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  1. Rod Beck

    Famous people from Binghamton area

    I don’t see Ron Sall on that list.
  2. Rod Beck

    Alcoholism on the West side of Binghamton

    I would have to agree with this. And add Irish Kevins and Union Hotel to that list, sometimes they venture from the West side proper. Every night you can hear what sounds like a college party, from a West side backyard, but it's actually a group of 60 - 70 year olds. They also take over every event on the West side, Christmas rides on the carousel and Porch Festival, they're falling down drunk.
  3. Of course Korchak would fail to protect the identity and safety of a grand juror. Just over a week ago his investigator Ingrid S. posted death threats on Facebook to the Cuomo family. These people are the lowest of the low. Despicable.
  4. Let me get this straight. An investigator in the District Attorney's office, who works on serious cases like...murder. Has written on Facebook she wishes death upon the children of Chris Cuomo. This at a time when Korchak and his office are under the microscope. You would think all the employees in Korchak's office would be on their best behavior, not posting death threats on Facebook...
  5. Let's see how much Loughran donates to the Korchak campaign account. I smell a "you give me $16k more a year, and I'll donate $5k a year to your campaign in 21', 22' and 23'" deal.
  6. Rod Beck

    Dec 2020 record snow storm. Your stories

    There wasn't 40" in a few hours. Maybe 15" in a few hours, during the peak of 1am-4am. The total snowfall came over a period of 16-18 hours.
  7. Yes BOCES is a major asset to this area, but they will hire absolutely anyone. I'm not surprised they would have a problem like this.
  8. That was 2017. Gorgos was her attorney in 2012 when the crime happened, and he tried to cover it up, as he represented both the Town and Preston, in a clear conflict of interest.
  9. C&G Managing Partner Mark Gorgos is a complete fraud. In 2012 he acted as counsel to the Town of Conklin, and personal counsel to Debbie Preston, during the credit card dispute. He should lose his law license and he should have been prosecuted.
  10. Rod Beck

    GOP FAILURE: Bijoy Datta loses lease at Broome GOP HQ

    I thought Bijoy Datta was some "mastermind" political consultant? Even Debbie Preston managed to pay the bills, when she was GOP Chairwoman. Yeah... it was probably with the Town of Conklin credit card, but hey, she did it.
  11. Rumors are going around liberal Democrat Anthony Brindisi is sucking up to Republican sheriff Dave Harder to try to convince the old man into endorsing him in a TV ad. Will those close to Dave let it happen?
  12. Has he been accused of sexual assault by the mother of a murder victim?
  13. If elected, will Thomas Quiter have a sexual relationship with a staff member and raise her salary by $50,000?
  14. Rod Beck

    Endicott's mayor Linda "Action" Jackson

    Let's be very clear about how this incinerator was approved. The Matthew's family wanted a big tenant. The Matthew's family needed a big tenant to satisfy their creditors. No one in a position of power (Garnar, Lupardo, Akshar) will stand up to the Matthew's family. Because working in elected office is about being re-elected, not about serving your constituents. Garnar, Lupardo and Akshar know the Matthew's family, and their connections, decide which candidates are funded in Broome County. Garnar, Lupardo and Akshar told the three Endicott morons (Jackson, Chapman and Konecny) to push the project forward. That's what happened.
  15. Hopefully this can be confirmed in the police reports, or on a bodycam video.