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  1. Binghamton Native

    Assemblywoman Rubber Stamp

    A strong Republican could take out Lupardo, even with the party enrollment disadvantage. We would be well served in Albany by BC Legislator Matt Pasquale. He has a strong pro business, pro law enforcement, pro family record. All Lupardo cares about is herself and pot. And herself smoking pot.
  2. Binghamton Native

    Check out this moron...WOW

    Great to hear John Cordisco. I wasn't aware John has a Youtube channel. I agree with John 100% on the Rittenhouse prosecutor.
  3. Binghamton Native

    Local COVID cases spike, packed hospitals & INCOMPETENT doctors

    I’m very sorry to hear this, and hope the person with Covid makes a full recovery. Lourdes is horrible. If your family has an emergency I would recommend the ER at Wilson. Reading this about all the Covid patients lining the hospital hallway is a grim reality we aren’t hearing on the news. Thank you for this wake up call Garo and BCV. Even though the gone tests aren’t perfect, I’m going to order some for the winter. And I will continue to encourage friends and family to get the vaccine.
  4. Binghamton Native

    County Clerk race- Joe Mihalko or Harris Weiss?

    Joe is a nice guy. Trustworthy. He deserves another term as Clerk.
  5. Binghamton Native

    Drunk PA resident Marty Smith on Mara Grace

    They’ve been divorced for 30 years.
  6. Binghamton Native

    Drunk PA resident Marty Smith on Mara Grace

    I’m only voting for Brett Noonan. I like his background as a first responder and that he specializes in family law. And I think he’s run a brilliant campaign. One of the best I’ve observed in a long time. I was going to vote for Sandy Monachino with my second vote, but I just saw West side liberal hypocrite Kate Madigan in an ad for him. I can’t stand that woman. She doesn’t even practice family law, yet every Family Court election she resurfaces and lectures us on who to vote for.
  7. No reasonable person who watches this video can possibly think Joe Burns is the better candidate. https://www.facebook.com/BinghamtonChamber/videos/925309788085574/ Kraham comes off as sharp, intelligent and prepared to be mayor. Burns is incoherent, unfocused and rambles on and on. If you know Joe Burns, or his family, and want to vote for him, that’s up to you. But if we are being honest, this video, along with Burns’ 20 year history of financial delinquency, makes it clear… Jared Kraham is the better candidate and would be a better mayor.
  8. Binghamton Native

    4 attorneys quit Broome County District Attorney's office within a week

    After all the money the Korchak family put into the 2019 race, it’s mind blowing Korchak would let this “Loughran” guy run the office into the ground. I admit I was one who was strongly behind Korchak in 2019, now I can’t wait to put up a Battisti lawn sign.
  9. Apparently the Traffic Diversion Program will be “suspended” for another few weeks. Because it’s a local law the county executive must schedule a public hearing on the matter. After that, he is free to sign the law. Then the program must be field with the Secretary of State of NY. Then the program becomes legal again. In my many years of following government, I’ve never seen a bigger screw up from an elected official. If Korchak runs again I think his changes are slim to none.
  10. Binghamton Native

    Bob Weslar moves to restrict free speech in Broome County

    That’s because as you said, Bob is a hypocrite. He only believes in free speech if it’s his own speech, or if he agrees with you. I’ll never forget when I was at city hall around 2005, and Bob and his boyfriend (who he appointed to a city board) ran off from the downstairs meeting room to city council chambers, and started groping each other and making out like their lives depended on it. This wasn’t a quick kiss, they were second away from ripping their clothes off. Right in front of several people. How’s that for freedom of expression? But he doesn’t want you to hold up a sign if he doesn’t agree with it.
  11. Binghamton Native

    Who is running for school board?

    Penna: 1,075 Montalvo (Citizen Action/PLOT): 862 Kollar: 817 Callahan: 744 Pratt: 614 Hopkins (Citizen Action/PLOT): 577 Tauterouff (Citizen Action/PLOT): 517 What's telling to me is how poorly the other two CA/PLOT candidates did. It wasn't even close. My guess is Montalvo didn't just rely on CA/PLOT and did her own campaigning outside the organized CA/PLOT effort. This is very encouraging news to me. Al Penna won't take any shit from the liberals. It's also encouraging to me as I look at other districts, I see some folks I know to be conservatives won seats.
  12. Binghamton Native

    Who is running for school board?

    Penna, Kollar and Montalvo won. So one of the Citizen Action/PLOT candidates (Montalvo) won.
  13. Binghamton Native

    Who is running for school board?

    Al Penna, Pam Kollar and Mike Pratt.
  14. Binghamton Native

    2019 Korchak ad: Ethical, experienced and fiscally responsible?

    Wow, I completely agree with what’s been said in this thread. The hypocrisy from Korchak is unreal. If he wants to even try to run again, he should fire his finance director, issue an apology, and vow to clean things up. He should assign one senior prosecutor to work with younger prosecutors. No murder case should go to trial with two kids prosecuting. And ethics issues are what they are. I don’t think he can get do much there. But on the finances and the experience issue, he can try to make things right. Otherwise he shouldn’t even attempt to run again.