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    Radio DJ gets $1000 for web design?

    LOL. No wonder Ed is so defensive about GoDaddy's bottom of the barrel hosting product. Debbie Preston is using it, not to mention their miserable tool for people who don't know what they're doing. I like the unintentional scrollbars and the GoDaddy "WebSite Tonight" logo at the bottom. It doesn't render properly in any browser, and the logo, such as it is, is crudely scaled so that the letters are misshapen. It's like a 4th grader's class project, and talk about a missed opportunity for even a half-assed attempt at search engine optimization. Also, who chose that picture of her? That's the single least flattering photo of Debbie Preston I've ever seen. It makes her look like she's about to sprout tusks, like an orc from Lord of the Rings. Was the guy who built this site drunk? http://www.prestonforbroome.com/ Like I said, you get what you pay for. Wait, don't tell me. Did Ed build this terrible, terrible site?
  2. Bingoloid

    Radio DJ gets $1000 for web design?

    No, you do the research. I already did it. I've been in this business for over a decade and earn a terrific income because I know the players and I know what's customary. You work at a dry cleaner and have no idea what you're running your mouth about. I don't care about the contract. Nothing about it justifies you trying to smear a local business for doing the work they're paid to do, fair and square. We don't exactly have a bustling tech sector in this town, Ed. Anything that gets done, it's going to get done through the same few companies. Casting baseless aspersions that there is something untoward about it just makes you a jerk. This is hardly the first thread where you've intentionally put Binghamton business owners in the line of fire for doing their jobs and earning a living. Not everybody imploded halfway through life like you did, get over it. Would you feel better if the city only hired out of town companies? I'll bet Abdelazim buys his groceries from the same grocery stores the city uses to stock the minifridge in the break room at the police department. Would that be suspicious to you? Maybe you and Abdelazim have eaten at the same McDonald's. *gasp* You have "ties"! Yes, because designing that website requires such specialized equipment that only a radio station would have. Do you use Bates Troy equipment and internet connections to post these stupid rants? Sounds like a private matter between a private citizen and a private business that does not involve taxpayer dollars and really isn't any of your concern, a question you would only ask in the hopes of harming a local professional. Maybe you should write Clear Channel 600 letters demanding a copy of his contract and see. Are you?
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    Radio DJ gets $1000 for web design?

    Giving what, $10/month? My hosting company starts at less than $4. Shared hosting is nothing, it's a throwaway service people in other related businesses offer to keep their clients in-house. It's unlikely that "Abdelazim" did anything. He hired Ludski and Ludski registered the domain then secured hosting. Yes, GoDaddy offers hosting (again, a throwaway offering using equipment which they themselves likely do not own or operate), but theirs happens to suck and everybody in the industry knows it. They are primarily a registrar. It would be unusual and amateurish if he didn't host somewhere else after registering with GoDaddy. http://godaddyhostingsucks.com/ His web designer chose one of the only local companies that offers hosting and is not actually a competing web designer. You don't know what you're talking about, Ed. I'm actually in this field, and I'm telling you, you're looking sillier than you do when you start pontificating about certain aspects of the municipal Wi-Fi.
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    Radio DJ gets $1000 for web design?

    Ed, holy cow. You've been going on about Plexicomm as if hosting the site is some big "payoff" for weeks. Do you realize that you're talking about a few dollars a month, tops? $1,000 is a low but fairly typical fee for putting together a small site. (I can't say I'm impressed with the work, but you get what you pay for and nobody said he's an artist or UX expert.) It's typical for web developers to throw in hosting as part of their fee on small projects, because it costs next to nothing and spares the client a minor hassle. On Ludski's own LinkedIn profile, he describes himself as a web designer, as well as the internet director at Clear Channel. It should be obvious even to you that Abdelazim paid him for a package deal and that Ludzki resold hosting he purchased from a third party, which is an industry norm. Even large web development firms rarely own and operate their own servers for hosting live sites, lacking either the costly facilities or specialized skills, instead hiring out to companies that do only this. Abdelazim put the complete answer to your questions right there in the disclosure for you. For all you know, Ludski might have subcontracted the site, too. What on Earth are you hoping to accomplish?
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    New backroom deal for muni wifi

    So, you asked people who don't know what's going on?
  6. Bingoloid

    "Drastic cuts" not drastic enough

    Out of curiosity, which one is it? Is the intersection so busy that pedestrians won't be able to cross without a light (just like they do at every other intersection which is not controlled by a light), or is it not busy enough to merit modifications to accommodate the traffic?
  7. Bingoloid

    7 Arrested in Drug/Weapons Raid.

    Mole, I know it's jarring, but this actually fits perfectly. Anytime you get a few agencies together for a raid like this, even if it's relatively small, if one of them has an APC, they'll bring it. There are departments down in Texas that will use their APC to rip the walls out of houses for minor marijuana raids just because it's something they can do. Overkill? Yeah. Unfortunately, it's become a norm in this country.
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    Trabucco misses the boat

    I don't know the first thing about this guy, so maybe you'd like to talk about some of those deflections, instead of embarrassing yourself with cheap shots that don't even make any sense? I mean, I don't care for either of them, but this is pitiful, even for you. How about the folks at the Ithaca Yacht Club set and Greek Peak? What do they think? Yeah, I think I remember somebody posting that about eight thousand times. You can't criticize a guy's profession as unchallenging and meaningless, imply that he's beholden to the political interests of his employer, then turn around and acknowledge that he is actually retired, that this is just a hobby, and that he's wealthy enough to think and do whatever the hell he wants. Besides, when did it become acceptable for a conservative to attack a man for earning his fortune in the private sector, then retiring to enjoy it through civic engagement and a perfectly ordinary and respectable hobby? Isn't building something to pass on to your children so that they can have a better life part of the friggin' American Dream? How dare the Trabuccos live it. Outrage! Grumbling! I mean, are you really trying to play populist, anti-elitist cards in defense of Thomas Libous? Am I really supposed to believe that you think getting wealthy standing on the backs of the taxpayers is more honorable than managing the family business? See? Now that's a point. Why didn't you go with that? If Libous has a lackey forwarding you talking points, tell him to quit, he's not a good fit for this line of work.
  9. Bingoloid

    Record Number of People Collecting Social Security Disability

    Don't get me wrong, Madned. The baby boomers aren't somehow "the bad guys", and it's not their fault they're on Earth. There are just a hell of a lot of them, all aging at once, and what they paid in was nowhere near enough to cover their own benefits. The system was never set up to be self-sustaining, it's always relied on a growing pool of current labor paying in to fund current obligatons. With longer lifespans, longer retirements, rising healthcare costs, not to mention smaller families, that was never going to hold up. Those estimates for when Social Security will go broke, they already assume that the money they lent is going to be paid back. It's not "taken", it's on the books and is considered available for making Social Security payments when needed. (If it wasn't, Social Security would already be running out right now, instead of 2021. Doesn't mean the loans were a good idea, though. Taxpayers are going to get reamed as Social Security starts calling in the debt from Congress.) What's happening isn't all that different from what's happened to traditional families in China, where the children are expected to provide care for the parents and grandparents. It worked when people had big families with a bunch of sons, but with the One Child Policy, you've now got one grandchild crushed by the burden of caring for all four grandparents. Check that link I posted, and you can watch the wave of aging Americans move down the graph, forward through the years, hitting retirement age like a tsunami right about now.
  10. Bingoloid

    Trabucco misses the boat

    Ed is less of an indentured servant and more of a flying monkey. On the other hand, indentured servants and flying monkeys are both eventually set free. I've worked for a number of local candidates who took donations from Libous. I don't remember any of them openly grovelling like this. It's unpleasant to see a man do that to himself. Pictured: Edward G. not allowed, Compliance & Special Projects Coordinator
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    Record Number of People Collecting Social Security Disability

    Unfortunately, this is the reality of the baby boom closing in on us. Everybody has warned about the coming demographic disaster for many years, about the consequences for federal spending, and it's going to happen. The unspoken silver lining is that as that generation starts passing on, social services expenses will drop fast and a lot of our fiscal problems will ease considerably. We've got about 30 years as a nation increasingly dedicated to taking care of the elderly ahead of us, then the age distribution should start evening out again. http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2009/08/us-population-distribution-by-age-1950.html
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    Trabucco misses the boat

    So, I Google this guy, and it looks like he spent 20+ years as an executive at the family Chevy dealership (which seems like a perfectly legitimate business to me), then spent his "retirement" as a sailing instructor both at Cornell and in the private sector, at Greek Peak and at the Ithaca Yacht Club for 10+ years while serving in the Tioga County legislature and taking positions of responsibility with a number of Tioga civic organizations. It seems to amount to more "real work" than Libous claims, not to mention Libous's wife's all too convenient gig on the Worker's Compensation Board, the kind of thing most crooked politicians aren't so brazen as to play up in their official biographies. That clown has built his fortune at posh Manhattan fundraisers while he oversaw the collapse of the Southern Tier, and you're criticizing a potential opponent for being born into a family that made theirs running a local business? I think membership in the Ithaca Yacht Club is quite a bit cheaper than membership in the Florida country clubs where Libous spends all of his time, avoiding us peasants. Try harder. If you like Libous because of his stance on fracking, just say that. This other nonsense looks like a failed attempt at class warfare. It doesn't suit you.
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    We are outnumbered - Bing PD

    *clap* Back where I grew up, there's a total ban on due to the heat wave, the drought, and the associated risk of an uncontrollable wildfire. along with burn bans. That, I understand completely. Here, generally, it's just a ban on good, clean, old-fashioned fun. I can hardly imagine what kind of a joyless Tory would call the cops over this, but it's bad enough that so many police resources are devoted to it that this would even come up. Between the lost sales taxes and the cost of enforcement, it's a very silly law, and we're the odd men out for it. The Fireworks Laws of Every State
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    Happy Independence Day

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    That had nothing to do with what I want. The discussion was about parenting, and people doing right by their children, making an effort to be there and be role models for the people they created and who depend on them. You suddenly went off-road talking about conservatives and the military. Your question doesn't even appear to mean anything. How have my conversations changed on this subject? We've only had the one. I think you're an OK guy, but it's not at all clear what you're agitated about here.
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    Honestly, RogerRebuttal is having a different conversation from the rest of us. It's the same conversation he has on nearly every thread, for some reason.
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    A word to the wise

    G/F managed to drop her Kindle Fire down a flight of stairs. Power button was jammed in, so she couldn't operate it. We called, got a warranty replacement, a couple of days later, while the replacement was still on the way, the button popped back out and it was fine. You just never can tell how those types of things are going to handle a drop. You're right, best not to do it, not even once.
  18. The story about the West Side burglaries is known to many people. I'm acquainted with some victims who truly lost faith in their hometown after realizing that they were never going to get justice for what Zikuski's kid did to them. The next chief needs to come from outside of the area, someone who doesn't have decades of local baggage and blackmail coloring his judgment, ideally somebody with experience leading a modern department with a successful track record deterring gang activity. There are good people in there, but we need a clean, modernizing influence so that the real officers can get their jobs done.
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    For all the legitimate and warranted desire for parents to spend more time with their kids, I think it's a stretch to argue that middle-class parents with strong work ethics are the ones screwing up this country. I'm just going off my own observations, but I'd wager that if you took a survey of all the parents of all the folks who are stealing, bullying, shooting up neighborhoods, and doing drugs until they end homeless and eating people, you'd find that they aren't generally the ones with nice houses and expensive vacations. I'd say those parents tend to have plenty of time with their kids, because they don't work at all or have skated through life on odd jobs or seasonal work where they can find excuses to get laid off for extended periods and collect unemployment drunk on the couch, spending all that free time passing their stellar values along to their unfunded offspring. I also have my doubts that if working mothers in middle-class households stayed out of the labor pool, that the lazy, unemployable fathers of these problem kids, where they're still in the picture at all, would suddenly get motivated to wake up early every morning and contribute to society to support their families. These are people who've never thought about doing more than the bare minimum in their entire lives. If anything, they run out the door and use their children as yet another excuse to avoid taking on their responsibilities as men, as if they're doing something noble by making sure there are no wages to garnish for child support.
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    The city really needs to get serious. I've noticed small groups of folks in too much red starting to hang out downtown over the last few weeks, too. They're wary, they know they look out of place, but they loiter at entrances and we nearly ran over one genius standing in the middle of the street like they would in the First Ward. Never had that happen before. Naive little Long Island girls and their suburbanite dads aren't going to be too thrilled with the new student housing developments downtown if they see the ghetto creeping in next door when it's time to sign the lease, and there are going to be problems when you starting putting large numbers of employables in the same space with groups of these wannabe thug losers, begging and hassling. The developers should be raising unholy hell.
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    Hrustich Kills Again

    *makes popcorn for this thread*
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    'Obamacare' Survives

    I'm against this legislation, but I thought gaming the system at that age was a great idea, too. One day, I was making a sandwich, then suddenly had the overwhelming sense that I needed to purge both ends of my digestive system or something terrible was going to happen. Soon, I was vomiting, then dry-heaving and sweating uncontrollably. I spent nearly two hours on my kitchen floor hoping it would pass before I manned up and admitted I needed a ride to the ER. Turned out to be a very common problem, very fixable, routine surgery, a week of missed work. Unfortunately, a routine surgery meant a $20,000 bill from the hospital, plus another $5,000 from the specialists. About 10% of that was a surcharge to cover people who don't pay their emergency room bills and never will, a certain percentage of those surely being people in their 20s who thought they were young and healthy and ended up having to screw out on their obligation. I was able to talk the hospital down after I pointed out that their "retail" rate was nearly double what they would pay to an insurance company that had bargaining power and made it clear I was willing to pay it off immediately if they were willing to negotiate, but most people at that age (or at any age) don't have the cash on hand to make that kind of offer nor the confidence or know-how to dig up the data and fight it out with a big medical organization. Hell, most people can barely afford to miss a week of work. Unless your kids are wealthy enough to self-insure (if they're "trying to save" for a house, they aren't), going without health insurance, at least good catastrophic care, could easily ruin everything for them, take away the things they want in their futures, without any warning. With all possible respect to your kids, somebody gambling with their health because they want a bigger house is probably the least compelling example that could be offered against the mandate, like arguing for more welfare spending by pointing to somebody who can't afford to heat their home because Time Warner charges so much for HBO and Starz. Personal responsibility means covering the essentials first and accepting that the luxuries come once you've earned them. Your health is as essential as it gets, and they already have a roof over their heads. If they lose this gamble, it *will* fall on the rest of us taxpayers to pick up their slack, or, at the very least, on you.
  23. Sure, he has the right to say whatever he wants. However, who has the right to decide who gets to go on the wall of fame? Do they have to put every graduate up, or every graduate who is elected to office? Once a graduate is placed on it, are they magically given some right to remain on the wall for all eternity? Is there a higher standard for taking a picture down than putting one up? Not to Godwin this, but If Hitler went to Vestal, would it be persecuting him and trampling on his rights to take his picture down? I'm not saying Campfield is Hitler, just that it's obvious that there is discretion there, and somebody is given the power to make the call. Disagreement is free speech, too, but I don't think it even goes that far. He has no inherent right to have his picture up in his old high school, no property interest in it. It's put up for arbitrary, subjective reasons, and they can take it down for similarly arbitrary, subjective reasons or for no reason at all. It's up to the same people who had the power to choose to put it up, and they have to answer to their bosses, who are ultimately elected officials. Doesn't seem like a Constitutional controversy at all. The worst you can say is that pulling somebody without good cause might compromise the moral integrity of the proud and sacred institution of a small town high school's Wall of Fame, and let's face it, anybody who gets fired up over something that silly, it doesn't say anything flattering about them. Four touchdowns in one game, Peg.
  24. That's what happens when you hire high school dropouts off the back of pizza boxes. Also, more of your tax dollars at work: http://www.theindychannel.com/news/31224633/detail.html
  25. Bingoloid

    Elderly School Bus Monitor Bullied by Middle School Kids

    No, I'm with you. We agree completely on what they should do. I'm just not prepared to condemn people who fail to throw away their jobs in the hopes of being rewarded by kindness of strangers. This was an upstate New York school. We pay a ton of taxes, and we should expect districts to have their employees' backs and impose discipline. Blame should follow the people who have the real power. Otherwise, it's like blaming a cashier at Wal-Mart for policies you know they can't change.