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  1. broome county employee

    Broome County to enter Covid State of Emergency

    Lots of rumors going around the county building today Jason Garnar will issue a State of Emergency soon for Broome County, to make orders on Covid restrictions. But many county employees feel it’s really a distraction for Garnar. With Cuomo going down over sexual harassment allegations, Garnar is desperate to distract residents from his affair with an employee, and her big raises, which the public is becoming aware of. Garnar and his staff got John Solak’s Twitter page shut down. Solak got Garnar on camera twice recently, asking him about the affair. Garnar knows his day is coming soon, so he wants to distract residents of Broome County with new Covid orders.
  2. broome county employee

    Twitter suspends John Solak

    The rumors I’ve heard are Jason Garnar and Michael Korchak have both been trying to shut down John’s page for a few months. They’ve had staffers reporting it as hate speech or violence.
  3. broome county employee

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    Another one of my co-workers confirmed Korchak had access to all DA financial accounts and was assigned the “approver” status. Meaning he probably signed off on some of the things he’s now prosecuting. This makes absolutely no sense. I think Korchak did it all for obvious political and retaliation reasons. And he knows there won’t be a trial before the 2023 election, so he won’t face backlash from the voters. But I think there is huge backlash already. I think this cost him the next election.
  4. broome county employee

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    I'll also add, that everything in the county is audited every month or every quarter. And two offices are copied on everything. The Budget office (OMB) and the Comptroller (Audit & Control). The more I think about this, the more I realize how outrageous it is. If Korchak wants to charge his former co-workers, he would have to also charge employees in the two budget offices, because they sign off on everything.
  5. broome county employee

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    And I have never seen Cornwell’s name on any documents as an approver for the DA’s office. You can say the buck stops with him, because he was the DA. But I believe it was Korchak doing all the approving.
  6. broome county employee

    WTH? Steve Cornwell?

    I’ve been with the county for a long time and I get copied on a lot of emails. I remember seeing Michael Korchak on email chains as one of the approvers for all DA financial accounts. So these transactions that are in question, Korchak either approved himself, or was aware of them, because emails get automatically generated when there’s something that happens with an account. I have a very hard time believe he didn’t approve any of these himself, or wasn’t aware of them, as he would have been copied on all the automatic emails. I think this is a massive cover up on Korchak’s end, and he’s looking to take out his political rivals.
  7. It's interesting no resume was released for Colleen Wagner. Most times when someone is appointed as a department head, or deputy county executive, or gets a big raise, their resume will be released as part of the documents for the legislature meetings. Did they intentionally withhold her resume because she's not qualified?
  8. My question is what did Kevin McManus and Colleen Wagner know, and did they use county money or resources to cover this up in any way? Garnar goes through a lot of employees in that office. The turnover rate is probably the highest of all the county departments. I agree, if her salary was doubled, it seems like there would be a criminal charge against Garnar doubling the salary of an employee he preyed on and slept with.
  9. The guy who ran the Traffic Diversion Program left the DA’s office for a court job, because Pamela Memos (Korchak’s finance director) tried to throw him under the bus for her own incompetence, when the traffic program was operating illegally. This wasn’t his fault. The guy who ran the program had a great reputation and was well liked by other county departments. There is a major problem in the DA’s office. No one wants to work for Korchak.
  10. LIES from Garnar. The residency requirement is being changed for one reason. Fred Akshar put pressure on Garnar to make the change so Sam Davis can be his undersheriff and live in Tioga County. That is the only reason.
  11. Colleen is not well liked by county employees. She struts around like she’s the queen of Broome County. There are two opinions going around. Those who like Garnar and want to see him do well, think this is a terrible idea. Those who don’t like Garnar, and want to see him fail, think this is a great idea.
  12. Talk around the county building is Mark Loughran (the number 2 attorney in the office) and Pamela Memos (the financial services manager) are playing Korchak like a fiddle. They are both near retirement, and convinced Korchak to give them both big raises. Your pension is calculated by your three highest salary years. So they both needed their big raises before Korchak has to run for re-election. Now they are both the center of the controversy at the DA's office. And when Korchak has to run for re-election, and defend all the horrible things Loughran and Memos have done, they will be ready for retirement.
  13. broome county employee

    2019 Korchak ad: Ethical, experienced and fiscally responsible?

    FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE? Don’t forget Korchak went as far as to violate the law, refusing to provide the county financial reports, since the day he has been in office. I haven’t ever seen anything like that in my many years in government. That’s what he calls fiscally responsible????? Someone else posted this in another thread, but I fully agree, the county should take unprecedented action, and take over financial control of the DA’s office for the foreseeable future. Either the Office of Management & Budget or the Comptroller’s Office are needed to bring integrity and fiscally responsibility back to the DA’s office. No way will Korchak be re-elected. No one in county government can stand him or his arrogant staff.
  14. Korchak is being mocked by everyone in county government. He can’t seem to understand why he’s a total failure. He’s looking for sympathy and not finding any. During Covid he gave substantial raises even though his office was closed. There were no raises given at the Health Dept or Emergency Services, who have been working around the clock for over a year. Raises were even denied at Emergency Services. Korchak’s finance woman Pam failed to renew the traffic diversion program, after getting her big raise. The fact she hasn’t been fired goes to show how clueless Korchak is. This is one of the biggest derelictions of duty I’ve ever seen.
  15. I believe there are 12 positions in the DA's office funded 100% by the traffic diversion program. I feel very sorry for those employees and their families. The other big one is drug treatment programs. I feel horribly those programs will lose their funding because of what happened with the traffic diversion program.