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  1. DanCooper


    I still have a few bills I pay by paper check. Sad to think kids these days can’t even fill one out.
  2. DanCooper

    Southern Border Migrant Surge Crisis

    How many will be bused to NY? Binghamton schools can’t get any worse I suppose.
  3. DanCooper

    Family Court Race

    And now exploiting the death of a Carthage school football player. Certainly displays questionable judgement at times.
  4. DanCooper

    Southern Border Migrant Surge Crisis

    Thomas, this is on every Biden voter.
  5. DanCooper

    Southern Border Migrant Surge Crisis

    Are these Haitians up on their shots? Ya know, because Covid is still a thing for some. Measles too.
  6. DanCooper

    Family Court Race

    Possibly. But some middle of the road folks might see Grace as a balance to the Noonan pick. As for associations, we can’t pick family.
  7. DanCooper

    Family Court Race

    It’s sad isn’t it?
  8. DanCooper


    That’s insane. Keep working to get your money back. This free iPhone 13 deal just came out, so I bet they are busier than usual.
  9. Local Media played / is playing a big hand in this sex scandal saga. Don’t oversimplify the matter.
  10. DanCooper


    Did you buy a new phone? Sometimes when making account changes there are pops in the bill. For example, I know someone who just pre-ordered the iPhone 13 through Verizon. The phone is “free” on a trade in. She still had to pay off the balance on the old phone to get said free phone.
  11. DanCooper

    Family Court Race

    Truly despicable. Stop chasing ambulances - out of your district. Would Ronnie have made this post if Grace’s kid didn’t play football? Admittedly, I’m rethinking how I will vote.
  12. I was thinking the same thing: Borrowing from David’s playbook. He knows he’ll get a pass, thus no residence in West Windsor.
  13. DanCooper

    Shots Fired on Murray Street in Binghamton

    Description of the suspects?
  14. DanCooper

    Is Korchak drunk? DA posts bizarre cat photo.

    Is the excuse they were hacked?
  15. DanCooper

    Norm Macdonald

    This one hits harder than Patrice O’Neil. Way too young compared to the ones still walking upright.