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  1. Huh. One of the Facebook threads (I can no longer find it, and a lot of Debra's comments are gone from the thread we're discussing here for one reason or another), someone referred to Pinco as Paul's uncle. A Paulpologist jumped in to insist they were of no relation. Sounds like the Battisti camp is telling a lot of half-truths to try to weasel out of the bad optics. It's interesting that the allegation was that he gave the driver initial counsel, while Battisti's people are loudly insisting "he does not represent him". That wasn't the question.
  2. Bingoloid

    BOYCOTT "SAVE AROUND" coupon books

    I was wondering what that mess was about. These are rentals? How embarrassing for the residents to have their front yard decorated like Sirhan Sirhan's journal.
  3. I'm just glad this is bringing people together. Paul's lackeys are spinning this as criminals blaming him for their convictions. That isn't what it is.
  4. I've said it before, I'll say it again. People like that can't help themselves, because even when they know people are watching, they don't have the capacity to realize how they look to others. Why aren't heart emojis an appropriate response to someone having a trashy, obscene outburst on a grieving mother's Facebook post, huh? How is expanding my niece's shoe collection not the priority here? Give me one good reason not to use heart emojis about this.
  5. https://wbng.com/news/top-stories/2019/04/22/race-for-broome-county-district-attorney-heating-up/ "My competitor is in that office," [Battisti] said. "He’s been in that office. It’s not working. He has been an individual who has sat in that office day in and day out. He hasn’t been out in the community. He hasn’t worked with the community. He hasn’t been out there. I as an individual am very diverse. I bring a lot of different skills to the table. I bring great leadership. I have the ability to bring people together and I think endorsements like this, speak volumes." You can tell he worked on those remarks all afternoon.
  6. Based on what I know, I'm sure Battisti is completely oblivious to why people are grossed out by him using this in his campaign. His brain is a haunted house and if someone told me he was a sociopath, I wouldn't question it for a second. On the upside, Korchak's ground game on the west side is on-point this week. I'm pretty sure some Battisti signs have come down.
  7. Bingoloid

    Local Roofer

    Brent Dyer does roofing. He's on the up-and-up. http://www.brentdyerconstruction.com/
  8. Seems pretty likely this quitclaim doesn't reflect the total situation. I'd noticed the taxes slipping on Taxlookup in 2015, and inferred Zikuski had opened the home equity line that year to buy it. https://imo.co.broome.ny.us/propdetail.aspx?swis=030200&printkey=16007900010430000000 The $38,000 cited on Zillow and Trulia doesn't seem to currently be on the record they referenced. As you said, it shows $0 in 2016 and $25,000 in 1991, when the quitclaim says the prior owner had taken over the property in full. This says it was not considered an arm's length transaction, which would explain why it wasn't paid through through an investment property mortgage. Her mortgage on this property was discharged in 1999-2000. The interior pictures at Realtor.com, presumably from the 2009 listing, show a perfectly habitable home with furniture in it, advertising updated plumbing and electrical. Point is, it's not some abandoned, underwater dump that wannabe investors would pass off to each other for a dollar based on hopes and dreams.
  9. The tax history on the property can be seen at Taxlookup.net. http://taxlookup.net/record.aspx?jurisdiction=binghamtoncity&id=030200160.79-1-43&year=2019 Realtor.com also shows that it was listed in 2009 for $143k. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/16-Kendall-Ave_Binghamton_NY_13903_M35791-59954 I won't go into dishing on the prior owner, but I'm assuming it was no more complicated than getting a deal from a highly motivated acquaintance down the street who needed to get cash out of an unwanted property she'd been saddled with for years. Fair enough. I just don't see how they'd let this happen in the first place. Their 2019 tax bill also shows they stopped paying the water/sewer. When somebody's carrying debt voluntarily, you look at the expense and figure they must not have a better option. Something is weird there.
  10. May as well add Kristi Sager's complaint. It was settled through her promptly being given her job back. https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1689684/sager-v-city-of-binghamton-et-al-hr-complaint.pdf Items 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 13 are enjoyable.
  11. That family is a disaster and it's shocking that they work in law enforcement at all. His late son burglarized a West Side home, which I wouldn't bring up given his passing except BPD blackmailed the victims to stop them from pressing charges. Here's Lisa's daughter's NYS inmate database entry for nearly murdering a man in a gang beating: http://nysdoccslookup.doccs.ny.gov/GCA00P00/WIQ3/WINQ130 ...and here she is again, fleeing New York State Police last year until they had to deploy a spike strip: https://www.pressconnects.com/story/news/public-safety/2018/02/08/wrong-way-driver-drunk-interstate-81-troopers-say/319044002/ The people in that larger circle of local politicians are textbook examples of area misfits who can barely handle employment. They're stuck in local public service slurping up NYS tax dollars because they'd be laughed out of a job interview anywhere else. Yet local voters fall for it, repeatedly.
  12. I agree with Ted Williams. We all get in a bad spot from time to time, but if you have that kind of cash flow and are having trouble coming up with this little before it gets that far, something else is likely deeply wrong with your finances. It's worth noting that this home is listed as having been sold to them for $38,000. It's not like they're drowning in the mortgage. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/16-Kendall-Ave-Binghamton-NY-13903/29724678_zpid/ Between Debbie Preston's credit card, Paul Battisti's federal income taxes, and Chief Zikuski's property taxes, do we need some kind of remedial life skills personal finance class for local politicians?
  13. Speaking of Battisti's former clients, I'll just leave this right here. Then there was this lad: https://casetext.com/case/mcintyre-v-battisti
  14. That would depend on what else I know about the grocery store running the ads, wouldn't it? Bear in mind, I didn't bring it up, and I don't disagree with anything you're saying - including that it's a reach. I do, however, empathize with why people are grossed out. Personally, my opinion is that Battisti is precisely the caliber of attorney Wilcox should be stuck with.
  15. The issue, OTR, isn't that a local attorney was trying to give this guy effective counsel, but that - if true - it's another story that fills in the reputation that's dogged Battisti for years. An otherwise upstanding attorney acting as a zealous representative is one interpretation. A remora who zealously attaches itself to anything it thinks it can suck a dollar out of, then hangs people out to dry when it's taken all it can skim out of the situation, is another.