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  1. broome county employee

    John Solak catches Dave Harder in Sheriff's Tahoe at GOP fundraiser

    The vehicle policy. He’s a buffoon and he is in violation. His car should be taken away. He down played the cost of the Tahoes to Solak, but did you know he sent back his last Tahoe because it wasn’t equipped with all the bells and whistles?
  2. broome county employee

    Returning Warrior 10 miler canceled- whats going on with Stop DWI?

    no. Broome County cares so little about the Stop DWI program, they took all the DWI funding to pay the salary of Chris Marion (the director) but instead he manages the Arena and Forum.
  3. broome county employee

    Everything Chris Marion touches fails & arena and forum are next

    I was wrong. The arena and forum weren't next, the Thater races were. But the arena and forum will now be next to fail under Chris Marion. It's time for County Executive Garnar to fire Chris Marion. The rumor going around is the end of the Thater was due to Marion spending excessive time planning his wedding, and not working on panning the races.
  4. broome county employee

    Broome employee files workplace complaint against Garnar

    I have worked in county government longer than I'm willing to admit. I don't know anything about the situation described in this complaint, but the complainant is known to be very honest and professional. She has one of the best reputations in county government. This is very unfortunate.
  5. broome county employee

    Everything Chris Marion touches fails & arena and forum are next

    Yes many people have been talking about Marion and Schofield throwing Debbie Preston under the bus and working with Garnar. Schofield needs a few more years with Broome County to get to 65 for his pension. And Marion would have trouble finding another job, his a big complainer and isn't smart.
  6. Chris Marion doesn't have much respect around the county office building. He was appointed by Barb Fiala as STOP DWI director. When Debbie Preston won he kissed her ass and made lots of promises, he managed to keep his job. As STOP DWI director he oversaw the major downgrade of the holiday classic and moving the Thater races downtown. Neither event are considered successes since Marion took over. Now he has been appointed to run the arena and forum. He has no background as a manager or promoter, his experience is in kissing ass. If Garnar wins, Marion will move from the ass around front and start sucking to keep his job. Under Marion it won't be long until the arena and forum are in such bad shape the county can't keep them.
  7. broome county employee

    Disappearing threads

    No the department heads in BOE are Commissioners John Perticone and Oliver Blaise. And look at students living somewhere but voting somewhere else. Many students reside and get their mail at their "home" address but vote at their temporary address. There is lots of gray area in the law. If Butler was qualified for the new position at BOE lets see her resume.
  8. broome county employee

    Disappearing threads

    I don't like Debbie Preston, but where in the county charter or code does it say a non management county employee needs to live in the county? It doesn't. Many non management employees do not like in the county.
  9. broome county employee

    Why Not Pasquale? Matthew Pasquale makes sense for County Executive!

    The word among county workers is Preston claims to hate Bijoy, but is paying him for that very reason, to prevent a primary.The republicans show support to whoever pays Bijoy the most. The first step in their master plan was to take Jerry Marinich out of the equation. He was going to primary Preston until she made him Director of Emergency Services.
  10. John Flynn's job duties from Preston are to scroll the list of "Friend of Debbie Preston" campaign donors, and make sure they are the ones who get the county contracts. The new DA Cornwell should investigate.
  11. A couple years ago Flynn was the Assistant Budget Director, he couldn't do the job but they had to keep him. So they moved him to Purchasing, where no one knows what he's up to. It's one of the smallest county departments.
  12. broome county employee

    Chuck Harder to be named Undersheriif

    It will not be Chuck Harder, the county attorney would not allow it. But don't think Sheriff Harder didn't try.
  13. broome county employee

    What ever happened to the County Executives, Executive asst.

    The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission decided in her favor. She's on her way to a 6 figure settlement. The media are aware of this, but you cant FOIL EEOC documents. It will blow up in Prestons face right around her campaign for reelection.
  14. No more free food for Debbie?
  15. broome county employee

    Art Garrison & Elaine Miller- Broome County's Absentee Department Heads

    Gets her hair and nails done and feeds Debbie Cortese.