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  1. DanCooper

    Attention Town of Union

    Damn right the bills will be on time. Expect a “healthy” increase in taxes, next year while figuring your budgets.
  2. This is why I laugh at the Broome Covid map in the other thread. It’s a joke. It’s data points compiled of incomplete data! What we know is accurate is dead bodies are being tested. Hard to fudge those numbers.
  3. Ineffectual treatment. Not recognizing symptoms coupled with no testing, for our vulnerable citizens (elderly) is leading to the death count. What else could it be? Numbers don’t lie. Politicians and hospital bureaucrats do.
  4. A quarantined nurse said we aren’t testing. Take that anecdote for what it’s worth.
  5. The answer is glaringly obvious. The hospitals aren’t testing here! When you die, due to poor care, your corpse will be tested. It’s a disgusting testament to the poor state of our community.
  6. DanCooper

    Binghamton Rifle Club shuts doors, in lock step with Cuomo

    They can’t get a “waiver” from McManus? Others have. I call on Garnar to be transparent and list the businesses granted waivers.
  7. DanCooper

    Another Death in Binghamton from Corona Virus

    Let God judge them.
  8. DanCooper

    Another Death in Binghamton from Corona Virus

    Like a quarantined nurse told me, you have to assume everyone you cross paths with has the virus. The hospitals are not testing, so reported cases are artificially low. This is the early innings. Seniors need to stay in, isolated from outsiders. Friends / relatives can drop off supplies on the front step. Stay safe everyone and hope a neighbor doesn’t call 911 on you, if you walk your dog - like Garnar wants.
  9. Once the state is quarantined, we’ll see real hoarding at the stores.
  10. DanCooper

    Attention Town of Union

    Each team working every other day? So are they on reduced hours with reduced pay?
  11. DanCooper

    Broome County covid map

    The map is nice. But I was advised by a Lourdes employee in quarantine to assume everyone is infected. Lourdes simply isn’t testing at this point.
  12. DanCooper

    Broome County covid map

    How ‘bout a map of Jon Jones’ dwi’s?
  13. DanCooper

    Pride of Endicott: Jon Bones Jones

    I saw him trending. Figured dwi or popped for steroids.
  14. DanCooper

    Pride of Endicott: Jon Bones Jones

    Quiet month in sports? You can count on Endicott’s favorite son to fill the void. Driving drunk and firing off shots, during a quarantine. Lol.