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  1. WTF is wrong with the people that vote these idiots into office? It starts at the lower level of politics and they get dumber the higher they move up. They don't represent the people they represent the party, it's like the mafia the more money (contributions) they bring in the higher they get. The direction this country is moving, soon it will be a one party system just like Russia and China , and you will do what you are told.
  2. joehill7469

    Reparations for minorities

    The latest cry from the radical left is reparations for minorities, this is Bullsh1t. I have a simple solution yes give them reparations but deduct all the money they have received in social benefits in the past 200 years or offer them jobs. All these minorities are doing is looking for another free handout from hard working taxpayers and playing the race card to get it. And do you notice that the politicians that are pushing this the most are the ones that are also pushing the systemic Race theory to get votes.
  3. joehill7469

    Now That is A Damn Shame.

    Oh so true. if politicians governed for the better of our country instead of their political party maybe they wouldn't need all this security, and why should they be more secure than average american citizens and businesses .
  4. joehill7469


    A lot of people will be taking up gardening. What about the drug dealers do they start pushing other drugs or do they go out of business and retrain as munchie sales people. there are a lot of unanswered questions
  5. They postponed Joe's State of the union speech to give his handlers time to fabricate lies and have him practice them so he doesn't start speaking off the cuff and show everyone what a senile old man we have leading our country. Did you ever notice how Kamela hovers around joe like a vulture circling its prey until it dies, pretty sad.
  6. joehill7469

    Vaccine tourists

    Just think , if the looney left get their way the lines and trouble you see now trying to get the covid vaccine shots will be like trying to get everything else. I remember seeing videos of people in russia and other communist countries standing in line for bread and other essentials. look at the way the dems have this country going by putting Washington under basically military control with troops in the street. Wake up America before it's too late, your city could be next. .
  7. joehill7469

    Black Lives Matter have been nominated for a Nobel peace prize!

    The world has gone to hell in a handbasket. We have now entered the bizzaro where right is wrong and wrong is right. If Rod Serling were still alive he would have tons of material for Twilight Zone episodes.
  8. Now the mother , who called the police is suing the city of Rochester and told the cops to put handcuffs on her , Ghetto Lottery at it's finest. Next time call the social worker and let them handle a kid that won't behave or do as they are told . Spare the rod and spoil the child, If you tell a kid not to touch a hot stove and they do, I'm sure they will think twice about the consequences when told a second time.
  9. joehill7469

    Hunter Biden's case to disappear

    You should care about hunter biden, because he is the lynchpin in how Joe biden is tied to and beholding to China, that if the Media ever reported this before the election Biden would never have gotten elected and then those pipeline workers would never have lost their jobs .
  10. joehill7469

    Hunter Biden's case to disappear

    Just out President joe biden just appointed a new head of the justice dept to work on the hunter biden case, who just happened to be the law partner of Hunter biden's defence lawyer, HOW CONVENIENT. Looks like that will be sweeped under the rug.
  11. joehill7469

    Gas prices up since election

    Get use to everything going up. We're back to the same old Bullsh1t that the swamp gives us. An old Chinese saying, that can be applied to all the people that voted for Biden, " Beware of what you ask for you just might get it".
  12. joehill7469

    Sad shape of American voter

    I'm just bewildered by the mass stupidity of the American voter to vote for a candidate who in 47 years in politics has done nothing good for the american people. Not only did this candidate not campaign but refused to take and answer pertinent questions about where he wants to take this country if elected, this person has a well documented history of lying and corruption only to make his family rich, I can't understand how a person who said he wants to raise your taxes and defund the police, never condemn the anarchist that want to take over by rioting and looting, and pledging to let in illegal immigrants and offer them free services that True American citizens work for ,can get people to vote for him. I guess the point in time has come where blatant lying ,a bias media and High tech can sway voters into believing anything, gone are the days when the Constitution was the guiding platform to follow but now is thrown out the window and mob rule has taken over." GOD BLESS AMERICA" if we still are allowed to say that in this new democracy that is being put before us.
  13. joehill7469

    BCVoice Poll: Brindisi or Tenney?

    Smelling one of Polosi's and Schumer's farts
  14. joehill7469

    Harris v Pence

    Kamala Harris came on as such a smug biotch, like her crap didn't stink , but I noticed that when she was put in a tight position she always pulled the race card or changed the subject. God forbid if her and Biden get elected Biden will probably quite for health reasons and she will become president , you can kiss the future of this country goodbye. As far as Mike Pence went he could have been a lot more aggressive in his attacking her on her and bidens record, look at California where she was Attorney General, she did everything that she is condemning everybody for doing now and Biden, 47 years in public office and all he did was set up of his family. When it comes to the Harris/Biden ticket and how they would handle the pandemic they are a day late and a dollar short, and propose doing everything President Trump and vice President Pence are already or have done.
  15. joehill7469

    Sick of BLM

    Incidents like this are why people have so much disdain for BLM, because when you act like an animal you are treated like one.