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  1. Bingoloid

    Whereabouts of 19April1775?

    I checked on his profile the other day and it said he had logged in May 20th, so I figured he was probably OK and just taking a break. I've been there, too. I'm sure he has a couple of interesting things to say about the present state of affairs given his prior posts on police unions and law enforcement excesses.
  2. Bingoloid


    I don't want to make more of them than they are. They're mostly just stupid kids playing wannabe radical, and I saw a video today of one of their "medics" in action. Kid who got hit with a rubber bullet and was barely bleeding, in meltdown mode that she was going to lose her leg. You can tell she was from the 'burbs and has never gotten hurt before. More likely to lose that leg to the half-assed tourniquet the "medic" was applying. Still, even a completely useless person, it doesn't take much money to do some harm. Good cross-section of the looters in Austin, the people I'm in touch with there leave at sunset, as do a lot of other protesters, because they don't want to be around these people: The scenes playing out across the country are more complicated, and vary more from city to city, than CNN would have you think.
  3. Bingoloid


    We could talk about the inanity of that all day, and ultimately, I think there's a grain of truth to horseshoe theory, not to mention Blair's Law. It doesn't really matter if they're white supremacist shills or anarchists, they're still just idiots. I understand where you're going about there being no hierarchical organization, a lot of the rhetoric about this is just hysteria. However, those groups do coordinate with each other to share tactical playbooks and schedule events. A surprising number of folks getting themselves arrested acting out are clearly just washed-up old hippies having their last go at this.
  4. Bingoloid


    I didn't see Livingston say anything about them being white supremacists or anything of the kind, Dan. If I missed it, so be it, but all I saw was that he said the playground was retaliated against because it was the site of the protest - which is the rumor, that the arsonists were angry that they had been sent away and burned the playground for revenge. As for the rest of it, if you were active in politics during the run-up to the Iraq War, you likely remember the ANSWER Coalition, which was quietly a front group for activists from the Workers World Party, a splinter faction that left the Socialist Workers Party years earlier because it wasn't pro-Soviet enough for them. Each protest attracted so-called "black bloc" groups, overwhelmingly white anarchists who identified with the WWP's laundry list of issues, who would trash neighborhoods across the country. They teach each other riot tactics in advance and arrive prepared with gloves, helmets, etc., and try to convince others to get violent with them. Their theory was that the "revolution" would come about if they could lure in enough mainstream people and radicalize them. "Antifa" is the same people in their current organizational incarnation. I've seen very little support for the narrative that there are white supremacist agitators in any significant numbers, but it's a fact - and I'm hearing this from black Republican friends on the ground in Austin who have been dealing with it firsthand - that chasing anarchists off has been a central activity for organizers and it's something that police and protest organizers are trying to work together on to the extent possible.
  5. Bingoloid


    What I've been hearing throughout the day is that the suspects were known as soon as it happened. Supposedly, several young people were forcibly blocked from joining the protest yesterday because they were only coming to cause problems and didn't take it well. Supposedly, several young people who fit their description were seen leaving the scene of the fire last night. Makes sense, given what Zikuski and Korchak said implied they already knew exactly what had happened. This is also likely what Dan Livingston was referring to about it being retaliation against the protest. We'll see.
  6. Bingoloid

    Rec Park "renovations" ? More like wasted money

    Just my two cents: nobody should be jumping to conclusions one way or another. This is just an odd target for protesters. Much of the vandalism and looting elsewhere is being done by white anarchists from the left, but they usually go after obvious symbols of capitalism like Starbucks. There's little reason black rioters would care about creeping into the park at night. Kids run their mouths but have poor follow-through. In recent years, we've seen race hoaxes carried out by not only PLOT, but by a local firefighter who was willing to torch his own house with his family inside to blame BLM for something. The playground has also always been a heated topic because of who was involved and last night was a good night to settle a beef. We should all be smart enough as a community to realize how many times we've had our chains jerked. This smells weird, so I'm going to hang back and see how it plays out.
  7. Bingoloid


    It does look like whether he was actually involved or not, Mr. Southee is going to have a stressful few days ahead of himself. Shouldn't go popping off on social media if you don't want to be the prime suspect when things pop off for real.
  8. Bingoloid


    Really pathetic. Can hardly wait for the Scooby Doo-style unveiling of who was in the SUV. Even if it's anarchist agitators, bizarre and assholish choice of targets even by their standards.
  9. Bingoloid

    Minneapolis Burning- The George Floyd saga

    Anything could happen, for sure. IMO, the facts are there for a strong prosecutor, but you're right. It only takes one clown on the jury to make a circus. There's a lot I could say about this, but I do feel sorry for Officer Lane. He was seemingly a rookie on his probationary period, who tried to talk sense to a superior three different ways, but ultimately deferred to his judgment. Now the whole neighborhood's on fire and he may as well have been a soldier at the Boston Massacre. That is a pretty high dose of real life at that age.
  10. Bingoloid

    Minneapolis Burning- The George Floyd saga

    Article seems to be missing something. Ctrl+F "positional" and got nothing. Strangulation (cutting off the flow of blood) leaves clear physical signs, asphyxia (not getting oxygen to your blood) often does not. It's common for other evidence, rather than the autopsy, to end up proving it. What they're charging Chauvin over is what's called "positional asphyxia", rather than strangulation by the knee. Positional asphyxia is well-known to law enforcement, and as the complaint notes, part of training. Leaving someone face-down in handcuffs can kill them, because if you can't use your arms to adjust your body, you may not be able to expand your chest to get a full breath of air and basically crush yourself to death. It's worse if three grown men are crushing you and preventing you from moving any part of your body. According to the complaint, one of the officers off-camera twice warns Chauvin that they need to get Floyd up on his side, and Chauvin refuses. At some point, one of them does check and tells Chauvin that Floyd has no pulse. Chauvin, rather than attempting CPR or even simply getting him up on his side, does nothing and then knowingly holds down a dead guy for two more minutes, maybe in Weekend At Bernie's fashion hoping the witnesses don't realize he's killed him. He's pretty boned.
  11. Bingoloid

    Minneapolis Burning- The George Floyd saga

    https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/cite/609.195 Minnesota Third-Degree Murder does not require proof of intent, only "perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life". Chauvin seems to visibly increase the pressure on Floyd's neck at times even after he loses consciousness. Among others, a woman who twice identifies herself as a Minneapolis firefighter pleads with him to check for a pulse, which all four officers ignore. He will have received professional training on positional asphyxia as well as the Minneapolis Police Department's guidelines on the use of force, which is compelling evidence of actual knowledge that what he was doing was dangerous to human life and that he was not authorized to do this in a law enforcement capacity. His depraved state of mind is further evidenced by the fact that he's actually taunting Floyd as he dies by giving him orders that he's physically restraining him from complying with. I can imagine the remarks on that one at sentencing already. A grown man playing "Quit Hitting Yourself...To Death".
  12. Bingoloid

    Vote John Solak for Binghamton School Board

    Everyone involved in this needs a lawyer and a therapist. She seems like she in a lot of difficulty, emotionally, but all the intimidating, self-important, batshit crazy messages she says she's received from Tarik make it pretty clear he's a very sad and lonely little dude. Homeboy's on track to show up at her house with a dozen dead roses, a roll of duct tape, and 137 stolen absentee ballots.
  13. Bingoloid

    Vote John Solak for Binghamton School Board

    So, I read that. Then I read some other stuff. In fact, I read almost everything to do with this that I could find while I ate my lunch. What. The. Fuck?
  14. I guess now we know why Bijoy moved away from his original dream of designing German theme park rides. The internship didn't work out.
  15. Seriously? What idiot thought setting a gavel in the letter G was clever graphic design?