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  1. Bingoloid

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    That is terrible, if accurate. Kids pop off and stay stupid shit, but Ginger is correct that we have tools in this state to intervene without piling on a felony to head things off.
  2. Bingoloid

    Korchak failed to act on Buffalo gunman last summer

    Someone has to take the initiative to pursue the ERPO, there's no automatic trigger. I haven't read the statute, but my understanding is that the investigating trooper is empowered to do that on his own authority - as are household members, school officials, and the DA's office. Was this actually referred to the DA's office for prosecution?
  3. Bingoloid

    Supply Chain Problems?

    This isn't new. There's a percentage of women who can't produce enough milk or the milk is nutritionally deficient, and often don't find out until they've already got a baby on their hands who will literally starve if they don't have an alternative ready. In the old days, all over the world, people in that situation hired - or owned - wet nurses. That's still how it is in some developing countries where people can't get reliable formula. People started advertising for wet nurses in China after the contamination scare there a few years ago, too. That, or they started digging a hole. The life expectancy was under 50 in 1900 because of all the dead babies dragging down the average. Something like 15% didn't make it to age 1. A lot of people turn to formula (or wet nurses) for convenience, but it's also an essential staple because we no longer take it for granted that it's normal to bury children. If your backup plan if breastfeeding fails and there's no formula on the shelves is to ask your neighbors to suckle your young, you must have some unusually friendly neighbors.
  4. Bingoloid

    Can the democrats do anything right?

    Just to point out: The lowest-cost education system in the United States is Utah, at about $7k per pupil, per year. This means getting a kid through high school costs about $91,000. This mean even if all your $2,000 of taxes - school and property - went to education, it'd take over 45 years just to pay back the cost of your own education. Then there's the wife. We spend way more than that on public schools here. About triple. A typical upstate taxpayer isn't even going to get close to paying that back. The working class is subsidized by the wealthy. That's just how it is everywhere and always has been, and it'd be true even with a perfectly flat tax system: people who make ten times as much would pay ten times more. As it is, about 80% of all federal income taxes come from the top 20% of taxpayers, who start at around $100k income.
  5. Bingoloid

    Supply Chain Problems?

    If they wanted babies to die, there would be no shortage. The deaths of two and the hospitalization of two others is what closed the plant in the first place. The plant was filthy. The company had been having contamination incidents and cutting corners on food safety for years, including falsifying reports: https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2022/03/documents-show-ongoing-problems-at-infant-formula-plant-linked-to-outbreak/ https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2022/04/former-employee-blows-whistle-on-baby-formula-production-plant-tied-to-outbreak/ Of course, the time to take action on this was months ago, when it happened. Many American parents already pay triple or more to illegally import European baby formula on the grey market, products that are, by some measures, superior, but not authorized for sale in the United States. Customs and Border Protection spends taxpayer money on raids enforcing it. https://fee.org/articles/how-government-created-the-baby-formula-shortage-and-a-black-market-for-unapproved-european-imports/ I don't totally agree with FEE's take on deregulation here, but either the White House or Congress could have gotten ahead of this at any time and authorized European imports - at least temporarily - but waited until it was a crisis. The baby formula industry spends money lobbying both against tougher safety regulations and against allowing new competition. Like union rules protecting the dumbest and most dangerous employees from consequences, regulators were captured by the laziest domestic manufacturers - until there were dead babies and Abbott couldn't pretend they didn't know about the problems at their plant anymore.
  6. Bingoloid

    Shooting 11:20am Floral Ave

    It appears that the decedent was involved in multiple gang-related gunfire incidents in the area in his younger days back in 2010-2012, and was killed by an associate from North Carolina. He's also in the federal inmate database, and may have been released from state custody just last summer. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu.
  7. Bingoloid

    SUV vs Visions Endicott

    I hope whoever was at that desk wore their brown pants today.
  8. Bingoloid

    This is what Upstate ny needs

    I'll admit, I haven't been following this race, but you got me to take a look. This guy grew up upstate, had a hard-working family, got an Ivy League degree, has some no-joke business and finance experience including work in Washington on manufacturing, managed to secure endorsements from all three of the big downstate papers when he ran for Comptroller, made a decent showing contesting the office. He's got a family and isn't 10,000 years old. NY GOP might actually have a shot at a highly electable candidate who won't embarrass everybody once he gets into office. Hochul is a terrible candidate and Zeldin is a contender, but the Dems haven't started working the angles yet and a fresh candidate might be better.
  9. Bingoloid

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    That's on me and I stick by what I said: someone familiar with the neighborhood told me this the other night, and I believe that they have reason to know. As I said, I'm obviously not able to verify anything directly with investigators. It's very possible that my source and snowman's source talk to the same people, since they also mentioned something about employees at the school.
  10. Bingoloid

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    Just from looking at that intersection, that's at least 12-15 houses, probably more with the leaves not really in yet.
  11. Bingoloid

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    Yeah, believe me, I get what you're saying. It can't be ruled out. I'm just saying that this could probably be established by physical evidence even if they missed opportunities, and assumes some stuff that likely requires multiple things to happen with very good timing. (With that said, it's always possible that investigators made even bigger mistakes than one might expect.) My money is still on a neighbor. I was told last night that there are neighbors who are not cooperating with investigators, although I have no way of verifying that.
  12. Bingoloid

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    Unless this happened at some distance, they should be able to determine that from examining the victim for residue. It also seems unlikely that two shots were fired by mistake. It's not impossible that this happened, I just don't see any facts being put forward that point in that direction. We're also assuming someone had the presence of mind to ditch the weapon somewhere it was not discovered, and that there were no witnesses to this - after people heard gunshots. Yeah. It's also within the realm of possibility that some dumbass was trying to scare people and hit someone by mistake. Possibly someone with a grudge, possibly a random asshole. A hobbyist shooter gets a lot of practice, but most gun owners just don't. Even most shots fired by police do not hit what they aim at, in part because most departments pay for the bare minimum of range time allowed by their jurisdiction. You can't even count on people to intentionally miss. I haven't driven by up there, but I've looked at that scene on Streetview a few times. It's pretty dense. If the shots came from a ways away, it probably either came directly down the street/sidewalk or from the open angle across Frederick Street where it looks like they demolished a building a while back.
  13. Bingoloid

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    Something occurs to me. BPD reportedly described "a small caliber round". Has anyone actually confirmed if we are talking about a handgun at all?
  14. Bingoloid

    Colonial & Dos Rios OUT OF BUSINESS 4/26/2022

    Sucks for former staff and patrons that these businesses were run into the ground by crime and mismanagement. I have driven by all three restaurants many times since they reopened and never spotted a single customer. I'm sure they had some, but it was just a matter of time. If their plan is to buy out the restaurants and reopen, they're completely delusional. They'll always be known on campus as the bars owned by creepy townie rapists.
  15. Bingoloid

    Binghamton 12 year old girl killed in shooting

    Couldn't say. However, I'm sure they have a general idea of which direction it came from, given the circumstances, and searched the area on foot well enough to rule out anyone ditching a weapon in the immediate area.