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  1. Ginny Weedon

    Remembering Bob Saget

    Everywhere you look There's a heart, a hand to hold onto Everywhere you look There's a face of somebody who needs you Everywhere you look When you're lost out there and you're all alone A light is waiting to carry you home Everywhere you look
  2. Ginny Weedon

    Remembering Bob Saget

    I hope that GOD in all His Might will in a dream let me see how HE now in His arms holds and fills you with Eternal Joy and Peace. To see you laugh and hear you sing in God’s presence is my dream.
  3. Ginny Weedon

    Alcoholism on the West side of Binghamton

    I will be at the Porch Festival tomorrow with a video recording Samsung Galaxy S21 in each hand. If anyone is highly intoxicated they will have to deal with me and risk public humiliation.
  4. I got here as soon as I could. #HereComeTheFOILS
  5. Ginny Weedon

    Remembering Charles Grodin

    I felt an angel near today, though one I could not see. I felt an angel oh so close, sent to comfort me. I felt an angel’s kiss, soft upon my cheek And oh, without a single word of caring did it speak. I felt an angel’s loving touch, soft upon my heart And with that touch, I felt the pain and hurt within depart. I felt an angel’s tepid tears, fall softly next to mine. And knew that as those tears did dry a new day would be mine. I felt an angel’s silken wings enfold me with pure love. And felt a strength within me grow, a strength sent from above. I felt an angel oh so close, though one I could not see. I felt an angel near today, sent to comfort me.
  6. Ginny Weedon

    Remembering Fritz

    I held his letter in my hand, And even while I read The lightning flashed across the land The word that he was dead. How strange it seemed! His living voice Was speaking from the page Those courteous phrases, tersely choice, Light-hearted, witty, sage. I wondered what it was that died! The man himself was here, His modesty, his scholar's pride, His soul serene and clear. These neither death nor time shall dim, Still, this sad thing must be — Henceforth I may not speak to him, Though he can speak to me!
  7. Ginny Weedon

    Remembering Prince Phillip

    Don’t think of him as gone away his journey’s just begun, life holds so many facets this earth is only one. Just think of him as resting from the sorrows and the tears in a place of warmth and comfort where there are no days and years. Think how he must be wishing that we could know today how nothing but our sadness can really pass away. And think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched… for nothing loved is ever lost and he was loved so much.
  8. Ginny Weedon

    Sam Monachino enters Family Court race

    He has my vote.
  9. Gregory W. Deemie, the Knight of Johnson City, has made the announcement.. he will not seek re-election as the village's mayor. Greg is best known for leading the village through tumultuous times, including the murder of a JC police officer, flooding, and the national retail apocalypse. Greg was the mayor who brought Binghamton University to the often ignored village, and the mayor who stood up to Joseph Zikuski, telling him to get the hell out of Johnson City. He is an icon. There will never be another Gregory W. Deemie. Please share your Greg Deemie memories below.
  10. Ginny Weedon

    Remembering Sean Connery

    Here, a million wounded souls are yearning just to touch you and be healed; Gather all your people, and hold them to your heart.
  11. Ginny Weedon

    Remembering Sean Connery

    Sir Thomas Sean Connery (25 August 1930 – 30/31 October 2020) We remember how you loved us to Your death, And still we celebrate for You are with us here. And we believe that we will see You when you come in Your glory, Lord. We remember, we celebrate, we believe.
  12. Ginny Weedon

    Halloween 2020

    I will be handing out candy.
  13. Ginny Weedon

    I have Covid-19

    I spent the entire day on the phone with a contact tracer.