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  1. JB 2

    Another Death in Binghamton from Corona Virus

    Sure hope you neighbors stay safe, and use common sense if going out. I needed to get out today for a couple hours. People that are out and about are getting a bit testy. 101
  2. I was born believing in 3 in 1. For light oil I trust Hoppes. : )
  3. JB 2

    Did you hear about the 80,000 deaths in America?

    If only she had that thought when selling to Russia 25% of Americas uranium ore. aye, no big deal, only a Democrat thing. 101
  4. When can we stop washing our hands and get a shower? getting kinda ripe.
  5. He can always use that north country vacant prison with guards still protecting the place.
  6. Love the photo Thomas, but thought that one left Norfolk a couple days back? Good thing I am not the paranoid type else those good maps you update would anger me. Not at you, at what looks vaguely familiar. I suppose others take other photos? 101
  7. Best way to clean Capital? Use that 25 mil to buy busses and ship the anti-American elected ones back to wherever they came. FYI, Heard shops have new supply of Hoppes oil in stock. Gotta make sure hands and All surfaces stay clean. 101
  8. No television around right now but I still am nervous they (Democrats) are stalling, waiting. Almost as though they have no plans to allow legitimate elections come November. Hey, did everyone get their NYS Early Voting form in the mail? We did, it is in the trash where it belongs. 101
  9. Maybe it is time for Tucker Carlson to update the mention he made about the Harvard Professor working for China? Maybe even mention the other 2? The really interesting one is the CDC scum trying to get out of the US. After all this time some of the Facts are finally showing up on facebook. (a friend sent it to me, I do not do facistbook) It is real and chances of reading or hearing of it in MSM is close to nil. More Americans, Fewer Democrats. 101
  10. JB 2

    Garnar shuts down bus station

    Does that mean corner drug prices will increase, or will the Philadelphia route remain open? At least the philly folk use cars.
  11. Anything Digital can be altered far more easily than a written record can. This is merely my opinion (1st Amendment, what is left of it), so please do not send any DNC fbi guys to my door. My observations led me long ago to believe in the 1990s two branches of the DNC actively started pushing their long range Agenda to take over our USA. The China/Russia supporting branch, the Tehran supporting one. From the days of LORAL, ship containers of Chinese carbines and other goodies, to destroying Twin Towers, to sending pallets of Cash from US to Tehran. and thousands of hardly mentioned little skirmishes Democrats have won. More Americans Fewer Democrats. 101
  12. JB 2

    Pride, Low-Life Style

    House of Reprehensibles members so proud of their hard work "for the people, for the Country" they have decided to Hide from America how they will vote on the Bill coming before them. VOICE VOTE? Why are they hiding behind a voice vote when Americans would like to Know how our so-called representatives vote on this. It is an Historical Vote on more than one level and they do not want their names attached to it? Democrats do not want their name recorded for posterity? Nice thing about voice vote, all of them can continue talking out both sides of their mouth to claim the voted for and against, depending on wind direction. No time for Real vote, they need to fine tune retaliation Bills expanding what they allowed to pass the House. Continuing Resolution anyone? 101
  13. Now that is funny. And you think I do not learn on here? Reason does not matter but I was in a self imposed isolation for months. Just when I needed to get out and about again I find this virus thing puts a damper on movements. Damn life sucks at times. However, for now it is better than the alternative.
  14. Stats like that remain in same file as number of people recovering from illness. 101
  15. Pretty sure the guys name is Bob Lounsberry not Kenneth. Even when cussin' him out I still like the guys views, mostly. And yes his show is as relevant to Broome County as to his home county. 101