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  1. That's not fair, Bill. I'm 80% certain he doesn't support slavery. At least 80%.
  2. Bingoloid

    Broome DA Candidate Paul Battisti Owes IRS More Than $86K

    There are a bunch of things that could be said here, but there's no way in hell Battisti is remotely fit for this office, even without looking at who his friends are. I've dealt with him in a few situations and used to give him the benefit of the doubt on screwing up the little things because he's too "busy", but over time, I've encountered too many people who all tell the same story and realize what the deal is. A while back, a friend went looking for recommendations for a lawyer on social media, and many of the responses were simply "not Battisti". Everybody finds out what a mess he is eventually, usually too late. See McIntyre v. Battisti, a sad pro se action filed by an inmate who alleged that Battisti had thrown his defense because McIntyre hadn't paid his past due legal fees yet. It's interesting that whenever he accumulates a few very bad reviews on Google, several more eventually show up all at once singing his praises, as if they were put up to it. Ed Hickey had a real whopper alleging that Battisti lied to him about his own plea deal that he later toned down, but you can tell he's still bitter in the comments he's been leaving on WICZ's Facebook the last couple of days. Any business can end up with an unhappy customer, especially a law firm, but when you compare it to what people are saying about Jackson Bergman, it's clear that Battisti is down closer to the Ron Benjamin end of the spectrum.
  3. Bingoloid

    Broome DA Candidate Paul Battisti Owes IRS More Than $86K

    How could anyone who knows Paul in any capacity, including Paul, possibly think this was a good idea? Putting aside what a disaster he'd be as District Attorney. The guy's got a list of people who'd be happy to see him humiliated like this as long as a CVS receipt. I'm going to just go make some popcorn while WICZ figures out what to do with all the other tip emails they're probably receiving.
  4. Bingoloid

    #BREAKING: Ginny Weedon returning to BCV 2/14/19

  5. Bingoloid

    Another mass shooting - Texas

    It does seem that there's some debate over this: although he definitely got a knockdown to bad conduct, people familiar with the system are saying he still should have been in the prohibited persons database. https://www.stripes.com/news/air-force-legal-expert-no-way-kelley-should-have-been-able-to-buy-gun-1.496528 I was not aware that even certain misdemeanors put you on the list. Will be interested to see what went wrong.
  6. Bingoloid

    Another mass shooting - Texas

    It was definitely for beating up his first wife and her kid. She divorced him while he served his 12 months, listed the jail as her husband's location. Whole marriage lasted about a year. He apparently also had an hour-long standoff with Colorado police in 2014 after someone in an RV park - presumably his second wife - called the police after he beat their puppy. A neighbor described him as "off". I don't know the ins-and-outs of a court-martial, but my understanding is that they have considerable leeway in sentencing. One way or another, he bought the rifle legally, at a sporting goods store in Texas, using his Colorado address for the background check. What I was getting at about the situation - and I'm more comfortable saying it now that it's come out about the Colorado thing - is that his second wife probably got a dose of all the same trouble as his first, and was one foot out the door with the kids. He was reportedly always an outcast, was loud about hating church and church-goers, seemed fixated on his kids, and she's a reasonably attractive woman that he probably wouldn't see himself being able to replace, especially with it being his second try at building a family. You put two and two together and figure he probably left one too many bruises on her, the wife's family and maybe even the small town church congregation closed ranks to get him out of the picture, and he decided the failure of his marriage and family was all their fault. EDIT: There it is. He'd been sending threatening messages to his mother-in-law. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/06/texas-gunman-had-row-mother-in-law-opening-fire-church/
  7. Bingoloid

    Another mass shooting - Texas

    He had a bad conduct discharge, not a dishonorable. A dishonorable can be treated like a felony conviction and impede firearm sales. A bad conduct usually means you're still considered loser garbage, but just administratively, not criminally. Either way, this was for attacking his first wife and her kid. Their marriage was short. He was messed up. His current wife's family was affiliated with the church. My money is on a marital problem. He wanted to lash out at her and her family and her church. I grew up familiar with small town church life and could speculate as to a couple of predictable reasons, but I'll wait and see.
  8. Bingoloid

    Ulster County Democrat Fakes PTSD Over Traffic Stop.

    Her granola-left costume says it all. In my experience, no woman who dresses like that ever has her tires balanced. Also, what's up with her unbuttoning her blouse down to nipple-height in her official photograph? Is she doing a promo for a county legislature porn parody?
  9. Bingoloid

    Bridge from Endwell to Vestal?

    Mildly delusional.
  10. Bingoloid


    Complete misrepresentation of what he's accused of. This wasn't a passive discussion, it was an organized predatory ring pretending to be teenage boys to convince minors to strip for them so they could record it. http://www.newyorkupstate.com/southern-tier/2017/10/binghamton_dad_charged_as_leader_in_online_child_porn_network.html Other articles make it pretty clear he was arrested for acting as a "hunter" and for organizing the whole thing for four to five years. Another participant is cooperating with the Feds, and they've identified dozens of victims. He also confessed to viewing child pornography. To call him "screwed" is to call Francisco Franco "dead".
  11. Bingoloid

    Trump releasing JFK assassination files.

    Correction: George Bush Sr. releasing the files. Trump hinting he might still interfere if the establishment pushes hard enough.
  12. Bingoloid

    Spectrum planning to drop 23 channels

    I haven't read the details on this one, but this happens with all cable companies. They negotiate for the channels in packages and when it's time for the cable company to renegotiate with the provider, the provider will start advertising directly to their customers to put pressure on them to accept a deal favorable to the provider. The odds that the negotiations will actually fail and that you'll lose the channels are almost - almost - zero, they're mainly just terrorizing the customers to make them call Spectrum and threaten to quit if they can't watch their "Remodel My Wife" or whatever A&E runs these days, so Viacom can squeeze another nickel per viewer out of Spectrum. However, it can happen. Either way, ESPN is the most subsidized channel on cable, by far. They charge a very high rate to the cable company and the costs are spread across cable customers who don't watch it because their audience will never pay enough to justify it as a standalone pay channel but will quit without it. If you don't need that, well, I've had a Roku for years and wouldn't go back, only use the antenna very rarely. $55/mo for the Press? You can get the Wall Street Journal delivered for that.
  13. Ultimately, she's trying to salvage his sentencing. Or she's got a crush, either way.
  14. Bingoloid

    Aid for Puerto Rico

    I mean, it's American soil and Puerto Ricans are American citizens. I'm not sure what the point is, here.