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  1. JB 2

    Jussie Smollett Race Hustler.

    Look at all the current civil rights Leaders, you will admit he learned from the best. What do you figure he will get? Not Guilty or probation and a book deal? Maybe Omar and Michelle will appear as character witnesses? 101
  2. JB 2

    Biden You Suck

    Damn, surprising how so many still blame the marionette. 101
  3. Democrats always use what works for them. It works for them all the time in the past. Knowing the Americans in Congress would like to get home for Christmas, and many of the self serving republicans that care nought for the USA, Democrats will hold Bills close to Christmas Recess. GOD forbid Republicans hold firm and actually do what they should for our Country. It would be grand to see, just once, Republicans and a few democrats actually do what is Right for the AMERICAN CITIZENS that they once worked for. As the lapdog Sharpton said after the GA trial of three whites; ".. now we need to get all black and white Activists to work together". 101
  4. Setting fire to dogshit? Sounds to me like self-immolation.
  5. JB 2

    Hanukkah Blessings

    My respect for Hanukkah is as deep as that for Christmas. However, cannot resist. This is the beginning of hanakwansmas is it not?
  6. JB 2

    Omicron COVID-19 Variant : The End of the World as we know it

    i like the fact some of the "symptoms" are sneezing and coughing. Should make fo a very interesting winter with cold and flu season in the mix. btw ginger, remember that it was reliance on synthetic fuels was one of the major causes of Germany losing WW2.
  7. JB 2

    Only a conspiracy theory heard

    Still find it both amusing and telling how the riots over the assas9nation of Malcolm the largest mosque in NYC at the time was attacked and burned. Hard to believe is it not? Blacks of the time rioted supposedly for civil rights, now they riot to overthrow the USA and get rid of all whites, and the Constitution supported by our Congress and White House.
  8. JB 2

    Suspected Waukesha Killer has a long record.

    That video of the killer smashing through the barriers was before the rampage. Must give credit to cnn. on the bottom of screen they actually called the event a Christmas Parade, just before calling the slaughter a crash. As for the children killed, that is about as important to them as all the ones killed on a normal week in America. as Democrats alwayys say when finding ways to overthrow the USA, " We must do it for the sake of our childrens Future. Remember, as late as 2018 the head of the DNC still claimed barak hussein "their" president. Hate getting personal, however, something is nagging at me so maybe someone here would know. Would the jeans worn by woopie ever stretch over the hips of AOC?
  9. Aye Thomas, Pretty sure all Americans share that opinion. for example, there are some black and brown Americans in my family and there is only one of them i will not allow in my house. Not because of her skin pigmentation, she is a radical Bitch (put nicely). It is though a shame we only hear about the uncivilized savages, and their cohorts in the once good country of DC.
  10. JB 2


    With so much purposeful chaos ya can't remember them all. Be thankful for that.
  11. JB 2

    80 People Ransack Nordstrom's In San Francisco (not a typo)

    And some of the early Privileged shoppers even had guns and valet parking. As my dad might say, I Love this Country, i would not go back even if they built a bridge. btw, i thought those places banned handguns
  12. Let me first state Malcolm X and then Martin Luther King Jr. are two main reasons i found it necessary to do my little parts for civil rights. Well anyways, ... You probably know after all these years a NY persecuter found "evidence " of a couple guys convicted of the killing of Brother Malcolm. (had he lived the nation of islam would be quite different than now) Now the "crazy" part. Malcolm's daughter was found dead of no apparent reason. Autopsy to follow. My guess is indigestion, any other guesses?
  13. JB 2

    Suspected Waukesha Killer has a long record.

    Funny thing about the reporting . Is the killer white, black, brown or what? Is this a Racial Hate crime? probably not, all the Real Victims look to be white so i guess that would not qualify under Democrat reasoning unless the driver to is white, that is why it is important to know. When the SUV drove into the Christmas Parade was there a driver? cnn and others only mentioned a vehicle doing the dirty work, was the vehicle self driving? is it found yet that the driver is the victim so he can be released on bail again? Has the White House set up a Bail Fund yet for the low-life as she has done with other criminals? Hey, that reminds me, gotta try amusing conspiracy theorists in new topic
  14. Surprisingly, it happened in multiple cities. Must be coincidence. As surprising as hearing a report that the country of DC and surrounding areas have the lowest covid cases. The areas where a million or so illegals were sent to, well, not so fortunate. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and a on line free Christmas. 101
  15. JB 2

    Feds want to probe Rittenhouse verdict

    You are talking about fed laws? The Harris/Biden admin ignore laws, even those from Supreme Court Decisions. Time for Police (?) to start protecting themselves and the law abiding citizens of America. But, as Professor Barak Hussein Obama lectured, "Our Constitution does not give enough Power to the Government". That sho; nuf has changed! 101