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  1. irishrover44

    Stuck CD's

    Dumb question maybe................but, other than a dealer, where in the Triple Cities would you take your car if a CD were stuck in your sound system?
  2. Chili's, Red Robin and retail space.........that's the 3 businesses.
  3. irishrover44

    Traditions will bow out of casino race by weeks end.

    Will they get their $1 million deposit back?
  4. irishrover44

    Wal-Mart, Sam's Club Hold Vestal Hostage.

    First of all, they are not getting a ''break''. Assessment is fair market value. They were overassessed by the town Assessor or the Town Board would not have eagerly settled. The town hired an outside appraisal consultant to verify the overassessment. Second of all, this is not at the ''expense'' of Vestal Taxpayers........if the famous Starzak Swamp had been left where Town Square Mall sits, the town-school-county would be getting zero sales tax and just above zero property tax. The taxpayers of Vestal and the County and the Vestal Schools are very happy that Walmart and Sam's are here and can help to offset the costs of running schools and local government due to employee labor unions and the out of control pension contributions!
  5. irishrover44

    binghamtons own ski resort

    Adminstrator! Please remove the last sentence from the quoted post attributed to me....I have idea how some sleezebag can insert a line seamlessly at the end of a post and make it appear that it were part of the original post? That person should be banned for life for adding obsene language and disrupting a give-and-take informative forum. I'm certain Garo would not approve. Thank you.
  6. irishrover44

    binghamtons own ski resort

    Not to repeat myself but Lomma Intl. was NOT the bad guy here.......Ralph dumped alot of cash into the snowmaking and a very expensive Thiakolt (sp) Snow Grooming machine. When Lomma owned it, payrolls were met on time and all the bills got paid. It was his subsequent sale of the Bethany Colony and Innsbruck USA interests to the Philly guys that doomed Innsbruck. Natural snow was never an issue once the snow making was installed......hell, we had so much snow with a four day blizzard in Feb. '71 that roads were closed and workers were ferried out to Penna. Ave via tracked vehicles. Again, the Philly guys took ALL the cash every weekend and it never came back! The business plan was solid but it relied on the groups from Eastern Tours to subsidize the operation that benefitted the locals. The area was primarily nights and weekends. Thursday through Sunday. Thursday night was Triple cities Ski Club racing night that our racing instructors put on as well as a 6-week package learn-to-ski program for adults. Friday night was a couples ski night, Saturday and Sunday morning were bus groups from Philly, Baltimore and DC. Saturday night featured a torch-light parade with flares and of course the Innsbruck Wet Tee-Shirt contest! Sunday afternoon was an outstanding Junior Learn-To-Ski program for kids 3 thru teenagers and an occasional Pro Racing Series. The operation closed for the week on Sunday evening with a instructor staff and ski patrol sweep of the trails and a ''Boone's Farm'' wine party at an abandoned shack on the southeastern side of the mountain. The legend of Innsbruck will always be the demographic melting pot and blend of family, Tour Groups, staff, instructors, highly professional ski patrol and of course the neighbors.
  7. irishrover44

    binghamtons own ski resort

    Interesting thread. I'm enjoying the various points of view. I worked there as a ski instructor from inception to demise in the 70's, the last several years in management. It was wonderful to have a challanging (although short verticle) ski hill less than 15 minutes away. It provided a very inexpensive way for the locals to become introduced to the sport. I still meet many folks at Greek Peak who learned to ski at Innsbruck USA over 40 years ago. For the record there were four owner groups during those operating years at Lucky Mt. The founders were the Rozens (Indian Valley Bag Co.), then a local banker turned ski shop owner Keith Faucett, then Ralph Lomma from Scranton who owned Bethany Colony in the Poconos and finally a couple of sleezy construction company owners from Philly who at the end were taking $10,000 to 15,000 a week out of there in a briefcase very Sunday night and not covering NYSEG, food, bar and payroll...........it got very embarassing to be in management there! As to the comments about snow cover, the snow-making system operated very well. If the humidity was low we made snow at 37 degrees. We rented compressors from a local construction company and pulled water up the hill from a huge holding pond. We'd make a giant pile of snow on top of the Bregenz (Main Slope) then push it all over with a snow machine. You could still see the pile in June from Penna. Ave. For a few seasons, David Maines ran the bar and food concession. The big money maker was the Philly tour bus operation that Kelly ran......Eastern Tours. He'd prepay for skiing and lessons and fill two or three local hotels. Great memories! The Mohawk Indian iron workers building the glass bank in downtown Binghamton would come up to the bar, get loaded, rent skis and go straight down the hill, stopping in the creek in front of the lodge....then go up the T-Bar again! Wild and crazy times.
  8. irishrover44

    Arrest of Retired Binghamton PD?

    What's with the P&SB? A retired Binghamton PD was tossed in the slammer for rape and no notice of the arrest? Must be a Coverup?
  9. irishrover44


    I'm guessing that the bidder is Jay Kelly, a PGA Pro who used to manage Golf World (now OTB), worked at Vestal Hills, then EnJoi and lately is the head professional at Chenango Valley State Park. The guy is a great teacher and seems to be a solid professional.
  10. irishrover44


    Did anyone obtain the details of the 3 proposals? Obviously, the lessee pays the City a rental but is the City water still free? Does the lessee enjoy the use of the City owned mowers and vehicles? Who pays for repairs? The irrigation system is contantly under repair. Heavy equipment requres repair and upkeep too. I would think the City would finish the work they left undone with respect to asphalt cart paths and deplorable tee boxes? I will say that Ely's greens have been maintained to a high standard. Ely will always be a $17 Muni track, including cart. In the golf marketplace, it's really only worth cart rental ($12) plus ($5) for 18 holes. Links, Traditions, Genny and Endwell Greens are all in the $20-30 class and Ely can never achieve that level. Ely has at least 5 or 6 Mickey Mouse holes that are ridiculous. Money can be made off the restaurant, bar, tournaments and golf leagues. The problem has always been a management issue. City Counsel and a city employee do not have the incentive or the management ability to turn a profit up there.
  11. irishrover44

    so.. tomorrow at Weiss/Giant

    If that were true, Medicine Shoppe would be leaving the Rano Blvd. Giant Plaza too. @
  12. irishrover44

    Anyone heard any news on girl found dead??

    Respectfully, that case was a suicide / suicide, therefore; it would serve no purpose for law enfocement or the Press to provide any further details. No crime was committed.
  13. irishrover44

    Recycled Toilet Paper

    Okay, I am going to assume that you are serious. Um.......they used RECYCLED PAPER PRODUCTS to make the toilet paper. They don't actually recycle the t-paper ( how would you like to have THAT job? You thought garbage collection was gross!) However, I did know an older woman who routinely reused her toilet paper when it was just "wet". She would hang it over her towel rack to dry out for reuse. In a strange way, it almost makes some sense doesn't it.