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  1. DanCooper

    $25 mm budget hole?

    Garnar is talking tough but won’t follow through. He’s hoping for Trump to bail us out.
  2. DanCooper

    Way to go WBNG

    Let’s be honest: Paul used this market to get his career back on track. And there was no way WBNG would pay for a professional like Paul. Good luck to him. As for WBNG, he will be replaced by another kid.
  3. DanCooper

    Corona Virus

    I’ll pass on the Moderna mRNA vaccine for Sweden’s T-Cell herd immunity model.
  4. DanCooper

    Three Gorges Dam - Ready to burst?

    Put right next to the caged bats, in the new wet market.
  5. DanCooper

    Three Gorges Dam - Ready to burst?

    The Wuhan wet market is about to get real.
  6. DanCooper

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    Bob better figure out how to remote in, while “quarantined”, or he’ll be out of a job. Doug’s doing an admirable job.
  7. DanCooper

    Mayor David & City Council

    Binghamton city council is an absolute disgrace. The only hope is they have a moment of clarity and resign. David, in his delusion of future office, has turned into a bigger whore than some of his past love interests. I agree the city should pass a resolution to apologize to the good people of Binghamton. This insult cannot stand.
  8. DanCooper

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    The station can’t comment on his health. I hope all is well.
  9. DanCooper

    WNBF- Bob Joseph off for 3rd week in one month?

    (If) he’s quarantining, he’s not set up to work remotely.
  10. DanCooper

    NYS Legislature Hearings

    Until the money runs out is my guess.
  11. I refuse to be a useful idiot. Now and forever.
  12. How is Solak not a paranoid wreck? BLM and LE want him silenced!
  13. Way back on 5/9, Faucci did an interview on 60 Minutes stating masks don’t work. Then what happened? He made a mistake? He was lying? It’s bullshit. This is all political. It’s all about the election.