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  1. DanCooper

    Where is Steve Ward?

    Same logic where we have no gangs or high society rape / drug parties, in Binghamton?
  2. Here’s a quote: If the court believes these are substantive threats does it also believe Emily’s vagina runs the city too?
  3. DanCooper

    Order your 4 free Covid at home test kits

    When you swab your nose, you will be inserting a chip. But to each his own.
  4. DanCooper

    City plow drivers

    17 / 81 wasn’t too bad this morning.
  5. DanCooper

    Downtown Binghamton rape

    Guessing that didn’t fly into the door and die.
  6. DanCooper

    Emily JabLon arrested over Terroristic threat

    All to whiteknight for Rich David? Unfortunately, this makes him look more like a douche than he already is.
  7. DanCooper

    City plow drivers

    They’re union workers. Not sure what threat they face.
  8. DanCooper

    When will the Covid 19 scare end? I think I know.

    To piggyback / add to the statement we’ve heard so much, “If you’re vaccinated than your illness won’t be so bad”: It’s my understanding, Covid sets up shop in the nasal cavity. Antibodies from the vaccine, naturally, are blood born. These antibodies can’t go into action until Covid spreads from the nasal passages into the host’s blood. This is why we hear of asymptomatic cases and also why the vaxxed can still spread the virus. By contrast, Polio for example, has to initiate in the blood - where antibodies are lying in wait. This is why other vaccines seemingly are more effective.
  9. DanCooper


    Lol did they have insect / mealworm based products stocked?
  10. DanCooper

    Feral Cats.

    Despite the obvious problems of having stray cats around, at least they help control the rodents.
  11. DanCooper

    Local drag queen puts Binghamton on the map

    Interestingly, John is reporting there is history of this at the Endwell firehouse.
  12. DanCooper

    Kate Newcomb changes party to Democrat

    Transition to democrat is complete.
  13. DanCooper

    Where Is The Salt

    It’s like the old wiseman saying: We all have a plan until you get punched in the face. Maybe David did everything right - and this nincompoop dropped the ball when it was his turn?