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  1. April Fool's was almost two weeks ago now.
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    Corona Virus

    I can't believe I didn't think of this faster when we were talking about stimulus payments. I was going to wait till tomorrow to tell you all this, but what the heck.
  3. Let's put aside for a second that "get togethers" have caused a couple of serious outbreaks and that drive-by birthday parties have not. Garnar is a joke, but he's not the point. The point is that this guy's a police officer, and that his department has raided at least one area small business and referred it to the liquor board, ostensibly over the same behavior. Some of us who post here are retirees, and others are in public employment and still have their paychecks. I'm fortunate to be able to work in the private sector right now. However, a lot of working people in our community earn less than BPD officers on a good day, count on every paycheck, and are still trying to get their unemployment benefits sorted out. You've got a lot of others who are essential, but low-wage and are doing what they can to not get this thing. No matter how you feel about the rules, you've got to be a completely tone-deaf loser to take a steady government paycheck with a pension enforcing rules that are now keeping other people out of work and away from their favorite social venues and turn around and act like those rules don't apply to you because your sex predator boss is never going to sober up long enough to do anything about it. A lot of folks aren't going to hear about this and think "good for him", they're just going to think "more crooked double standards for ZPD, clown world, honk honk", and it's surprising to me that several posters here are blind to that angle, since it's a favorite topic.
  4. I had to think hard to figure out why this sounded familiar to me, and then it came back. Miller is a common name, but we're not talking about the same Miller who shot the guy sleeping on a couch during a botched raid and was accused of planting an object on him to make it look like he'd been holding something that could have been confused for a gun, are we? https://casetext.com/case/ferreira-v-city-of-binghamton-1 https://casetext.com/case/ferreira-v-city-of-binghamton-2 Either way, off-duty police misconduct is still misconduct. Public employees should be adhering to the rules more closely than everyone else, not less. Zikuski, as always, apparently does not have even a basic handle on his people.
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    Corona Virus

    Not eligible. I guess I donated when I filed my taxes.
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    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    Jesus Christ, '75. I thought I was going to find out Ozzy was on a ventilator. I nearly spilled my bourbon. Saw him a couple years ago, he was still putting on one hell of a show.
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    Corona Virus

    Good grief, '75. It's literally entitled "Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID–19)". Obviously, the examples they use are for correctly recording COVID-19. You ever hear the conspiracy theory that conspiracy theories were created by the elites to distract us from far simpler and far less acceptable realities? Has it occurred to you that the real agenda of the powerful might be to plant disinformation that leads people to mistakenly believe that they aren't doing as badly with this as they actually are? By what reasoning would the goal be any different from China's, to encourage people to underestimate the deaths so that we won't be nearly as angry as we should be and turn on the ruling class? Think about it. That's exactly what's happening. You're so twisted up with this they could wheel your mom into a crematorium in broad daylight and you'd be convinced it didn't happen.
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    Jason Stalin Garnar just restricted your driving dates.

    Pointless, impractical, attention-seeking.
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    Corona Virus

    So, the actual document is linked in the comments on the tweet. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvss/vsrg/vsrg03-508.pdf I skimmed it and can't find that in there, and there are other comments complaining about the same thing. I concede that I read it quickly and may have missed something, but it appears to say the opposite of that. It's basically "death certificates for dummies". Says that where COVID-19 is the underlying cause of death, it should be listed last in the chain of causes leading to death (IE "ARDS" due to "pneumonia" due to "COVID-19"), that unconfirmed cases should be clearly specified as "probable" or "presumed", and that pre-existing chronic conditions that did not cause COVID-19 but made someone more vulnerable to dying from it should be listed in Part II, "other significant conditions leading to death", rather than the other way around. It explicitly says only to note COVID-19 if it played a role in the death. It also explicitly warns that it's a common mistake to use "illogical sequences" in the cause of death, in other words, to do goofy things like claiming something was "due to COVID-19", when it was not, just to cram everything into Part I. Fake news.
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    Just one of my favorite music video's and more.

    Since we clearly need some upbeat tunes today and Boris Johnson is in ICU, a few tracks from one of the top British acts to hit stage this century.
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    Bailing Out Cruise Lines

    It doesn't follow that because the cruise line fails that the ships will be scuttled and the jobs erased. Instead, most of them will be auctioned and bought for a song and put back to work by a more conservative entrepreneur who will likely manage the profits more responsibly. American labor is, overall, far too expensive for those things at the cheap prices they offer anyway, so maybe they can appeal to the Phillipines for a bailout for their crews. The people really on the chopping block for this in this country are the shareholders, through their retirement accounts and pensions.
  12. That seems like an interesting plan, in the way that smoking meth seems interesting. Seems like an obvious ploy to force Republicans into a damaging confrontation with unions, especially first responders' unions. Maybe get unemployment benefits and SBA loans unstuck first?
  13. The nursing home was announced a while ago, but the numbers about the jail actually came from Harder. Garnar is deferring to the facilities to give data about their own situations. By my count, the Broome County Jail now accounts for over 12% of confirmed active cases in the county, and most of them are staff. 14 more have called out sick. If even half are positive, it'd be more like 16%. I said maybe a month ago, in another thread, that we needed to hear from the county on what proactive measures were being taken to both protect first responders and other relevant workers, both for their own sake and for the sake of the people they interact with, and to prevent county agencies from being crippled by quarantines. Sounds like the answer was "not much". Based on what's been reported - and the nursing home might be worse, but they aren't talking - employees of the sheriff's office might be the single largest vector for this disease in Broome County. I hope deputies are now wearing the recommended face coverings on duty as other departments (Austin, Los Angeles) are mandating, or at least aren't expecting people to roll their windows "all the way down" at traffic stops. I wonder if our medically fragile sheriff is still coming into the office or if he's sheriffing from home these days.
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    Battisti political Facebook posting anti libous material

    This guy in comments, asking the real questions:
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    Corona Virus

    So it seems that one of the county's worst hotspots is now the Broome County Jail, and that of 10 confirmed cases, 6 are corrections officers. 14 others have called out sick. So the Broome County Jail, primarily staff, now account for at least 12% of all known active cases in Broome County? I hope the deputies are covering their noses and mouth as recommended by the CDC and the President of the United States before they interact with the public, or our medically fragile sheriff, for that matter. https://www.binghamtonhomepage.com/local-news-2/county-executive-jason-garnar-addresses-two-biggest-hot-spots-for-the-virus-in-broome-county/ I know IL-6 inhibitors were on the early list of things Chinese physicians were passing guidance to the Italians about. Tocilizumab. There's a video out there from an NYU intensivist who was arguing that some of what he's seeing in his patients is less like common viral pneumonia and more like what he'd imagined severe altitude sickness was like, which would align with that earlier model I linked about the virus attacking red blood cells.
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    Have you thought about eating more fiber instead?
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    Seen any good Movies, Series or TV Shows lately?

    Seconded. This is a great time for Chernobyl, John Adams, and Band of Brothers if you haven't seen them. All HBO and can watch them through Amazon. Also just started Billions. Damian Lewis from Homeland and Band of Brothers is in it. Looks good so far. Marco Polo on Netflix is fun. Older HBO show that was really entertaining: Rome.
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    Seen any good Movies, Series or TV Shows lately?

    TV: The Americans is available on Amazon, spy drama, was one of the few shows that was solid from beginning to end, like Breaking Bad. Might be my top recommendation for binge-watching. If you haven't watched The Last Man on Earth, now is appropriate. On Hulu. At least through partway into season 2, it was probably the best comedy on television. Ozark is on Netflix, much better than I realized from just watching the pilot. Jack Ryan (another spy drama), The Expanse (sci-fi), The Missing (detective show, set in France) are all on Amazon, all good. The Man in the High Castle was also good but has strange pacing and some weaknesses, some people might have trouble getting into it. The Young Pope was very good, kind of an art piece but entertaining in a strange way. Movies: North By Northwest is an American classic everyone should see once. Looks like Amazon has all the Bond movies included in Prime right now. I'd recommend 1917 but I don't see it available anywhere yet.
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    9 to 10 Ambulance's came in from New York City Tonight.

    It's the same in other states. Sorry to say, but dairy farmer has been on taxpayer life support for a long time - no pun intended - and demand for milk has been falling for years. The trade war compounded the problem, and now with restaurants closed, demand for cheese has crashed. It takes a lot of milk to make cheese. There should be some compensation for them in the price protection schemes, and it might stabilize soon, but even if it does, I wouldn't count on all the programs that have been keeping them going to survive the hole in government budgets. Anyway Garo, where are those pictures? I've heard this same rumor regarding three different dates in the last week, and everybody heard it from "somebody who saw it", but each time, the evidence never materializes.
  20. Hey, we do get supplemented by downstate firefighters during emergencies. Either way, Cal Harris must be disappointed that he hasn't remarried yet. Now is his next big chance. Seems to me some employees at Wilson are all repeating the same water cooler rumor, but nobody actually has firsthand knowledge. Nurses love juicy rumors and drama (no offense, Ginger), but they are, indeed, freaks in the sack for the same reason. Also seems unlikely that they'd start bringing people up here first. "Upstate" includes a lot of what we consider downstate and they have more capacity. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it strikes me as an urban legend. It's an emergency and they take patients where the help is, the odds that anybody would care enough about appearances to try to keep it quiet seem low.
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    Corona Virus

    The Diamond Princess is probably the most-tested group of people who have ever existed, and out of about 700 cases, 12 of them have died and some are still in hospital and may not survive. Their death rate at least 10x what you'd expect if seasonal flu hit the same group. Either way, the outbreak did spread, the carrier is effectively disabled and is currently evacuating thousands of sailors into quarantine on Guam. The Navy's position isn't that he was wrong, but that he didn't try hard enough to keep his concerns a secret. Small correction: quinolines were used as anti-parasitics. They disrupt the bodily functions of the parasite that causes malaria, killing it. They also disrupt the bodily functions of humans, potentially fatally, but in low doses (gin and tonic) are harmless for almost everyone (and also for parasites). There are actually a few people who cannot drink gin and tonic or their skin falls off: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamadermatology/article-abstract/534097 The problems it causes in the human body make it valuable for treating autoimmune conditions, since people who are being killed by their own immune systems benefit from having their immune systems suppressed by the drug. That's why they started trying RA drugs on COVID-19 patients in China: some people's immune systems were kicking back so hard that they were actually in more danger of drowning in their own antibodies than they were from the infection. They thought they were seeing some success getting people off of death's door, so doctors in Italy and America also started trying it in their clinics and sharing their notes. It's possible that they also accidentally lucked into a useful anti-viral effect with HCQ, but that part is less understood. Either way, the problem right this minute isn't so much that we aren't using HCQ for COVID-19 so much as it is that we are now running out of HCQ because everybody needs it at once. 100%. The outrage should not stop until the intelligence briefings are declassified. The public deserves to know what China knew and did not tell the world, and what their leaders knew and did not tell them and their governors until it was too late. That should not be a partisan issue. Feinstein was in those briefings, too. If they didn't do anything wrong, there's no reason to hide the evidence.
  22. I'm surprised that this letter comes as a surprise. Morgues don't maintain a lot of excess capacity and there aren't a lot of effective treatment options for very elderly people. This is an older and less healthy county than the national average. With an active outbreak that has already touched a nursing home, it should have always been obvious that short of shutting down the county to everybody - not just downstate - we're probably going to have capacity issues when it comes to handling the dead. For another way of visualizing the flu comparison, here's weekly deaths in NYS:
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    Corona Virus

    Also seems the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt has been relieved of his command after being accused of leaking a letter trying to warn the Navy about what was happening to his ship and asking for authorization to send the majority of them into quarantine off the ship. https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Exclusive-Captain-of-aircraft-carrier-with-15167883.php https://www.wsj.com/articles/navy-removing-captain-of-coronavirus-stricken-aircraft-carrier-11585860735 Some of his commanders apparently recommended against removing him and some families are taking his side.