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  1. JB 2

    Evidence of Voter Fraud

    In 2018, yeah, a year or so after President Trump was Serving, that Perez guy heading the DNC said obama was still Their president. And No Democrat has ever said otherwise. How much heat will a County Republican Party get?
  2. OH MY GAWD !!!!!!!!!!! A Slim Pickens fan. No?
  3. Is this the DNC/BLM/noi way of finally admitting DC is a foreign nation? To PeteMoss, President Trump de-classified reports long ago, they were and are held back by a few ?-americans/
  4. JB 2

    Next Move In the Fight Against Big Tech?

    Am I alone in seeing the irony in the Apple Logo? BTW= When ordering from "my pillow", (in answer to the guy asking the code for orders in another topic) just type in 101.
  5. JB 2

    Suspicions rise in Georgia vote counting

    How can ANY American think a two thousand dollar check to "stimulate" economy makes sense? For the Country? Too many freebies is what got us to this position. Will i take it if passed? Sure. Do i think it is a good idea? NO, but at least it would give more leverage to China and Iran over the US. Have a Blessed year. 101
  6. JB 2

    antifa protests at Senator's home

    Get through this aberration of our Constitution easily. Accept the Harris / Pelosi Administration, learn Farsi, get out in the sun and tan, learn what Mark Twain had to say about Loyalty to Country, and most importantly, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. Have a Blessed Year. 101
  7. JB 2

    Is Some Weird Military Action Afoot?

    Mickey Ds is a favorite stop off (in Halstead too) for Guard Troops on way to Fort Drum. More interesting is the Mexican Troop movement toward the Wall, and the new Caravans coming nord. 101
  8. JB 2

    My last post on Trump.

    For a long time there has been obvious difference between Americans and Democrats. 101
  9. Nationwide most Catholic Schools have the Right to ignore Gov interference on Educating our next generation. Most folks ignore saplings, until they grow. Here are two examples i was insulted over (on bcv) because "this is America, it could never happen here" mindset. 110th Congress First Session H.J. Res. 29 Now, as innocent as it might read to you, i learned at the time where the "blueprint" for it came from. Not necessary to believe me, i do not really give a damn. And NO i did not do any bing or google searches to find this, simple memory is enough. The Decree of Dec. 1, 1936 in Germany. Both are interesting. Both are ripe for discussion. 101
  10. JB 2

    Donald Trump is about to shock the world.

    Maybe President Trump will hire some Dem moderates? Someone like Al Franken maybe? He was a fairly "handy" man while in DC.
  11. JB 2

    REMINDER !!!!!!

    Today is Day of Thanksgiving and am having a grand day. A little Prayer asked that all out there have as good or better day than mine even. 101
  12. JB 2

    Interesting Military and Secret Service Tweets

    Did not read the link. The Title though reminded me of the strange speech Kamala made shortly before the election season was supposed to end. At that time now president-elect Harris made a point to mention how many military Officers support her Party. Sounded as strange as the closing Prayer of the impeachment persecution, Hillary telling Biden to not concede no matter what, the guy that told Democrats not to be discouraged at election night results, they will change. Oh and oh so many other little things. Not that all that matters, i after all am simply a self-taught paranoid, worthy of partnering with kimber. 101
  13. JB 2

    Breaking News! Another 750K Votes Found For Biden!

    At least this time it is containers of votes instead of the containers of weapons they sent during the Clinton years (cosco anyone?). 101
  14. JB 2


    Be nice now. Kimber is suffering from severe disappointment after asking for information on the Space Force, only to learn it had no relation to the vacuum between his/her ears. 101
  15. JB 2

    What a piece of shit this place has become.

    Sorry there '75, the blame for all the archival stuff brought to the fore is on me. Only wanted to remind some of Reality. At le4ast after all these decades of wondering, i now understand how nazis came to power. Too many Kimber-like German fools. Near that time for me to disappear again for a while. Thanks all for the discussions, opinions, and help in figuring out quite a few important things. Knowingly or not. On the bright side, for those that like polls & stats, crime numbers will go down. After all, look at what a peaceful crime free year 2020 has so far been. Y'all have a Safe Blessed rest of year, and beyond. 101