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  1. The West Sider

    Very small crowds for Biden

    I one have two words for all of this : Mobilize trunalimunumaprzure.
  2. More people in one place in long lines waiting together for extended periods of time? Makes perfect sense to me.
  3. The West Sider

    Fake News?

    Feel free to discuss. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/10/top-liberal-tech-operative-comes-shadows-family-behind-
  4. The West Sider

    CDC Study (masks)

    Please discuss: https://californiaglobe.com/section-2/new-cdc-study-finds-majority-of-those-infected-with-covid-19-always-wore-masks/
  5. The West Sider

    Cuomo just declared a State of Emergency 3/7/20

  6. The West Sider

    Susquehanna River blockage in Kirkwood?

    “I drove by and didn’t see anything happening.”
  7. The West Sider

    ADD/Rude Adults

  8. The West Sider


    Bring back Guest-Guest*.
  9. The West Sider

    Loud Explosion???

    Sonic boom from meteor: Sonic boom from jet: Sonic boom from Streetfighter II: Most likely the sound was not from the latter.
  10. The West Sider

    Ram-"Longest Lasting Pickup"

  11. The West Sider

    Visions Credit Union

    Putting I drive through/ATM on corner
  12. Congratulations Trolligan!!! I'm glad that you were able to muster up enough cognitive ability to correct 'ann' after I pointed it out to you. After all, it is a pretty big word for you to use. However, you ran out of 'smarts' and were unable to correctly capitalize, punctuate, and write a series of complete sentences (let alone make a cogent point).
  13. However, me thinks that he knows enough to spell 'an' correctly. Never 'ann'!!!