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  1. JB 2

    Raising the next generation of "dindu nuffins"

    Must be everyone forgot the millions in tax dollars given by Barry to "black farmers". "farmers" that Never grew even house plants received monies from our US Treasury, (a treasury whose coffers are funded by hard working American Taxpayers) in an effort to expand the umbers of ghetto lottery recipients.
  2. JB 2

    Raising the next generation of "dindu nuffins"

    Must be me. I look at the USA as coming into existence in 1776. And in fewer than 100 years and a bloody war, fought mostly by whites, slaves were freed and all slaves were given if wanted free passage back to Africa. Maybe you should studt some pre-PC history? Maybe you will find the work of Quakers and others interesting? Or how much the USA Treasury gave to ship them back? All who stayed did so willingly. As for Affirmative action degrees, if you need an "official" name for them hold your breath and check out Teachers and professors records in classrooms. How many years has it been that Standards of education have continuously been lowered? Are you even curious about how many States "they" want to claim as their own? By what name will America be called next?
  3. JB 2

    Raising the next generation of "dindu nuffins"

    Reparations For What? The United States of America, against world tradition of the times ended slavery in less than 100 years. After slavery ended in the USA any former slave wanting to leave the Country were given free passage to Africa and they founded Liberia. The USA Treasury even donated over a million dollars to the effort. Any former slave that stayed here did so willingly. If reparations are due it is to the American people whose tax dollars have for the past 70-80 years to rebuild all the damage caused by rioting, and such. The disproportionate number of black criminals cost quite a bit too. (Got me thinking about the Sharpton comment some years back; "White people were living in caves while we were building the Pyramids". The poor guy fails to understand it was his kind the Egyptions used as slaves.) Do Americans get reparations for the costs of lowering education standards and handing out affirmative action degrees? That is enough, not sure what is considered Local.
  4. JB 2

    Welcome Back.

    Main difference, the Joseph guy gives the impression he is over-educated and under-intelligent. A suggestion for a show topic is his opinion on weather or not the newly established tranny flag should be flown at all times the homosexual rainbow flag is flown.
  5. JB 2

    Game Of Thrones!

    Had to check back to see how the new "gentler, kinder" BCVoice is going. Must admit this this thought provoking insightful topic is balm to soothe my burning curiosity.
  6. JB 2

    Welcome Back.

    Glad BCVoice is again up and running. Sure hope whoever has it now has better luck and fewer irritants than owners in the past.
  7. JB 2


    Only a true optimist would have believed the outcome would be any different. It is only natural the use of our Military for Social Experiments must bring political pawns into even Military Courts. There is no longer any Justice for Patriotic Law-Abiding Americans. ----
  8. JB 2


    Your assessment of Hillry is obvious but you left out the crimes of Barry and his backers. The "leadership" of the DNC must destroy all Clinton and white influence in order to further the Obama & Co agenda.
  9. Ginger ginger ginger, you know LA is a proponent of revisionist history, why bother? La still believes Hillary servered honourably during the Watergate Investigation And only a Leftists would come up with something as sick as peeing on a bed someone slept
  10. JB 2

    Another mass shooting - Texas

    Makes Sense To Me!!! I could be wrong about this, the laws could have changed. Being refused a Concealed Carry Permit does not negate in Texas the Right open carry and/or long gun ownership. More gun control is not a solution. Seems to me more honest people need to carry. Surely you all have heard "Fight Crime, Shoot First"? That too makes sense to me.
  11. JB 2

    How A Paranoid One Sees LV Killings.

    See what I mean? Now that is a useful news reminder with one negative setback. What if one has no clue what day of the week it is?
  12. JB 2

    How A Paranoid One Sees LV Killings.

    Only another isolated incident not worth reporting on any longer. Time to get back to more important news. We must keep investigating the President Trump collusion farce. We seemingly have run the course on the minor distraction of a half hundred or so Americans killed. Ya gotta admit it is difficult for media to protect Barry by blaming Hillary and the DNC. Even more difficult for the Mc Cain style Republicans who have catered to Barack Hussein for so long.
  13. JB 2

    How A Paranoid One Sees LV Killings.

    Ya mean it is not common practice to get rid of your laptops hard drive before going on a killing spree? How 'bout that!
  14. JB 2

    trump goes after the NFL?

    Seems Kimber does not understand Patriotism, Principles, Respect. Seems too Kimber does not know the difference between Asking and Telling. Reckon it is simply another example of Leftists taught What to think rather than HOW to think.
  15. JB 2

    Shootings and Hurricanes

    Why Kimber you surprise me! Are you turning to religious zealotry? That sounds like part of a sermon by some anti-American Preacher about to tell his flock all this is judgement of GOD for electing Trump as President.