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  1. Heard on radio today Democrats "found" another anti-American ally? What happened, their script writers have nothing original? (sure hope I am right about one thing) It is my belief we are in the end game of modern version of "compromise of 1850". I have ben isolated for too much time now so this is naturally a guess on my part. It has been a couple years since tossing this around in conversation but am getting concerned, knowing I am not alone in seeing this anti-American Democrat Party must be shut down soon. Naturally I am often wrong, but not this time. There are too many Americans about to break their "cabin fever" and from what I recall that is not good for Democrat Party Tolerance. At this point in life I know there are only three things worth dying for. Family, GOD, Country. Circumstances determine priority but fighting for one defends all three. Bring on the Indictments against Democrats. If America is still a Nation of Law and Justice it is inevitable. No more delays. done 101
  2. JB 2

    The Dems

    After listening to John Kerry earlier on FNC I needed to watch that Jubilation clip again. According to Kerry he is not still negotiating with Americas enemy Iran. Apparently he and the other Democrats are only meeting socially with Iran, not to undermine President Trump and the Americans Trump works for. More Americans Fewer Democrats 101
  3. The only reason , to me , for the guy doing time. 101
  4. JB 2

    Bloomberg Hillary 2020

    With so many Democrats lining up against Americans & America one thing sticks in mind about President Trump. Something I learned long ago and probably have no mentioned since President DW Bush was in Office. You cannot clean the gutters in the barn without getting a little on yourself. Am I alone in missing daily reports from those Intellectual Democrats like Schiff, Waters, Nadler, Hakim, etc.? Oh well, we still have Nancy to laugh at, as long as we do not forget how dangerous she is. 101
  5. JB 2


    I understand the sentiment of secession. I understand even the Black Supremacists (sorry, Black Separatists. only whites can be Supremacists) plan for a third of our States to belong to them. I even understand the Democrats of 160 or so years back wanting to separate from the USA. President Lincoln handled that, President Trump will handle todays efforts to destroy our Union. In spite of J. Kerry, Sen. Murphy et al working behind the back of our duly elected President in Iran negotiations. Those guys, and it looks like all Democrats, are working with Iran to bring down our Republic to benefit Iran. Who will win, AMERICANS or Democrats? 101
  6. Looks like Democrat Fears are real. There is a Patriotism Pandemic taking hold, if Daytona is representative of support for America. I think topic "....… BOSS" says it better than I can. 101
  7. JB 2

    Bloomberg Hillary 2020

    Gee, ya reckon? : )
  8. JB 2

    Like a Boss

    Biggest Important change would be Respect. Maybe a pinch of fear? Ya gotta admit (on topic) the Man knows how to make an entrance. And yes, I do believe all the DC folk are apoplectic over his Victory Lap. What has changed? Fight back against what has happened since some guy said "We will fundamentally change America.....". My question is more relevant. Why are Democrats so focused on Protecting Iran? 101
  9. After hearing on news today President Trump will be at Daytona 500 I began to be concerned. It brought to mind the memo Democrats sent to their staffers a few years back. Seems Democrats learned some of their staffers might attend a NASCAR Race and Democrats were horrified of contamination so Warned staffers to be sure they were caught up on all their Medical Shots. Ya reckon they will warn President Trump of the hazards of being around those suffering of Flag waving, hard working, Patriotism Disease? Or, maybe Democrats already know it is too late, President Trump is already infected by those of us that still Respect, Believe in, the Constitution & Bill of Rights? 101
  10. A few months back I mentioned on here a rumour I heard. I am now about 90% convinced it is true. I believe more so now that when Comey brought Mueller to speak with our President about giving Mueller the AG position they threatened Trump and our President told them to f**k off. After watching closely, after Listening even closer, after seeing Mueller did not even have a clue what happened during "his" fraud investigation, I now believe. After watching closely, Listening even closer, there is little doubt in my mind the Democrat Party with help from either Moscow or Tehran have and are attempting to overthrow the Government of our once United States. But, I could be wrong, right Leonard? Didja evah wonda, Cuomo and Chuckie always scream for money from our Federal Treasury, Right? So, they refuse to allow Federal Authorities access to information on NYS Motor vehicle servers. information used as a tool to protect Americans from possible terrorists or Criminals. Why? Are they afraid of accusations of a Quid Pro Quo? When applying for Enhanced ID card I needed to show just about every verifiable proof I was afraid they were about to ask for Proctologist Records. But who am I to complain? Having been born in NY means nothing to Democrats, the Law breakers and other illegals need coddling using Americans hard earned dollars. More Americans Fewer Democrats 101
  11. JB 2

    Pelosi goes for the handshake. President Trump having none of it.

    Laws do not apply to Democrats. House of Reprhensibles has exceptions.
  12. Have no fear boy, you will Never look like any fool other than the one you present to us with your ignorance. I agree with you, President Trump was impeached. Now for the rest of the story.... never mind, why think about all the evidence and upset those telling you What to think. Among the real reasons for impeachment are; With consent of obama Russia invaded Chechia/Ukraine.For three years or so obama and the other anti-Americans in DC sent blankets and non lethal help to Ukraine. Although the blankets were helpful for covering dead bodies, Defensive weapons would have helped Ukraine. President Trump, American, sent Ukraine anti-tank and other weapons. From White House level down the Democrat Administration allowed and condoned Corruption, illegal arms smuggling causing death of Americans, Extortion (remember the guitar makers and so many others?), used American Tax money to openly interfere in Israeli Elections, gave Iran enough cash to support terror groups for a few years, Actively worked to overthrow a Constitutionally Elected American President, etc. …….. President Trump has a "take no prisoners" attitude about fighting those destroying our US with seemingly Treasonous Actions. The DNC still supports their president, Americans support Our President, Donald J Trump. So please mulligan, continue providing us with a smile or two. More Americans Fewer Democrats. 101
  13. Must admit you are consistently ignorant. Hey, does this mean all the druggies and perverts using park area "after hours" will now need a permit? get a life mulligan
  14. Aye Ginger, I did so, but my reason was different for Chuckie (although he acts anti-Semitic in his political acts too). The only ones allowed to emigrate to Israel are those (world wide) with Jewish "Roots". To a Jewish person, even with no plans of ever living in Israel, denying them the "Right of Return" is far more insulting than Democrats denying Americans 1st & 2nd Constitutional Rights. It was not a supporter of the USA who complained to his "students" our Government is restricted because our Constitution gives too much Power to the People. Not sure yet why Democrats and MSM (redundant) are stalling but they are not doing so waiting for Election Day. Or, as it is now practiced in the USA, Voting Season. Democrat Party is Controled from DC (Moscow? Tehran? ???) Republican Party is now getting under Control of Americans. More Americans Fewer Democrats 101
  15. JB 2


    Makes Sense To Me. Here we are now, 7 Feb. 2020, and now the street urchins and gutter snipes are even more Protected by Democrat Party Policy. If those kind of Criminals are arrested today they are RORed and learn their behavior is Tolerated, accepted as Norm for anti-American Democrats. As YES I have no doubt only ONE Political Party has best interests of USA as its Agenda. Never mind, there is little chance this will affect Local Area. Right? More Americans fewer Democrats. 101