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  1. Last month, Monroe County passed their own version of Akshar's favorite "annoy the police" statute. In a surprise twist, the heads of a dozen Monroe County law enforcement agencies, including the sheriff's department and the Rochester police, have all agreed to instruct their officers not to enforce it, panning it as unconstitutional and a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. https://firstamendmentwatch.org/monroe-countys-police-chief-says-his-officers-will-not-enforce-new-annoyance-law/ https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Upstate-NY-Police-Say-They-Wont-Enforce-Controversial-New-Law-That-Makes-Annoying-a-Cop-a-Crime-565875082.html Good for them. I'll be waiting patiently for similar moral leadership from Zikuski and Harder.
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    Sore Loser Francis

    I'd like to say Paul is burning his bridges, but this is pyromania.
  3. Bingoloid

    Who laughed when I said crack vs heroin was racist?

    You're not wrong and never were about this, but I think the real issue is that opioids have hit the middle class. Meth is predominantly a poor white problem, and has been hurting the midwest and southwest much longer than opioids in the northeast. It hit working people, too, but it was mostly the class of working people nobody really cared about or even wanted in town, like transient oil workers and loggers. Meth and crack were both always something people wrote off as a problem for "those kind of people" and they were happy to see them beaten up and locked up. With opioids, it's often starting with doctors. A lot of the people getting caught up in it have good jobs, health insurance, and stable homes. A lot of people find it easier to relate and worry about what will happen if their kid is next.
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    Sore Loser Francis

    OK. I read most of it. I will say that this filing has more red meat in it than the last one, but from skimming it, the only substantive allegation being made is that there were more undervotes than Battisti's margin of defeat. People failing to vote in the District Attorney's race is not inherently an error. They admit on page 10 that the controlling standard is a "substantial possibility" that the results could change, yet seem to be relying on the assumption that once the ballots are produced, they'll find dozens of people who tried to vote, but didn't follow the instructions and made their mark in some other legally acceptable way. I'll pause here to let that sink in. Ciampoli's apparent theory is that people who can't color inside the lines with a provided pen, who presumably drooled on the ballot while they circled a name with a broken purple crayon, are going to turn out to be Battisti supporters. I stopped reading once they started regurgitating the other filing, but they not only produce no evidence that this is a "substantial possibility", but produce no evidence that it has occurred on even a single ballot. They also offer no evidence that the results of these mystery undervotes would be any different from the rest of the results. The conclusion they seem to be asking the court to make would entitle the losing candidate to hand recount in every obscure race where lots of voters don't care enough to pick a candidate, which would be crazy.
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    Sore Loser Francis

    This was my reading as well. The Daily News editorial board has apparently been fed misinformation by a state-level Republican operative. We all know who the only local Republican with any state-level influence is. It might also be Ciampoli pulling strings. Broome County should not allow itself to be bullied by misleading media pressure from 200 miles away. The county attorney ought to send in a letter to the editor. State courts have clearly ruled on this, and Battisti's lawyer knows this because he was the attorney who sued over it and lost.
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    Broome County's Biggest Loser of 2019

    I couldn't vote for Paul in good conscience because he was almost a winner, and was already a broke joke with a dying law firm before this year. He hasn't really lost anything new. Fred, however, had to serve as second at his own reputation's ceremonial suicide. That was just painful to watch.
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    Sore Loser Francis

    I'm guessing this is going to be dismissed swiftly. I agree, Pete. Paul's toxic selfishness is on full display. You'd think Fran would be ashamed of his behavior. ...and of course, as Solak has pointed out, Battisti wants the ballots left in the physical custody of Sheriff Harder, his ally with a history of letting friends and family steal from the evidence locker. Surely, that's not shady at all.
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    Snowstorm Hysteria Thread

    It turns out, the District Attorney's race didn't matter, because we will all be dead under the weight of our collapsed roofs by Monday night.
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    this site has become a political battlel field

    To your point, an actual comment on Battisti's page: "If you get the chance I’d love to take to you such a gifted lawyer it’s just that loyalty lies in the wrong hands Rt now. You have the power to show us that your loyalty is with your blood & we would love to have you in office nothing better than a true Italian. This is the same reason Cuomo has survived in NY as long as he has he protects us he takes care of his ppl first his blood first is first this is what we need to see in you that you are for us all the other political shit can follow but we need to see this first." Hoo boy.
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    Battisti circus

    The responses are damning. Much of it touches on the points I already raised in the other thread, mainly that Battisti failed to state any reason to believe that the results are wrong, but I'm amused that the county took the time to point out that Battisti's campaign couldn't be bothered to attend the testing of the machines or audit of the results. They also went through his allegations regarding double votes, undervotes, and overvotes, as well as what relief he might actually be entitled to (a 5% audit, not a full recount). He does not come off well. As I mentioned before, Battisti's attorney in this action is a disgraced Nassau County Attorney who was involved in a scandal that sent a prominent Republican to federal prison. He now earns a living filing these crank election lawsuits for sore losers, and presumably sampling every meatball sub in the state along the way. What a farce. Battisti not only couldn't be bothered to show up for most of the opportunities he was given to make an impression on voters in this race, but couldn't be bothered to make arrangements to participate in the election process itself, then threw a tantrum and filed a pointless nuisance complaint when he lost to a third-party candidate. This was a terrible waste of everyone's time and of taxpayer money. I'm also concerned that Paul's personal stationary appears to use a fake handwriting font for a letterhead. This is something a middle-aged soccer mom would have thought was a cool idea in 1998.
  11. Oh goodness, I just read that complaint. Lyme Disease is very serious and Dr. Komanicky is clearly more than a little mentally compromised. (Uh-oh, he's going to sue me for practicing medicine without a license for saying that.)
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    Sore Loser Francis

    I'm assuming that's how far they had to go to find a judge who wouldn't have to recuse himself.
  13. Bingoloid

    Roads are awful! Stay home!

    How am I supposed to get my bread and milk?
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    Snowstorm Hysteria Thread

    If you play the animated radar, the track of this storm is pretty unusual. It's sort of rotating counter-clockwise as it moves north. The forecast shows it picking up over the next couple hours for us. https://www.wunderground.com/radar/us
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    Sore Loser Francis

    I'm pretty sure Claudia Tenney is one of the lizard people.
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    Joe Biden is mentally ill

    Dementia is some scary stuff.
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    Sore Loser Francis

    I hope this isn't a common practice. That vote would not be counted, and legally, is invalid: https://govt.westlaw.com/nycrr/Document/I4fa94c82cd1711dda432a117e6e0f345
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    Sore Loser Francis

    I'm pretty sure they'll receive their adjournment. If the judge isn't looking for a reason to let the county destroy the petition and get this off his schedule, I'd be amazed. If you look into it, Battisti's attorney, John Ciampoli, is a shady Republican operative from Long Island who spends his time dreaming up election technicalities to litigate. He was fired as Nassau County attorney for his role in the AbTech bribery scandal that got Skelos sent to federal prison. https://buffalochronicle.com/2016/08/17/ciampoli-a-skelos-apparatchik-in-town-to-kick-stocker-off-ballot/ Interestingly, as Nassau County attorney, he filed a lawsuit against the state board of elections in 2010 demanding that optical scanners be banned as unconstitutional. County of Nassau v. State was dismissed, clearly finding that the state constitution authorizes the legislature to select alternative voting methods and that's that. (In fact, they even touched on a related point to the one I made above about the equal protection clause.) https://www.casemine.com/judgement/us/5914604aadd7b0493422afec Ciampoli knows full well that state courts have already rejected his key tactics here, because he was the plaintiff's attorney in that case, too. I assume Ciampoli is pronounced to rhyme with Quixote.
  19. Bingoloid

    Sore Loser Francis

    Thanks. I didn't see it on my first search. I skimmed over the complaint. Two things jump out at me: - Battisti's complaint states, reasonably, that the optical machines are flawed and may have recorded spoiled ballots or even misread votes entirely. I'm sure they did. Yet nothing I saw alleged a flaw that would actually prejudice Battisti's campaign, as opposed to prejudicing every ballot equally. - I don't know the case law in detail, but the equal protection argument for a recount seems absurd. On a first reading, Battisti seems to be arguing that any county can adopt costly election procedures and that any county which does not follow those procedures is suddenly violating the rights of their citizens. Bush v. Gore addressed this issue, but that was where different ballots in the same race were counted under different standards because multiple counties were involved. The net effect of that was to *stop* the county-level recounts. All ballots here are treated equally, because they are all in Broome. If there was a claim that the county did something which specifically came at Battisti's expense, I'd be tempted to support a recount in the interest of fairness. If it's there, I missed it. All I saw were variations on "but it was really close, though".
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    Sore Loser Francis

    Did the complaint land somewhere where I can read the complaint? What is he alleging that Francesco Porcari has standing?
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    What does Battisti do now ?

    I can see it now. The commercial is Alexander standing there, alone, looking pissed when the music starts. The Heavy Hitters are all you need Paul knew this was today Where the hell is he?
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    Second racial complaint filed against Joe Zikuski

    Oh, yikes. The allegations in Quinones's complaint are horrific and make Zikuski look much worse than Hamlett's. It spells out how Zikuski went on a vindictive campaign to destroy Quinones's career after finding out he'd talked to Personnel in support of Hamlett. I was wondering when Old Z was going to lose control and the officers were going to feel comfortable rebelling. This reads like it's happening. Time for Zikuski to cash in that pension and take up fishing.
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    So Solak is ok?

    I think '75 has made it clear in other posts that he sees why this is a problem. He just doesn't like the protesters, either. Neither do I. With respect, Wyatt, if you're not aware of this, you haven't looked. Poorly-written New York harassment statutes have been repeatedly rejected by the state and federal courts as unconstitutional for over three decades, because language criminalizing "annoyance" is inherently a vague and overbroad violation of the First Amendment. See Vives v. City of New York ("where speech is regulated or proscribed based on its content, the scope of the effected speech must be clearly defined"), People v. DuPont ("it is not clear what is meant by communication ‘in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm’ to another person"), People v. Dietze ("any proscription of pure speech must be sharply limited to words which, by their utterance alone, inflict injury or tend naturally to evoke immediate violence"), Schlager v. Phillips (“utterly repugnant to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and also unconstitutional for vagueness"), People v. Golb ("unconstitutional under both the State and Federal Constitutions, and we vacate defendants’ convictions on these counts"). This is remedial constitutional law, and the NYCLU is only correctly citing settled law. Conservatives are supposed to be the champions of constitutional originalism and of the revolution. Akshar and Reynolds should be ashamed of their ignorance. This is worse than the already-stricken statutes, because it argues not that the state should arrest private citizens for annoying other private citizens, but that the state should arrest people for annoying the state. As far as I'm concerned, this borders on treason and is the kind of disgusting overreach I'd expect from a big-government liberal Democrat.
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    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCfQCTHho1w&feature=youtu.be Morello started doing her own show after that, I guess, trying to build a brand for her book. http://fingerlakes1.com/?s="debbie+morello" I'm not saying she's plastered on the air, I'm just saying that the bottle was already half empty when the show started and her guest doesn't have a glass. I think we all know that's the face some middle-aged chick you've never met makes just before she tries to slip you some tongue at The Beef. "Yum yum yum!"
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    2019 DA's race: the winners and losers

    Holy cow. What am I even watching? Morello literally thinks "connecting with people" is "in her DNA" because she's vaguely related to Pennsylvania Italian-Americans? (The host identifies herself as a "mompreneur", "Network Marketing Professional", and "Lifestyle & Business Strategy Coach". She's hawking a pyramid scheme called Arbonne.) I'm not somebody who wants to knock local people for taking their shot, we've all got to start somewhere and it doesn't always work out on the first try, but when did it become a thing for people in middling public service positions to try to get a mentoring/motivational businesses going, like people are so amazed by the achievements of an administrator at a community college that everyone is going to line up for their advice? This is delusional. I worked myself through college and showed up on time to do good work everyday, and I'm pretty sure I make more in the private sector than any local elected official other than Cornwell. Should I start a "coaching" business, too? Am I missing a revenue stream here? My profile pic is from a successful speaking engagement in rural Australia where I negotiated a major gasoline deal that changed the lives of local settlers. Email me today to set up a custom package for your organization's needs, starting as low as $20,000! Incidentally, the websites for both Morello Associates and Battisti Networks (Fran's scheme) appear to be gone.