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  1. JB 2


    Not your comment definitely. Pretty sure you know my view of racists and budding fascists. Neither are skin tone specific. Racism, like hatred, is usually taught from childhood on. White Supremacy nor Black Supremacy is the solution of the problems facing our United States. Now we have allowed the Stars and Stripes to be, officially, a symbol of racism according to so many in the "peanuts"/Harris Administration. Anyone know what the new National Symbol will be? 101
  2. JB 2

    Another stupid cowardly decision

    Not nice to pick on those still wearing mask if they believe it is needed. Just please stop telling me what i must do. The Three Constitutional Amendments Necessary to the well being of all citizens of the USA; The 1st, The 10th, The 2nd. In that order. All of them are nearly debased. Who do we kneel to when all three are gone? 101
  3. A newer Biden video and an older GW/Condi one.(sound comes in after "cast of characters) Biden trips 3 times to Trump's golf swing as Kamala laughs - YouTube This is still my favorite. Condoleezza Rice and George Bush Parody - YouTube The easiest way to anger a Leftist anti-American is to laugh AT them. Good humour has no bias. 101
  4. JB 2


    Really really really wanna comment on that. Factually! naw, not worth the effort, so, "sure boy, whatever you say".
  5. JB 2

    Another stupid cowardly decision

    WHY? Everyone knows Why. By not allowing people to associate with others it prevents Americans from learning they are not alone in their grievances, and how to rectify the situation. With social media unavailable without censorship who in their right mind would put in writing some of the Major Concerns? Festivals, restaurants, bars, and so forth are places where human to human conversations take place, even among strangers. Divide the people, then prevent those opposing Agenda of Leftists anti-American take-over from easy communication. With critical race bull shit now being propagandized to West Point Cadets, the Harris comment in a speech shortly before faux election kinda takes on new meaning to some. Others actually Listen and Think about the words said. You might even ask Why they are said. Then start remembering other little "unrelated" things. As for masks, i have been using one of these three ways to counter them, depending on your level of comfort. Do not wear mask when going into store. If asked to put on mask simply smile and say "really"? When told to wear mask say you left it at home. they might not offer you one, but do not fall for them saying they will sell you one, they will cave. Carry a dog muzzle with you and keep a mask with it. When asked to wear mask take both out, and always with a smile and look of contempt, ask yourself aloud which one should you put on. There are many other creative way to ridicule or show your real feelings on masks, the above seem to work for me most often. Other methods could /can be more aggressive. Passive resistance, just leave, wait for police to be called, (over Rochester way Police are not allowed to stop criminals, seemingly only violating covvid Restrictions are criminal acts) Sure it ain't much, but we have lost so many Constitutional Rights bit by bit so lets get a few bit going. OH, BTW, want to share an amusing observation. Few nights ago one of the Propaganda News stations talking about white supremacists in the military showed a photo of a barracks wall with swatisca and such. That photo was taken years ago when Clinton helped set the stage for what is going on Ya don't teach a child to be afraid, you teach how to control the fear and act. 101
  6. JB 2

    Now That is A Damn Shame.

    Prayers go out to the Family/Friends of the dead Officer. My thanks and Respect for the Officer(S?) that put a stop to any other non-Christian acts by the killer. 101
  7. Reminds me of what the "girls" looked like around 42nd street. Pre-Rudy.
  8. Is that before or after all the black farmers get theirs? Wonder where the money will come from. Read two articles on how difficult it is for business owners to find employees. No workers, no taxes.
  9. Tried to enter a restaurant with my German Shepherd Dog and was refused entrance by host. Demanded to speak with Manager, who it turns out is rude, and he supported the host decision. I told him to expect a lawsuit. Then told him i self identify as a son of a bitch (SOB), and my dog identifies himself as my son. Had to eat in a secluded part of restaurant, but ....... . I Love Democrats. 101
  10. Some crazy smashes a nice car into a barrier injuring two Capital Police Officers. Seemingly the driver was heading to the Politicians House, formerly known as the Peoples House. Rapid response by Police and National Guard. IT IS A Damn Shame to see how important the political class is compared to the American People. For over a year Arson, Assaults, and many other crimes committed against American Business owners and their Property simply were not important enough to get even minimal help . Not from Police (ordered to stand down) nor from any elected ones. Even the National Guardsmen were turned into "crossing guards" by many. It is a Damn Shame Americans, even crazy ones have no outlet for legitimate grievances. I do not mean in law or theory, but Factually. Maybe AMERICANS should have the same Rights politicians reserve for themselves, instead of more gun laws?
  11. JB 2

    ‘difficult to explain’ UFO sightings

    Probably only chemtrail conspiracists having more fun. 😏
  12. JB 2

    Tired of Always Being Threatened

    One thing i know, all the serious talk/suggestions are not to be talked about online. Personal get togethers are where the serious discussions take place. Old school methods are now new school .
  13. The first riot i experienced was in Rochester NY back in the 1960s. On one of the days of festive minority "protests" the Police Chief had his car over turned and the Chief was made to Crawl from his car through the "mostly peaceful" mob. That was in the old public market area. Every decade since there has been rioting in various cities across these United States. With the exception of the Cubans rioting in Miami during the '80s, all other rioting has been people of color. It has become expected that unruly (uncivilized?) group will find a way to destroy, burn, loot, maim, etc. What bothers me is how the last two decades, for any perceived "injustice" Government at all levels kow-tow to Threats of violence if the minority folk do not get what they want. Now we are preparing for more rioting and such after the trial in MN. With farakhans lapdog Sharpton leading the charge. In my experience all threats should be taken seriously, and either tolerate as we have the Extortion, or stomp on the extortionists and bring back the concept of Law and Order for ALL. Justice for All. Maybe hard working taxpayers should threaten to stop supporting the rioters? Maybe hard working taxpayers should threaten to support our Police and all Law Enforcement agents? With Necessary means? 101
  14. JB 2

    NY Legalizes Marijuana

    Couple questions. Will the taxes be low enough to make it worthwhile shopping at a camera loaded location? If so, will my regular weed dealer be able to collect unemployment while training for a new career Will our law(?), regulation(?) be compatible with the old Alaska Legalization? (funny how dems got rid of that after a few decades) Reminds me. Former VP candidate Sarah Palin admitted hetting high. LEGALLY. pres Harris admits getting high. Leegally, not so much. Sorry, off topic. One last question. Where the hell is all the Panimanian Red and Acapulco Gold gone to? 101
  15. The press conference by the latest White House Resident was stunningly robotic & scary. It has gotten more obvious he cannot even distinguish any longer when his "stage prompts" are mixed with his orders of what to say. Two of the obvious examples are when he read he had note cards(?), and his "a serious question" prompt. Everyone might hear, but how many listen? How many hear while thinking what they want to say rather than actually Listening to what is being said by others? But of course, if people had, or would, Listen to farrakhan lay out his agenda at the 2nd million more march this crap might not be going on. It sounds exactly like the current obama 2/Harris Admin. 101