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  1. For the second time in 11 months the Sports Dome on Airport Road has collapsed. Will we find out the project wasn't fully financed? Should we expect another GoFundMe, like we saw last year (launched by a girl who married into the Kashou family). The Kashou's got caught lying to media about whether the December 2020 collapse was a controlled collapse, or not a controlled collapse. Two media stories, two different versions of what happened. Why? Insurance money.
  2. guest11

    Drunk PA resident Marty Smith on Mara Grace

    Mara was horrible at the Binghamton Rotary lunch forum today. Noonan and Monachino were good.
  3. How is it that Dave Pessagno is again getting taken by another musical act? It just happened not long ago with Bon Jovi at the Dick’s Open. Dave Pessagno might be a nice guy, but I think it’s time to reevaluate who books and handles musical acts for the Dick’s Open and Spiedie Fest.
  4. Billy Currington was supposed to take the stage two hours ago. He just canceled.
  5. guest11

    Kraham/Burns Chamber debate… a clear winner

    During the debate Joe Burns is quick to say the city has four years to spend the American Rescue Plan funding from Washington. So when it comes to spending our money he knows the deadlines, but when it comes to his money, legal action needs to be taken for him to make a payment. How long did you have to pay your taxes Joe? How long did you have to pay your mortgage Joe? How long did you have to pay your credit card bills Joe?
  6. Yesterday The Agency (the IDA) made a Facebook post congratulating Executive Director Stacey Duncan on being “one of the recipients of the New York State Economic Development Council 2021 Economic Developer of the Year Award”. Now they did say “one of”, but what they didn’t say was 62 of these awards were handed out, one to every county, and one to every director of each county’s industrial development agency. This was done because of the work all counties did recovering from the pandemic. It’s very misleading for Stacey Duncan to publicize herself as an award winner, when she received the award by default. This is nothing more than a participation trophy.
  7. guest11

    Alcoholism on the West side of Binghamton

    Everyone be careful. The west side drunks are back out today at Blues on the Bridge.
  8. guest11

    Alcoholism on the West side of Binghamton

    The Porch Fest is this weekend. There will be west side residents passed out in lawns by 2:00pm. Unfortunately, the event, which is a cool concept, is not an event for children. I hope John Solak is out covering the event.
  9. guest11

    Alcoholism on the West side of Binghamton

    Binghamton High school annual prom pictures at Rec Park is a big attraction for drunk west siders. I’ve witnessed it a couple times. Many drunk west siders, who don’t even have relatives or friends who have children at the prom, eventually wander over highly intoxicated. It’s really unfortunate, and doesn’t send a good message to the children. I’ve even seen them try to get in pictures, and hug random people they don’t know.
  10. guest11

    Broome County Airshow for the rich

    It sounds like the logistic were a nightmare. Broome County dropped the ball big time. Poor pregnant woman trapped inside her car waiting in the ridiculous line with no way to get to a bathroom.
  11. guest11

    Places to avoid- worst smelling people

    At most community events the people smell very bad, Spiedie Fest is one of the worst.
  12. The tickets will be sold at three prices. There will be First Class VIP Admission tickets for $250 per vehicle, Business Class tickets for $115 per vehicle and Economy Coach tickets for $65. This year the airshow is sure to lose money. I can’t wait for Mr. Solak to FOIL the financial documents, so we can see how much this will end up costing the tax payers, to foot the bill for an airshow many cannot afford to go to.
  13. How can Weslar, who has never owned anything, never paid a dime of property or school tax, be an elected official for all these years? The bar is set so low in Broome County even fools like Weslar can be continuously elected.
  14. guest11

    WBNG’s Chloe Vincente leaving for Birmingham, AL

    He’s not that far off actually. My family has done advertising with WBNG for well over 30 years. I’ve spoken with many salespeople, management, even on air staff during promotions we were involved in. The culture at WBNG has long been very conservative. Management expects their staff to conduct themselves a certain way in public. From how they dress to where they hang out. About 15 years ago, just when it seemed like things were changing, there were several instances of a WBNG reporter going out all the time and getting beaten up on State Street. WBNG even sided with him, and blamed the Binghamton Police for roughing the reporter up. Appearing on tv with a black eye. Then he went out and did it again the next weekend. At the point WBNG reigned their staff back in, the stricter rules were put in place.
  15. That Saturday Facebook post from Melissa Lantz has been deleted and today The Greater Good Grocery posted this. All this really does is deny the suggestion food items are donated. My opinion has not changed. A grocery store in that neighborhood is not a good business decision. And I firmly believe that in the first month the store is failing and will continue to fail.