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  1. Quick search shows they've been trying to fill a sales associate position for (at least) 27 days and a store manager position for (at least) 3. I'm guessing the two of them were covering the entire store, corporate was blaming them for everything, and they burnt out and walked. In all seriousness, troubles aside, if you're energetic, well-spoken, and ambitious, this is probably the best possible moment to be looking to advance your career. Any kid who took a couple of business classes at SUNY Broome and did some time in retail could throw on a nice shirt and have a real shot at managing a GNC right now, then budget some of the money to finish a degree at Empire State College and transfer anywhere in the country they want to go in a few years. Some will figure that out, some won't.
  2. This is a routine administrative decision. States just haven't been doing it because the case load was too high. https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/labor-employment-law/employee-benefits/collecting-unemployment-benefits-in-new-york.html "[In NY y]ou will be disqualified from receiving further unemployment benefits if you refuse an offer of suitable work without a good reason. During the first ten weeks of receiving unemployment benefits, suitable work means a job you can reasonably do with your past training and experience. If you are still unemployed after ten weeks, suitable work means any work you are capable of doing (whether you have done it before or not), as long as it pays at least 80% of what you earned in your highest-paid quarter of the base period. Good reasons for refusing suitable work include the fact that the job would require an unreasonable commute or pays substantially less than the prevailing wage for similar work in the same area." I doubt states are going to do it now, either. The paperwork burden is ridiculous. The federal government should just phase out the supplement and move on, and should have linked that to the date vaccination was available for all adults.
  3. I received an email asking if I want to join their reformed county committee. What a mess this is. Is Hickey not still there?
  4. I assure you that someone will be reaching out to libertarian criminal justice reporters about this whole saga if this isn't handled. Between Harder, Zikuski, Akshar, Battisti, and whatever the hell this is, this might be the greatest story never told. The Broome County dumpster fire has attracted negative attention in those circles before. I wasn't aware that happened. That's too bad.
  5. If this is plausibly true, Loughran should be suspended from his duties until any investigation is resolved. This is not legal advice, but if redacted #11 describes Garo being intimidated by probation, he should consider having his attorneys consult with attorneys outside of the area who specialize in civil rights litigation. The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University would be a good place to start. Prosecutorial immunity is broad - even more so than qualified immunity - and he may not have a claim if the resulting state action was founded on probable cause, but if there's an angle there, a §1983 action against Loughran in his personal capacity would also result in an award to cover the plaintiff's legal expenses under §1988. At a bare minimum, even if the conduct is protected from litigation, it's still First Amendment retaliation with an obvious viewpoint discrimination component and should result in severe discipline. If this is true and it is tolerated in Korchak's office, I don't see how the Libertarian Party could allow him on their line again. I will be monitoring how this plays out.
  6. People in these threads equivocating about our near-miss with the rise of the antichrist, you may as well have lit the Bingoloid Signal and pointed it at the night sky.
  7. Unless I missed it, I've seen nothing alleged here that had not already been going on at Battisti's various "practices". Either way, the reported failures to be responsive to inquiries from crime victims are, alone, a good reason to put a District Attorney out on his ass.
  8. Bingoloid

    Does Trump lie ???? LOL

    One of you certainly is, Pete. I expect this kind of crap from certain posters on here, who are perpetually smooth-brained conspiracy theorists. You, DanCooper, ginger, and 27 losing your minds and being brainwashed against the republic with this Q garbage and unironically quoting the My Pillow Guy at each other, this is a disappointment. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are unstable frauds, and Ashli Babbitt died a well-deserved traitor's death fighting in that batshit zombie army breaking her oath. The Founders would have already had Trump in shackles for this, just like Aaron Burr or the Shay's rebels. You are aligned with anti-American terrorists who have co-opted the symbols of our Revolution to undo it. Fix yourself and repent of your idolatry.
  9. Bingoloid

    Was Italy Involved In Stealing the Election?

    Just now? This one is the crazy one?
  10. Bingoloid

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    The Trump Cinematic Universe is fascinating.
  11. Bingoloid

    What’s going on at the Binghamton Post Office?!

    It's not just us, the entire organization is overwhelmed. A family business in the midwest is moving toward pulling their relationship with USPS after about twenty-five years. They're still evaluating FedEx vs. UPS. In fairness, it's not easy to have your business model dictated by Congress without receiving any money to execute. The universal service mandate is not profitable, which is why no carrier offers it in the private sector. They don't have the option to just refuse shipments like FedEx and UPS do: https://www.businessinsider.com/ups-tells-drivers-stop-picking-up-packages-macys-nike-gap-2020-12 So instead the distribution hubs are stuffed floor-to-ceiling. I had one package sitting in St. Louis for a week before I filed a report, and within two days it had been transferred to Indianapolis and got unstuck. I'm guessing the bin it was in had literally been sitting on the dock and they gave up and drove it all somewhere that had staff. Trump really doesn't deserve much blame or credit for it. People familiar with the USPS's operational problems always suspected something like this would happen eventually, and postal employees weren't shy about talking about it. Also ordered some business supplies yesterday and was horrified to realize it has a USPS tracking number. We'll see how long it takes to get here from Florida.
  12. Bingoloid

    Question on Body Vest Armor

    (You've got an image link there, I see now that was meant to be a link to the PDF.) This is a badly-written statute, since it doesn't define what makes a purchase "unlawful". Says you're guilty of an unlawful purchase if you make an unlawful purchase. What? Impossible to violate it as written. Many states prohibit felons from purchasing. That might have been what they meant to propose here, much like 270.20 makes it a felony to use body armor while committing another felony. Bill has bipartisan sponsors. I'm just speculating that this was pushed by a police union. There was a scandal a couple years ago where NYPD body armor was being resold on eBay and there was a lot of "but what if criminals buy it" rhetoric.
  13. Bingoloid

    COVID-19, while I was in Lourdes

    According to his profile, he was on four hours ago, so he's probably OK.
  14. Bingoloid

    Does Trump lie ???? LOL

    I'm not going to go spelunking through the search this morning, but those things have all been said, paraphrased, and should still be around. Except the coal one, anyway, which a mod had apparently deleted overnight after I replied with details about Bob Murray's relationship with Trump and their efforts to divert huge sums of taxpayer money to Murray's customers in exchange for a few hundred grand in donations. Then I do believe there's '75s more recent "the lunar tides will give Trump a second term by Christmas", "the executions will start soon", and "all Never Trump conservatives are paid by China", but I'll chalk that up to limited oxygen from his run-in with the 'rona. The point I'm trying to get across is that this has been over for a while in the real world. The legal efforts have been complete gibberish, they're lying to you when they claim that they'll finally be able to introduce "the evidence" in the Supreme Court (appeals do not work that way). The deadline in Title III expires today, and in six days the electors will meet. It's a scam. He blew up the traditional suburban Republican middle-class base and has been wasting your time to raise money on his way out the door. I can understand being sore about the outcome and going through some denial for a bit, but good grief. It's time to figure it out. The plumage don't enter into it. This parrot is stone dead.
  15. Bingoloid

    Does Trump lie ???? LOL

    What's this?! A bonus track on '75's Greatest Hits! Who can forget these timeless classics: - "coal doesn't get government subsidies" - "the trade war will cause an explosion of local manufacturing" - "Trump has the greatest command presence of any military leader in history" - "the national debt is all imaginary and they can just pull strings to make it disappear when it's time so don't worry about it" - "this Twitter account obviously written by someone who learned British English is actually a long-dead Navy SEAL" ...and more! Many beloved information performance artists have been more wrong at times, but none have been so consistently wrong! Call now to get yours delivered in this beautiful collectible gift box which unfolds into a life-sized cardboard cutout of Melania Trump on your choice of 8-track or cassette for the low, low price of $99.95 payable to the President Donald J. Trump Official Election Defense Fund for a 100,000% impact! By purchasing this album, you agree that your contribution to DJTFP will be allocated as follows (Multicandidate PAC amounts in parentheses): 50% of each contribution, up to a maximum of $2,800 ($5,000), to be designated toward DJTFP’s 2020 general election account for general election debt retirement until such debt is retired. 50% of each contribution, up to a maximum of $2,800 ($5,000), to be designated toward DJTFP’s Recount Account. Any amount that exceeds the applicable contribution limit for 2020 general election debt retirement, including any amounts donated to DJTFP after such debt has been retired, will be designated in full toward DJFTP’s Recount Account, up to a maximum of $2,800 ($5,000).
  16. Bingoloid

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    Everybody knew this could easily be a tight race. Right now, I think this is closer than Bush/Gore in Florida. About 1 in 20,000 votes? When it's that close, it comes down to people making careless mistakes, randomness. It's just the way it is. Recounts usually produce very small changes because they're just different mistakes than the first count, and the losing candidate is taking a coin toss chance on which way the change will go. This, though, is just lazy. I'm still trying to get my mind around the idiocy of the Post-It note thing.
  17. Bingoloid

    Solak censored by Twitter?

    I'm not familiar with the specifics, I know it happened but was there a message or something that suggested a specific culprit?
  18. Bingoloid

    Solak censored by Twitter?

    Sad to say, I think most of that took place in her head. The stuff she did post - messages Tarik had sent her - strongly suggested Tarik was a lonely weirdo trying to bully a vulnerable woman into having a relationship with him. The rest of it just looked like paranoid delusion that didn't really add up.
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    My last post on Trump.

    Ah. Reject liberal Fake Cosmology produced by the Deep Astronomy swamp, embrace Trump Astrology.
  20. Bingoloid

    Solak censored by Twitter?

    You can still click through to read it directly. What the heck did he post? Did we learn nothing from that scene in "Gone Girl"?
  21. Bingoloid

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    They also found 10 for Brindisi, so she's leading by 13. Articles characterize it as a transcription error. They counted the ballots but wrote them in the wrong column or something.
  22. Bingoloid

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    "Both commissioners said they believed each ballot had a sticky note on it and had no clue as to how they could have fallen off the ballots or what could have gone wrong in the process." Probably (and I'm just floating ideas here) the part where they relied on the world's cheapest adhesive to link critical records.
  23. Bingoloid

    Interesting Military and Secret Service Tweets

    Hm. Spend your time however you like, but if Q starts posting Kool-Aid recipes, maybe let somebody else try them first.