways. Now he's bragging about his intelligence? Give me a break, please!