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  1. I see a liquor license that needs a suspendin'.
  2. They can, but we're already on a credit warning from Fitch. Right now you need to buy 10-year bonds just to get a yield over .5%, and that means more exposure to duration risk. There's going to come a point where investors won't want to buy our debt, and warning signs were already starting to pop up before this happened. Without that demand, they can print more money but they can't control how much a dollar is actually worth. In other words, if the government won't cut spending, market forces will eventually cut spending for them by making the dollars they're spending worth less.
  3. If Quiter is out in left field, Akshar is huffing paint in a truck in the parking lot.
  4. In all seriousness, it's not at clear that people will be returning to the arena in large numbers next year or even the year after that. I'm hopeful, but we can't count on that. Even if the epidemic doesn't circle around this winter again and shut things down, the economic damage is serious and the number of people who are even going to be positioned to buy tickets is in question. Everybody poops. We do have to dispose of our sewage no matter what's going on. They should also aggressively revisit creating a joint-use ballpark with Binghamton University instead of each financing their own facilities independently. If anything, in an ideal world where we had the flexibility, we'd spend 10% of that money improving outdoor amenities that can be enjoyed in the winter, 10% of that money improving infrastructure for the poor to get around without relying on a gross bus, and bank 80% for a rainy day, because it might be raining for a while.
  5. Bingoloid

    $25 mm budget hole?

    They don't even have to move. I forget the exact numbers, but a large percentage of workers in the city commute from out-of-state, including the highly-paid ones in tech and finance. What happens to the income taxes you were paying based on the location of your Manhattan office when your Connecticut home becomes your legal place of work?
  6. It is February, 2021. "Infrastructure, public safety, and essential services only" I mumble repeatedly, as I lay shivering in a ditch awaiting an ambulance that never comes after I'm thrown clear of my car hitting a giant pothole too hard because the plows never ran and I couldn't stop.
  7. Bingoloid

    Sex Offenders per capita

    People with criminal histories that render them unemployable can't afford to live in Westchester or Manhattan. If you check the Family Watchdog map you'll see the sex offenders cluster around the most run-down neighborhoods in town like the First Ward and the area around the ballpark. Artifact of the county actively soliciting the state's welfare recipients.
  8. We only have so many entertainment options at this point, man.
  9. Jesus Christ, Rich, you cheap piece of shit. I like Wegmans too but take her somewhere with a tablecloth.
  10. Bingoloid

    No to schools opening!!!!

    ...and, although I can hardly believe I'm saying this, it's already late August. Cooler weather is just around the corner.
  11. Bingoloid

    Last call for normality Binghamton: Solak or bust.

    Can someone fill me in?
  12. Bingoloid

    Three Gorges Dam - Ready to burst?

    I have to say, this is really coming as a disappointing surprise. Chinese engineering is usually built to last and 2020 had been smooth sailing up to now. EDIT: Yeah, this is no joke. More rains apparently still moving in. Might witness a great disturbance in the Force ("millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced") if you stare at this long enough:
  13. Bingoloid

    I'm posting my opinion which not mean a damn

    We might disagree in a few places here, but I think we're aiming at the same objective. It's the same game theory concept as an arms race, or the reason the supermarkets in a town are usually all 24-hour or none of them are. Once one state figured out they could make the entire state's delegates vote for the more influential party and control the election, every state had to do it to preserve their influence. The Framers trusted the people of the states to duplicate a representative and republican form of government, and when we realized some states weren't able to do that, the 14th Amendment was the result. We've never really dealt with this other problem. People always float the argument that its about farm states, but the largest farm state - by far - is sunny California, where farm votes don't matter and their problems aren't the same as Iowa. Populist Republicans have figured out, too, that they can literally drive Texas farmers to suicide to win Pennsylvania and it won't change a thing about Texas. The Democrats have no incentive to intervene and try to represent them. (This is not theoretical, it's real: https://www.texasobserver.org/congress-farmer-suicides-epidemic/) Republicans get sold a scare-tactic that it would mean we'd lose the edge it gives us in the Electoral College, but the truth is that both parties would have to modify their positions slightly to meet somewhere in the new middle and be relevant. As with everything else in government, the real issue is that campaigning nationwide looks too much like hard work.
  14. I'm just reading this now. The laundry list of new laws he wants is dangerously deranged and should anger any small government conservative. Harder is one of the "few bad apples", and for him to demand a stack of new felonies that would enable him to organize retaliation against people like Solak is impressive chutzpah. There are a lot of reforms that are needed - in both directions - but these are mostly not those. Obviously, if he's able to speak about these supposed events publicly, he's acknowledging that protecting their secrecy is not vital to an ongoing investigation. Someone should file a FOIL request for his records related to the incidents he was describing. ...while they still can, I guess. Pretty soon he'll be agitating for Felony FOILing.
  15. Bingoloid

    I'm posting my opinion which not mean a damn

    The reasons for the Electoral College is another can of worms, but the vision for it, where we'd elect temperate local people who hadn't made a career out of the government to get together and deliberate the Presidency on our behalf, is sound. Many of the first Presidential elections didn't even have the candidates' names on the ballot, just the local people you were sending. We've since dissolved nearly everything about the institution that made it work as intended. Conceivably, we could agree to reform this to bring it closer to the people and closer to the Framers at the same time, without a Constitutional amendment. Either way, we already have a major political body that massively over-weights the least populous states. 1/3 of the Senate represents less than 10% of the country's people. Arguments about the Winner-Take-All system being part of the Framers' vision to protect the interests of small states is a hoax. The Framers did not devise the Electoral College for that purpose, the Framers did not devise Winner-Take-All at all, and Winner-Take-All does not do this in practice. It pushes both parties to distorted positions that represent a few swing states to the exclusion of everyone else. Very close to yelling about dual sovereignty and monarchists at this point, so will stop there. Fair enough, BUT...
  16. Bingoloid

    Broome County covid map

    I assume what they're saying is that nothing changes at that point. IE, if you get under 5%, you can open and we expect a spike but won't make you close again until 9%. If you close at 9%, you can't reopen until things calm back down to below 5%.
  17. Bingoloid

    Roderick Douglass

    On the topic, I won't speculate on his identity, but I recall several instances where he either went on the attack against alleged crime victims based on nothing or tried to weigh in on a historical event and accidentally revealed that he didn't have even a basic understanding of what he was talking about. Whoever "Roderick" is, he's not a serious person, and I assume he's working some kind of grift. He mostly just comes across to me as confused.
  18. Bingoloid

    I'm posting my opinion which not mean a damn

    ^ Few talk about this. People always talk about the Electoral College and the Winner-Take-All system as if they're the same thing. The Winner-Take-All system was concocted by the states later, and some of the surviving Framers were enraged and considered it blatant corruption. The real effect isn't to give weight to smaller states, but instead, to make all but a few states completely irrelevant. A study of 2016 found that about 90% of campaign events were held in just ten states, and twenty-five states had none at all, including the nine smallest. If we insisted on free voting in the Electoral College, as the Framers intended, places like upstate New York would get a lot more attention.
  19. Bingoloid

    Ennio Morricone Thread - RIP

    One of the great atmospheric film composers passed away in Rome this morning at the age of 91.
  20. Bingoloid

    George Phillips. Pick up your signs!

    Working on a poem. Amidst the riots and pox we knew not what the future would bring but it was 2022, the year when George Phillips ran again The bombs had fallen we could not find food for our children but we knew 2036 was still the year when George Phillips ran again Charlton Heston returned to Earth and found that orangutans ruled the world in the year of our Lord 3978 when George Phillips ran again
  21. Bingoloid

    George Floyd Funeral Reenacts Dancing Pallbearers Meme

    TBH, if they don't do the Coffin Dance at my funeral, I'm not going.
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    I don't want to make more of them than they are. They're mostly just stupid kids playing wannabe radical, and I saw a video today of one of their "medics" in action. Kid who got hit with a rubber bullet and was barely bleeding, in meltdown mode that she was going to lose her leg. You can tell she was from the 'burbs and has never gotten hurt before. More likely to lose that leg to the half-assed tourniquet the "medic" was applying. Still, even a completely useless person, it doesn't take much money to do some harm. Good cross-section of the looters in Austin, the people I'm in touch with there leave at sunset, as do a lot of other protesters, because they don't want to be around these people: The scenes playing out across the country are more complicated, and vary more from city to city, than CNN would have you think.
  23. Bingoloid


    We could talk about the inanity of that all day, and ultimately, I think there's a grain of truth to horseshoe theory, not to mention Blair's Law. It doesn't really matter if they're white supremacist shills or anarchists, they're still just idiots. I understand where you're going about there being no hierarchical organization, a lot of the rhetoric about this is just hysteria. However, those groups do coordinate with each other to share tactical playbooks and schedule events. A surprising number of folks getting themselves arrested acting out are clearly just washed-up old hippies having their last go at this.
  24. Bingoloid


    I didn't see Livingston say anything about them being white supremacists or anything of the kind, Dan. If I missed it, so be it, but all I saw was that he said the playground was retaliated against because it was the site of the protest - which is the rumor, that the arsonists were angry that they had been sent away and burned the playground for revenge. As for the rest of it, if you were active in politics during the run-up to the Iraq War, you likely remember the ANSWER Coalition, which was quietly a front group for activists from the Workers World Party, a splinter faction that left the Socialist Workers Party years earlier because it wasn't pro-Soviet enough for them. Each protest attracted so-called "black bloc" groups, overwhelmingly white anarchists who identified with the WWP's laundry list of issues, who would trash neighborhoods across the country. They teach each other riot tactics in advance and arrive prepared with gloves, helmets, etc., and try to convince others to get violent with them. Their theory was that the "revolution" would come about if they could lure in enough mainstream people and radicalize them. "Antifa" is the same people in their current organizational incarnation. I've seen very little support for the narrative that there are white supremacist agitators in any significant numbers, but it's a fact - and I'm hearing this from black Republican friends on the ground in Austin who have been dealing with it firsthand - that chasing anarchists off has been a central activity for organizers and it's something that police and protest organizers are trying to work together on to the extent possible.
  25. Bingoloid


    What I've been hearing throughout the day is that the suspects were known as soon as it happened. Supposedly, several young people were forcibly blocked from joining the protest yesterday because they were only coming to cause problems and didn't take it well. Supposedly, several young people who fit their description were seen leaving the scene of the fire last night. Makes sense, given what Zikuski and Korchak said implied they already knew exactly what had happened. This is also likely what Dan Livingston was referring to about it being retaliation against the protest. We'll see.