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  1. Bingoloid

    More Trouble In The ZPD (Zikuski Police Dept.)

    I don't know if he's thought that all the way through. Do tell. The "Vegas" post was never followed up.
  2. Akshar's performance has been raising questions in other corners of the state, as well. Here's a letter to the editor a couple months ago from an Allegheny county Republican legislator raging about Akshar helping to sabotage Young, then flooding the NYSSRCC expenses with what appears to be thousands of dollars of booze. https://thelcn.com/lcn01/letter-writer-questions-state-republican-committee-backing-in-senate-primary-pick-20190623
  3. Weren't there 7 attendees at his last big fundraiser or something like that? I could be wrong, but I'll put my point another way: Cornwell is running for Congress. Korchak is carrying on with his campaign. I don't believe either of them would be doing so if they felt that they were going up against the party. Nobody in a position of power seems to care about Paul Battisti or all his LEO "endorsements", or even that Cornwell was openly challenging Battisti's two biggest LEO cheerleaders, one of whom is an elected Republican official, to fight it out live, on the air. It's one thing to have a nasty primary, it's another for Republicans to be dog-piling each other across offices they aren't even running for. Nobody seems to be worried about stepping on that circle's toes, and in fact they're stomping on them gleefully. Libous is not alive to decide who gets to run and Akshar is no Libous. He's never even really had to mount a campaign against a credible opponent. Last year his name was being floated as a possible successor to Flanagan, now he supposedly can't even get anyone to second his nomination to lead an Albany supper club. Datta has always promoted Phillips yet Washington is flying people in for interviews to find an alternative. My suspicion is that the party is looking to cancel the Bijoy Datta Show due to bad ratings. Paul's chits may turn out to be Confederate war bonds. Even if he gets into office, I doubt the party will have his back.
  4. There's that, but there's probably also fear that Battisti in office will create a situation that the party can't afford, either through general incompetence or through some other skeletons in his closet that haven't come to light yet. I'm not very involved in the party at all anymore, so I'm just speculating, but I know the 22nd District is being taken seriously this year at the national level, and that they took an interest in Cornwell. I also know from this forum that other county Republican chairs have loudly objected to Datta using his consulting firm to interfere in their races, to the point that one had proposed a resolution that would effectively defund Broome over it. Think about that for a second. Imagine that you're a seasoned Republican operative working on the 22nd District, and Mirella happens. USA Today is calling senior members of the state party for comment, and Akshar himself is publishing a video to argue about some chick he banged years ago on his official social media. What the hell is going on over there? Who are all these people? Why are they all losing their minds over Cornwell's chief ADA? So you look into it. By the time you're done, you've heard all about it, you've seen the police reports, a buddy has slipped you the rundown on Battisti's file at the attorney grievance committee, and Preston, Zikuski, and Harder have probably come up, too. By the way, Battisti's wife's aunt drove that lady to the casino... How is this even possible? These Dukes of Hazzard subplots are going to cause a scandal that will damage the GOP in the 22nd District for a decade. What happens to Congressional fundraising downstate if the New York Times takes an interest and turns this into a hit piece making the upstate organization look like it's run entirely by psychopathic hillbillies? There can't be much sympathy for Battisti after all the rabid attacks on Cornwell. My guess is that if Battisti is being pressured to drop out, it's because the party is pulling strings to do pest control on the local woodchucks.
  5. I'm curious. Who is positioned to make this request? Is the state party growing a pair and sidelining the county organization? If so, that would imply that they're also sidelining Akshar, which is what I expected after the Albany team found out what's really in his closet.
  6. Bingoloid

    Broome County reviewing policies after Fred Akshar allegations

    Are they going to look into policies on how to deal with deputies who conspire to destroy evidence of drunken car crashes caused by domestic abusers while cursing out the investigating state troopers? ...'cuz that seems like it should have been a firin' before any of this got this far.
  7. I don't know the ins and outs, but something weird went on there with him trying to step down very suddenly and without warning. The whole thing was odd.
  8. Sorry, but isn't that a garage? Battisti's law firm is operating out of an old garage? (Edit) I see this is also the long-time address for D'Lusso, the limo company he started with the accused insurance fraudster. Does sound like he got kicked out and stuck the address somewhere for convenience.
  9. There's been a persistent rumor that the landlord wanted him out ASAP due to financial problems. Whoever helped him pay off his IRS lien probably wasn't planning to keep him afloat through the general.
  10. Bingoloid

    Younger Kids Don't know how to Work

    Bolded an important distinction. Out in America, households headed by young people are earning more than at any time in the last fifty years. If anything, they're workaholics. Birthrates are actually way down because young people don't want to throw off their education or career. It's only places with few opportunities like the Southern Tier where the unambitious accumulate and drift along on public benefits, popping out children they can't afford because they have nothing else to do. You put those kids in the same school district together and it's the only example they see around them. This is not normal nor is it how most people live.
  11. Pete, you're a smart guy, but this myth pervades nearly every state that has a large, poor, rural expanse and relies on one or two major cities. People in downstate Illinois think they pay for the El, because they don't really understand the scale of the difference in how much tax money is spun off in Chicago or how much their own local public services actually cost, and it offends their sensibilities to believe they're being subsidized, but they are. There are a number of legitimate arguments for some value being extracted out of upstate, like downstate counties deliberately transporting their homeless out of the area so that they're someone else's problem (a practice as old as time, used all over America, and something upstate cities do, as well) but Wall Street alone and all the associated spending accounts for something like 15-20% of the state's earnings. NYC tourism accounts for sixty million people a year, about 20-25% of them from foreign countries, coming in and dumping tens of billions of dollars into the state. There's no comparison at all with the Oakdale Mall or anything else we do up here. Are you really able to look around at all the bridges back and forth over the Susquehanna and the Chenango rivers, the pensions due to generations of police officers, teachers, and firefighters, and sincerely believe that this poverty-stricken area pays its own bills without generous state aid? Yes, our property taxes are high per unit of value, but as we've already discussed in this thread, the property has very little value to begin with, so individual homeowners pay less than half of what they do downstate. Westchester pays average property taxes of $17k and has several times the population of the Southern Tier - far more individual developed properties. The only real cash cow we have going is the university, and that, itself, also overwhelmingly involves pumping money from downstate families into the community, not to mention the high-earners who pay the bulk of the income taxes - almost none of whom live here. The methodology the Rockefeller Institute used to break out the data in the budget is detailed in Appendix 1 of the PDF.
  12. Are you sure he wasn't just attempting to give legal advice?
  13. I'm overseas and just now catching up about all this. I had a gut feeling Korchak was going for it and I'm glad I was right. Battisti and Datta should be fought tooth and nail.
  14. So don't get me wrong, I live here. I like it fine and all that, but I hear this claim a lot. Let's test homeownership here against one of the growing parts of the country. This is rough and there are a lot of things I'm not factoring in, but I'm just banging it out based on the data I found checking quickly: Broome County, NY Census says the median family income is $57,500. Median home value is $115,100. Average property tax is $3,692. Maricopa County, AZ Census says the median family income is $65,500. Median home value is $273,200. Average property tax is $1,418. If you carried a 30-year mortgage on the entire amount at 4.5%: Broome County, NY You've earned $1,725,000. You've paid the bank $209,950 for your house. You've paid the county $110,760 in property taxes. You have $115,100 in equity. Maricopa County, AZ You've earned $1,965,000. You've paid the bank $498,335 for your house. You've paid the county $42,540 in property taxes. You have $273,200 in equity. Unless I pushed the wrong buttons in a hurry, all else being equal, this nets to about $1,519,390 in Broome, and $1,697,325 in Maricopa. That's before you take into account all the other issues. State income taxes are considerably higher. Houses in Broome and houses in the rest of the country are apples and oranges, typically being much smaller, older and maintenance-heavy, and needing tens of thousands of dollars of updates. At a time when air travel is at all-time highs and a central part of middle-class American life, the local airport only flies to Detroit and we can't even really be sure it'll exist in a few years. The same is true of many other fairly basic local amenities. All for the low, low price of an extra $175,000 over thirty years, which is roughly the entirety of what most households have saved at retirement. Put another way, our theoretical median person is already falling behind by about $500 a month. It only gets worse after the thirty years is up, because they keep paying the high property taxes but are no longer building equity. Then people wonder why they can't get college graduates to give the area a chance or skilled workers to relocate to the area. Now, at this point in this conversation, some local old-timer says something sentimental about factories that don't exist anymore and declares that if people don't like it here, they should leave - which, I mean, yeah. They are. That's the problem. What moves in to replace them is mostly addicted and unemployable because a large percentage of the housing stock is nearly worthless and so allowed to deteriorate until it's barely habitable, because sinking money into it would be a losing deal. Those are the people who are willing to live that way. The mentality of trying to freeze the area in the 20th century and keeping everything as cheap as possible to cater to mediocre employers isn't ever going to deliver.
  15. Bingoloid

    Restaurant Talk

    I like The Colonial, but Dos Rios falls short. Much prefer The Garage for tacos. Really need to check out El Pulpo, I've only heard good things.